tagFirst TimeSenior Year Fun Ch. 01

Senior Year Fun Ch. 01


I carry box after box up the stairs to the second floor of the apartment building. I finally got my own place. No roommates. No cleaning up after other people. No sharing bathrooms. It's about damn time.

My parents are helping me pay for it, even though I make enough money to pay for it myself. The apartment is nothing too special, but it's perfect. It has one bedroom with an attached bathroom and huge walk-in closet. A half bathroom by the front door. A cute balcony that's big enough to have a reading space outside. It looks over the apartment's pool, which is ginormous by the way.

I still have more things to move in, but I carry the TV up and set the big thing down and get to work on setting it up, along with everything else. I have only seen one other person here so far. It was a guy across the hall. He barely acknowledged me, so I guess I will introduce myself later.

Hours later I'm still unpacking and decorating, listening to Britney Spears as I go. This is the first time I'll have my own balcony to hangout on... with wine and book of course. I'm outside hanging these cute string lights on the railing when I hear someone on the phone.

It's then that I see him. The guy I saw earlier across the hall. He's cute, now that I'm staring at him. And eavesdropping on his conversation. Oh crap, he hung up and saw me.

Before I can even think of what to do, he's telling me to come across the hall so we can meet. I get all giddy because he's cute and wants to talk to me. But he's just being polite, so I can't think that way.

"Maybe I can come over after I've unpacked some?" I say as I take a swig of wine. He eagerly agrees before saying, "I'm Chris, by the way." He smiles and I notice how tan he is against his perfectly white teeth.

"I'm Ali... I'll be over soon!"

I hear him go inside and say "Hey, the girl across the hall is-" before the door shuts out the rest of the sentence. A part of me is hoping he says hot but most of me is hoping he just says that I'm coming over to say hey.

I guess that means he has a roommate then? I'll found out soon.

I go inside, finish my glass of wine, and put on a quick swoop of mascara. Then the nervousness hits and I'm wondering if I should knock or just walk in... he knows I'm coming but is it rude to just come in? Should I change clothes so I look cuter? Or would it be weird if he saw me 10 minutes ago and I changed just to introduce myself?

After applying a little mascara, I look at myself in the mirror to make sure I'm presentable. My brown hair is in a messy bun from a long day of moving, my green eyes look tired and my face is a little red from the moving and 2 glasses of wine. I wouldn't categorize myself as beautiful, but I'm definitely not ugly. Add some mascara and I'm kinda pretty.

I look at the rest of me. I thank God that my parents made me participate in sports. My dad is some kind of manager for an NFL team. My mom is a writer, but is also a runner and blogs about running and living healthy. It's pretty convenient for them. When he needs to travel, she can take work with her.

I'm short and still in shape from years of gymnastics. Even though I quit the university's gymnastics team after 2 years to focus on school, I still have a pretty decent body. My boobs finally went up to a perky C cup after quitting and gaining a few pounds.

It's times like these when I realize that overthinking does nothing more than make me nervous and I have no reason to be nervous. These jean shorts and tie dye t-shirt will have to do for now.

I grab another glass of wine and head over. I knock so I don't come off as rude. Chris opens the door and his chocolate brown eyes light up and he gives me a hug. I'm not much of a hugging person, but I let it happen anyways. I walk in and he introduces me to Ryan, who doesn't even look up from his phone as he says hey.

Chris is cuter than I thought. His brown eyes go perfectly with his tan skin and dirty blonde hair. He gets a beer out of the fridge, pops it open and takes a big swig.

He asks Ryan if he wants one. Ryan still doesn't look up from his phone, but replies, "Yes. Please. I need alcohol."

Chris tosses him a beer and Ryan looks up to catch it, finally noticing me. His mannerisms change from quiet and irritated to completely intrigued. He stands and heads my way, "Hey, sorry I wasn't paying attention. Nice to meet you. I guess you're our new neighbor then?"

He's tall. Not as tan as Chris and his hair is very dark - almost black, but not quite. He's halfway across the room when I realize I haven't said anything back. "Uh yeah, I just moved in today." Unsure of what else to say, I take a sip of wine. And then three more because he's cute and I'm overthinking again.

Ryan comes up to me and shakes my hand, unlike the very enthusiastic hug from Chris. These two guys are very different in almost every way possible. We make small talk and it's hard for me to focus because of the mixture of wine and Ryan's beautiful eyes. I can't quite figure out if they're blue or green, but every time I almost reach a conclusion, I realize I'm in a daze and probably seem so weird just staring at him.

