tagNovels and NovellasSensual Persuasion Ch. 05

Sensual Persuasion Ch. 05


Chapter 5, Hailey's Secret

"Hailey, I have to get back to you tomorrow okay? You think I can borrow those notes you took in class? I was kind of doing other things," Nathan responded from the other line.

I twirled a lock of my hair around my finger and laid back on my bed. "Yeah sure, what's up? Something wrong?"

"Uh, no. I just needed to talk to Cameron. I'm guessing she's not hanging out with you or anything at the moment?" Nathan asked somewhat hesitantly. Despite the fact that it was through the phone, his voice sounded sexy as hell.

"No, in fact I haven't seen her since school," I responded. "But I'll let her know that you called, alright?"

"Yeah, thanks," Nathan said before hanging up.

I threw the phone in a random direction and laid myself out on my large IKEA king-size bed. My bedroom was decorated in themes of yellow and pink since my girlhood and all around me were random depictions of my childhood memories. I hadn't bothered to redecorate. I was too lazy to do that. Instead, my mind traveled in other directions. Why did Nathan want to talk to Cameron? That I didn't get.

I always knew that Nathan and Cameron were in one way associated with each other, but I wasn't quite sure how. I didn't even know where Cameron was at the moment. People were talking. They were murmuring that she had gone off with Luke. Of course, I didn't believe that crap. There was no way Cameron went off with Luke.

Did she?

I wasn't sure. But, simply out of curiosity, why not call her?

I dialed her number quickly and placed the phone near my ear. I waited for the call, but nothing came. It went to voice mail, instead.

Okay, so she wasn't picking up her phone, but whatever. I didn't want to stay in my room and call after her like some loser. Or worse, a mother.

I groaned and ran a hand through my dark hair as I stood up. I checked my phone for the time, before glancing at the mirror. My Nicaraguan complexion stood out and my dark locks fell in soft curls over my shoulder and down my back.

My phone rang and I grabbed at it. I spoke into the speaker. "Hello?"

"Hey," a sexy voice drawled.

My heart skipped a beat. I knew who it was. It was Daniel. I was surprised that he bothered to call.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked curious.

"Are you busy?" Daniel asked.

"No, why?" I asked. Daniel was Lindsey's brother. I hadn't talked to him in a while and I wasn't sure what he wanted. He was 22, but last I had seen him had been a couple weeks ago.

"Look outside," Daniel said. I could hear the tell tale grin spread across his face.

I looked outside my window and spotted him leaning against his black jaguar. His arms were crossed and he looked up at me. His black hair was mussed up and he looked as if he got a tan. What was he doing here?

I didn't hesitate to leave my room. I rushed downstairs and opened the door and walked out into my yard to meet Daniel. Daniel closed his phone and drew me into a hug. His face was nestled in my hair and he was breathing in and out slowly, as if memorizing my scent. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too," I said.

Daniel leaned back to gaze into my face and for one heart-pounding moment I believed he was going to kiss me. It was kind of complicated between us. We were neither dating nor actually friends. We were just hooking up and I was afraid if I brought up anything more permanent he would just run away and I couldn't bear that. I wanted him too much to let him go so easily. Plus, I couldn't very well expose to the world that I was going out with Lindsey's brother.

That's right.

I was going out with Lindsey's brother. Or rather, hooking up with him anyway.

Lindsey would probably flip a shit knowing her. She had a thing about perfection and order in her life. She just couldn't accept the fact that her brother had his own mind and lived his life outside the parameters of Lindsey's expectations.

Or so that was what Daniel had told me.

He brought his arm up and shifted a strand of hair out of my face. It was the sweetest gesture he had ever made and I drew in a sharp breath as his arms, around my waist, shifted lower to bring my pelvis closer to his erection.

He was definitely hot and heavy for me.

"You're aroused," I plaintively said.

Daniel grinned. "Yeah, no kidding. I could think of some pleasurable things I could be doing right now, instead of standing out here."

I hesitated. I was sure he had been hooking up with other girls on the side, but what did I care? It wasn't like he was tied to me. I just didn't understand why it hurt slightly to know that he only came to me for sex. I thought there would be more. More to the strange relationship we did have, some sort of solid foundation.

Possibly enough that he wasn't hooking up with other girls on the side?

