tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSensitivity Training Ch. 02

Sensitivity Training Ch. 02


"Ready for round two?" It was Keith's voice, but as my eyes trailed up it certainly didn't appear to be Keith. From the floor I saw red high heels on two lean, shaved legs. As I pulled myself up from the floor I saw the short cut skirt and white button up blouse covering what I could only assume was a well padded bra. The face was made up and the hair was long and blond, but it was Keith all right. He must have done this while I was working on Charles. The shock was such that I was torn between laughing and just plain passing. He didn't make a terrible looking woman, although some of his facial features like his jaw were still a little too hard looking to really be passable. As I finally looked Keith in the eye he said, "Look, Simmons set this up so we could each get something special. Charles wanted to get a BJ from a first timer, Simmons wants to pop your cherry, and I get something that I wanted for years. Ever since college I've wanted you inside me. I used to be so jealous of those girls that you'd go out with. Now I get what I want, to be one of those little girls of yours just for a little while."

He leaned in like he was going to kiss me, and I pulled away. What the fuck was this shit? He looked a little hurt by my actions. He then pointed to his neck, reminding me of the shock collar I still had around mine. This was going to be weird. I mean, I was able to disconnect my mind from what I had done with Charles. He was a stranger, but this was a guy I had known for nearly ten years now. And once again today the final thought that entered my head was, "You don't really have a choice." This time I leaned for the kiss and he presented his lips to mine. I was hardly opening my mouth at all and closing my eyes with the hope that this would all be over soon. He had said he wanted me inside him, but I didn't know how I was going to pull that off without being able to get hard. This whole episode was making my cock go as limp as it ever could be. But Keith wasn't going to take no for an answer. His kisses were becoming stronger and stronger and he was trying to slip me the tongue. I opened my eyes and saw, for all intents and purposes, a girl. Then I opened my mouth and Keith took the invitation. His tongue slowly slid against mine. I was amazed at how welled he kissed; really it was just like a girl. My imagination let me stay in the moment as I just kept mentally repeating, "It's just a girl, it's just a girl." My own tongue started getting more active in Keith's mouth as our lips locked together. Keith's hand went from rubbing against my face to trailing down my chest. He paused briefly to tickle one of my nipples before continuing to reach down to my crotch. Upon finding my cock less than erect he broke off our kiss and whispered in my ear, "Well this won't do at all. How am I going to get your dick hard? Maybe by sucking it?" This time it wasn't Keith's voice, it was a low, sexy voice of a women, like the kind you imagine talking to on phone sex lines when you're fourteen.

"Keith, why are you doing this?"

"Call me Kelly. And do you want your dick sucked or not? I'll only do it if you ask nicely."

My mouth said, "Kelly, please suck my dick," while my mind continued to say, "It's just a girl, it's just a girl, it's just a girl."

"Kelly" started kissing down my neck, down my chest, running his tongue down my stomach and slipping to his knees. My dick was already hardening and then "she" suddenly took it in "her" mouth. My knees just about collapsed as Kelly went to work. Her lips wrapped around my cock like she was trying to suck it right off my body. Her technique was the best I had ever gotten-no teeth, smooth, slow strokes. I reached down and started running my fingers through her long blond hair. Started to pick up the face and I couldn't take it anymore. I started fucking her face and moaned out, "Oh Kelly that feels so fucking good." And just like that it was over. She pulled her face off cock and stood up.

She started stroking my rock hard meat with her fingers as she whispered; "I guess this is ready to fuck me now." I couldn't even manage words. I just silently nodded. Kelly walked back to the pants that she had had on earlier and pulled out a bottle of lube. After applying a healthy dose to me she got down on all fours on the ground and hiked her skirt over her ass, revealing sexy red panties and a bulge that I was willing to ignore right now because I was so fucking turned on. She pulled the panties to the side, exposing her hole. She then lubed it up and started fingering herself. I couldn't control myself any longer. I got down on my knees behind her and she immediately moved her finger so I could do her doggy style. ("It's just a girl, it's just a girl") I guided my cockhead up to her tight little hole and slid it in slowly. But she didn't want slow. She pushed her hips back, forcing me in in one fast, hard motion. I took her cue and started pounding away, meeting her with every thrust. "Fuck me harder!" was all she kept saying and I did my best to keep up with her demands. Her hole was tight, warm and wet just like a pussy. I hadn't fucked anyone that felt this good in months. She noticed me picking up the pace and realized that I was getting close to getting off. "I want your cum in my mouth," she yelled.

I was enjoying this so much that I didn't really want to pull out but Kelly had some hold over me. I pulled out as she rose up too her knees. I stood over her open mouth jacking off only for seconds before I blew my load into her mouth. As spurt after spurt of my jizz coated her tongue she reached up and pulled the wig off. Suddenly the spell was broken and my stomach turned as I watched myself blowing my load into best friend's mouth. I started to pull away but Keith grabbed me by the ass cheeks and held me until I had delivered every last drop. Then he stood, cupped his hand behind my head and pulled me in for a deep, cum swapping kiss that lasted forever. I was too stunned and numb to stop him as he spit my load into my mouth and swished it around with his tongue as I felt his stiff cock pressing up my body through the skirt he had on. He pulled away and this time it was Keith talking, "Now swallow." I obeyed and opened my mouth to show that I had taken down every last drop. "Good boy," was all he said in reply.

No sooner than Keith had spoken I felt a sharp slap on my ass. Simmons wasn't going to give me any time to rest before he started in on what I hoped would be the final phase of all of this. Keith went back to take a seat and watch what Simmons had planned for me. Simmons came around to speak to me face to face. "That was real romantic. I hope you don't think I'm going to be so nice as your buddy there. No, I'm going to fuck you so it hurts, so you know who the bitch is. Now, turn around."