Ryan's phone buzzes and that gets him out of his trance. "Sorry, this girl is driving me crazy. Oh, not you. I mean Caroline. She never leaves me alone. Oh man when she finds out I have a hot neighbor she's gonna go nuts."

Chris rolls his eyes and explains to me that Caroline is Ryan's wannabe girlfriend. She has all these feelings... and she's crazy. But he just wants to get through his senior year of college without being tied down. A wave of disappointment hits me, although I have no right to be disappointed when I don't even know him enough to consider dating him.

"So y'all live here together?" I ask, hoping to make some conversation that doesn't involve Ryan's love life that I'm dying to know about... and get involved with.

"Yeah, we've been here a couple months. It's nice. We're actually having a party in a couple days. It's my 22nd birthday!" Chris is beaming with excitement. "You should come!! And bring whoever you want!! It's gonna be so fun! We'll have a keg and mixed drinks. You won't have to drink nasty wine."

Before I even realize what I'm saying, I'm agreeing to come, hoping to get to see Ryan again. As if I don't live across the hall and can see him every day. He's already staring at his phone again with a very annoyed face. I want to know more about this Caroline chick. And how to get rid of her.

I hang out with them for a while. Talking about our majors and explaining to them that I want to be a doctor, but all I do is study and I need to live more before I get to med school. We decided that I'll start living more at the party. It sounds like a good idea, but the only reason I want to even go to this party is to be around Ryan. What have I gotten myself into?


The next morning I get up early to go for a run. Chris is on the balcony when I get back to our building. "Hey Ali!! Wanna go to the pool? Me and Ryan are going!" That's all he needed to hear. "Yeah! Let me change and I'll be over in a minute!" I shout up to him before going upstairs in a hurry.

I put my hair up in a messy bun with the cutest bikini that I have. I want to look cute for Ryan, but don't want it to be obvious that I'm trying.

My boobs look great in this top and the bottoms accent my athletic butt just right. The dark red compliments my warm skin color and I actually feel pretty hot. I make sure my boobs have the perfect amount of cleavage before I throw on a tank top and shorts and head out the door.

They're both loading a cooler full of beer with no shirts on. I didn't think either of them could get any better looking... but seeing them shirtless has changed my mind. Chris has the perfect body of a guy that lifts weights but drinks a little too much beer. His arms are perfectly toned and definitely doesn't skip leg day. Ryan is a little skinnier to go with his taller body frame, but still very toned and has the sexy V that points straight down to his dick.

"Ali, do you want bud light or coors light?" Chris looks at me expectantly.

"Ummm, bud light is fine. I don't need to drink though."

Chris laughs at me. "Yeah, once you're there, you'll need to drink." Great. Do I really want to go?

I love having a good time, but it's so draining being around people that are loud and drunk... and from what they're saying about the pool, I will probably need to drink just to deal with being social for so long.

If I had the guts I would just tell Ryan I want to stay here with him and see how big his dick really is. Shit. Stop it Ali! Maybe I should just consider Caroline as his girlfriend so I feel guilty for wanting him.

We walk over to the pool and I see why I would need to drink. Music is blasting, people are everywhere, and they're all drunk. So this is what normal college kids do during the summer? I've always worked or took classes. I took the week off of work to move and decided to take the summer off of school before my last year of undergrad. Med school is going to be rough, so I should enjoy this while I can.

As I take my shorts and tank top off, I feel all eyes on me. Chris immediately yells, "Damn Ali! Looking good!!" Maybe Chris is already drunk...

He nudges Ryan to get his attention and he replies, "You're right Chris. She is hot." So he does think I'm hot? I'm relieved. I probably shouldn't be, but I am.

I'm introduced to so many people that I'm forgetting names without even being drunk. I texted my best friend Jess and begged her to come. I didn't need to beg. She loves stuff like this. I already told her all about Chris and Ryan and how I'm madly in lust with a guy I barely know. She's excited to meet them and see if they're as cute as I said they were.

I've had 2 beers by the time Jess gets there. I barely have a buzz, but I'm so excited to see her that I nearly knock her down when she drops her bag at my feet. Her blonde hair flies everywhere as I crash into her.