"I haven't stopped thinking about you since," Daniel commented. He leaned down and kissed me. His tongue delved into my mouth and the kiss turned passionate. He brought his hand up to cup the back of my neck and I shifted my body until my swollen, aroused breasts pressed against his solid male chest. I could feel my temperature shoot up. His lips massaged mine sensually and it was one of the most erotic kisses I had ever experienced. He pulled away and his eyes turned darker. The bare raw need and the raw need of his voice when he spoke turned me on like no other.

The huskiness in his voice helped too.

"I want you," Daniel said in a husky whisper. My eyes clouded over in desire and I refused to move from my spot. An earthquake could've hit us and I still wouldn't have moved from his muscular, protective arms. It just felt so good to be within them.

"I do too," I responded. "But I don't think I'm--"

He pulled away from me, far enough to gaze into my eyes and growled. "Then don't."

He kissed me with a ferocity that I had never seen him unleash. He kissed, delving into the hot, moist cavern of my mouth, exploring everything as if it was the first time. I found it suddenly hard to breathe and before I knew it, he pushed me against the front door of my house and pulled my legs around his waist.

"I want you, don't deny this from me," Daniel said.

I removed my mouth from his, but he was relentless. His hands touched every curve of my body, skimming up and down, eliciting electrical responses. I couldn't stop panting from the feel of his hands as he reached between my thighs to massage the hot aroused part of me.

"Oh my god," I moaned. He adjusted the position he was in, bringing me closer to the hot hard part of him and all semblance of rational thought flew out the window. How could a girl think when someone was doing this to them?

His mouth ravaged my jaw line then down to my neck and then to my collarbone. He applied further pressure to my pussy and I could feel my heart beating a million miles per minute. He groped the door behind me and turned the knob, until we both fell on the blue-carpeted floor of my house. Daniel managed to kick the door behind him with his foot.

"Did you know this was all I was thinking about when I left to Aruba?"

"You went to Aruba?" I managed to say. My voice was tinged with desire, which seemed to turn him on more because his caresses became even more insistent and hot. He pulled off my white, Ralph Lauren shorts and threw it away in some random direction like it was a piece of fabric. He encountered my lacy, peach La Perla panties, but that certainly didn't stop his hands from rubbing his fingers down the most engorged part of me.

"Tell me you want this," Daniel demanded, as he applied further pressure. I arched my body against his, my breasts in clear sight of his mouth, as he began to suckle one breast through the fabric of my shirt, tormenting me. "Tell me you want me."

I moaned my head back, refusing to give in. It was submission he wanted, I was certain. My lips were bruised with his fervent kisses and all I wanted was to devour him as well.

"Tell me!" Daniel demanded in that gruff voice.

"Yes!" I said, as he quickly divested himself of his shirt and pants, leaving him down to his boxers. I lifted myself up and rested on my elbows and watched with an unabated hunger, as he stripped in front of me. His hard abs were clear indications that he hadn't been relaxing in Aruba. He had been working out. If it was even more possible, he was more masculine than I had last seen him. What had happened in Aruba?

"Good," he grinned, as a wolfish grinned dawned on his face, making me tremble with anticipation. He stood up, and kneeling down, he picked me up and brought me to the couch in the adjacent living room.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked him curious. I wasn't about to go farther than this, if he wasn't willing to relate answers to me. I was in a desire-hazed confusion and I needed a few things cleared up before I gave away the good so to speak.

"I want you," Daniel repeated, as his hand skimmed the right side of my torso. "I want you so badly that it hurts. I missed you and I've learned a few things since I've been in Aruba."

I scoffed. "Telling me you've had experience in Aruba isn't exactly what a girl you're about to have sex with likes to hear. It's a bit of a buzz kill." I gazed him cynically.

He laughed and said, "Yes, but all I could think about was you. I wanted you each time and that's not what I meant. I went away to Aruba to get my life in order. Now that I'm back, I've realized what I've missed."

Well, that was sweet, but I still had my doubts. He left and didn't bother to call or text.

God, I couldn't think when his mouth was playing with my shirt. He edged his face near my pelvis and bit down on my shirt. He teasingly pulled it up over my concave stomach and teased it over my breast revealing the other matching pair to my La Perla panties. I lifted my arms up and let him take it off me. As soon as he did, his hands began roaming again.

