tagGroup SexSensations Escort Services Ch. 15

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 15


Chapter 15 - Amber's Trip, Paris, and Back Home

Mike's phone buzzed as he sat at his desk. It had a simple text message, "Download file from ur cloud mailbox. XOXOX Amber". He figured out that it must be around four in the morning where Amber was. She was up late to be sending him something; he reminded himself of the eleven or twelve hour time difference between them. His body trembled as he wondered what it might be. He prayed it would have rich sexual content.

It took a few minutes for the large video file to download to his iPhone; this was a long video unlike a few of the earlier clips or photographs. When it was through the video started to automatically play on the small screen. If it was good, he could play it through to the large flat screen television in his bedroom or living room. He muttered under his breath as the main characters in the vid and what they were doing came into view, "Oh, fuck!"

Amber and two gorgeous Indonesian women were in a daisy chain or triangle eating each other's pussies. Great moaning and encouragement was being voiced. The words were erotic and thrilling: 'eat me,' 'put that tongue inside me,' 'suck on my clit,' 'pinch my nipples,' 'put your fingers in deeper,' 'oh God yes, fist me,' and on and on – tongues and fingers, mouths and pussies. The girls would have crawled inside one another if that were physically possible.

The two new girls were pretty: long black hair that hung to their cute asses, narrow hips, modestly large tits that appeared natural and not enhanced, and pleasing faces. They smiled and laughed with glee at the antics the three women shared.

In the thick of it was Amber – the girl that Mike realized he was in love with. Oh, he'd said the words to her, but suddenly as he watched her having sapphic sex, he knew viscerally that she was the woman for him for all time. Amber clearly liked the two local girls even when they 'ganged up' on her to ensure a colossal orgasm from multiple fingers, tongues, and mouths on her in some way.

Roger must have been taking the video, because he moved around the girls on the large bed getting different viewpoints, and every one of them was highly pornographic and sexy. A close-up showed fingers moving rapidly in a pussy until the pussy's owner squirted girl juice all over the giver of pleasure. Moans and groans followed as the orgasm ripped through. Amber's white skin stood out in stark contrast to the light brown skin of her playmates.

The camera became fixed looking at the bed probably propped up on a nightstand or mini-tripod, and Roger appeared, naked and erect. He started to fuck one of the new girls as she encouraged him with some really slutty vocabulary. Amber and the other girl slipped into a '69' with ease.

The video ended abruptly after twelve minutes before there was any kind of completion. The scenes had merely been an excerpt of a few minutes in the middle of a longer group sex romp between Roger, Amber, and the two local girls. Mike wondered who the two girls were – prostitutes? escorts? wives of people Roger had worked with? He'd heard a great deal about the availability of pretty women in that part of the world, and even of wife sharing in far greater frequency than in America.

The next morning when Mike arose, there was another video. This one, he guessed, was videoed by one of the Indonesian women. In it, Roger was pounding into Amber's small body as she urged him on and on. The close-ups of his cock sliding in and out of her body were breathtaking. Amber switched positions so she was riding Roger. One of the other women came and sat on his face, obviously dripping cum from an earlier climax inside her from the American man.

On Saturday, Roger and Amber flew in his corporate jet from Jakarta to Tokyo. A successful series of meetings during the week there left Roger ecstatic about how the trip was going. After that and another long flight the couple spent a week in Beijing and another in Szechuan. Amber allowed herself to be drawn into some of the meetings with the Chinese executives, especially since several of them were women.

The couple left Asia, and the small corporate jet made the nine-hour flight from Beijing to Moscow, landing at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Both Amber and Roger had slept on the flight, and timed their arrival for early in the morning so Roger could get a day of business in before bed time. Amber joined in the business meetings again, feeling greater confidence than ever, especially since she'd read more and picked up more from Roger about the various features and capabilities of the enterprise software systems his company developed, sold, and maintained for customers around the world.

As they completed their meetings mid-day on Thursday, Roger asked her, "Do you want to go straight home or take a few days in some European city and play tourist?"

"Paris," Amber replied without a second's hesitation. "Two days in Paris, please," her voice bristled with enthusiasm. "Can we? I've never been there."

