tagNovels and NovellasSensual Persuasion Ch. 04

Sensual Persuasion Ch. 04


Chapter 4, Luke's Curiosity

Cameron and I had stopped nearby. It was actually atop a cliff, one of my favorite places. I wanted to catch her alone and what better way? I had to commend myself on a job well done. I could already feel my muscles tightening at the thought of taking her right there. Her toned body—I swear to god—was so calling out to me.

I glanced to my left and saw Cameron indifferently staring out the dashboard window. "What are we doing here?"

I turned off the engine of the car and relaxed. I clasped my hands behind my head and said, "Just chilling. I want to know what you thought of the ride."

Cameron glanced at me and then looked away as if unsure of what to say. I had to say her side profile was pretty hot. Her twinkling blue eyes turned to me and said, "I like the car, but the ride would've been more bearable had it been with anyone but you."

"Please, you know you want me," I said slightly incensed. I didn't like the image of her with another guy. I could feel my more possessive trait rise in me. It was primal and I knew all I wanted was to show her who she really wanted to be with. "Otherwise you wouldn't haven't gotten in the car with me."

Cameron gave me a pointed look. Even when she was angry she looked stunning. Her blue eyes flashing and her cheeks all flamed up. I wanted to kiss her right there on the spot to absorb every ounce of passion from her.

"I only got in the car with you because you wouldn't leave me alone about it," Cameron stated. "I had things to do."

I snorted a laugh. "Like what?"

"Like get home," Cameron said. "Besides, I don't even know what I'm doing here. Take me back."


"No? And why not?"

I shrugged and said, "I don't feel like letting you go just yet."

Cameron groaned in aggravation. I spotted a peak of her cleavage and the span of smooth bronze-tanned, buttery skin. I found myself eagerly wanting to run my lips on. "Then what the hell do you want? You're frankly wasting my time."

"I could show you better than I can tell you," I responded.

Which I did.

I didn't think. I didn't react. All I did was pull her right up from her seat and seated her on my lap. A gasp of surprise escaped her lips, but instead of pausing, I took advantage of it. I hooked my hand behind her neck and pressed her lips against mine, slipping my tongue between her lips, exploring every crevice of her mouth and kissing her provocatively until she kissed me back.. I caressed the length of her body, until it settled near her hips and coaxed her into kissing me back, with light kisses then to provocative, sensual ones that made it no surprise as to what I wanted.

It was only when she was kissing me back was I suddenly surprised and panting for more.

Holy mother of god.

Damn, she was good.

The minute I had kissed her, she had responded just as enthusiastically. Her hands went to cup my jaw and she kissed me with the same electric fervor as I did, alternating between various pressures. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, clamping her body as close as possible as mine, until I could feel the whole heat of her seeping through her clothes on to mine. We were both hungry. We kissed each other as if we hadn't eaten in days. Her tongue ever so slightly plunged in mine with skill and I could feel myself getting crazy with the want of her. She teased me with little kisses then to passionate kisses, which brought groans of satisfaction from me. Eventually, our tongues collided and I could feel the wet heat of her on my hard cock. Her hands caressed my face, to my chest then back up to rake through my hair, which felt like I had officially gone to heaven. I began to imagine her hands elsewhere on my body....

I had gone hard and I could feel her plush breasts press against my chest. It felt good and an odd feeling of protection and possessiveness overwhelmed me. I wanted her. I wanted her a lot.

Strangely enough, thoughts of Lindsey popped up. She wasn't nearly as good as Cameron was with this. In fact, I couldn't ever remember being this relaxed, easy and fired up all at the same time. Lindsey had made me cringe and watched me like a hawk. I had always been on the defensive with her and sex with her wasn't nearly as good as even kissing Cameron at this moment. It was like a drug. I couldn't get enough of her lips. They were hot, they were restless, they wanted me and I gave it to her, taking possession and more.

I knew Cameron could feel my straining erection, for she began to rub against me in a seductive way settling my cock between the apex of her toned legs. I could feel the liquid heat pooling there and a rush of blood shot down to my manhood. Somehow the seat slowly began to recline back until she was on top and I was at the bottom. She continued kissing me tracing kisses along my jaw line and on my throat, all the while she slid her hands down my chest.

