tagBDSMSensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 09

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 09



This can be read as a stand alone story, but if you want to understand the Island, you should read Chapter 8 at least. It is probably best to read the entire tale, but it is not necessary. For those of you who are following the series, Beercan is not in this chapter, but he will be in all of the following ones.


A Week in Femdom Village:

While a very small group of individuals can use the Island's airport, for the vast majority, the only way to get to CFNM Island is by boat. The boat that takes people to Grope Town or the Main Village goes out and comes in once a day, but the boat to Femdom Village comes to port only once a week on Mondays. People can visit the Village from other parts of the Island, but those who intend to stay in the Village, must expect to stay for a full week or more. Femdom Village is exactly what its name implies, and people, who enjoy male submission and female domination, come to stay in the Village all year round. However, during the first full week in February, Femdom Village holds a week long training seminar and lab for newbies in tandem with a refresher class for "old hands." The course is exceptionally popular and sells out quickly. Roughly 200 men and women attend.

On February 9th, at 6:00 a.m., a procession vans owned by CFNM Island began pulling into the parking lot of the Island's privately owned pier. Seminar goers must be picked up by the vans so that they can arrive at the dock at least three hours in advance, because going to the Village requires a long intake process as well as a physical exam, and the exam is especially intensive for the males.

The pier is found in a secluded area at the end of the harbor with a building large enough to hold at least 400 people, even though it doesn't look that big from the outside . Although participants must show tickets to the event and legal Ids just to get on the van, they have to show their Ids yet again to get into the building. Once in the building, there is a sign that reads women's locker rooms right, boy's left. Anyone who had been there before knew the sign was misleading: the boy's locker room is really filled with women, while the women's locker room is for women only.

When a couple enters the building, a young man wearing only gym shorts takes all of their luggage to be stowed on the boat. He assures them that he is doing it so that the woman do not have carry anything or worry about their clothes, and then says to the husband with a wink, "And you don't have any clothing in these bags anyhow." If the wife checks out the boy for more than a second, the woman inspecting Ids says, "Don't worry dear, he will lose those shorts once we get out to sea. The male crew wear birthday suits not swim suits."

The husband is not being rudely ignored; if he has a question, it will be answered politely, but the conversation is directed to his wife. Women are then directed to their locker rooms and the guys to theirs. The women's room is open and large enough to hold 200 comfortably. It looks like a very fancy hotel lobby, with clusters of sofas and easy chairs and lamp tables beside them. The chairs are clustered in groups of four facing a large flat screen.

The guy's room, while directly next to the women's room, is very different. If you could remove the roof of the building, you would see that the men's room has only one straight hallway, and the rest of the building is a maze of other corridors and rooms. The design of the building, and the activities inside of it, are created to break down the boys and get them into their proper head space for their time in the Village.

After leaving his wife, a guy enters what is called boys waiting area. It is a rectangular room with rails like at the TSA in an airport or the lines waiting for rides at Disney World. Even by 6:00, there is already a line of boys snaking around towards what one might think is the back wall of the building; men who have attended the seminar before know better. There is a door on that back wall, and it that remains shut until 6:30. Once the door opens, they allow the first ten men in, but after that, only one man at a time is allowed to go through. From that point on, it seems as if a man goes through the door every few minutes. Still, the line moves slowly, ever so slowly, but at least it is moving. Even as it snakes along, the room becomes more crowded still.

Two men at the front of the line are talking to each other. They have been to seminars before and they, and their wives know to get here early. Still, they are the twelfth and thirteenth in line. There is only one guy in front of them since the first cadre already went in, and, by now, there are close to ninety behind them. They don't like getting up as early as they did, but they don't want to wait in this line for and eternity either.

One of those two men said to the other, "I've been ready to be naked, used, and abused for a month now." The second agreed, and the man in front of them turns towards them and smiles and nods. He is about 38 years old, bald by nature and razor, but with a thick, neatly trimmed, black beard. He is tall, about 6'5" and stocky, not fat. He has broad shoulders and a solid chest, but also a bit of dad bod around his middle that he didn't have ten years ago. It isn't a huge beer belly, just a small, but noticeable tummy. He is wearing khaki shorts that his wife chose for him to make stripping easier when the time comes. She also likes looking at him in those shorts in general, because they show off his very large, very round, bubble butt to perfection. She also likes looking at his massive thighs and his calves. And it pleases her to show him off, and she thinks the ladies on the bus will enjoy that view, but she cannot wait to show off his nude body this afternoon.