Roger smiled. Without the distraction of the business meetings and planning required for his marketing trip, he'd have the time to devote more fully to Amber. In the days that had passed, he'd developed great affection for her and felt sure she had similar feelings for him. He was going to miss not having her as his 'side kick' once he got home. They'd even be living in different cities, hours apart, so they couldn't just pop in and see one another for drinks or dinner or whatever – a booty call, perhaps.

The flight to Paris took four hours from Moscow. By the time they cleared customs, got a limousine to the hotel, and got settled, it was dinnertime. They had dinner in the hotel; the George V's chefs were always exceptional.

After dinner the couple roamed the Champs d'Elysee and then some of the side streets whenever they heard some music drifting from a club. They settled on a club with a jazz quartet playing very danceable music, allowing the couple to be in public in each other's arms.

At one point Roger went to the busy bar to order another round of drinks. By the time he got back to the table, Amber had company.

Mike rose on Thursday morning and did his exercises and stretching, and then took a four-mile run. He checked his phone as he came into the condominium. Damn, there was another video from Amber with only the words, 'Amber sandwich.'

The video downloaded for a while suggesting at least a few minutes of video. When it began to play, Mike was astounded to see Amber in the cowgirl position atop some man he didn't recognize. The man was handsome and looked suave; he heard some French words spoken. Roger appeared in the frame of the video, also naked. He watched the couple fucking as he stroked his cock, and then he mounted behind Amber and drove his cock into the young woman's ass – his young woman! She was being DPed by the two men. Amber shrieked and writhed in their clutches, but occasionally urged them on.

There was a gap in the video indicating a second video had been stitched onto the first. In this one, Amber knelt on the floor in front of the two men as they stroked their cocks in front of her. First, one, and then the other exploded with man jizz, splattering over her face, neck, and breasts until she was dripping in white icing. She grabbed each and sucked the cocks until they were clean and empty. The video ended just after Amber gave a little wave at the camera.

Mike strolled into his bedroom, synched the video to his TV, and played the entire scene again as he masturbated. As he finished into a tissue, his phone beeped to indicate further text messages.

The message said, "Guess where I am?" Three pictures were attached, fortunately in high resolution. The first showed Amber wearing a trench coast but holding it open flashing her naked body at the camera in front of the Arc de Triomphe. She was in Paris. The second showed her nakedness again in the middle of a busy roadway with the Eiffel tower in the background, and the third a similar shot as she stood in front of the glass pyramid at the entrance to Louvre; a heavily armed gendarme stood ten feet behind her. She was laughing hard in each photograph.

Another single text arrived, "See you soon. I miss you. Love, A."

* * * * *

The flight back to the southeastern United States took almost ten hours, but the plane was flying with the clock, so even though they left at seven a.m. Paris time, they arrived at eleven a.m. local time.

Roger seemed tense and slightly morose on the flight home, despite the privacy and sitting in the lap of luxury in the exclusive plane's cabin. The closer they got to landing the quieter and sadder he seemed.

"What's wrong?" Amber finally asked.

Roger studied the woman who'd been his companion for the past five weeks. Finally, he confessed, "You! You are what is wrong."

"What do you want me to do?" Amber pleaded with great concern. She had tried to be everything she could to the older man – an aide, a confidant, and a lover. She thought she'd been doing a pretty good job of it too.

"I ... I don't want to leave you. I have significant feelings for you; one might even describe me as having fallen in love with you."

Amber was shocked and didn't know how to respond right away. She'd developed feelings for Roger too, but she had Mike and had felt the same way about him before she left on this round-the-world trip. Being away had made those feelings wan slightly, but she knew instinctively that she'd regain them. She wondered what feelings Mike had now for her, or whether he'd even moved on with someone else.

Amber locked eyes with Roger. "And I have strong feelings for you as well, but I'm not sure what to do about them. It's too soon to see what the future would be like, and I still have many things I want to do while I'm still single and unattached. Can we work something out? I don't want to lose contact with you either. I've loved all our time together. I told you last night when we made love that I hated to think about this trip ending. What I really meant was that I hated to not see you on a daily basis."