I felt a shot of desire storm through my veins and the blood in my ears was pounding. My heart was beating fast and I could feel my muscles clench in anticipation. A shiver coursed through my body. I was turning harder than the damn metal of the car and my mouth was watering, wanting to taste her.

We tugged at each other's clothes. Her skin felt soft, smooth and warm and I began to have images of what the rest of her looked like in those shapely, ass-fitting jeans of hers that emphasized her well-toned legs. She pulled away and gave me a sultry smile, with her eyes half-lidded with pleasure. She made eye contact with me and slowly inch by inch she began to unbutton her top.

It was killing me. If she didn't have it off in the next three seconds, I was going to tear it off.

"What's wrong?" Cameron asked, seeing the strained look. Oh, her voice had gone husky. Her lips were swollen. I wanted them on my cock, sucking me dry. I wanted her pretty little mouth taking all of me. I wanted to run my hands through those silky, luscious locks of her, but I was going to make sure that I had my dessert first.

"Take it off," I growled. My voice had gone raspy with desire. I couldn't focus on anything except the pounding in my ears and my hands running up her thighs and her torso and back down. This was too much. "I want to see all of you."

Cameron snuggled closer on my lap, both legs on either side of me, until the heat of her pussy pressed against my throbbing cock. I uttered a groan and she too leaned her head back, her mane of dark, glorious hair falling behind her out of pleasure, exposing the column of her neck, which I easily took advantaged of. I began to plant kisses that made her moan and clutch my head closer. I grinned in satisfaction, as she tightened her grip on my hair fractionally. I began to kiss lower, until I reached the first button of her shirt and expertly unbuttoned with my teeth exposing a span of her smooth skin and a hint of her lacy bra.

The pleasure was unbearable and we both knew where this was leading, as she began to rock in a slow, sensuous, rhythmic motion against my cock that jutted out of my jeans.

I was unsure of what to say, as I had always enjoyed sex purely in it's coldest and basest form. The adrenaline rush was coursing through me and I wanted nothing more than to rip the rest of the clothes off of her. This hungry urgency was foreign to me and I wasn't sure whether to embrace it or to take a step back and look at it. I laughed mentally inside my head. Clearly, I was only doing the former. Her lacy black bra was too much coverage for her breasts and I wanted my mouth on those mounds watching her arch into my mouth, hearing her cry for more. Her nipples hardened into little peaks. They looked like cherries on top of delicious scoops of ice cream.

However, I didn't get a chance to as she began to kiss down my chest. Her warm hands caressed my abdomen and I sucked in a breath, trying to maintain a semblance of control under her ministrations. My breath was labored and uneven.

Before long, she began to unzip my jeans and eventually I kicked them off, while she discarded her own. I caressed the back of her smooth thighs and continued kissing her mouth. My breathing became erratic and my heart pounded faster. She was deliberately trying to torture me. She kissed torturously as she slowly slid down my chest. She flicked her tongue out to my nipples and I watched her, as she looked back at me with her darkened blue eyes. Her hair was softly spread on my chest and as she took the hard nipple into her mouth I groaned and leaned my head back. She blew a hot breath, and odd shivers of pleasure ran throughout my body as my cock grew even more.

I was distracted soon enough as her hands grasped the hard length of me. I could feel my heavy full, cock throbbing in her warm hands and I sucked in a tortured breath to control the sudden urge to flip her over and thrust hard and deep into her.

She slowly gripped the shaft and with the tip of her finger, spreading the precum that settled at the top of the head and stroked the head at first and then the rest of me. She did it tentatively at first, before beginning to stroke it harder. With every stroke I could feel the raging inferno grow. I could feel my muscles clench. I could feel the shallow, labored pants coming from Cameron, who I knew wanted this as much as I want. I had never wanted like this before. No, this was beyond wanting. I needed this and it scared the hell out of me.

Ha, did I care? No. I was too focused on Cameron stroking me, harder.

"Yes, just like that..."

She stroked me faster, harder than before, alternating the direction of her motion, but still savoring how it throbbed in her hands. It felt so fucking good I was out of my mind for it.

It was heaven and I was slowly losing control.

"Cameron..." I uttered a moan. "Keep it up and I won't be able to hold on."

"Good," Cameron said.

