I'm wondering how long I have been here. How long have I been in the dark? Am I alone? Am I laying or sitting? It's cold. Or is it hot? I can't tell. I feel damp. My skin is on fire. By hair or something is matted to my face. My face stings but has a dull ache. The sensations that I feel across my body and the state of my mind are in competition with each other. I'm like a trapped animal, senses declining but strangely over aware. I don't remember when it happened but as I start waking up... it all comes flooding back at once...

She was stroking my hair, as the sun shone through the sheer curtains, illuminating the curves of our bodies, tangled in sheets. Deeps sighs and then silence fill the room with the smell of sex. The smell of passion. The smell of sweat and adrenaline all in one. It was erotic and intriguing. How had we gotten to this point?

Earlier in the day, I was sitting in the lounge studying. Same spot, far right side, on the overstuffed brown leather couch that had seen years of asses on it. She walked in, like usual, nose in the air. This stuck up bitch. Always dressed perfectly, black boots, skinny jeans, sweater, dark auburn hair in a pony tail that accentuated her high cheekbones and glasses perched on her head. I could have cared less about what I wore. It was early in the morning and I ran out the door, late as usual, stopping to grab a strong cup of coffee before lecture started. I was in my preferred black legging and thick heavy sweater that wrapped around me like a blanket should in the winter. My hair was down, per usual, and my standard red lipstick applied as an afterthought to look presentable.

It was a Friday, and no one was on campus for classes. The medical building was open but the signs of student bodies from the week were nonexistent. I questioned why she was here but went back to my textbook as if she didn't exist.

"Hey" ... I heard from this raspy velvet voice I had heard in class before. I looked up, knowing who it was, and replied "What". My normal own childish voice reflecting a bit of harshness from being disturbed while in my zone. I could feel the pause before the question was asked. I knew what was coming. This bitch had literally gotten by in school on her looks and I had to bust my ass. I sit at the top of the class, working hard and she breezes in and makes it seem effortless. "Can you help me with this assignment?" it was a question I kept getting, I was the only one with experience, so everyone was coming to me. Did it feel good? Yes. But I was getting annoyed from this... this creature of beauty that I couldn't explain. I felt like I was being manipulated. "I guess so. What don't you get. Or let's make it easy... what DO you actually understand?" the sarcasm was thick. It felt so good to see the pained look on her face and she realized my obvious distaste for her presence.

"Stop. I need you." She breathed, sighing heavily. "I'm failing. I will do anything to pass this next assignment." I was shocked. She had always put on the air that she was at the top. In competition with me. How was she failing? Oh well... let me bask in this moment I thought. I stared at her and pointed to the chair next to me. She would do anything? This could be interesting. Everyone knew that she had the most wanted man in town. Ugh. He was an exotic creature. Tall. Powerful. Mysterious. Commanding. But something else, undefined and alluring. I knew what I wanted...

"Fine. Anything?" I inquired.

"Yes. Anything" came the reply.

"Alright. I get what I want first and then I'll help you. To be honest, I don't trust you, so this will ensure I'm rewarded properly and not duped by you."

"I understand".

I told her what I wanted. I wanted to try his cock. I wanted to be fucked seven ways from Sunday.

"I don't think you realize what you are asking for," she replied.

I knew what I was asking for. I had been thinking about it since I saw him on campus picking her up at the beginning of the year.

"Meet me at my house then, tonight, 7 pm and bring nothing but that purple scarf you wear sometimes. The silk one." she stated as she stood, smoothing her jeans on her thighs. "We will be waiting".

I watched her walk away, holding my breath. When I hear the hall door click I slowly let out the breath I had been holding in since she agreed. Finally, I'd be able to try the piece of meat that kept appearing in my dreams.

I wrapped up my textbooks and papers, rushing home to shower and shave my pussy so I was ready for what could happen in 2 hours. Standing in the shower I could feel a heightened sense of energy thinking about my body being used by this man. I could feel the juices building up between my lips and as I reached my hand down to make sure I was smooth everywhere, I couldn't help but slide a finger between my lips, rolling my clit around, dreaming. "Shit" I moaned, thinking I better just hold it all in so I had something to give for later. I hurried up and shut the water off, toweling dry my long black hair, my body and applying a sweet lavender lotion, slowly stroking my skin to ensure I was covered. My sense of arousal was so heightened, I knew it wasn't going to take much for me to cum. "Ugh" I moaned. Trying hard to control myself from sheer orgasm.

