tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSensual Massage Seminar Gets Erotic

Sensual Massage Seminar Gets Erotic


As with all of my stories, this story is based on an actual experience, albeit embellished to some degree. There is NO sex involved in this story, yet it was an extremely erotic experience for Bonnie and me.


A long while back, my first wife Bonnie and I got interested in massages, and we were trying our hand at sensual massages. She heard about a sensual massage seminar being offered by a locally well-known masseur named Mark and suggested we attend.

The seminar was held in a stark rental room at a nearby hotel with folding chairs set up and a low platform for the masseur. There was a massage table set up with a small privacy screen on the platform. Adjacent to the massage table were two light stands with heat lamps aimed at the table, presumably to keep someone warm and comfortable. We sat in the second of about 4 rows of chairs.

The audience consisted of about 40 people, mostly couples but quite a few pairs of women. Mark, the masseur was also an excellent public speaker which made the seminar very interesting. The seminar began with him briefly describing each of the many different types and styles of massages, techniques, oils, incenses, etc. Some of which he said was surprising graphic, yet not vulgar, especially when describing a tantric massage and misconceptions of them. He explained the differences between tantric and sensual massages, and how there are many gray areas between them, and in fact the many controversies about what constitutes a sensual massage.

After a brief intermission he asked the audience for a female volunteer to receive a massage to demonstrate the techniques discussed. The volunteer thing surprised me; I would have expected he might massage someone he had brought along for such a demonstration.

He was scanning the audience and no one was responding, but the room was abuzz with many folks apparently discussing the request, and eyes glancing around wondering if anyone would volunteer.

Suddenly my wife's hand pops up! She never so much as whispered one word in my ear! She later told me that the request for a volunteer came as a surprise to her as well, but within mere seconds she ran through her mind many possible scenarios. She had processed what it would be like to be getting a sensual massage in front of all these people, including men, if anyone would get a quick glimpse of her 34Cs, and shapely butt, or would the volunteer be expected be totally nude, or was her belly a little too plump for all to see and so on. But also, she considered how it might be a great experience.

I might have been totally shocked that my wife would even remotely consider volunteering for such a massage, except for what had transpired a few weeks earlier. My early-30's wife normally dressed conservatively and had never been a big fan of showing off any skin. That is, until we vacationed in the Caribbean earlier in the month. I chose an adults-only resort oriented toward couples that Bonnie thought was a good choice.

Bonnie always wore conservative bikinis, so I surprised her with a Brazilian cut bikini I ordered for her through a catalog. Thankfully she said she loved it. Her only complaint was that she would need to shave a little closer than normal to wear it. When we got ready for bed that evening, I saw that she had shaved completely! That was another shock to me and extremely stimulating, which led to us trying out the "new" pussy.

On our first day at the resort, she was very comfortable wearing that new bikini at the beach. We noticed that a few women at the beach were sunning topless and we discussed that at length. Later in the day and after a few drinks at the beach bar, we settled down in two loungers at a far corner of the beach. Bonnie decided to sun herself for a while lying face-down with her top undone. As she rolled over, she pulled the top out from under her and laid it aside, hinting that she had no intention of putting it back on. I made no mention of that, and sure enough, after a little nap Bonnie just rolled back over without any fanfare showing her tits to the world for the first time. She was a sight to behold; my slim petite wife was showing off her large "C" cup tits in public. I lavished her with compliments, but it was obvious that was overshadowed by the admiring glances of others from a distance.

While she would not admit it was a pleasurable experience, it was obvious she enjoyed all the positive attention. From that moment on, she wore her cover-up down to the beach or pool while leaving her top in the room. She was comfortable sitting amongst the other guests without her top, up close and personal. Bonnie also surprised me at the beach and pool where roughly 30 percent of the women were sunning topless, yet seldom would anyone walk to the ocean or pool while topless. Bonnie swam and dived topless drawing a lot of attention which again, she obviously liked.