"First time here," says the man right behind him. It is more of a statement than a question.

"Yes," he answers as if it were. "My wife and I have been thinking about it for a year or so, and we went through the various munches, and then did our first nude party a year ago, and have done the special spanking parties the last two months. My wife decided that if we were going to go any farther with this, we needed to go to this instructional week thing and then decide if we want a female led marriage."

"And you are turned-on as fuck, and scared shitless."

The man says, "Well, I wouldn't say that I'm..."

The two guys behind him give each other knowing looks and then one interrupts, "Bullshit! If you are going to be part of this, you have to be completely emotionally honest to yourself, the other men in the community, and to your wife. I am Pete and that is Jack, and this is my third seminar and his fourth. I remember the first time. Standing here waiting the first time scared me like nothing else, even Hell Week at my frat. But when the week was over, my wife and I were planning how we would be able to afford next year's event."

"Nice to meet you guys. I am Robert," he says. "Thanks, I needed that pep talk."

Jack says, "No problem, you're still nervously toe tapping."

Pete says, "Relax, you're going to have a great time. You wouldn't be here if you didn't like the nude parties, and they put two old hands like us with two kids like you. There are always four couples in each small seminar group, and if you are having difficulties, the older guys will help you through."

They talk a bit more in vague terms about what Robert could expect, when Jack points and says, "You're up."

There was a sign adjacent the door flashing the word "NEXT," and Robert realizes that "NEXT" means him. He walks through the doorway, and a woman in a "CFNM Island T-Shirt" is standing in front of a computer station. She asks his name and, after he gives it, she types it into her monitor.

"Found you." Then she looks him up and down and says, "You are going to look good naked." She actually purses her lips as she ogles him. Robert felt like a piece of meat. He blushes, and she laughs, "I like you sluts who get embarrassed, but get over it. Lots of women are going to be ogling you and groping your naked body, not to mention all the other things they are going to do to you."

She then points and says, "Use that computer behind me to sign in. It will print out your Induction Identification Card and spit out a label that you goes on your luggage."

The computer was on a very low table with no chairs. Robert immediately realizes that to use it, he has to bend over and thrust out his behind. And he also realized that the woman at the door will be leering at him, or, in a strange realization, he hopes that the woman will be ogling him. He didn't need to wonder as he hears the woman chuckle, "Nice ass. Very spankable, and paddleable."

Having done that the Card comes shooting out of the printer, and then a sticker with a bar code on it. The woman now yells, "Hey, Sweet Cheeks. Do not lose your Card, because you cannot get on the boat without it. And, if you lose the sticker, you might not get your clothing back, which by the look of you, might not be a bad thing."

She then laughs and points again, "Go down the hall, turn right."

The corridor is long, but it is the only one in the building that does not zigzag. He starts down a dimly lit hall until he comes to another small room, but one that was brightly lit. When his eyes adjusts to the bright light in the room, he sees ten computer stations. Behind each of the stations is a very well built, and very naked man. Each one sitting with their legs spread as far apart as humanly possible. He also can see that every in the line is remarkably well endowed, and that they are probably here for that reason. It would be impossible to stand at the station and not look down at a naked crotch no matter how much a guy tried to avoid "looking at that." It doesn't take a genius to realize that part of the initiation is to force the viewer to stare at another man's very large dick and bull balls.

Robert can see that eight of the ten men who were in front of him in line are still at the stations, while there are two open spots. He can hear that they are in the last stages of an interrogation about whether they are really up for this trip. Stations nine and ten are the open ones, and man in station nine is signaling to Robert to come over and talk to him, but Robert is a taken a bit aback because this guy has a huge, obvious erection. The guy next to him does not, and Robert hopes that he could get the soft guy. Looking at another guys junk is tough, but staring at what has to be a ten inch or even eleven inch woody is really embarrassing. But then Jack, who had been called in almost immediately after Robert, saunters up to that other guy leaving Robert with no choice but to deal with what the man he mentally calls "Boner Boy." He is impressed, however, that Boner Boy isn't ashamed of letting everyone in the room see his python.

