tagNovels and NovellasSensual Persuasion Ch. 06

Sensual Persuasion Ch. 06


Chapter 6, Nathan's Wish

I ran ahead of Thompson after practice, grabbed a towel from my Adidas bag, and wiped down the sweat that was dragging down my body. I had taken off my shirt a while ago and quickly rubbed the back of my neck to remove the sweat. I was breathing hard, my lungs filling up with the familiar burning sensation and all I wanted was to go back to the locker rooms and take a shower. It hurt to breathe.

"Nathan, man what's up with you?" Thompson asked as he came up beside me. He too was equally shirtless and eyeing up the girls who were seated on the bleachers casually observing our practice. It was an old time tradition of Rorington. The hottest girls sat up on the bleachers and watched the hottest guys practice for lacrosse. In the next field over, some of the guys on the soccer team were hosting their practice, but most of them come for the lacrosse practices.

"What do you mean what's up with me?" I asked Thompson confused. I bent over, resting my hands on my knees. My legs were shaking from the exertion of holding up my body. It was no wonder I hadn't collapsed yet. Just a few feet ahead of us, Michael had completely collapsed onto the grass. His eyes were closed and he was panting heavily. A couple of the guys mock-kicked him and he visibly flinched, before he struggled back to his relaxed position.

"You were wound pretty tight. It was like you were frustrated or something. I've never seen you juke out the other guy so fast and score," Thompson responded.

"That's generally a good thing. I don't know why you're complaining. The coach seems fine with it," I said casually. Was my tension that obvious?

Thompson chuckled a laugh and pulled on his shirt. I did the same, just as Coach Langston came over. "Good job, Nathaniel. Way to keep it up on the field. I haven't seen true dedication and foot work on the field like that in a while. If you do a good job, I might just make you captain."

"Captain?" Thompson said incredulously. He draped an arm around my shoulders and gave me a strange one arm squeeze. "Man, you really did it this time."

Captain. Huh. I never thought of becoming captain. I played lacrosse for the fun of it. I played it because....

I looked down across our field onto the third field. I watched the girls momentarily practice. The girl's lacrosse team was good. They were more than good. They won state play-off's even going as far as entering the national competition. They had been on ESPN twice and in every local newspaper for their spectacular season last year. Now, the girls were hoping for more this year.

The girl's coach blew the whistle and I could spot Cameron driving hard down the field with the ball in her lacrosse stick. She tricked one girl out and juked another, as she sprinted as fast as she could towards the goal and scored. A gleam of sweat covered the surface of her skin and her hair was up in that messy bun of hers, her chest heaving up and down from the oddly pleasant burning sensation in the lungs I was familiar with when I ran down the field.

Cameron was a good lacrosse player. Unlike the boy's lacrosse team, they voted for team captain and everyone was putting their bets on Cameron as team captain. She was dedicated and a motivated worker. Who wouldn't vote for Cameron as head captain? She had a single-minded determination to succeed and take her team to the top. She was pretty goal-oriented. Cameron had been part of the reason why I had tried out for the lacrosse team. Freshman year she spoke to me a couple of times and one of those times we struck up a conversation. She talked about how the lacrosse team was pretty decent here and that I should consider trying out.

Out of curiosity, I had tried out. I hadn't expected to get anywhere with it or get very far. It really wasn't my thing, but I had made the team and when Cameron found out she was happy for me. I hadn't told her that I wasn't planning on sticking with it, but was curious as to why she found the sport so stimulating. Ever since then however, I had stuck with it. It was fun and killed time while I was drudging it up in this high school for the stuck up elites.

Even as the thought crossed my mind, I could disgustingly hear my feminist sister point out, "You are one idiot,"

"Dude, are you there?" Thompson asked, as he waved a hand in front of my face, calling me to attention.

"Huh--? What?" I asked confused.

Coach Langston turned his head to follow my line of gaze. He stood there eyeing up the girls in the next field over, smirked and said, "Don't get too distracted." With that, he left as his assistant coach called him away to discuss the schedule for the upcoming matches. Thompson gave me a knowing look, but I dismissed it and focused on throwing all my stuff in my bag.

Luke jogged over to the bleacher benches, where all of our stuff was laid out. He had joined the team a little later, but coach was glad he was back. He played a mean forward. He wiped down the sweat and threw his bag over his shoulder. All day, rumors were flying around about him and Cameron hooking up and already I wasn't liking the guy's return.

Luke glanced at me and gave me a nod. He didn't smile and he was panting heavily. His hair was in disarray and he had worked quite a sweat. He had been going hard on the field and I couldn't blame the guy. The team had given him a hard time since he left and now that he was back, Luke had to prove himself one way or another. He had to show them up once more in order to get some credit as a badass player on the field. He had to show them he hadn't lost his touch. I felt sort of bad for him, but nonetheless that was his battle to fight.

"Hey," Luke said, as he nodded to me and Thompson.

"Hey, man good play out there," Thompson said, as he congratulated Luke a bit tightly. I could tell the strain and reluctance in his voice when he had voiced it. He masked it well, but three years of friendship with Thompson told me despite his good nature he wasn't all that keen on Luke's sudden return to the team as well until he showed what he had.