I sauntered to the closet and pulled out a black dress that I knew hugged my breasts in the right way but flowed away from my waist in a manner that didn't make me look like a porn star. I walked to the dresser and found the set I had been saving for this over dreamt moment. Black sheer bra, black sheer panties, sheer thigh high stockings, nude with a thin seam up the back. As I glided the stockings on, I was reminded of my freshly shaved pussy and had to grab the towel to ensure I didn't soak the edge of the bed I was sitting on. I gave my ass a little squeeze as I pulled up my panties and tugged on my nipples as I placed my breasts in to the bra cups, slid on the dress, grabbed the knee high black boots, put on my signature red lipstick, black eyeliner and ran out the door. I always kept the purple scarf in the car. It was my favorite little detail if I wasn't feeling completely dressed.

I arrived at her house at 655. Took a deep breath and walked up the long sidewalk to the front door. I was greeted by a voice that only said, "Come in". As I pushed the door open, I saw him. Sitting in the foyer, in a chair, staring directly at me with his chestnut brown eyes. I instantly felt my pussy drip. "Fuck" I whispered. I could only imagine what would happen next.

I'm startled out of my memory as I feel a sharp crack on my back. I can only let out a muffled scream and start crying. I can't see. There's something covering my eyes. I can't scream, there's something in my mouth. My legs and arms are bound. I'm struggling to breathe, what is around my neck? My head is spinning and suddenly I'm brought to reality as something wet and soft is between my legs, sucking on my clit and pushing between my sore pussy lips. Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? I can't comprehend what I am feeling. Suddenly, everything is black again and I'm dreaming of earlier.

She appears. But it seems out of nowhere. I think I was entranced by his energy. His natural primal energy was overpowering. He looked me up and down with a look of hunger, and suddenly I was awkward and aware of my body stance. She walks up to me and kisses me. I'm taken back and gasp. Soon I feel her velvety lips on mine and a soft tongue pushing between my lips. "I've been waiting for you" she purrs. I snap back in to reality and see her again now, but clearer. Her auburn hair is down around her shoulders, soft curls playing her facial frame. She's wearing what looks like a bodycon dress, navy blue and a pair of nude heels. I'm envious of her legs in this dress and notice her breasts are small but perky, the opposite of mine; large and full. Her hands are in my hair, and her body is pressing up against mine. Why am I leaning in to her?

He remains sitting in the chair watching... waiting... like a predator hunting prey. But damn he's fucking hot. My mind transports from him to her as I feel a hand unzip my dress and caress my left nipple, tugging slightly, causing my nipple to ache with longing and want. She's making me realize how long its been since I have been this horny and have been touched. Her hand leaves my breast and moves my dress to the floor. "Step" she commands, and I step out of the dress, standing to the side in my tall black boots and lingerie. I'm exposed. Naked. Panties wet with my juices, nipples erect and posture perfect, waiting the next thing. I never expected this. I look around. He's gone. I scan the room. Nothing. Nowhere. But... Down the hall... a light appears. Orange almost, nothing else around. It's calling my name. "Not yet" she whispers. "Relax" and slips a class with a dark red wine in to my hand. The liquid is cold but as it slides down my throat I am instantly warmed from the inside out. I'm transported once again as I feel her hand slide into my panties and rub her finger on my throbbing clit. "Ugh" I moan. What is going on? My hands are in her hair and our kissing is deepened. The wine is singing to my body and my body is now an instrument that she is stoking in to a melody. I'm not sure how, but my hands were suddenly on her body. Feeling her curves, the smooth warm skin that was exposed outside of the dress. My hand found her zipper and her dress fell to the floor.

Through my eyelashes I could see that she was not wearing any lingerie. She was naked, save for a patch of auburn hair that covered the opening to where lips met between her legs.

