tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSensory Overload Ch. 02

Sensory Overload Ch. 02


"What you got underneath there?"

Savannah giggled, playfully slapping Xavier's hand away from the bottom of her sundress. "The kitchen sink. What do you think I've got on under there?"

The couple waved a car by as they made their way through the movie theater parking lot. Lacing her fingers with his, she drug her boyfriend towards the brightly lit building.

"I don't know why we couldn't just stay home tonight," he grumbled, politely opening the door for her.

"Cuz we haven't been out in forever," Savannah pushed her full lips into a pout, to make her act a little more believable. She sashayed by him, wiggling her hips for his viewing pleasure.

Due to working a lot, their routine had gotten stale. Schedules had been rearranged so they no longer worked the same shifts. As one of them was getting home, the other one was leaving. That made it difficult to spend quality time together. Needing a little r and r, they'd requested the same weekend off. Savannah promised that they could spend the rest of the weekend holed up in their apartment if he'd just give her one night out.

So they wouldn't have to wait in line, Xavier purchased their tickets off the theater's website. They were able to bypass the throng of people and go straight to the concession stand.

"I thought you've already seen Twilight?" He nodded a hello to the ticket taker, handing her their tickets. He took their drink holders and their bucket of pop corn back from Savannah once they started down the corridor towards the movie.

"I tried, but it was like sold out. I would have been stuck in between two nerdy looking guys that were clearly only there to score points with their non driver's license having girlfriends,"

"Hence going to the eleven o'clock showing on a Tuesday?"

Savannah grinned, opening the door for him, "Exactly. All the little kids are home getting ready for school,"

"You do realize that the only reason I'm not being considered gay for seeing this movie is because I'm with my girlfriend right?"

Savannah giggled, allowing the door to shut behind her. "You're definitely an indulgent boyfriend,"

"I expect to get a million points for this," he grumbled, walking ahead of him.

"You get two million baby," They had a point system for when the other one did something above and beyond their normal duties. She linked her finger through his belt loop, allowing him to lead her up the steps of the stadium type seating.

Apparently there were a few other girls with her same thought process. Four other couples were peppered throughout the lower part of the theater.

"Where do you want to sit?" He stepped aside so she could lead the way.

Again swaying her hips for effect, she walked down the entire isle to the last two seats at the top row of seats at the top right of the theater.

She turned to see Xavier following her, shaking his head, "You just ain't right. You wait til I get you home,"

Smiling at him, she freed his hands so he could sit down. Situating their drinks and the pop corn, she snuggled up against her man as the lights dimmed.

"I've missed you," he whispered, kissing the top of her head.

Sighing contently against his chest, she returned the sentiment, "We need to start making more time for each other,"

The screen flickered to life, warning against no smoking or cell phones while the movie was going on.

"Definitely. Let's try to have date night at least once a week,"

She looked up at him, rewarding him with a quick kiss, "Good idea. Next movie's you're choice,"

He kissed her back, sealing the deal, "Horror flick here we come,"

Wrinkling her nose, she knew she'd walked into that one, "Fine. Oh and um X?"

Trailers from the new movies coming out illuminated her face well enough so he could see the impish grin in her eyes, "Yeah baby?"

Putting her hand on his cheek so she could bring his face to hers, she brought her lips up to his ears, "I'm not wearing any panties,"

She giggled as realization set in, "For real?"

"You wanna check?" She spread her legs, inviting him to touch.

"You wouldn't lie to me about something like that, but it wouldn't hurt to make sure,"

He pressed his lips against hers, instantly claiming her tongue when she opened her mouth. She moved back on the seat so he could get a good feel. Running his hand up her smooth legs, he went to the top of her thigh, tracing where her thong would normally cover. When he didn't feel any fabric, he moved his hand diagonal towards her crotch.

"You so get points for this," he breathed, playing with the curls of her pubic hairs.

She giggled, kissing him hard as his fingers parted her lips and sought out her clit. The obstacle for her was going to be not bringing attention to them. Savannah was known for being a little loud when Xavier was pleasing her.

Moving so they were on their sides, Savannah expertly unzipped his jeans, not having to break their lip lock as she unsnapped the top button. Xavier moved his kisses to her neck, groaning softly into her hair as her small pale hand helped his thick black cock rise to a standing position. Placing small kisses on his shoulder she tried to keep her mouth busy as first one and then two fingers slid into her.

"No sound? Am I not doing it right?" his taunts sent chills through her body as he pumped his fingers harder. Stifling a moan, she lightly bit his shirt.

"Not. Fair," she gasped, using her wrist to give him more of a sensation.