Roger smiled, his mental burden eased by her words. He said, "I'll want to fly and spend time with you frequently, or have you come to me." He laughed, "You're just a tad too far away for me to commute on a daily basis."

"We'll work towards something longer term. I feel the same."

As the plane had started its descent to Sarasota airport, Amber texted Kat and Edie asking whether either one of them could pick her up. She got an instantaneous reply from Kat that she'd be there in a few minutes to watch the private jet land.

The plane landed in the hot sun, and taxied to the general aviation terminal. The copilot deployed the stairway, and Roger and Amber descended. Kat ran across the tarmac to her best friend and they squealed and hugged. This had been the longest time they'd been apart since the summer after their freshman year in college.

While a fuel truck replenished the jet, Amber's luggage and the large number of souvenirs was unloaded and placed in Kat's little sports car, until there was only room for the two women and nothing else.

Amber went to Roger and hugged him tightly. She was crying and he had tears running down his cheeks. He promised, "I'll call you Tuesday. We'll set something up." His voice trembled.

Amber said through her tears, "I can't wait." She paused and finally said the words that mattered most to Roger, "I love you. Think of me every minute."

"I promise. It'll be hard for me not to."

Roger turned and strode back to the plane, climbing up inside and disappearing.

Kat put her arm around Amber and they walked to her car. "A little romance brewing, I take it?"

"Yeah. He's really nice. He wants something long-term for sure."

Kat reminded her, "So does Mike? He's been calling me every few hours the last two days asking whether I'd heard anything about your arrival. I'm sure you're all he's thinking about. He's going to fly down here today, and probably is on his way right now."

"Oh, God. I missed him so much, even while I was enjoying Roger and the trip. I think I'm in love with two men. What do you do when you have THAT situation?"

Kat laughed, "You don't do anything rash, darling. Keep you emotions in check. Be in control."

"Oh, God. I hope I can do that."

Kat's phone rang as Amber and Kat watched Roger's plane taxiing out to the runway to takeoff so he could get home to his company and the large effort they'd be making to accommodate all the new business he'd generated as a result of the trip.

Kat answered, grinned, and nodded, "Hello, Mike. Guess who's arrived from her around the world trip?"

Amber could hear the shout of glee even without the phone being on speaker. Kat handed her the phone.

He was babbling about something when Amber said softly, "Hello, Mike. I've missed you."

"Oh, God, Baby. I've missed you so much, you can't imagine. I've been tortured by the pictures, videos, and sound clips you sent, but I'm so ready to see you again. Can I come and see you? I'm even on my way from Boston."

"Of course. When do you arrive?"

"I should be at the airport in a couple of hours. I'll get a car and come straight to your condo. The pilot told me a few minutes ago we were near North Carolina. I'll see you in minutes."

After Amber and Mike ended their call, Kat laughed and she dropped the phone back in her giant purse. Come on; let's get you and all your loot back home. The boxes you sent from Tokyo arrived three days ago too."

"What's Edie doing?"

"She's had a weekend gig that ended this morning. She tore into the condo, took a shower, and then rushed out to spend the rest of the day with Martin. Interesting because he's staying at the same hotel where her weekend 'date' took place."

After a silence, Kat asked, "Hey, what'd you get paid?"

Amber shrugged, "I don't know. We never talked about money."

Kat pointed as they stopped at a traffic light. "Well, what are those?" She pointed to three envelopes in Amber's oversize purse.

"Oh, God. I didn't see those. Roger must have slipped them into my purse just as we were parting."

She took the envelopes out. They were numbered: #1, #2, and #3.

Amber opened up the #1 envelope. Inside was a check for $80,000 with a post-it on it that said, "As agreed."

She tore open the #2 envelope. It contained a check for $30,000, with a Post-It note that said, "Gratuity" with a silly happy face drawn next to it in Roger's handwriting.

The third envelope was a total shock. Amber extracted a company check for $150,000. She exclaimed, "HOLY SHIT. KAT LOOK!" She thrust the check in front of Kat's eyes. Fortunately the light hadn't changed to green.

Kat gawked, "Amber, that's a huge amount of money."

Amber took out a letter in Roger's handwriting. She read aloud so Kat could hear.

