tagNovels and NovellasSenior Year Ch. 20

Senior Year Ch. 20

byD.C. Roi©

Bobby and Mrs. Parker made love several more times that afternoon, stopping mainly because both of them were exhausted. Mr. Parker didn't return from playing golf until after dark. He'd lost several games and a considerable amount of money and had drowned his sorrows in quite a bit of alcohol at the country club bar after the game. Fortunately, his golfing buddies, most of whom were more sober than he was, drove him home.

"I'm goin' to bed," the big man mumbled after he staggered into the house. "You comin' Helen?"

Helen knew that refusing her husband when he was in such a foul mood would just lead to a fight, so she quietly accompanied him to their bedroom. They undressed, put on their nightclothes, and fell into bed. Before long, the drunken man was snoring, making so much noise snoring it sounded as if someone was running a chainsaw in the room.

Helen lay next to her husband, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. It wasn't just his snoring that kept her awake. She couldn't keep from remembering what it felt like when Bobby's hands were moving over her body, the way he suckled her breasts, how it felt when his swollen organ plunged into her. The thoughts she had of their young visitor were not at all helpful in helping her get to sleep. Actually, they had just the opposite effect. The longer she laid in bed remembering what she and Bobby had done that day, the more wide-awake and aroused she became.

Finally, she carefully slipped out of bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. When she finished what she had to do, she walked back to her room. Before she went back into her bedroom, she stood at her bedroom door with her hand on the doorknob, looking longingly across the hall at the closed door to the spare bedroom, where Bobby lay sleeping.

She felt a tremendous urge to go across the hall and slip into bed with him, but she was fearful, too. What if her husband woke up and came looking for her? She opened the door to her bedroom and looked in. The sounds of her husband's loud snoring boomed out at her. It certainly didn't look as if he was going to wake up any time soon.

"He's dead to the world, he'll never know?" she thought. Trembling, her heart racing, she took the two steps necessary to cross the hall. Then she reached out a trembling hand, grasped the doorknob to the spare bedroom, and turned it slowly.

Bobby was also having a lot of trouble getting to sleep because of memories very much like the ones Helen was having. He was lying in bed wide-awake and was startled when he heard his door opening. He looked toward the door, saw her standing in the doorway, and a thrill raced through him. Helen had come to his room!

Helen, who was wearing a white nightgown, moved silently into the room and put her finger to her lips to indicate silence. She carefully closed and locked the door, then she turned to the bed, and the young man in it.

Bobby saw her gesture, but she didn't have to tell him to keep quiet. He couldn't have said anything, he was so surprised he could barely breathe! His heart thudded wildly when she began to walk across the room toward him. A smile formed on the young man's lips as he watched her advance toward him.

As Helen moved toward the bed, she pulled her nightgown over her head and let it drop to the floor.

Bobby studied her body, gleaming beautifully in the moonlight streaming through his bedroom window, as she moved closer to his bed. Then she was in bed with him and that fabulous , warm body was pressing against his. Her lips and tongue teased his ear and that, combined with the movement of her body against his, made him hard instantly.

"I couldn't sleep," Helen whispered into the young man's ear, making him tremble. "Mort is dead to the world. I...I have to have you again! I can't stand having you in the house and not being with you!" Her hand slid between them and wrapped around his erection. "Oh, Bobby, darling! I need you so much!"

Before the startled and excited young man could make any response, his was sitting astride him and her wet opening was sliding along his erect organ, which was pressed against his belly. She bent down and her soft, fragrant hair tumbled onto his face, then her lips found his and locked onto them.

Bobby was way too turned on to remain still. He trailed his fingers up and down over the warm, silky skin covering his aunt's back. Then he slid them down to her firm bottom and grabbed a buttock in each hand while her hips continued to move, caressing his trapped erection with her warm, damp opening. Holding on to her taut buttocks, he pulled her against him and continued to shove his hips upward, forcing his swollen organ against her slick opening.

"You want me, too, don't you, Bobby, darling?" Helen murmured. Her voice was soft and husky and had an urgent tone. The movement of her hips became more urgent. "You really do!"