She parted her legs ever so slightly and pushed her body closer in to mine. My heart was beating out of my chest. My pussy was drench, fluid grazing the tops of my stockings, clit pounding and nipples throbbing. My hands found her ass... Round, firm and tight. I knew her body was amazing but to see it like this, not hidden under clothes, she was astounding. Her heels made it so that her ass was in the air a little more than usual and she pulled my hand to grip her ass tighter. I've never done this before. Another woman?? My head was spinning but my body couldn't stop reacting. As I grasped her ass she moaned and parted her legs even more. I felt my free hand reach between her legs where it was instantly met with a warm, thick fluid that let me know she was just as turned on as I was. Payback... I flicked her clit with my finger and she moaned, pushing her ass in the air even further. She was almost mimicking my actions. Soon she was on her knees, pulling my panties down around my ankles, over my boots. I never noticed the chair that was behind me but felt it instantly as she buckled my knees, pushing me into it. "Scarf?" she asked. I pointed to where my purse was by the door. She sauntered over to it, my eyes trailing after her, and brought it back. My vision was then occluded as she lifted the scarf to tie it around my face. My legs were parted, and I felt her mouth, warm and wet, between my legs. Fuuuuuuuuck" I hissed as I succumbed to her tongue. I had no idea how she was able to have me moaning in that chair but soon my hips were rhythmically moving in tune with her mouth. As suddenly as it started it all stopped, and I felt cold metal on my ankles. My legs were spread further, and I felt something being placed between them. I was fastened to the chair and unable to move. My wrists were then bound to the top of the chair arms and I was pinned in all places. Suddenly I couldn't hear. It was hollow sounding. I realized headphones had been placed on me. Classical jazz started playing lightly, with just enough noise to drown some but not all sounds and once again I was transported. Warm from wine and on edge of an orgasm I could only find solitude in the darkness that enveloped me.

The chair rocked, and I felt movement. My sense of balance and direction were gone but I knew I had been moved. I began to open my mouth when I felt the sharp sting of something across my face followed by a gentle caress to my cheek. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, but they fell to the scarf across my face. A hand, rougher, not gentle like hers was on my breasts, grasping, groping, feeling and kneading, hard. My breath was taken back. It was HIM. My body charged and fired electrical shocks from my chest to my sex. I moaned and lost my breathe in an instant as his hands stopped and there was no more touch.

I fell silent. My juices, wet under my own ass as my body cried for touch, release and desire, pooled up on the chair. "Kitten". The only word uttered, resonated in my chest; I was deaf but able to hear it clear as a bell, knowing immediately who was talking. It was spoken by a voice that was stern and dark but oozed with a gruffness I had dreamed of. It was like black velvet. Rich, soothing but full of mystery and warmth. I moaned, instantly feeling a slap again across my face and then something at my throat. My breathing stopped. I gasped. I realized his hand had found its way to the front of my neck, alternating pressure from side to side. It was rhythmic, scary, but not death defying. I felt something move to between my legs and a felt the energy shift. Suddenly something sharp was placed on my nipples. I realized instantly I had been clamped. "fuck" I thought, unsure of what to expect.

In the cold darkness, naked and perceived as alone, my mind began to wonder. I was strapped to a chair, with what I assumed was a spreader bar between my legs and a warm, soft piece of material around my neck. It felt like hours had passed by without words, touch, movement, light or other sounds. The headphones were off, but the blind fold was still on. I was whimpering, still, how long had it been? My body aches. I was sure I tasted blood on my lips but was it my own? Gawd I hoped so. My chest was heavy, my pussy pounding, my breasts tender and clamped.

Suddenly my arms were free to move, and the command came from the gruff velvet voice "STAND". I didn't have a choice. I was grabbed by my hair and forced to a standing position with the bar still between my legs. I heard the chair move but nothing else. What came next... the slap. My ass was on fire. I felt like a hot piece of iron had hit me ass cheek and had left a welt. But it didn't stop.

"COUNT" I was commanded.

"ONE" I yelped.

"Don't lose count bitch. You lose count and your ass will be mine".

A hard smack came down under the bottom of my ass, right where my thighs connected, right where my swollen cunt had left a river of cum behind.

"TWO" I whimpered. There was a moment of silence and I felt something between my legs from behind. Something vibrating. Pushing between my lips, penetrating my center. I heard what sounded like duct tape being pulled off the roll and felt a coldness press against where the device had been placed.

"THREE". I was barely able to even get the word out before I was promptly hit on my ass harder than the last two times, but dead center with the vibrating device. "FUCK" I screamed.