Dearest Amber,

I had some modest goals of selling some new business in the countries that we visited. Thanks to your brilliance, radiance, knowledge, and sharp thinking, you helped me sell a HUGE amount of software. If you were working for my company you'd be getting this bonus as part of your compensation package. This is your commission for helping me sell my software. If the customers renew their software maintenance agreements there will also be payments the next two year, but not this much.

You were the highlight of the trip to everyone that met you, but most of all to me. I am deeply in love with you. I don't know what to make of that since it has only been five weeks that we've really been together and under unusual conditions, but I just had to share that with you again.



Amber looked at the three checks. "Kat, this is $260,000 for doing five weeks of work."

Kat laughed, "I'm jealous as all hell. You hit the jackpot with this one, Babe."

Amber said, "Should I cash them? They're so big. I didn't do all that much."

"Did you fuck him?" Kat teased, already knowing the answer.

"Almost every night and many days and some mornings, plus we had some kinky sex with others."

"Then cash them. You earned all three: the first for doing what you promised, the second for being really good at it, and the third for helping his business in the right way." She added, "You might want to send him a 'Thank You' note."

"Oh, yes. I'll do it right now."

Amber pulled her iPhone out and her thumbs flew over the keyboard as she typed. "Roger, I love you too. You are so generous. I'm blown away. I was only expecting what was in envelope #1. Talk to you soon. Love XOXOX Amber."

* * * * *

Mike came dashing into the girls' condo almost three hours later. He explained he couldn't wait to see Amber and so he'd commandeered his company's plane and pilots to fly to Sarasota so he could be waiting for Amber's jet to arrive from Europe. Instead, she beat him but at least now they were together.

He kissed Amber a thousand times in the first minute as he swung her around in his glee and enthusiasm that she'd returned to be within his reach. Amber was equally enthusiastic in her welcome of her boyfriend.

Mike eventually greeted Kat with a few kisses and hugs. Amber had learned that two of the weekends she'd been away, Mike had 'dated' Kat, flying her to Key West for one weekend, and to a car race in Daytona for another. Of course, she'd tried to fuck his brains out both times. Despite the apparent infidelity, Amber was glad Kat had helped Mike, and pleased the two had romantic weekends together.

The three of them talked for a while as they enjoyed some wine and for Mike a beer. Kat finally pushed Amber, "Tell Mike how much you made?"

Amber blushed, "KAT! Damn. That's kind of private."

"Tell your boyfriend. It'll make him jealous, and he gets off on it as you know."

Mike held his hands up, "You don't to tell me, Babe. I'm OK either way."

Amber sighed. "No, Kat's right. I don't want to have secrets from you. I ended up with $260,000 – a little over a quarter of million dollars."

Mike's whole body palpitated in a visible way in shock, "HOLY SHIT! What's you do, learn a new way to give males orgasms that humankind didn't know about before? Seriously, what brought that kind of money on?"

Amber and Kat laughed. Amber explained about the division of funds. She even let Mike read Roger's note.

Mike shook his head in disbelief. He stated, "I want to be sure you know that I am in love with you, too. What's the song or the artists or something: truly, madly, deeply. That's me." He got up from his chair and moved to Amber, taking her in his arms and giving her a tender and romantic kiss that sizzled.

"I love you, too, Mike," Amber insisted.

"Too?" he questioned.

"I love you, and I have strong feelings for Roger as well. We spent a lot of quality time together, just as we've done. In hindsight, it was kind of predictable. I didn't think it would happen, but it did. I've missed you, and I know I'll miss Roger. I'm kind of in an odd place I didn't expect to be in.

Mike looked shocked and saddened. "What's that mean for us?"

Amber said firmly as she looked him in the eye, "No changes about anything, my dream lover. I feel even stronger about you than I did when I left. I love you – truly, madly, deeply."

"But you love Roger too?"

"Kind of maybe. Not sure for a while. You are not to worry about it. Just take life as it comes."

"But ..."

"Let me convince you a little. Why don't you come into my bedroom? Enough of this platonic greeting shit. I want you to make love to me and allow me to make love to you. Let's go fuck! We are way past overdue."

Mike looked skeptical, but stood as she did and followed Amber. Kat disappeared into her room to allow the couple some privacy.

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