"We could always watch the movie,"

She turned to see that it had indeed started. At this point she wasn't even sure what they were supposed to be watching, "You watch it. I've got work to do,"

He stopped her, from getting up, by not disengaging himself from her body. "No, no. You dragged me here to watch the movie. Watch the movie," he ordered. Sinking to his knees, he moved in front of his girlfriend, pulling her down to his level a little by her hips. Normally, he took his time, kissing up her thigh and teasing her. Not tonight. Draping her legs over his shoulders, his tongue shot out like a heat seeking missile, connecting with her clit. The colors on the screen blurred together as she focused on the oral assault going on below the seats. Biting her bottom lip, she whimpered slightly, trying to keep it under control.

Xavier's hands skimmed up her body, sliding under her shirt, clawing at her breasts. Not taking the time to move past her bra, he massaged them through the fabric. Savannah about lost control when his tongue left her clit and entered her hot pussy.

"Damn it," she whispered softly as her hips bucked involuntarily towards him. His chuckle vibrated her lips a little, adding a different sensation to what he was doing. She could feel her pussy getting wetter. He changed his tactics again, attaching his lips to her clit and sucking on it as he nuzzled it between his teeth. Was he trying to get them kicked out? If he kept doing this, she'd end up giving them away. She tried to move her hips away from his lips to show him that it was her turn. Leaving her shirt above her breasts, he used his hands to hold her hips in place.

Apparently he had plans of his own. Sinking lower in her seat, she dug her nails into the seats next to her as her hormones started to take over. He must have felt her getting close, to help her out, he covered her mouth with his large hand. Thankful for the muzzle, she closed her eyes as bursts of color exploded in the darkness. Unable to help herself, she quietly moaned and whimpered as he brought her to orgasm.

Her senses fully heightened, she was still trying to catch her breath when Xavier sat back in his seat.

"How's the movie?" his smirk told her that he knew she'd been more than a little distracted.

Eager to continue their public display of affection, she took a quick drink of her pop before she sunk to her knees, "Tell me what I miss,"

Xavier was about to know exactly why they said paybacks were a bitch. Pushing his boxers down as much as she could, she kissed his balls as she stroked his dick. It was rock hard now, but she wanted to tease him a bit. Sucking his balls into her mouth, she couldn't help but smile when she felt him suck in a deep breath. Her tongue darted out in short licks, ending in one long, luxurious lick from the bottom to the head of his nine inch shaft. Once she was at the top, her tongue did a couple of laps around the tip of it before his dick disappeared into her mouth.

His body tensed as her grip tightened on his cock. His hands started combing through her hair, telling her that he was enjoying her onslaught. Her pace quickened as his grip on the back of her head. His hips rocked up gently, allowing her to take him into the back of her throat.

Reluctantly, she let him take his dick out of her mouth. She looked up at him, happy to see passion clouding his eyes. With a silent "come here" motion of his finger, he spread his legs open, welcoming her to him, "You're missing the best part," he helped her to her feet, turning her around so she was facing the screen.

He flipped her skirt up, rubbing his hands on her ass. She straddled his laps and with his hands on her hips, he eased his dick into her waiting pussy. Slowly she slid down on his dick, taking it completely in her when she sat on his lap. Putting her hands on the seat in front of her for balance, she began to move up and down on his shaft. A low moan emanated from his throat, mingling with the gasp of the crowd to whatever was going on the screen.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed a flashlight coming from the doorway. Thinking quick, she grabbed his jacket, covering them both up. She leaned back on him, making it look like she was sitting on his lap as they watched the movie. The girl that took their tickets popped her head in like she was looking for someone and then left again.

"Quick thinking," he chuckled, snaking his hand under his coat and flicking at her clit as he started fucking her again.

She leaned back against him, kissing his cheek, "Just don't take it out,"

Promising he wouldn't, he moved her hips up and down for her. Small, short gasps bubbled from her lips as he pumped his hips upwards. His hand went back around her mouth, his other hand rubbed on her clit. Looking in front of her, the other couples were intently watching the movie. They had no idea of the real action going on in the back. Ideally, they could turn around and catch them at any minute. The idea alone turned her on even more, making her impale herself on his dick.

Needing to be in his warm embrace, she quickly got up, moving so they were sharing a seat. Her knees on either side of him, she grabbed his dick and slid back on it. Their tongues mingled together fiercely as she quickened the pace. Pushing her bra up over her breasts, he took her nipple into his mouth, nibbling on it. Damn him trying to get her to moan out loud. Knowing that she was close to blowing their cover, she grabbed his hand, putting it back over her mouth.

Over all, the stimulation was becoming too much. It was time to come again. Xavier nipped at her neck, his breathing was labored.

"Come with me," he pleaded, his lips latching down on her neck. He only had to ask once. Every nerve in her body stood at attention as her world spun a little faster. Slamming down on his lap one last time, he grunted in her ear as they both let go. She stayed on his lap for a little bit as their breath regulated.

"Do you have any idea what the movie's about?" he quizzed.

"Not a clue. We'll have to get in on DVD," They'd never be able to look at Twilight the same way again.

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