By the time that Robert forces himself to walk up to the computer station, Jack has already handed his guy his Card, and it's scanned. "I'm Dick," the nude guy says to Jack, "And I see that you're a veteran. So you know the drill. Follow the hall."

Jack says, "You want to show me your butt?"

Dick said, "That's for the newbies." But then Jack motions his head to indicate that he thinks Dick should show it off for the new guy.

Dick smiles and thinks, "Yeah, this guy is right. The newbie next to me is scared of a hard dick. What a wuss. He needs an extra shot of reality. That one aint gonna make it onto the boat."

Jack now knows that Dick will do it, but says, "I know it's just for the new boys, but do it anyhow." The line is not necessary because Dick is in the process of standing up already and then turns around. From his wast to his thighs, the center of his ass looks like a really ripe tomato, but with stripes where a cane fell, and he also has welts. The sides of his cheeks have rectangular red splotches where either belts or straps slapped his flesh. His thighs are marked by the same strapping tool, or tools, as well.

Jack whistles and points, "Nice, I just wanted to get a glimpse of what mine will look like by lunch tomorrow. Except my wife restricts my caning to just domestic discipline."

Dick responds, "Friday night is domestic discipline punishment night in my house, but my wife uses a hairbrush that has my name on it. Literally, she got someone to etch my name into the handle."

Jack smiles and then Dick continues, "Enjoy your week. If I see you in the Village, let's compare backsides. I bet my wife lays it on harder than yours."

Jack says, "It's a bet," and then grabs Dick's penis and shakes it three times.

Dick says, "We can introduce each other properly, when you're out of your clothing. A one handed shake is necessary here, since you have clothing on, but it's just not the way it should be." The last few lines of conversation is accurate, but it's unnecessary. They both know that when men meet they shake dicks not hands. They're saying it for Robert. If looking at an erect penis causes him to freeze, what will he do when he has to shake his first one?

Robert gives his card to "Boner Boy" as soon as he walks up. The information comes up instantaneously, but the guy waits to allow Robert the chance to see the full show next door. When that is over, he makes eye contact with Robert and says, "Ok Robert, my name is Peter. This interview is the first of several activities designed to make you question whether you really want to attend the training session. You can choose to drop out of the program at any time before you get on the boat, but once you are on the boat, you are committed for the full week, with no option to return. Getting on the boat is your statement of consent to everything that happens on the Island."

Robert nods.

Peter continues, "I see that you have done a year of nude parties, and that you have done one full on spanking party and one full on paddling and strapping party. And your application says that you enjoyed them, and that your wife really enjoyed them. The question is, 'Are you man enough to deal with a full week of what is coming?' He did not wait for Robert to say anything or even nod.

"Let me be as clear as possible, Your ass will be beaten with paddles, straps, rulers, britches, canes, kitchen implements, and all kinds of things I cannot even remember." He stands up and turns around. His rump is just as red, cane striped, and strap marked as Dick's is. He lets Robert stare at it for at least a minute.

Then he turns around and sits down again. He continues talking. "In case you don't understand, they make us sit down on hard chairs so that we can really feel the strapping we took, and they will do that to you too. Your ass will be bright red and hot all week, and your dick and balls will be tortured too. Your nipples will stick out like mine do, and they will have scabs on them for at least a week, due to the tit torture you will endure. You will spend a whole day learning how to take large dildos up your ass, and then you wife will learn how to peg you, and she will peg you multiple times. Are you tough enough for that?"

Robert nodded and grinned again.

"Obviously that kind of discipline will include a good deal, no a great deal of physical pain and discomfort." He stops to let it sink in. He then continues, "On the boat trip over here this morning, my wife whipped my ass into the shape I just showed you, just as Dick's wife did him. The voyage from the village this morning was a whipping party for the ten of us and for the whole male crew, and the return trip will be a spanking party for you. Like that man said, by tomorrow at lunch, your butt will look like mine."

