tagBDSMSenses Working Overtime

Senses Working Overtime


Master: Don't bring your toys but wear your butt plug when you leave your house. Enjoy!

That is the text message I get from my Master as I am getting ready to take care of mundane chores before I get to see him.

The butt plug reeks havoc on my body as I go through the early part of the day, anticipating whatever he has in store for me. We don't have a long time to play today, so I know the intensity of what time we have will be out of this world.

Master: When you get here, put on your collar, take off your clothes and come kneel before me in the living room.

That simple instruction is what I need to start moving my consciousness from the outside world into the place where I am his girl, his sub, his slave. I feel the shift in my head as I walk into his home, take the collar from it's hook, place it around my neck, remove my clothes and go the room where he is waiting for me. I kneel.

He immediately senses that the last few days are weighing heavily upon me. "What's going on, girl? Talk to me. Tell me what's on your mind." We talk, he guides me through the outside things that I am dealing with. As always, his perception and advice are spot on and I am ready to leave the outside, outside.

"Good girl, now suck my cock." Those words, "good girl", get me every time. I smile up at him and relish the thought of taking his cock in my mouth. Feeling him swell as I use my mouth to thank him for all he does for me, for how he makes me feel, for being my Master and allowing me to be his sub.

"We don't have much time, what would you like me to do to you today, little one?" "Sir, I would love to be waxed and whipped." "Hmmm" When he is ready, I stand and bend over the chair, knees bent, back arched, ass up ready for him to start fucking me. He's warming both of us up. I can feel my excitement building and I ask if I may cum. "No. Do not let yourself go over the edge, if you do, twenty-five lashes with the cane." He is alternatively fucking my cunt and my ass. I'm squirming, trying to maintain my stance, keeping my head in the game so that I don't cum.

"Go into the bedroom and assume the position." I do as I am told. He follows me, "Today's lesson is Deprivation. You are here for my pleasure. You are not to cum until I have had my fill of you. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir."

He ties my hands, over my head, to the bed and ties my legs so they are splayed open in the air. He starts fucking me again. Fucking me hard, fucking me softly, hard again, alternating, cunt, ass, cunt, ass, cunt, ass, in rhythm. I am edging, but not letting myself cum. My mind is slipping away when I hear the flick of the lighter and the smell of the candle.

Those first hot drops of wax are jarring, they bring me back and push me out into my space simultaneously. The drips come faster and faster. Nipples, belly, feet, thighs, cunt, ass - hotter and hotter, faster and faster. I still have not cum but I need to. He knows. "Beg me to let you cum, slut. Why aren't you begging?" "I didn't know I could, Sir. Please, please let me cum." "5...4...3...2...1...CUM NOW" The damn breaks, I am screaming, both in my head and out loud - the wax is falling freely and I am leaving my body.

Then the whip falls. I try to move away from it and am able to move just enough that he adds more rope. I can almost sense that he is further restraining me, but my brain is disconnected from my body and then the whip comes down. He whips me; tits, underarms, sides, cunt, asshole. He is whipping the wax off my body and I am screaming. He stuffs my mouth with a cloth to shut me up and continues to whip me, hard. I'm cumming from the whip. It's so hard against my cunt and I take it. And I cum. I can't tell him what a dirty girl I am, because I am incapable of speech.

I am so deep in my subspace, my nirvana. My mind is numb. I see colors, fireworks but I can't think of a thing. Nothing. I am all sensation. My body is cumming with no letup in sight. I am open, I am his, I am taking all that he can give me. I can't be anywhere else but right there.

"Open your eyes, girl. Look at me. I need to see that you are okay." I open my eyes and smile, for a moment and then I overwhelmingly need his comfort. His arms around me, holding me, as the tears start and my body is convulsing uncontrollably. My breathing is erratic. I manage to say, "hold me, please don't let me go..."

He holds me, stroking my hair, keeping my eyes on his eyes, keeping me with him. "Let's talk to that scared little girl behind the door. Comfort her. Hold her hand. Let her know that she is safe. Don't be sad, be glad that we can help her."

I start to shift back into my body. "Girl, we don't have much time left. Where would you like to suck my cock?" We go back to the other room and I am back kneeling between his legs taking his cock in my mouth, still cumming - moaning around him. My eyes locked on his, thanking him for understanding me and taking me exactly where I needed to go.

"Jerk me off with your pussy. I want to cum inside your body." This is a first. I am humbled.

My Master is a great and perceptive man. He senses all the nuances of both of his subs and makes us whole. He knows that this is my addiction. My drug. My religion. He doesn't exploit the power he has over me. Well, maybe he does, but for good and not for evil. I feel wholly owned and in total adoration of Him. For me, he is Godlike. And me, I am just a dirty, horny, slutty girl who craves all my Master offers me.

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