And if that weren't enough steps toward the wild side for one week, on the very morning before catching our flight home, we went for our last quick dip in the pool and she again surprised me. Bonnie wore a new tiny white bikini she bought at the resort shop. I wondered why for the first time in days she decided to wear her bikini top. After a quick dip in the pool she climbed up the ladder on the far side of the pool, not the one near me. As she slowly walked all around the pool I saw every eye following her. As she got closer I saw and she was wearing a big cheshire cat grin and not much more. The new suit was a Wicked Weasel, completely transparent when wet! She looked magnificent! Over the past week everyone had seen her tits and dark areola, but now her shaved pussy with the tight suit wedging itself into her pussy lips was completely in view!

She was definitely the hottest and most daring woman at the resort. When she was settled back in the lounger, I told her that her farewell tour around the pool gave all the guests there something to remember her by! With that she leaned over and kissed me. She obviously loved hearing that. I loved it all, yet the rapid and drastic changes in her behavior were beginning to frighten me.

Yet as soon as we were home, Bonnie became the same conservatively dressed wife that she was a week earlier. Except that is, that she was already researching and suggesting other places we might vacation at in the future. All of which featured topless sunbathing, and even a mention of a few clothing optional resorts. So the seeds of exhibitionism were sown.

Mark the masseur quickly saw her raised hand but nearly simultaneously a few other hands were raised. He acknowledged the volunteers but said he wanted to make sure that it was understood that he was going to perform a sensual massage. In most folks minds I am sure this was a warning that some form of nudity would likely be involved. He also went further and said that this would simply be a demonstration; that in fact an actual sensual massage could only be done successfully with an intimate partner.

He gazed out into the audience and again asked for hands. Without a moment's hesitation Bonnie raised her hand, and this time she was the only person. He called my wife forward leaving me sitting there wondering where this would be going; she just smiled at me and nodded to let me know she was good with her decision and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Mark thanked her profusely, then whispered in her ear for what seemed like a more than just a few seconds with her head nodding in agreement to what he was saying. At one point during this, they both looked out into the audience directly at me. She turned back to him as she was nodding yes followed by more whispering. I presumed he wanted to reaffirm that I was good with him giving her the massage. With that she disappeared behind the screen, emerging a minute later with a small sheet wrapped around her.

With Bonnie standing there barely covered, Mark then introduced Bonnie to the audience, and then introduced me! I just smiled and meekly waved my hand. Mark then asked the audience for a round of applause for the brave couple. Bonnie then got crimson red with the audience briefly clapping for her. I was wondering why I was even included in any of this.

The audience was dead silent as she climbed atop the table clutching the too-small sheet with Mark directing her to lie face down with her right side facing the crowd. The audience was probably all curious, especially the men, wondering if this lady was going to be partially, or maybe even completely nude. As she lay there covered by the sheet, Mark began describing techniques in detail, and producing some warm oils that the he began applying to Bonnie's shoulders and arms.

He worked her shoulders and slid the sheet back as he progressed down her back, her golden Caribbean tan was showing, as well as her lack of a bra. As Mark raised her arm right arm to massage it her fairly large tit were obvious, being squished out from beneath her. At some point he stopped to neatly fold the sheet down so only her butt was covered. Mark then continued working her lower back. I was beginning to worry about Bonnie being embarrassed, yet wondered if she might actually be enjoying the exposure, knowing of her recent changes in her psyche regarding such matters. For sure, I knew that I was beginning to get aroused.

After Mark was done massaging her lower back he shifted his attention to Bonnie's feet, calf's, and then thighs. From my vantage point, maybe it was my imagination, but as he worked Bonnie's legs, was he casually lifting each leg slightly and setting them down each time slightly further apart? Soon he had worked his way toward her upper thighs, and appeared to be venturing toward her inner thighs. Slowly and casually he folded the sheet, leaving just a narrow band of folded sheet barely covering Bonnie's butt. At this point there was no doubt, Bonnie had taken off her panties. Meanwhile Mark is describing what he is doing in great detail, yet I noticed that he never made any mention of moving, adjusting and constantly minimizing the coverage of the sheet.