He kissed me once more and I was lost to a world of sensations I had missed. Something was different though. He was making actual love to me. He was making love like he had realized I could be gone any second.

"Don't do this if you're not serious," I said. "Don't have sex with me if you're not serious about where this is going." He tensed, but I quickly added, "I don't mean a relationship, but I mean in the long term I suppose. I was hurt when you left."

"I won't hurt you again," Daniel said with such conviction.

"You can't promise that," I said.

"Like I said, I've learned a few things," he repeated, as he kissed down my collarbone. He towered over me and the heat from his body warmed mine, until I could feel nothing but him surrounding me with his raw need.

Daniel played with the engorged head of my pussy to the point where I was breathless. He unhooked my bra and threw it aside, kissing the newly exposed skin. I arched my back into his mouth as he kissed my breasts, taking his slow time with them. He massaged them with his hands and his mouth played with the nipples, until they were so sensitized that I was sure I was about to orgasm right there.

"Daniel..." I moaned. "Quickly, do something...."

"Not yet," he murmured in that husky tone. "I want to taste all of you first."

I was about to smack him, but couldn't, as he kissed his way down to my opening. His hot breath played over my clitoris and I could feel the unfurling of pleasure as his tongue tentatively reached out to lick my pussy. He tortured me, until I could feel the build up of pressure.

"Oh god," I said, as I gripped the upholstery on the couch. He spread me wider and began delving into me deeply as he licked from bottom to top, not missing any beat. He swirled his tongue around and played with my clitoris until I was moaning. "Ah...mmmm...just like that," I whispered huskily. "Lick me just like that..."

And he did. He licked me slow and tantalizing, until he picked up the pressure slowly and swirled his tongue faster in the hottest parts of my pussy. I trembled and bucked away from him, but he only brought me closer to that mouth of his and fed off me like his life depended on it. "Ah..." I moaned a breathy sigh.

He ate me out like there was no tomorrow and I couldn't stand the onslaught of pleasure that ravaged my body and in whatever time it took, I screamed, tightening my grip into the upholstery of the couch as I arched high off the surface. "Aaaaahhhh...."

"That's it, come for me," Daniel murmured, as I rode out my orgasm and was left weak and wet.

I didn't have a moment to rest, as his fingers played with my clitoris. "I...I...don't think I can stand it anymore."

Daniel grinned and said, "Sweetheart, leave it up to me. I'll have you so weak you wouldn't be able to get up."

"Oh god," I said, as he kissed me with the feverous passion that I was familiar with. He slowly entered me and I could feel the inner muscles adjusting themselves around his shaft, as he entered me. He thrust in slow and pulled out in a torturous rhythm and I began to follow slowly. His thrusts became harder and eventually faster and I kept up, feeling the same unfurling, building pressure emanating from my stomach.

"Yes..." Daniel groaned and I panted along with him in a rhythm as old as time. His cock pushed deep into my tightening muscles and I began to feel hotter with each pulsating thrust until I could hardly breathe.

"Harder, please," I cried. I was begging at this point.

"Not yet," Daniel said, as he undulated his hips in a strange continuous motion.

"Now," I demanded, as he continued thrusting harder and I moaned. I needed my release. I wanted to come.

I began to feel it unfurl faster and soon I was screaming out my orgasm again, as Daniel found his. I raked my hands on his shoulders, holding on to him as I came for him again, the hot hard part of him, filling me up with unimaginable pleasure. Strangely enough, I felt his fingers caress my clitoris sending me into another blinding orgasm that had my muscles aching.

We collapsed, feeling spent and sufficiently sated, as he lay on top of me. I breathed in evenly, weak but satisfied. His warm male body felt hot against me and I could feel his mouth kissing just above my breast.

"Daniel, I'm spent," I murmured.

"Good, that was what I intended for, so you'll never think of hooking up with any other guy expect me," Daniel said.

"That's a sure thing to say," I responded. "If you've had the freedom to be with other girls then I have the freedom to be with other guys. Don't make dictates on me just because we've had sex."

"Then I guess I better convince you some more," Daniel said, as he propped himself up on his elbows, towering over me. His eyes glittered that hazel brown and his full mouth was even more swollen from my passionate response to him earlier. Although he appeared calm, I could sense the turbulent, arrogant, angry emotion behind that façade. "Want me to make you scream more? You know I can make you scream until your voice is hoarse."

