tagNovels and NovellasSenior Year Ch. 15

Senior Year Ch. 15

byD.C. Roi©

Lois Tillman walked into Doreen Ingalls' bedroom and found her friend, wearing a black lace gown that clung to her luscious body, waiting for her. Lois looked at the gorgeous assistant principal and felt a shiver go through her. She, like Doreen, had been a chaperone at the school dance and she was thrilled when the assistant principal invited her over to her home after the dance. Lois's husband, Rod, was away with the football team for the weekend so there was no reason she needed to go home.

Doreen walked over to Lois, put her arms around her, and hugged her. "Are you OK?" she asked. When Lois nodded, her friend pulled her closer, took her friend's face in her hands, and kissed her on the lips. With a groan, Lois returned the kiss, her arms wrapping around her friend.

Doreen excited by what was happening. Lois didn't know that she wasn't her friend's first choice as a lover tonight. Doreen originally intended to bring Bobby Draper home with her after the dance after she spied on the young man while he made love to a student named Kim in the photo lab. She'd been left very horny by her voyeuristic episode but, unfortunately, when she looked for the young man after the dance, she found he'd already left.

She needed to do something about that how horny she was and Lois was available, so she invited the English teacher to her home instead. She slid her hands onto Lois's buttocks and pulled her friend's body against hers. "I want to make love with you," she whispered into her Lois's ear.

"Oh, God, yessss!!! I want to make love with you, too!!!" Lois murmured in reply, thrilled by what her friend was saying.

Doreen and Lois walked to the bed and sat down. Doreen laid her hand on Lois's back. "I do want you, darling," Doreen said softly. "Desperately."

Lois wanted very much to make love with Doreen. She felt her body responding to the soft, insistent caress of the assistant principal's hand. She needed the release she knew her friend would give her, needed it desperately.

Doreen kissed her friend on the neck. "I want you so badly," she whispered. "See?" She took her friend's hand and placed it on her breast, against a hard nipple that was pressing out against her lacy gown.

Lois felt the heat emanating from Doreen's silken flesh, and the hard nipple pressing into her palm. With a groan, she turned, covered her lover's lips with hers, and thrust her tongue into her friend's mouth.

It wasn't long before both women were lying nude on the bed, avidly exploring each other's bodies. Doreen was kissing Lois's breasts, sucking the nipples. Though Lois's breasts were large, the nipples were surprisingly small. Doreen had discovered her friend's nipples were highly sensitive. The last time they were together, she'd made the pretty English teacher come just by suckling her breasts. She felt Lois shudder as she did that now.

"Doreen!!! Oh, God, Doreen!!! I'm...Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Jesus!!! I think I'm gonna...I am, oh, God, I'm commmmmnnnnnggggg!!!! I'm commmmminnnnnnggggg!!!!" Lois shrieked, pulling the other woman's face against her heaving chest. "You're making me come!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Doreen continued to suckle her friend's firm globes until Lois's ecstasy began to wane. Then she kissed her friend. Lois returned the kiss with ardor.

"Oh, God, Doreen, I needed that!" Lois exclaimed, as much to herself as Doreen. "I need you!" She pushed Doreen onto her back and began caressing and kissing her friend's lush body.

"Yesssss!!! Yessssss!!!!" Doreen moaned when Lois began sucking her breasts. The teacher's hand moved everywhere on the assistant principal's body, thrilling her, filling her with exultation. Lois was an outstanding lover! Passion roiled in Doreen.

Lois continued to caress and kiss the gorgeous assistant principal's body avidly, thrilling Doreen, exciting her beyond belief.

Doreen gasped and clutched at the bedspread when Lois's mouth moved onto her vagina. "Lois!!! Oh, God, darling!!! Yessssss!!!" Doreen cried when her friend's lips and tongue began working on her pussy. The feelings she experienced were intense, undeniable, and wonderful! Her body began to quake and skyrockets of joy began exploding behind her tightly shut eyes. "Commmminnnnnggggg!!! Lois, I'm commmminnnnngggg!!! Yessssssss!!! Yessssssss!!! Yesssssss!!! Oh, God, yessssssssssss!!!!!" the assistant principal cried as ecstasy filled her.

The lovely assistant principal could barely move once her orgasm passed, but somehow she found the strength to do so. She rolled onto Lois and buried her face between her friend's thighs. Lois went wild.

"Yesssssss!!! Yesssss!!! Oh, darling, eat me!!! That's it!!! That's itttttt!!! Give me your tongue!!!" Lois wailed. "Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!!! Yessssssss!!!!! Yesssssssss!!!! Yessssssss!!!!!!" Her body thrashed as she experienced a wild orgasm induced by her friend's lips and tongue.

Lois and Doreen lay locked in each other's arms after they shared delight. Lois looked into Doreen's flushed face and smiled. "You were horny, weren't you?" she murmured.

Doreen clutched Lois to her, burying her face in her friend's soft, fragrant hair. "You have no idea how desperately I needed that!" she whispered.

When their embrace ended, Lois had Doreen lay back on the bed and gazed at her fondly. "I can't get over it!" Lois exclaimed, "What a fantastic body you have!"