Mark continued massaging Bonnie's inner thigh and gradually worked his way to her ass cheeks. Then he simply moved the now-narrowly folded sheet from Bonnie's butt to her lower back where it served no purpose. She was now totally exposed as he began kneading her butt. He lily white ass was such a contrast to the golden tan on the rest of her body, showing everyone just how tiny a bikini she wears. His hands were disappearing momentarily toward Bonnie's nether regions causing me to become further aroused. In my mind, the only thing that kept this from being pornographic was the fact that during the massage, Mark was describing his actions in clinical terms yet blending them with the sensual aspects.

My head was spinning, knowing what was likely to come next. Sure enough, it was time for Bonnie to roll over. Mark was careful to take the folded sheet now folded only about eight inches wide, and cover Bonnie's hips as she rolled over. He made no attempt to cover her tits! There they were, on display for a room full of strangers. At this time Mark did mention that depending upon how comfortable a couple was with nudity, a couple's sensual massage is usually done with both parties nude. Bonnie looked awesome; her belly that always concerns her was flat as a board. From our vantage point, and with her lying flat, her natural tits did not look as big as you might expect, yet certainly looked awesome.

I was wondering what was going through my wife's mind at that moment, lying on her back nearly naked in front of a crowd of strangers. I was glad for her that I hadn't recognized anyone we knew but it was possible that some folks were neighbors who recognized us. She seemed to be just zoned out as to what was happening, acting as if she was in the privacy of our bedroom. Mark then stopped to make an announcement, repeating what he said earlier about a true sensual massage can only be possible with an intimate partner.

He then stepped forward and looked directly at me, and requested my presence by name at the massage table! I did not want to do that! But rather than have a stranger-masseur intimately massage my wife any more than he already had, there was no choice for me. I put on a brave face and stepped up on the platform. As I was walking up there, I recalled that moment not long ago when Mark and Bonnie both looked out toward me and Bonnie nodded yes, this must have been exactly what they were discussing.

Mark took me aside much like he did with Bonnie and whispered an apology for putting me on the spot, but said it was a great opportunity for a one-on-one massage lesson with my wife. Mark suggested that to keep my clothes from getting oily, I should put on a pair of clean shorts located behind the screen. I still wasn't convinced this was a good idea, but again, I didn't have a lot of choices.

I stepped behind the screen and pulled off my clothes and realized I did have just one option, to leave my briefs on or not. Bonnie's exhibitionism may have been contagious, because I just said fuck it, and pulled off my briefs and pulled on the loose shorts with a draw-string waist.

Mark then instructed me to use plenty of the warmed oil and to start massaging Bonnie's shoulders and arms. He was speaking softly and smoothly to try to minimize the distraction for Bonnie, yet loud enough for the audience to benefit from his instructions.

He then instructed me to glide my hands down Bonnie's sides ever so slowly, with thumbs brushing by her breasts in a soothing yet teasing manner to let her know they would not be forgotten. Then I slowly slid my hands down across her belly, hips, legs, and down to her feet. From there, after a thorough foot massage, the calves, then the thighs got a slow soothing massage. All the while, Bonnie's eyes were shut, with this dreamy smile on her face.

When we got to the inner thighs, he indicated this is where there were no rules for couples, except slow and easy. And much like when I slid my hands past Bonnie's breasts, some soothing yet teasing ventures deep into the inner thighs might be in order. Mark mentioned that good gauge of your success to this point might be if the recipient herself loosens and spreads her thighs apart at your touch, even if ever so slightly. However, he suggested, do not get too involved in that area, at least not yet.

He directed me to slide my hands past her hips again, up her sides, across her belly and then to slowly work around the breasts for a bit of time before actually beginning to massage the breasts. I could have sworn I heard Bonnie purring as I cupped and massaged her breasts with well-oiled hands. Mark pointed out that now it is up to the personal preferences of the couple on how to address the breasts and nipples. He then reiterated that slow and easy is the key. With that I began running a pair of fingers along each side of Bonnie's growing nipples. I was surprised that her nipples hadn't been very aroused all through this, but suspected the intense heat from the overhead lamps kept them relaxed. But they were certainly responding to my touch and then I began gently pinching and tugging on them as Bonnie likes so much. Then slowly pinching harder and tugging more aggressively as Bonnie began to heave her chest in pleasure.