I turned and put my back to him. Once again I felt the sting of his slap on my ass. "That's a tight little ass you've got there. You must work out. Well I'm going to do some work on it today. Get down on your knees."

I prepared myself for the degradation of another blowjob. I eyed his penis as he took his pants off, readying myself for the violations to come. It was the biggest of anyone's in the room, and I didn't really know if I could handle all of that in my virgin ass. Much to my surprise he didn't make me suck him off. Instead he turned around and stuck his ass in my face. "Eat my hole, bitch. Really worm your tongue up in there."

I refused, and shoved his butt away from my face. He spun with amazing speed and slapped me so hard across my face that I toppled over to the floor. While I was lying there I felt the shock once again as I looked up to see him with the shock collar remote in his hand. I struggled back to my knees. I had to get out of here, and I didn't see any other way. He presented his spread ass cheeks to me again and I dove in tongue first. His hole was hairless and extremely clean. I circled around the hole and then finally starting teasingly penetrating it with my tongue. He soon began running his ass up and down on my face, laughing viciously all the way. He then bent himself over and spoke to me through his legs. "Mmm, yummy isn't it, whore?"

"Yes sir."

"You're not going to disobey anymore are you, whore?"

"No sir."

"Then get on all fours, my sissy little slut." It was time for the part of all of this I had been dreading the most. When all of this started and my imagination started jumping to worse case scenarios of what these three might do, this was the worst. Simmons was about to fuck me in the ass and there was nothing I could do about it, except get on the floor and try to take it like a man. I got down on the floor just as he instructed but I guess I didn't do it fast enough because I got another powerful swat across my butt. I winced in pain and heard that laugh of his that I had been hearing all day. I had my back to him but I knew that he had that damn grin on his face that I hated so much. He whistled to Keith who immediately threw him the lube that we had used earlier. Simmons took his time preparing for all of this. I think he enjoyed the anticipation more than what he was actually going to do. His fingers, covered in cold lube trailed up the crack of my ass, running over my hole a few times before stopping on it and making slowing, hard circles around it. I clenched my jaw, knowing what was coming next. I didn't have to wait long to feel him rear back and penetrate me with his finger. He forced his index finger into me and started working it around, tickling my insides. That's when something in me snapped and my defiance started to grow. I had played along with their games the entire way but now I had had enough. I knew I couldn't fight them, but I could try to keep them from really getting their laughs. So when he said, "You like that bitch?"

I fired back, "Is that your dick in there? You sure are a little bitch."

I heard a growl. I had gotten under his skin with that one. He removed his finger and started spanking me repeatedly. It hurt but at the same time this shithead wasn't going to get the pleasure of hearing me beg one more time. When he stopped and spoke again it wasn't the sick twisted joy I heard in his voice but anger. "You're going to get fucked like a whore now. You are going to keep your ass right there. You will not pull away, you will not resist. Is that clear?"

I didn't say a word as he ran his dick up the crack of my ass and position it tentatively right outside my asshole. He spoke again, "I said is that clear, whore?"

I maintained my silence but not for long. I broke my silence with a scream of pain as he jammed every last inch of his dick up my ass as hard as he could. He had just opened me up and it hurt worse than I ever could have imagined. Suddenly my resolve and defiance drained away as the pain increased. I started crying like a woman and begged him to take it out. He just laughed once again and told me to shut up and take it. He left his dick buried in me for the longest time before he started pumping me. He wasn't taking his time with anything; he just went straight to short, hard pounding strokes that would simultaneously get him off while inflicting the most pain on me. "Tell what a little whore you are! Tell me that you love getting assfucked!"

Through the tears I did as he told me, "I'm a fucking whore who loves getting assfucked!"

But he was far from done. "And what about cocksucking? You love that to don't you?"

If it would get him off quicker I would say anything. "Yes, I love to suck cock."

"Good then. Keith, join the fun!"

With that Keith walked over, removed the skirt and panties he had on and got down on his knees in front of me. He put one hand on my head and the guided his dick to my open mouth. I actually welcomed the chance to have something to take my mind off of what Simmons was doing. Suddenly I heard Charles yell, "Smile!"

I turned my eyes just in time to see the flash go off on a camera. He snapped several more as I remained helplessly taking a dick in each end. I focused all my attention on Keith's dick, blowing it as well as I could, trying to emulate his performance for me. He must have been pretty turned on already because it didn't take long at all until his cum leapt down my thrown in spurt after white-hot spurt. He removed his dick from my mouth as he collapsed onto his back to catch his breath. Meanwhile Simmons just kept pounding away, but now that my attention was back on it, it didn't really feel bad. While I had been sucking of Keith the initial pain had passed and now I felt a strange mixture of pain and pleasure coming from the fucking I was getting. So when Simmons started calling me a slut again, telling me to beg for his cum I was kind of telling the truth when I replied, "Give me all that fucking cum!" I didn't have to wait long to get my wish. He pulled out and told me to roll over. I rolled over on my back and he climbed onto my chest, straddling me while stroking his cock right over my face. The load he blew was the largest of anyone's that day, coating my face in warm gooey semen that ran down my face.

Simmons stood up, leaving me there in a sore, ravaged heap. As the three of them gathered of their things to go, Simmons came back to me and said, "That was quite the show. You weren't easy to break, but I love a challenge. I'll give you a call when we find another to add the group."

"Yes, Mr. Simmons," was all I said.

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