tagInterracial LoveSensory Overload Ch. 06

Sensory Overload Ch. 06


Giggles mingled with the chirping of the crickets when the top of the tent fell on them... again.

"Don't move." Xavier ordered, trying to maneuver around the deflated fabric.

"Are you SURE you don't want to get a cabin?" This was the second time in twenty minutes that the tent had fallen on them.

"You wanted to camp, we're camping. Cabins aren't roughing it. Don't move." he repeated, shifting around to find the front of the tent.

"That's not a tent." she giggled when his hand landed on her breast.

"It's big enough to feed a small village." he joked, squeezing it playfully.

"Fix tent first; play later." she accentuated her command by taking his hand off her breast. He made his way through the dislocated tent, grumbling something about her not being very nice. With in a matter of minutes, the tent was off her and back in its original form.

"Baby, do you want some water?"

"Yeah, I could use something to drink." While X went to the car, Savannah stripped off her clothes, clad only in her string bikini bottoms. That was Xavier's favorite outfit on her. And what her man wanted, she made sure he got.

"Hey baby, I restarted the fire. Why don't you come sit with me?"

Was he freaking serious? They'd been too tired to be intimate all week. They finally had time and energy and he wanted to snuggle? Knowing her current state of undress would change his mind, she decided against clothes and stepped out of the tent as is. Not that Savannah was shy, but they'd picked a camp site that was surrounded by a thick fence of pine trees. They had a tendency to be a little loud so they wanted a secluded area so they wouldn't bother the other campers.

Sliding on her flip flops, she made her way to the back of the site where the fire was. The thick flames illuminated Xavier's naked body.

"What the hell?" she laughed when she seen that he was standing in a kiddy pool.

"You might want to take off your shoes, it's a little slippery in here."

"What the hell?" she echoed when she sunk her feet in to a thick warm liquid.

"It's baby oil."

She slipped a little, but was saved from falling on her ass by Xavier's strong arms. Looking around, she realized what was going on.

"You did this for me?"

They were so close that his chuckle vibrated her rib cage. He placed small kisses on her lips, tucking her hair behind her ears, "Girl when are you going to realize I'd do anything for you?" Capturing his mouth with hers, she let her body language thank him for making yet another fantasy come true. Their tongues dance in a slow tango, taking the time to enjoy each others unique taste. Still wet from the baby oil bottle, Xavier massaged her breasts as her hand fondled his genitals. Another one of her fantasies was to see how hard she could get him before they had sex. Now was as good a time as any to test this out.

"Baby no, not this time."

But she ignored his protests, gently sliding to her knees. She steadied herself in the baby oil, continuing to stroke his cock as she sucked his balls into her mouth. His moans filled the forest, causing Savannah to stroke with more force. Trailing her tongue from the base to the head, she circled the head of his penis, licking the head in long luxurious licks before taking it in to her mouth. Not taking her left hand off his balls, she ran her right hand over the parts of his dick that her mouth wouldn't cover. With each time she took him in her mouth, she could feel him get even stiffer. That mounted her excitement, pushing her to take more of him in her mouth until he hit the back of her throat.

She tightened her throat muscles, letting him buck his hips in short movements to get the full effect of her throat. He stopped slowly, tapping her on the shoulder. That was their sign that he wanted to continue with something else. Reluctantly, she let him pull out of her mouth. Her thong was soaked from the excitement of the moment. As he eased himself next down to her, she got on her hands and knees, assuming his favorite position.

Instead, he laid on his side, helping her thong off her body. Cupping some of the baby oil in his large hand, he drizzled it down her back, massaging as their tongues tangled together in a frenzy. His hand made it's way down the small of her back and he rubbed more oil on her ass before his finger slid easily into her wetness. Pushing her hips back she moaned softly as his thumb applied pressure to her clit while he finger fucked her.

"Oh no girl, you're gonna have to get louder than that." he chuckled, plunging a second finger in her. Sounds gurgled out of her at octaves she wasn't wanting to hit, but she couldn't control it. The whole situation was more erotic than she expected. He maneuvered underneath her so he could suck on her nipples, licking and biting the skin around them. She bucked against his hips, her body hungry for more. He eased her in front of him, her slick back against his stomach, draping her leg over his as he eased his cock in her.

He let her tight hole get used to his girth. She writhed against him, letting him know it was time to get the party started. He grabbed her hips and began to pound into her. She leaned against his shoulder, their tongues finding each other. The motion of their fucking caused small waves of baby oil to slap against her skin. Gasping into their kiss, she let go so she could moan as his fingers strummed her clit. Her body mutinied an orgasm surfing through her before she could stop the wave. Wanting to help her out, Xavier bit her neck, knowing that would intensify things.

"Don't stop." she begged, wanting more of him. She groaned in protest as he pulled out of her. Not giving her time to say much, he placed her on her hands and knees, getting behind her. He wrapped her long hair around his fist like a leash before impaling her with one hard, swift motion. The easy pace he was using was long gone. He entered her again and again fast, hard, causing her to almost lose her breath.

Slamming her hips backwards, their moans joined together making beautiful music. She tightened her pussy muscles, knowing that he wouldn't be able to handle it for long. Xavier groaned, slapping her ass as a reward for being a good girl. Letting go of her hair, he grabbed her hips with both hands, fucking her so hard that their body slapped loudly together. Another orgasm bubbled under the surface, begging to come out. His breath became ragged and she knew he was close too. She forced the orgasm down, waiting until he called out her name. He slammed into three hard times, holding her there as he came inside her, the action causing her to follow suit. Small bursts of light popped in front of her, her chest heaving, gasping for breath when she was done.

He pulled out of her, sitting against the back of the kiddy pool. She slipped around until she landed next to him, snuggling in to the groove of her arm that she was pretty sure was made specifically for her. They'd been together for so long that they didn't need to talk a lot after sex. There was no more "Was that good for you?" because they both knew by the satisfied smiles that it was fantastic.

"You know what's gonna suck?" Savannah asked, breaking the silence.

"What's that baby?"

"Washing all this baby oil off."

He smiled down at her, giving her a small kiss, "The bath rooms are open all night. I'll just have to hose you off."

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