While smiling out to the audience Mark complimented my on my nipple technique but stated that our goal here was to demonstrate a sensual massage, and not necessarily to give Bonnie a "happy ending". That did elicit a lot of smiles and a few chuckles from the audience.

Mark said that when the time is right, I might slide my hands down to toward the thighs again and start massaging toward the inner thigh for a bit which I did. Then Mark said that if the recipient is again responding with a little parting of the legs, to help her to spread the legs to make her more comfortable is a good idea at this time. That was indeed happening, and Bonnie was cooperating as I parted her legs for open access to the inner thigh and beyond.

About then I was thinking it was a good thing the audience could only see Bonnie from the side, because now her glistening shaved cunt with full, meaty lips were there for anyone to see if the angle had been different. Mark, however, did have a full view of that luscious sight as he was constantly moving about while narrating the massage.

Mark suggested I do not forget and abandon Bonnie's breasts as they seemed to crave some attention while I was massaging her thighs. For a while I had been fighting off a raging erection, so I tried to blank out a thought that Bonnie would probably, at this point, welcome Mark to massage her breasts and nipples while I did my work down below! But wearing the flimsy cotton shorts with a full erection would be incredibly embarrassing, so I put my thoughts elsewhere.

But I did my best to massage Bonnie's breasts while working her inner thigh, inching closer to nirvana. Mark suggested to me to try alternating between Bonnie's breasts with my left hand and massage her pubic bone area. That was an interesting result, with Bonnie beginning to moan softly. I then shifted both hands to Bonnie's inner thigh, and slid two fingers from each hand along the edges of her outer lips. With that, Bonnie arched upward and spread her legs wide!

Mark spoke up loudly, "OK folks, I think this very successful demonstration is over!" If this were an actual sensual massage, from this point on, the massage would be in the hands, no pun intended, of the participants.

While speaking, Mark unfolded the little sheet and laid it across a bewildered Bonnie. She looked like she just awoke in the middle of a dream. Mark whispered to us that it was time to get dressed. Mark and I both helped get the sheet around Bonnie and got her behind the screen.

Bonnie and I got busy wiping ourselves down with the towels Mark had left there. Mark had stepped back toward the rear of the platform so he could see both us and the audience. He addressed the folks, thanking us profusely for being such good "teaching aids" and such good sports, and asked the audience for a round of applause. Knowing we were both now naked, toweling ourselves off, he waved us out onto the platform. Bonnie just whipped the towel around herself and paraded out there. I followed, thinking this was especially weird. The folks are clapping and smiling, Bonnie is bowing to the crowd like she's a Broadway star, clutching the towel above her breasts. With the towel around my waist I do likewise, but with a lot less enthusiasm as Bonnie!

Back behind the screen, Bonnie and I were standing there naked beginning to get dressed, and Mark came behind the screen. Mark excused himself, but said that he needed to usher these folks out and answer dozens of questions. But more importantly, he said he truly thought we were a very special uninhibited couple. He was hoping we might consider being his aides in other seminars he had scheduled in the area. With that he pulled out $500 from his pocket, handed it to a still-naked Bonnie, and said this is for tonight. He said to please call him and we can talk about details. He excused himself as he needed to get back to the folks waiting for him. Bonnie and I are standing there naked, with $500 in hand both wondering what the heck just happened.

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by Bobbi4408/21/18

Erotic experience

The story was interesting and erotic. I felt a personal connection because like the previous comment, I attended something similar about 20 years ago. There were only women present, and the masseuse askedmore...

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by Anonymous08/14/18

We attended similar

My wife and I went to a massage class, put on at the local Kaiser hospital of all places by a local massage therapist.. It was a couples class, cost was $100 per couple, advertised as therapeutic, Theremore...

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