Doreen gasped when Lois began caressing her again. Her soft, warm hands seemed to be everywhere, sending jolts of exquisite pleasure through her. Her body writhed and arched as Lois's hands ventured over it. The soft hands slid up the insides of her legs, trailing fire. Doreen parted her legs and Lois's fingers combed through her pubic hair and brushed her clit.

"Ahhhhh!!!!!" Doreen moaned, her body arching. She couldn't get over how ardent Lois was and what a skilled lover she'd become. The first time they made love, the English teacher, who'd never slept with a woman, had been shy and tenuous. That certainly had changed.

Now something warm and damp was touching Doreen's thigh, something else was tickling her other thigh, almost making her cry out with joy. The assistant principal looked down and saw that Lois had begun kissing the inside of one thigh. As Lois did that, her silken auburn hair tickled Doreen's other thigh as Lois's soft lips moved over Doreen's silken skin.

Lust and fire raged through the assistant principal. Her hips arched off the bed when Lois cupped her vagina. A slim finger slid between Doreen's silken lips, well-soaked by love-juices.

"Yesssss!!!!" Doreen hissed when Lois's finger entered her and began a gentle exploration. "Oh, yesssss!!!"

Lois kissed her way up Doreen's thighs, her lips and mouth, moving inexorably nearer and nearer to the center of Doreen's pleasure.

"Oh, Lois!!!" Doreen moaned, "Yesssss!!! Oh, yesssss!!!!"

Warmth and wetness covered her vagina when Lois added caresses from her tongue to those from her finger. She began lapping and licking the other woman's clit while she finger-fucked the lovely assistant principal. Doreen's hips rocked and her head rolled from side to side on the pillow. She grasped her breasts and pulled at the nipples.

"Oh, God!! Oh!! Lois!!! Oh!!! Darling!!! Oh!!! Lois!!! Lois!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Yessss!!! Yessss!!!" Doreen babbled. The sensations Lois was giving her were more intense than she expected them to be. "Gonna come!!! Oh, God!!! Gonna come!!!" she cried suddenly, "My God!!! Oh, Lois!!! Yesssssssss!!!!! Eat meeeee!! So good!!! I'm...I'm coming!!! Yes, darling!! I'm coming!!! I...I...Ahhhhh!!! Oh!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

Doreen kept writhing under the onslaught of Lois's lips, tongue, and fingers. She thought Lois had given her as much pleasure as was possible the first time they made love, but now the lovely teacher was giving her more! Finally, spent, she lay still.

Lois gave Doreen's vagina one last kiss, then stretched out next to her friend and pulled the willing woman into her arms.

"I've...I never felt like that before!" Doreen whispered. "You are a treasure!"

Lois kissed her softly. "I'm glad I pleased you," she told her friend.

Doreen realized she'd been selfish. Lois had given her so much pleasure, yet she'd returned little. Warmth began to spread through her as she decided she had to give the gorgeous teacher as much pleasure as she'd received from her.

"What about you?" Doreen asked.

"I'm very turned on," Lois replied, "Making love with you is extraordinarily exciting."

Doreen rolled atop Lois, kissing her passionately. Finally, having to breathe, she broke the kiss and knelt on the bed next to the gorgeous teacher. The assistant principal gazed at her companion's body. Her shape was perfect! Her body was exquisite; a slightly rounded, flawless belly, the navel a perfect punctuation mark on her silky skin. Her generous breasts with their surprisingly small nipples. Doreen longed to touch, explore, and possess the elegant woman lying next to her.

"Touch me, darling!" Lois's sultry voice said, "Touch me!" She raised her arms above her head, and stretched, arching her body.

Doreen found the movement incredibly erotic. She wanted desperately to do what her friend asked and, with a moan, touched Lois's chest, just under her breasts. Her skin was soft, silken, and warm.

"That's it!" Lois purred, "That's what I need!"

Doreen's hand moved over Lois's silken flesh. She knew, from the soft murmurs Lois was emitting, that she was pleasing her companion. Doreen's caresses moved to Lois's lovely breasts, her hands curling around them, feeling the firmness of the jellied orbs. The dark circles surrounding the nipples wrinkled and Lois' nipples began to emerge. Doreen captured one protruding bud between her lips.

Lois moaned, her back arched, and her hands moved to the other woman's hair, tangling in it as Doreen sucked the extending tip into her mouth.

"Oh Doreen, that feels lovely!!" Lois murmured, "So lovely!!"

Tingles of warmth flooded Doreen. She was thrilled she was making Lois feel wonderful. She slid a hand across the teacher's belly, tracing the edge of her patch of pubic hair.

"Your touch is so wonderful!" Lois purred, squirming, as Doreen's hand crept over her. "So gentle!!"

Doreen relinquished the nipple she'd been suckling and used her hand to move the other breast so she had access to the nipple. When she sucked it into her mouth, Lois's chest heaved.

"Yesssss!!!" the lovely English teacher moaned.

Doreen's hand slid through Lois's pubic hair, between her nicely-formed thighs. Lois's legs parted. Doreen found her lover's clit and she began stroking it with her fingers.