"I don't just want you, I need you!" the young man replied, hunching his hips upward, pressing his shaft tighter against her damp opening. "I couldn't get to sleep because I kept thinking about you!"

Helen slid her hand between them and took hold of the young man's engorged penis. Holding it by the shaft, she swept the tip through her damp labia. What she did made both her and her young lover shudder with delight.

Helen's were driving Bobby wild. He wanted his cock in her! No sooner had he thought that when he felt warmth and wetness engulf the tip of his rock-hard penis. His aunt had taken him into her!

When she felt the young man's swollen organ slide into her, thrills shot up Helen's spine. "Ahhhhhhh!!!" she hissed, shivering with elation. "Oh, darling, that's exactly what I've been lying in my room thinking about!" She bent and kissed him. "We really do have to be quiet, though. The last thing we want to do is wake up Mort!"

Bobby understood. The last thing he needed was for Mr. Parker to discover what he and Mrs. Parker. Mort Parker had gone to bed in a pretty foul mood and likely wouldn't take very kindly to what Bobby and Helen were doing if he woke up and caught them. On top of that, if Mort found out, his parents would find out, too.

He stopped worrying because there was a much more pressing task he had; he needed to satisfy both himself and the gorgeous woman riding him.

Helen pushed herself up so she was sitting on her young lover while she continued to rock her hips. Her movements caused his erect penis to lash around inside her and sent thrills spiraling up through her body. It also made her breasts jiggle enticingly. She was bewitched by the passion that showed on the young man's face. She loved it that she seemed to be giving him as much pleasure as he was giving her.

Bobby cupped his lover's dancing breasts in his warm hands and rubbed his thumbs over her erect nipples. In the bright moonlight filling the room, he could see her face, which was already flushed, become a mask of passion. Her hands clutched his and pressed them tighter against her chest.

"Yesssss!!! Oh, God, Bobby, yesssssss!!!!" Helen groaned. The movement of her hips grew more fervent. "Oh, Bobby! You can't imagine how good it is to have you in me!!!" she murmured. Her hips kept rocking and the young man's swollen organ continued to caress her insides while he caressed her breasts.

Suddenly, Helen stiffened. Bobby could feel the walls of her vagina rippling on his embedded erection. Her fingers dug into his arms, her mouth fell open, and her eyes seemed to glaze over.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Helen moaned, then she leaned forward and clamped her mouth on Bobby's while her body shook as if an earthquake had hit. The spasms of her snug channel became more and more powerful, milking the young man's throbbing penis.

Bobby couldn't take it any longer. "Ahhhhhhhh..." his groan of ecstasy was muffled in his lover's mouth, which was still pressed against his. Their bodies strained together, rocking urgently, while they shared the ultimate in delight. Powerful streams of come gushed from Bobby's pulsing organ, splattering against Helen's cervix.

When their passion finally stilled, Helen rolled off Bobby and lay pressed against him with her arms around him. Her face was nestled against his neck and her lips and tongue were caressing him. "I can't get over what a fabulous lover you are!" she murmured. "I can't get enough of you."

"I can't get enough of you, either," Bobby replied, hugging her tightly. It wasn't exactly a lie, either. When he was with any of his lovers, he couldn't get enough of them.

After snuggling with the young man for a while, Helen kissed him one more time. "I really have to get back to my room, darling," she whispered. "I...I don't want to leave you, but I have to." She got out of bed.

Bobby lay there, watching her slide the nightgown over her lean, wonderful body.

Helen smiled down at the young man who was gazing at her with such adoration. "I'll see you in the morning, my darling," she whispered. "Mort is supposed to play golf again, so..." She blew him a kiss, then she slipped out the door.

Bobby lay in his bed, staring at the closed door for a few minutes, then he rolled on his side and, with a smile of satisfaction on his face, he pulled the covers over him and fell sound asleep.

Across the hall, in her bedroom, Helen lay in bed next to her husband, whose snoring no longer bothered her. Sleep was tugging on her eyelids. "I can't believe I was foolish enough to take such a big chance!" she mused drowsily. "What if Mort had awakened and caught me coming out of Bobby's room?" She didn't get to worry for long. She couldn't stay awake.

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