tagGroup SexSensory Overload Ch. 03

Sensory Overload Ch. 03


Savannah spun around in the mirror, her navy blue pleated skirt twirled with her. She tucked her eggshell white shirt into the hem, pleased with how it showed off her cleavage. Quickly, she spritzed perfume on her neck when she heard the knock at the door. It was a while before Xavier's friends were supposed to be there for their monthly poker game, so it could only one other person.

"Baby, Stella's here!"

Stella was coming over to keep her from being overdosed on testosterone. While the guys did their manly thing, the girls were going to hole themselves up in Savannah's room, watch Life Time movies and scrap book. Xavier was convinced that he was going to go blind with as much as the flash had been going off in his face in the six months that they'd moved in together. She had an entire photo box full of pictures that she needed to scrap and get their book started Earlier in the week the girls took a trip to Michaels to get paper and stickers. She'd picked out a cute scrap book that Xavier playfully rolled his eyes at when he'd seen it. That was male for he like it but couldn't admit it.

"I'm ready," she walked into the living room, seeing X, clad in his black apron taking the groceries out of Stella's hands.

"She bought out the store,"

"I see that. Stella, we told you not to bring anything,"

"I know, but I had to grab a few things for the baby sitter and I went in hungry,"

"That's never smart, Savannah usually ends up buying junk food when she goes in hungry,"

"ME? I'm sorry, but who bought out the fried chicken at midnight because it looked too good not to eat?"

"Who helped me eat it at two in the morning?"

Savannah blushed at the memory. It had been after a particularly long, hot love making session breaking in their new sex swing that had also left her with a serious case of cotton mouth. "That was your fault,"

Catching the look she gave him, his lips spread into a wide grin, "Okay so I'll take the blame for that one,"

"Do I even want to know?" Stella quipped, reminding them she was still in the same room.

A blush crawled up Savannah's face, "I don't kiss and tell,"

"You are such a liar," Xavier laughed.

"So baby, do you need help cooking?" she threw in, trying to change the subject.

Sighing he moved the bags out of the way, showing off his apron, "What's it say?"

Savannah sighed and Stella giggled.

"Read it!" his demand was playful.

"I'm the cook, get out of my kitchen," her tone was dry even though her eyes were sparkling.

"And you two are still here why?"

"Fine. Let's go Stella. If he burns the wings because he's doing too many things at once, we'll take his credit card and go out for pizza,"

"Out! Get out!"

Stealing a couple of olives out of the can, Savannah grabbed Stella's hand and skipped off to the bedroom, "Fine. But if the bedroom's rockin' don't come a knockin',"


"Aww! That's cute!" Savannah peered over Stella's shoulder at her latest page that showcased pictures of Stella's little girl's first steps.

"Thanks. I think it's my favorite that I've done so far. I love the double pages of you and Xavier at Mackinaw,"

Savannah beamed at the praise, "Thanks. I've got a ton of pictures to do,"

"Me too, but seriously, if I don't get something to drink, I may wither away,"

Flopping her feet on to the floor Savannah nodded her agreement, "I know right? I'm so ready to eat it's not even funny,"

Stella accepted Savannah's hand to help pull her up from a sitting position to her feet. "Shall we crash their party?"

Savannah already had the door to the bedroom open, "Just call us the poker party crashers,"

"Dawg, did she just say 'Poker party'?" D'Angelo wondered, dropping some poker chips in the middle of the table.

Xavier sighed patiently, looking up from his cards, "Baby, it's a poker game. Not a party. There's no streamers here," he motioned around to the streamerless dining room.

"There would have been if you wouldn't have hid them on me,"

"Thank you," D'Angelo, Lawrence and Orlando said in unison.

"They're no fun," Stella consoled.

"I know right! And just for that, I'm not leaving them any brownies," Savannah teased, putting two on her plate and giving Stella the other.

"That's okay, you can just make more," Orlando snickered.

"Here, I'll do it for you," Stella picked up a carrot and beamed him in the temple with it.

"Hi to you too Stella," he laughed, lobbing an empty pop bottle at her. Stella ducked and it hit Savannah's plate as she was walking by them. It knocked the plate on to the floor, thankfully it narrowly missed the $200 poker table that Savannah had gotten Xavier for his birthday. He was serious about his card playing, so she'd wanted to get him something nice to play on with his friends.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry Savannah," Orlando swore, pushing back so he could help her pick it up.

"Don't worry about it, finish playing your gin rummy. We'll get it," she offered, counting to ten so she wouldn't kill her boyfriend's childhood friend.

"Did she just,"

Savannah giggled when she heard Xavier interrupt Lawrence, "Just show what you've got. She'll be saying shit like that all night,"

Stella stooped next to her with a wet wash cloth, "Here, this should help get out the ranch in the carpet,"

Taking the rag from her, caused her to spill the chips a little more under the table.

"Damn it," she swore, getting on all fours to crawl under the table. "Sorry, sorry," she repeated, as she kept pushing on their knees to get the chips off the floor.