However, before she could have a chance to continue with her explorations, I flipped her over and a gasp escaped her mouth. I trapped both her wrists in my powerful grasp and lifted them above her head. I took advantage of the gasp and plunged my sinful tongue into her mouth, exploring every crevice, while her tongue eagerly gave in to the feverous moment. Our tongues danced and swirled in each other's mouth and my heart pounded even faster, as I gave her a deep, penetrating kiss, stroking her mouth to ecstasy.

I pulled away and glanced down at her. Her eyes were lidded with desire and her mouth was flushed with pure pleasure, pink and plump from my own lips. Her skin glistened and glowed and I could feel the liquid, hot heat against my cock. The tension in my neck increased as it took all self-control not to rip her lacy excuse for underwear off and plunge deep into her, taking her hard until she saw stars behind those pretty little eyes of her.

With hasty deliberation, I began trailing kisses down the buttery-smooth texture of her throat and felt her give a feminine moan of appreciation.

I trailed my hot hands down the length of her smooth torso and unhooked her bra from behind, exposing those brazen breasts. My hand roamed toward her breasts until I was grasping them and kneading them with my hands. Her body arched with the pleasure.

"Do you like that?" I asked as I grinned at her wolfishly. She thought she could take control? No way in hell. I was going to eat her out until she couldn't think of sex without thinking about me.

Cameron glanced at me with defiance and there in her eyes she issued a challenge. She wanted to deny that I was making her feel good. I mentally laughed. I was determined to make her admit that I was making her feel this hot, if she was able to make me lose almost all of my self-control, which no one had done so before.

I kissed down her chest and settled my mouth on one breast. I licked and sucked the area around the nipple, before her moaning gave way to the urge to have the pebbled hard nipple in my mouth. She arched even higher and moaned. I lathered the same attention on her other breast, as I slipped my hand down her panties, down to her aching, pulsing pussy. I stroked short strokes, teasing the clitoris and thrusting in and out until her hips were bucking off the seat. I used the pad of my thumb and gently stroked her clit, bringing her closer to he release and the pleasure I was determined prolong until she begged for me to encase my cock inside the muscles of her pussy. Her hips rolled into my hands and I almost came right there with the ferocity and intensity of her need for my dick to be impaled in her. Not only was I burning up, but so was she as a sheen of sweat glistened the complexion of her skin making her look even more aroused and excitably hot.

I continued thrusting with my fingers inside the sensuality of her folds, feeling lost and intoxicated by how wet she was for me. Cameron's hips arched closer to my hand as if seeking the source of her pleasure. I inserted two fingers and then pulled out only to thrust back in with a third, stretching her, letting her feel what it would be like for my cock to be inside her even marginally so. I was lost in the sensation of her muscles clenching around my fingers. She was hot and warm and the exquisite tightness would no doubt render me uncontrollable and lost in thought when I entered her.

"Luke, don't tease," Cameron said breathily. "It's too much."

She moaned and I could feel the hot, liquid molten heat. I wanted her even more wet and sobbing for me. In one fluid moment I settled between her thighs, making sure she could feel the hot cock near her before adjusting myself away so I could invest my time pleasuring her with my mouth. I continued kissing her, all the while playing with the hot heated center of her. She cried into my mouth as I explored the inside of her with my fingers. She writhed and clenched in perfect rhythm against my hand.

She tore her mouth away, looking up as if she was hanging on by a thread between the reality and the excruciating pain of what we were both experiencing and not reaching the pinnacle as of yet. Her eyes were closed and her hands grasped the sinewy feel of my biceps. She said, "What are you waiting for?"

I hesitated. For some reason I felt the need to make sure it was okay with her. For some reason, I didn't want to take her virginity away so quickly.

She sure as hell wasn't acting like a virgin. Weren't they supposed to be all shy and hesitant?

"Are you sure?" I asked her, painfully. If she said no...

She didn't respond, instead she responded by touching my turgid length and I couldn't think any longer. I kissed down her breasts, swirling my tongue along her nipple and she arched even more into my mouth, urging me to continue. I placed erotic kisses, soft kisses, and licked my way down the concave of her stomach. My eyes met the black lace and as I gripped with them my teeth, I ripped them off, frustrated that they were still on her.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"You'll see," I responded eagerly. I could imagine the heady, addicting taste of her. She'd probably taste exotic.