"You wouldn't," I narrowed my eyes. "Daniel, how do you have the energy..."

"I work out," Daniel proudly grinned, as his hands rested on my hips. He trailed his fingers down, dangerously near my opening, as he softly began to kiss my neck. "As for you...should I see how many orgasms you can have until you faint from pleasure?"

My body trembled at the threat.

"No," I said, as I urged myself up. I flinched at the soreness of my muscles. Daniel furrowed his eyes at me and helped me up. "It's okay," I said, as I push his helping arm away.

"Are you okay?" Daniel asked concerned. He grabbed his Lacoste shirt off the floor and gently pulled it over me. "Was I too rough?"

"No, I'm fine," I asked. I looked to his face and concentrated on my earlier question. "Why were you in Aruba?"

Daniel turned away and hastily pulled on his boxers and jeans. I swallowed a lump in my throat sad at the fact that he was probably turned off by the question and getting ready to leave. Instead, he looked to me and sat down beside me. He pulled me closer to him and cuddled comfortably.

"It's because I needed to figure a few things out before I came back to this godforsaken town," Daniel said. "I needed to figure out where I was going; what was going on with my life; who I am. You don't understand Hailey, I needed to just get away to think for a while. And with you here and everything, I was going to get confused and distracted."

"And now?" I asked curious to hear what he had to say.

"And now, I'm here to get my shit together." Daniel said. "Starting with you. By the way, I decree that we're starting a monogamous relationship, which means you're not to sleep with other guys."

I rolled my eyes. "I don't think you can keep a monogamous relationship, Daniel and besides what if I found someone else? I don't think that qualifies and you can't go making decrees like your some king."

He narrowed his gaze and roughly grabbed my chin to face his glittering, intense gaze. "What's his name? I can gladly rip his balls out."

I pushed out of his arms and walked a few good steps away. "We've had sex, Daniel. You left without any promise of coming back or picking up where we left and you expect me to suddenly fall in line with what you want? Daniel, look I can have this kind of relationship with you but nothing else."

Daniel stood up and wrapped his arms around me, hauling me to his body. "What are you afraid of?"

"It's not that I'm afraid of anything, but I don't trust you and after you left I was really hurt and depressed. I don't want this and I'll continue to have sex with you, but no emotional attachments," I said. I wasn't having any of his bullshit. He left. He came back. He had sex with me thinking I would clearly mold into whatever he wanted. Well, he was going to have to work a hell of a lot harder than that.

Daniel watched me as I sauntered my way into the kitchen and pulled something out of the refrigerator and set it down on the small island. Daniel strode forward and situated himself on one of the bar stools that lined the island. He watched me, as I began preparing cereal.

"I want more with you," Daniel said.

"That's too damn bad," I said. "I don't want you. I have someone else."

Daniel stood up and strode around the counter. His intimidating size was hard to ignore, but I tried my best. However, it was kind of difficult when your body was reacting to his. "Get rid of him and go out with me."

"I'm not a bitch, Daniel. I'm not going to do that to him, when I might genuinely like him," I stated, as I turned to him and placed my hands on my hips.

"You're wearing my shirt and you just had sex with me. I don't think that qualifies as a good girlfriend," Daniel stated, as his hands snaked around my waist once more and pulled me towards him. I placed my hands against his chest to create some distance, but in doing so I was only pressed closer to him, until my swollen breasts rubbed against his chest.

"I didn't say anything about girlfriend. We have an....arrangement," I repeated. I knew I was lying out of my teeth, but what could I say? I didn't want to be in a relationship with Daniel, who believed I would fall neatly into him like every other chick I knew.

And there were a lot and look where they were. They were moaning and pathetically groaning about losing the hottest sexual male alive.

"Who's the guy?" Daniel said, his voice hardening into steel. His muscles were taut and tensed as if ready for a battle.

I turned to him. "None of—"

"I said, who's the guy," Daniel interrupted with a deadly calm that belied his facial expression. His body was tense and I knew he was ready to blow a fuse if I didn't tell him. His eyes challenged me to lie to him. "If you don't tell me, I'm going to ravage you until you can't get the fuck up and believe me I have no quarrels throwing you over my shoulder and climbing those stairs. I will throw you on your bed and make sure you can't get out of it for a week."

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