"Ali!! Hey hot stuff!! Gimme a beer and some hot boys!!"

"Oh hush Jess. Look that's Chris and that's Ryan... everyone else's names are a blur so I'm not even gonna try." She laughs at me. Maybe I am more buzzed than I think.

Chris comes over and introduces himself and hands her a beer. We hop in the pool with him as he introduces Jess to everyone. It's a nice refresher of names for me also. Ryan is with Caroline, not looking too happy. Her short black hair and dark brown eyes look cold and not as cute as I would expect for Ryan. Jess leans over and whispers, "So is that Ryan's girlfriend thing? You're way hotter than her. Don't worry." I know she's already coming up with a plan to get Ryan and I together.

We hang out with everyone all day. I've drank more beer than I have all year and find myself playing a stupid drinking game with a bunch of drunk people that I don't even know. After making out with some chick named Liz and keeping an eye on Ryan having a dull time with Caroline for hours, I'm almost ready to go in. Jess is wasted, so I guess she's going to stay with me tonight.

Jess and I head upstairs to shower and change into comfy clothes when we hear a knock on the door. Chris saunters his way inside and plops on my big couch.

"Ya know, you two are beautiful. How did I get so lucky?"

Jess and I just look at each other, waiting for an explanation of what exactly he's lucky for.

"I get to live next door to a girl that is smoking hot. And you know what?" Jess and I are still exchanging looks... "I'm gonna fuck her."

"Ooookay Chris. Let's get you to bed!" I nearly shoot up off the couch to help him across the hall. Jess thinks it is quite hilarious that I want Ryan but Chris wants me. I help Chris over to his bed and as I'm leaving his room I smack right into Ryan. He's only wearing a bath towel around his hips and is still a little damp from the shower. I could lick him. It takes me a second to get that thought out of my head.

His question knocks the dirty thoughts away, "Oh hey. Sorry. Ummm were you in there with Chris?" It's now that I realize it probably looks bad that I'm only wearing a big t-shirt and underwear.

"Oh no no no. I was helping him to bed. He came over and confessed his sexual desires for me... so I decided he needs to sleep that off."

Ryan laughs at me and I notice how cute his one dimple is and the way his eyes scrunch up when his face is full of his grin. I can still smell the trace of beer on his breath. As disgusting as that is, I still want to kiss him.

No. I can't. He has a girlfriend... thing. Crap, now he's looking at me. Waiting for me to say something.

"Well anyways. I'm gonna head back over to my place." I start walking away and he grabs my hand. If he could hear my thoughts about how much I want to get in his bed with him... "By the way, Caroline isn't my girlfriend. Chris says she kinda is... but I don't have feelings for her."


Okay, Ali... play it cool. Don't act like you've just received the best news in your life. "Well good because you don't seem very happy with her... and you could do better. I know I don't even know you, but you could do so much better." And now I'm rambling. He's the only person to ever make me nervous.

He gives a happy smirk and simply says, "I know."

I want to jump on him and kiss him everywhere I can. Instead, I hold myself together. "Goodnight Ryan. I'll see you at the party tomorrow."

"Night Ali. I hope you do."

I go home and Jess is passed out on the couch. Whatever, she can stay there. I've gotta shower and get to bed so I can be fully energized for apartment shopping tomorrow with my mom.


After my run, going to a million different stores with my mom, and updating Jess on the uneventful but very informative conversation with Ryan, I need a nap. Jess is coming over at 8 and we're going to get ready together before we head over. I assume she will be sleeping on the couch again tonight. That's if she doesn't find a hot guy to sleep with.

I wake up to my phone ringing very loud and right in my face. Shit. I slept so much later than I planned. Jess is at my door waiting for me. I open it to find Chris, already drinking. Before I can say anything he frantically tells us that he told some of his girl friends that they could hang out at my place and get ready there if they want so they can start drinking. I actually don't mind if they do, so I leave the door unlocked as we get ready.

After we shut the door, Jess turns to me, "HA I wonder if he remembers saying he wants to fuck you!"

We laugh about it as we apply makeup and do our hair.

"Hello????" I hear a bunch of giggly girls coming in. I walk around the corner and the first person I see... Caroline. I guess she doesn't know that I want to fuck her boyfriend thing, so she likes me for now.

"Hi everyone!! Come on in. All the beer is at Chris's place across the hall, but feel free to get ready here! You can use the bathroom by the front door if ya want."