"Here Savannah, let me help," Stella offered, trying to scoot in next to her.

"Nice view ladies,"

Savannah and Stella looked back to see that their skirts were showing their tight white asses, a fact not lost by any of the horny black men above them.

"Thanks," the girls said in unison, both of them blushing. Out of the blue, Savannah got an idea.

Whispering so they couldn't be heard over the poker talk she said, "I've got an idea," motioning to the pair of legs across from Xavier, belonging to Lawrence. Stella shared the same impish grin, scampering under the table.

"Hey, what are you doing down there?" Xavier laughed as he pulled his legs apart to give her room. She ignored his question, opting to showing instead of telling. Unbuttoning his pants, she gently pulled his dick out of his pants.

"Whoa what's going on?" Lawrence quizzed.

Orlando ducked his head under the table to see the girls starting to suck the dicks in front of them, "Wow X, I didn't know this was that kind of party,"

A light thump hit the table from above, followed by the chips clinking together as they followed the cards, "I didn't either. Savannah's full of surprises,"

Savannah tended to be a little timid when it came to initiating sex. She was usually down for whatever, but starting it was another story. Xavier told her more than once that unless it was under extreme circumstances, he wasn't going to turn it down if she wanted it. Now was a good as any to test that theory. Stroking him, she looked on either side of her to see the bulges in D'Angelo and Orlando's pants start to harden.

With her mouth already on Lawrence's dick, Stella noticed Savannah undoing D'Angelo's pants so she did the same for Orlando. The guys scooted their chairs closer to each other so it was easier for Savannah to operate.

"Which one do I have?" Lawrence's breath was already labored a bit.

Xavier was quiet a minute before answering, "I've got Savannah. I'd know her touch anywhere,"

It was important to her that she started on Xavier first to show him her appreciation for allowing her to work out her fantasies. Surrounding his dick with her mouth, she plunged downward, swirling her tongue against his flesh as she took all of him in her mouth. She could feel the string from her thong dampened as D'Angelo grew in her hand. There were collective low moans as the girls pleased them. Pushing his underwear back a bit, she sucked on Xavier's balls, the way she knew he liked it.

Running her thumb over the tip of the cock in her right hand, she could feel that the tip was wet. Xavier was the first black dick she'd ever sucked and suddenly, she wanted to taste another one. Being wet from her mouth, her left hand slid up and down Xavier's dick effortlessly. A pleasantly surprised gasp came from above when she teased the tip of his dick with her tongue, sucking just on the head.

His texture was different. Not quite as long as Xavier, he was a bit thicker. Her kegal muscles twitched as she thought about how he might feel inside her. This thought caused her to suck a little bit harder and stroke a bit faster. Chairs slid back not making a sound against the thick carpet.

"Let's kick this up a notch," Orlando suggested as the guys stood up. They helped the girls out from under the table. Savannah noticed that all for dicks were rock hard.

Lawrence, D'Angelo and Savannah paired off as Xavier and Orlando lavished attention on Stella. Lawrence pulled her shirt over her head as D'Angelo stripped her of her thong. She tried to concentrate on her guys, but it was hard watching what was going on in front of her.

Opting to keep Stella's clothes on her, Orlando leaned a little on the poker table as Stella latched on to his dick with her mouth. Xavier was behind her, rubbing his dick along her slit, before giving her all of him in one hard push. Eager to give Xavier the same sort of show, she turned her attentions back to her own guys. She wanted to see them naked. It was a fantasy for her to be among a lot of naked brothas, so it was going to happen today. As their large hands explored her body, she made short work of their clothes.

Moving the chairs out of the way, Lawrence laid back on the table. D'Angelo pulled her back against him, his hardness pressing into her ass. She moaned softly as his fingers penetrated her pussy from behind. Kneeling on the chair in front of her, she lifted her body a bit on to the table so she could suck on yet another black cock. Looking up a bit she noticed Xavier really getting into fucking her friend. If this is what happened when she let herself go sexually, it was time to stop being timid.

This new motivation caused her to bare down harder. D'Angelo took her chair out from underneath her, holding her off the ground by her hips. He entered her slowly, allowing her to get used to being off her feet. He pinned her legs between his thighs and the table, pounding her harder. Lawrence's cock twitched in her mouth, getting any harder in her mouth. She used one hand to stroke what her mouth wasn't covering as she moved up and down on it. Her nerves stood on end as D'Angelo slapped her ass. Lawrence moaned loudly when she took all of him into her throat and kept him there. She tightened it around him as much as she could, moving in short motions.

It must have been too much for him, or maybe not enough for him at this point. Lawrence tapped her shoulder.

"Get up girl," his order was gentle but laced with lust.

She stood up, waiting for them to direct her into their next position. Looking over, she noticed that Stella was on her back with her legs over Orlando's shoulders, her head cocked to the side with Xavier's dick in her mouth.