Robert nods.

" I am not less of a man because I screamed bloody murder as the the paddles were hitting my rump. And when my wife picked up one of her multi-strapped spanking whips, and when the ends of each leather strap snapped against the side of my ass cheeks as the main part came down in the middle of my rump, I was crying, no weeping, no sobbing. And with each stroke of the cane I was cursing, and screaming, and sobbing, but I knew that she would stop only when she was ready, but that I am strong enough to take whatever she decides I need to take."

He waits a second, and then continues. "These ten boys," (He points to the line of naked boys behind the computers) "as well as the rest of the crew, were there with me, and they sobbed as hard as I did. In my group of four, one after the other our wives required us to put our heads and arms into a pillory, and we stood as we took our licks. If I were not in the pillory, then I knelt and watched another man taking it, knowing that I would be getting the same as he. When it was my turn they watched me take it. When I got off the pillory, I felt pain but victorious. I celebrated just how tough I am, and the pain was proof of my strength. Pain is just weakness leaving your body. We were on and off that rack seven times by the time we landed, and we were given a taste of different paddles, straps, slappers, and whips. We all screamed and cursed, but no one begged, pleaded, or asked for mercy."

Robert nods and feels his penis start to grow.

"We are brothers in shared suffering, and our wives gave us the kind of aftercare that made us feel that we were their heroes and totally capable of taking on the world. And the hour before we landed was devoted to after care. Not only was the sex that was the major part of that after care mind blowing, but even before the after care, even before the sex, by my fourth round in the pillory, I was no longer feeling the spankings; I was in a heavenly sub space. I am not sure you have not experience that yet, but when you do, even the sex is not as good as that."

Robert nods and smiles again and realizes that his dick is beginning to slide down his leg in the way that cocks do before they stick out and then turn up.

Peter continues, "Nobody on the Island will intend to humiliate you, but we all feel humiliated by the things our wives require us to do, and you will too. By coming here you are saying that you are willing to show your wife, and any one else who cares to watch, that you are her knight in shinning armor. You are saying that you will give your body to her to do as she wills, and that you trust that she will do nothing that truly disfigures or does long lasting damage."

Robert nods again and he needs to adjust his pants, but knows he can not.

Peter goes on, "During those two nude party spanking sessions, your wife has showed you that she becomes exceptionally horny when she dominates you. When you prove to her that you will take any kind of torment as testimony of your love, she will follow that with hours of fucking. My wife's after care is not just about the salves she puts on my wounds, or the cuddles, or food she feeds me, but it is about the kind of sex that makes me feel like my entire soul is shooting out of my dick each time I cum, and I cum over and over again. She fucks me so long and so hard, because watching me sacrifice my body for her make her soaking wet. Sex becomes almost a spiritual experience." (Robert thought back on the sex they had after his last paddling session and knew that was true. The crotch of his pants was uncomfortably tight now. He also thought that Jack was right; he was scared as hell, but turned on like never before.)

Peter does not notice and keeps talking, "When you get to the Island you will be naked and you will remain naked for the next week. You have always been naked at the parties for three or four hours, but perhaps your parties go on longer, I don't know. But you will now be naked and powerless for a week. If you are not with your wife, women will cat call you, grope you, tease you, and do whatever they like to you. If you wife allows it, women can do the same things in your wife's eyesight. Our nudity is a statement that we are completely in the power of our wives and the other women and that we have volunteered to be their sex toys for the week. They own your dick, and they will ride them hard. You will have no money or ability to buy anything, and you cannot ask for anything. If your wife thinks you need something, she will buy it for you. But you will not go hungry or thirsty. You will be given three meals a day and snacks, even though eating, while sitting on a hard wooden chair with a raw ass, is sometimes tough. You won't be too cold or too hot. Your wive is responsible for making sure that you are kept in good shape, because she and all the women there, respect us for being willing to do this for them. They will treat you as their noble warriors, and nobody will say or do things to debase you. We are on the Island as objects to delight the woman, and they will never call us names or say that men are stupid or act in any way that show us disrespect. You will be beaten, and your entire body will hurt, but you will not be disrespected. Now, do you still want to go?"

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