I run into the room before anyone else can hear me tell Jess, "Holy shit. The first person I saw come in was Caroline!!"

"No, not the bitchy girlfriend thing!!"

"YES!" Oh no. Jess is going to be so entertained tonight.

I hear more giggling and music in my kitchen. "Who wants tequila shots?!" Oh lord. Fuck it. I'm getting smashed tonight. By alcohol and hopefully by Ryan. Shit. Stop thinking things like that!

After a couple shots and lots of makeup everywhere, we're ready for the party. We all dance and party over to Chris's where he's standing on the counter, chugging a beer. Caroline immediately marches over to Ryan. His eyes are rolling before she takes 2 steps in his direction. He looks at me and smiles, then dodges her and runs to the bathroom.

I grab some party juice and watch as Caroline bitches to her friend about Ryan avoiding her. I guess I'm a little tipsy because I head for the bathroom. What am I doing?

I knock and Ryan opens the door a little, sees it's me and yanks me in. "Hey! I almost spilled my pj!"

"Did Caroline see you come in here? How long do you think I should stay before she realizes I'm trying to get away from her?"

"You live here... you could have just gone in your room..."

"But she would have followed me! If I go to the bathroom, she won't follow me."

I get it now. Wow, quick thinking. He must have read my mind because he says, "I've done this a few times."

I'm laughing at him and watching his bluish-green eyes sparkle as he laughs and takes a sip of his beer.

"Hey Ali, you're beautiful."

"Oh. Um. Thanks. I don't always go around without makeup and my hair in a messy bun. People would think I was sickly or something."

"No. You're just beautiful. Yesterday at the pool, I was dying to come up to you and tell you how amazing you looked. Caroline was in the way, of course. But now that she's not here..."

I'm blushing and smiling and so nervous and so excited all at once...

He's gonna kiss me. I'm midthought and he has me up against the wall. His hands are above my head and his lips are on my neck, lightly kissing a line up to my ear. He nips my earlobe and whispers, "God, you're fucking perfect. I want to fuck you so bad."

I've known this guy for 2 days and I would let him fuck me however he wants... this is bad.

But I still wrap my hands around his neck and can't help but moaning a little. Finally he grabs my face and kisses me. His tongue is playing with mine, his lips are the perfect mix of soft but forceful. His scent is masculine but fresh. He lightly bites my bottom lip, sucking just enough to make me need more.

He stops. His beautiful eyes are looking deep into my soul. I know he's wondering how far I'll go with him. Right here. In this bathroom. Now that I think about it, boy bathrooms are gross... this one really isn't bad, but I would prefer somewhere that's not a bathroom.

"We should get back to the party. I can't do this right now... Caroline is going to be looking for me and that would be a huge boner kill if I heard her voice right now."

I giggle at his misery. He's laughing too, shaking his head because he knows that he has a whole night of avoiding her ahead of him.

"Okay. Seriously. We have to get back out there." At least he sounds disappointed. "Just one more kiss." And he kisses me again before opening the door to the party.

We go back out and I immediately find Jess and update her on the exploration of my mouth and how he actually mentioned fucking me.

"No way! You totally need some dick. Fuck him tonight!! Then I can sleep in your bed without your snoring keeping me up!!" She's such a tease. We finish our drinks and grab another round. For the next couple hours everyone dances, does keg stands, and doesn't notice the looks Ryan and I are exchanging. People eventually start leaving and Ryan is walking my way.

I'm getting nervous again. What's he going to do?

"Caroline is in my fucking bed. What do I do?"

Jess is giggling, doing a trash job of hiding it too.

I know exactly what he can do. "Jess, you can sleep on the couch and Ryan can sleep with me. Sound good Ryan?" I have a huge grin because I know Jess will be shocked. So much for her plan of my big comfy bed to herself.

Ryan's face is surprised... We had a hot makeout session and he's surprised that I want him in my bed?

Before he can say anything else, I grab his hand and am leading him across the hall. He's following me eagerly, a little drunk, but very eager.

Jess follows us and locks the door behind her. I hear her say goodnight as we shut the door.

This is it. I take off my clothes, stripping completely naked. I watch as his face is in heaven as my boobs easily slip out of my lace bra that just happens to match my lace thong. I slowly slide the thong down my legs and climb into bed. "You coming? Or are you just gonna stand there in awe?"

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