"Oh!! Darling!!! Oh!!! That's...Ahhhh!!!...so...nice!!!" Lois purred, her hips rising and falling, her legs tensing and relaxing.

Doreen abandoned Lois's breasts and began to bestow kisses all over her companion's fantastic body, stopping to devote attention to the shapely woman's adorable navel.

"Oh, yes!!! Oh!!! Oh!!!" Lois cried, "Oh, lover, you're driving me wild!!!"

Lois's navel was luscious and, as Doreen's tongue probed and licked it, her belly moved in and out. She obviously enjoyed what Doreen was doing.

"Wooooahhhhh!!!" Lois groaned while Doreen continued stroking her swollen clit.

"Eat meeeeee!!! Please!!! Darling, eat meeeeee!!!" Lois begged. "Give me your tongue!!! Oh God, Doreen, please!!! I need your tongue!!!"

Doreen, without ceasing her manipulation of Lois's clit, moved between the teacher's splayed legs. She kissed Lois's lower belly and started moving lower. She felt, then tasted the patch of pubic hair, then she kissed and licked her way through it.

"Please!!! Please!!! Oh!!! Oh, Doreen!!! Darling!!! Please!!!" Lois moaned. Her hands, tangled in Doreen's hair, yanking her head downward. Lois pulled her legs up, raising her knees. When Doreen's mouth moved onto her vagina, her legs tensed and she raised her middle off the bed, thrusting her middle toward the other woman's descending mouth.

"Eat me!!! Lick meeeee!!! Give me your tongue!!! Please!!! Please!!!" Lois cried. Her protestations of need became more urgent.

Doreen clasped Lois's buttocks then, extending her tongue, she licked through Lois's sopping furrow.

"Wahhhh!!! Wahhhh!!! Wahhhh!!!" Lois shrieked, her hips going wild, "Yessssss, Doreen!!! Yesssss!!! That's it!!! That's ittttttttt!!! Eat me!!! Eat me!!! Eat meeeeeee!!!"

Doreen teased and probed her friend's sopping opening, marvelling at how wild her friend's response was. She knew her companion was close to coming and tried to slow things down, to extend her pleasure. She lifted her mouth from Lois, then gently caressed the woman's legs and belly until she seemed a bit calmer. Then she lowered her face back to Lois's middle and began teasing, licking, and thrusting her tongue as far into the other woman's body as she could get it.

"Please!!! Oh darling, please!!!!" Lois begged, her hips writhing, "Please, darling, I need to come!!! Don't tease me like that!!! Please!!! Please!!! Oh, God, Doreen, I need to come!!!!"

Lois's buttocks, clutched in Doreen's hands, tightened and relaxed. The assistant principal kept her head buried in Lois's crotch as her lover's hips bucked and twisted. Lois scissored her legs around Doreen's head, pressing her lover's face even tighter against her spasming opening.

"I have to come!!! Please!!! I have to come now!!! Please, darling!!! Please!!!" Lois cried.

Doreen couldn't wait any longer, either. She wanted to feel Lois coming, needed to give back what she'd received. She moved slightly, inserted a finger into Lois's pulsing quim, and began to suckle her lover's clit while at the same time plunging her finger into her.

"Wahhhhhhhh!!!! Wahhhhhh!!! Unnnnnnnggggghhhhhhh!!!! Wahhhhhhh!!!" Lois shreiked. "Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, yessssssss!!!! Oh, yesssssssss!!!! Commmminnnnngggggg!!!! Commmminnnnngggggg!!! Omigod!!! Commmminnnnngggggg!!!!" The beautiful teacher's hips jerked and twisted wildly and her screams reached Doreen's ears.

Doreen continued to thrust her finger into Lois's palpitating opening and her tongue continued lashing her clit, cleaning off the juices flooding from Lois, tracing the palpitating opening lovingly with her tongue until the frantic movements of Lois's hips began to slow. Lois's legs unlocked and fell to the bed, her hips dropped to the mattress.

Doreen kept on for a while, and felt little after-shocks of joy still occasionally making Lois quiver, then even those ceased and the English teacher lay still, breathing evenly, her moans and gasps at last silent.

Doreen stretched out next to her lovely companion and kissed her tenderly. When her flesh touched Lois's a thrill ran through her. This was beautiful! She looked at Lois and studied her slack, sated features. Incredible warmth and caring suffused her. "I'm glad you came over tonight," she whispered.

Lois kissed her lover. "I am, too," she replied. She was surprised by how powerful her feelings for Doreen were becoming. Six months ago, if someone had predicted she'd be involved in a torrid affair with another woman, she'd have said they were crazy, but now that was exactly what was happening. And she what startled her even more was that she no longer felt very much guilt about what she was doing with Doreen. If Rod wasn't interested in giving her pleasure, she deserved to find pleasure from others.

"Can you stay all night?" Doreen asked.

Lois cuddled closer to her friend and lover. Rod and his football team wouldn't get home until almost noon the next day; why should she go home to an empty house and bed? "Try to make me leave," she whispered.

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