I placed my face in the junction of her thighs and felt the heat coming off of her. She was wet and her juices were glistening begged to be tasted. I tentatively touched my tongue to her clit and then began lightly stroking her up and down, before applying even more pressure. She cried and moaned and gripped the back of my head and pushed it closer to her.

"Open your thighs wider for me, hon," I asked in a guttural groan. I wanted to taste more. I threw her thighs over my corded shoulders and plunged even deeper as I stroked the most sensitive part of her, evoking a spasmodic reaction, as her thighs quivered and her breathing began to grow quicker.

She obliged and I increased the rhythm of which my tongue was stroking and darting inside her. God, I couldn't get enough of her, as I tasted her fully. I could feel her labored breaths, as she tried to grasp reality, but then I heard music. She screamed as she rode her orgasm through and through, all the while I increased the rhythmic motion of my tongue now circling her clit, launching on an all out warfare against it. She clamped her hands in my hair pushing me even closer to the hot pulsing need of hers. I was only too happy to bury in deeper and taste her, lifting her hips closer to my face and burying even deeper.


She came and the taste of her was more exotic and wonderful than anything I had ever tasted.

"God, yes!" she cried and I felt a surge of masculine pride go through me. I grinned.

I didn't let her relax however, as I lapped the hot cream of her. I played with her. I circled my tongue around her clitoris, playfully licking the bud every once in a while, eliciting the most erotic moan I had ever heard.

"I love the taste of you," I said, wanting her to know. I wanted her to know what she was doing to me, what the taste of her was doing to my concentration, to my focus, to my usual no-nonsense mindset and logic. "You taste so damn good. I could eat you out for hours. Is that what you want Cameron? Do you want me to eat you out for hours until you feel so good that you can't think?"

I plunged back in her hot pussy as it grew wetter for me. I wasn't sure if Cameron heard, so lost in the ricocheting spasms of pleasure coursing through her.

Her arms gripped the seat and I could feel her thighs clenching, as I spread them wider. Her hips bucked, as I continued licking, sucking, kissing every intimate part of her.

I made her come again and again and reveled in the orgasm that tore through her not once but twice. She screamed and I could feel all logic split apart in her head, as she clutched my shoulders with a vise-like grip that sent electric shocks of pleasure throughout my body.

I towered over her once more and kissed her gently then intimately, fully exploring the hot cavern of her mouth. She was a little weak from her orgasms, hot naked, lying underneath me, and desirably wet.

Oh, it couldn't get much better than this.

I had never felt this hot with any other girl. She had me, I swear to god, under a spell. I couldn't think straight. All I thought was about getting into her.

I gently eased my knee between her thighs, pressing the head of my cock against the entrance of her pussy and slowly entered. Cameron moaned and leaned her head back, her hair trailing over the car seat. She clutched the corded muscles on my back holding on. I could do nothing but struggle to maintain the control as after each thrust I entered her ever so slowly, giving her more. I leaned down and covered her neck with hot kisses, as I slowly rode her. I was intent on making this as pleasurable for her as possible, but once I reached her barrier I lost control.

"I'm sorry," I uttered, although I was sure Cameron didn't hear me, as I began to plunge my deep cock into her tense opening.

Cameron cried out and I could feel her inner muscles clenching around mine. As I rode her harder, I was awarded with her orgasmic cries and even I groaned in pleasure. Her back arched up high, giving my mouth access to stroking those succulent breasts with my lips and tongue. I plunged upwards, as her hips gyrated to the rhythmic movement of my hips as I entered and pulled back, losing all sight of everything around me, only focusing on the sensation her warm, moist pussy was doing to my cock. She orgasmed once more, the muscles rippling around my cock as she undulated her hips beneath me to take in as much of me as she could. I closed my eyes feeling like the world had disappeared and all there was Cameron and this burning, feverous desire for release. She writhed and thrashed beneath me, scratching my back creating, and exquisite sort of pleasurable feel. With one final grunt, I gave a final thrust plunging to the hilt, breathing erratically and coming down from whatever sensual heaven I had disappeared into, as I collapsed atop the soft, lithe, warm body of hers.

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