They locked gazes, the look in his eyes was hot. D'Angelo laid back the table and Lawrence helped Savannah climb up on the table. Before she turned her back to the other couple, Orlando pulled out of Stella. Xavier sat down in his chair, Stella immediately straddled his lap and sat down.

Stella's moans as she bounced on Xavier's lap cranked the heat up to ten. She kneeled over D'Angelo's dick, facing Orlando and Lawrence. Slowly she eased her ass down on it, allowing D'Angelo to enter her ass. He'd lubricated it enough to where it didn't hurt as the head slid in.

The uncomfortable feeling soon turned into pleasure as he helped moved her up and down on his dick, getting her used to the sensation. Lawrence pushed her legs apart, entering her swiftly. With their hands on her hips, the guys worked out a pace as they pounded in and out of her. Orlando moved next to her, pushing her back so she was laying on top of D'Angelo. Like the good girl she was trying to be, she immediately opened her mouth, hungrily taking him into her mouth.

Having this much cock in her was way too much to handle. Trying not to mess up the pace, she sucked hard on Orlando's cock as a strong wave of orgasm washed over her. She went limp against D'Angelo, allowing them to man handle her. Orlando held her head still in his hand as he moved his hips faster, fucking her mouth.

From underneath her, D'Angelo grabbed at her breasts, pinching her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He pinned her against him by putting his arm across her waist.

"Take this black dick," he ordered, pumping against her ass harder. She whimpered as best she could, but it was hard when she had a big dick in her mouth. Slamming her hips down, he grunted hard as he filled her ass.

"Hold her there," Lawrence grunted leaning over her, quickening his pace. With a final pump, he too filled Savannah with more cum than she'd ever dealt with. Rolling off the table, she prepared herself for Orlando when Xavier spoke up, "Hey Orlando, trade me would ya?"

Savannah happily bounced lightly on the balls of her feet as he sauntered over to her. When they experimented like this, it was an unspoken rule that even though they may start out together that they separate and do their own thing before coming back together. That's why they called it experimenting. By the time they came back together, she was more than ready to be with him. It was something special they shared.

Silently, he claimed her lips with his pushing her up against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck, crushing her body against his, thoroughly enjoying the dance their tongues were doing.

"Hi," he smiled, running his cock up and down her thoroughly soaked pussy. He kissed down her shoulder, using his tongue to trace her nipple.

She moaned, enjoying the teasing he was giving her body, "Hi,"

"Miss me?"

Stella's moans interrupted their conversation. They looked over to see her bent over the table, Orlando ramming her from behind.

"You can so get louder than that,"

Savannah grinned, "Let the contest begin,"

She lifted one leg over his hip, opening her legs as much as she could so it was easier for him to enter her. He slid his dick snuggly into her, balancing her body between him and the wall, wrapping her other leg around his waist. Locking her legs at the ankle around his waist, she pulled him as close as she could placing her arms around his neck.

His eyes sparkled as a frustrated groan bubbled out of her lips, "Teasing me? Now? Seriously?"

He moved slowly, teasing her senses. It was something he was fond of doing. He thought it was funny. And it was funny, when she was doing it to him. But right now, when was ready to buck wild, it was doing nothing more but frustrating her hormones.

"You know I gotta," he whispered, kissing her neck.

She jutted her hips forward as much as she could, trying to get all of him. With each slow stroke, he gave her more of him. Without any warning, he slammed all ten inches in her causing her to gasp loudly. Pinning her against the wall with his shoulders, he pumped into her, not giving her time to catch her breath. Her head rolled back against the wall as he speared her with his dick.


Her moans got louder, mingling now with Stella's.

"Girl, louder!"

The way he was turning her out made it easy to take it an octave higher.

"Savannah, if you don't get loud as fuck, I'll quit,"

Panic mixed with the tension building in her. He couldn't quit. Not now. She wouldn't be able to handle it. "No! Don't. Stop," the pleasure was getting too much for her to handle.

"Then get loud girl,"

Her moans turned into cries and then screams as he pounded her so hard one of the pictures on the opposite wall slid off the nail. She looked over to see Stella getting fucked by Lawrence now, taking turns sucking off the other two. Running unopposed now, Savannah's moans completely drowned out the stereo the guys had playing earlier. Xavier's small kisses on her neck let her know that he was getting close. As much as she didn't want it to end, she could feel the familiar feelings bubbling up again.

"Come with me girl,"

"Not... yet," she could barely hold on, but she wanted it to last a little longer. He wasn't going to allow it, he pumped into her harder, her cries rising another octave. He bit her neck as he came, causing her to buck against him as she joined him. As things came back into focus, she looked over to see Stella's mouth open, trying to catch the come spraying out of Orlando and D'Angelo's dicks.

Lawrence slammed into her a few more times before he came again, sending Stella into her own orgasm. They'd ruined the guy's poker game but at least they'd each gotten the chance to hit the jack pot.

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