"SHUT UP CUNT" and a hard slap across my clamped nipples rang free bringing me to stumble towards the ground. But I didn't fall. Instead, a firm surface stopped me, and I realized I was now bent over something, though I couldn't tell what. My arms were placed out in front of me and I was unable to move again.

"COUNT CUNT" he barked.

"F-F-F-F-F-FOUR". I was moaning by now. The sensations of the vibrator sending my pussy in to overdrive. A hand was felt on my shoulder and something wet, warm and tingly was placed between my ass cheeks, dead center with my hole. I could smell mint. "Fuck" ... I knew all too well. I had smelled this smell before. In class, when the auburn girl came in. now I knew. Mint lube.

"SAY IT CUNT" came the command.

"FIVE!!" and suddenly my ass was filled with something hard, penetrating my very being.

"Fuck you feel good. You're such a fucking slut, aren't you? I'm about to fuck your ass bitch and there's nothing you or she are going to do about it."

By now I was hurting but unable to deny the pleasure that I was feeling as I was rocked by the presumed cock in my ass and the vibrator in my pussy. Her? She was still here? I hadn't heard her or had any indication it wasn't just the two of us in this room. Then suddenly, I felt her. My face was buried in the wet, warm, sex filled scent of pussy. "NOW" her voice rang out. "You are going to make me cum. Fucking eat me bitch." And my face was gone, tongue out, tasting her juices with a mixture of what could only be his cum. It was all I could do to keep from exploding as my mind raced on my present position.

The hand was at my throat and I was gasping for air, but no air came, only her wetness filled my mouth. I could feel the black curtain pulling across my mind as I started to lose air. I was being put on so many edges right now. My mind was stopping. My thoughts were coming to an end. And suddenly everything stopped. The vibration, the gasping, the pounding, the verge of orgasm... All halted. She was gone. The scarf was removed. The cock taken from my ass and I hard slap left in its place. I was untied from the arms, the spreader bar and vibrator removed, and my ankles freed. The device around my neck remained.

I was whipped around and suddenly facing him. This magnificent creature that I had dreamed about was in front of me. Staring. Smirking. Mystery in his eyes but something else beside it. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew I shouldn't be looking. My eyes gravitated toward the ground and I heard "Good Girl" from his lips. "Right now, I own you. You are my object to do what I want with. You will have no thoughts, no feelings, no worries. You will be cared for after I have had my pleasure. You will need a safe word. Speak it now." His voice was stern but friendlier than earlier. "Red Velvet" I whispered. Thinking of my bleeding lip and his voice, it was all I could bring myself to say.

She appeared out of nowhere, lotion in hand, rubbing my tender ass and removing the clamps on my nipples. She kissed my lips and gave a smirk and wink. "Today was good. Tomorrow you will be rewarded. For now, on to my assignment". I was taken out of the room, which I vividly remember had the orange glow coming from it earlier. It was so different now. There was a table at the end with a computer on it. I didn't remember it earlier, but it was there now.

I was handed my panties and a robe, told to go take a hot bath and to return to this room when done. I complied and found the room where the bath was drawn, looked in the mirror and instantly turned red. My body... what had been a work of art, look destroyed with red marks, welts, purple areas, bruises, all popping out at me. I became overwhelmed and began to cry. Suddenly, she appeared again. How is she so silent? She rubs her hands on my back, tender as ever and walks me to the bath, assisting me in. Once in, she gets in behind me and helps to bathe me. I'm suddenly weak, shaky, and flustered. "It's the drop" she explains, "You will get used to it. Today was to see what you could handle. You did well." Tears are pouring down my face and I'm filled with conflict. She was right. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.

The assignment was finished and turned it. I held up my end, she held up her end. I wasn't aware that he had an end. I was to return to their house, every day at 7pm. I would eat with them, delicious food that would fill my belly with goodness, drink wine and then move to play. Today, I was to be broken. I didn't know what it meant but I was nervous.

I showed up, as instructed, wearing what he directed me to wear. Per usual: black panties, black bra, black garter belt, black lace top stockings, black collar on my throat with tiny metal hooks on the inside. Red coat, perfectly pressed. Black eyeliner, straight hair with slight curl at the base, but not red lipstick. Black. Black nail polish. Black heels. I am to remove my coat, hang it on the hook by the door and kneel. Hair to ground. Waiting until told my command.

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