"Thanks," Luke said, as he sat down. Thompson sat next to him. Luke bent his head down trying to get in as much oxygen as he could into his oxygen-deprived lungs. He bent his head and spread his legs, resting his elbows on his thighs. He looked at the ground and ignored the girls above, giggling and suddenly perking up in attention at the sight of Luke shirtless and bare.

"What've you been up to lately?" Thompson asked good-naturedly. He was always a guy everyone got along with.

"Nothing, just trying to get in shape for lacrosse season. I haven't been on the field in a while," Luke admitted.

"Yeah? Where have you been?" Thompson asked.

"Here and there," Luke answered ambiguously. He stiffened and I narrowed my eyes at that. Luke had disappeared mysteriously and suddenly he comes back without any explanation. I had the foreboding sense that he was hiding something and whatever it was, it wasn't good. I wondered if Thompson knew or picked up on the slight tension in his body language.

"Guess what? Coach is planning on making Nathan captain this year," Thompson said.

"Yeah?" Luke looked up and gave me a boyish grin. "Not surprised. He was dirty on the field. I haven't seen anyone play that hard ever."

"No kidding," Thompson said.

"I don't know," I said. "I don't really see it myself. But I'm not complaining if the coach is planning on making me captain."

A couple minutes later, Coach shouted, "Alright you guys, head off to the showers. Practice is over!"

Luke, Thompson, and I grabbed our things and headed to the boys locker rooms. I set my stuff on the usual wooden benches and grabbed a few things from the ventilated green lockers. I pulled off my clothes carefully and wrapped a towel around my waist ready to head off to the showers.

"I'm heading back. I'll see you guys later," Thompson said, drying his damp hair with a towel. The man could shower in about thirty seconds flat.

"Yeah same here," Luke said, as he came out of the shower, freshly dried. His hair was mused and he rubbed it vigorously with a towel. "I have to get back home."

"I'll see you later man," Thompson nodded to me.

"Yeah, see you," Luke responded

By the time I padded into the shower stalls, everything was relatively deserted. I hung the towel over the wall and turned on the shower, as I began to wash off the sweat and grime that clung to my skin.

Images of Cameron immediately popped into my head. God, what a way to end practice. The last thing I needed was the image of her delicious body rising in my mind. I wanted her badly, god knew how much, but I never really got around to chalking up the courage to pursue it any further.

Truth be told, she and I didn't really get along all that well. In fact, after the initial getting a sense of each other period, we used to argue all the time and the people around us would sense the tension and stray away. I wasn't sure how Cameron interpreted it, but I was sure it was sexual tension all the way.

Either way, rumors were flying around that Luke had already staked a claim on Cameron. Awesome, just what I needed. The resident bad ass to stake a claim on what's mine.

Whoa. Where had that come from?

Images of her body rose in my mind's eye. What was she doing now? Was she calming herself down, taking deep breaths to calm her panting as practice ended? I could picture her luscious breasts heaving with the strain of replenishing the oxygen in her body. That neck of hers, to her chest, to her concave, toned stomach to those long legs of hers. I was hard pressed not to imagine the cries she would elicit when I kissed every inch of her smooth, soft skin. I could feel myself getting a hard on.

Was I going to jack off? The temptation to do so was strong, but no. I didn't want to. It was embarrassing. How had just the mere image of a woman's body gotten me so turned on? I was hard as hell and it was making me uncomfortable.

But no one was here.

I needed to release the tension somehow. Her lips would press against mine and I would kiss her into complete submission. I would erase whatever thoughts she had of Luke.

I let my hard on continue to rage. I had enough self-control not to give into my baser desires. Instead, I turned off the shower and grabbed the towel I had hung over the wall and wrapped it around my middle. As I headed back to where I laid out my clothes, I looked up to spot a feminine silhouette.

I was seriously hoping it was a figment of my imagination.


How did I ever get into this predicament?

"Cameron!" Victoria shouted. The other girls crowded behind her as if in preparation to deliver my punishment.

"This ought to be good," Chelsea smirked, as she glanced at me. The other lacrosse girls surrounded her as well. This was the usual hazing ritual they were used to giving to a random player on the team. I suppose today they decided it was going to be me. Generally, they chose players who had been doing relatively poorly or either just wanted to see them suffer. Most likely in the case with me, it was the latter. I hadn't thought I did poorly considering from I had scored on the goalie about four times.

I lifted my chin up and threw my dark locks behind my shoulder and approached them ready to receive the punishment with some dignity. There was no way in hell I was going to let them smell an ounce of fear on me. I knew from experience that this was the way the girls brought out the loyalty in one another. The top dogs of the team had to know that their underlings were loyal to them and the team and there was no better display of that than the traditional hazing ritual. It changed every year, but the task was delivered by older team members or others of the same peer that the task was being assigned to.

Of course, it was getting a little old, but whatever. I was up for it. I don't get intimidated easily.

"What should we ladies assign her to do?" Chelsea asked without taking her eyes off of me. The rest of the crowd snickered.

In my mind, I knew I should be feeling a hell of a lot more fearful of the outcome of this situation, but under the circumstances, with all the endorphins kicking in my brain after a hard practice, I was feeling kind of complacent. I knew whatever it was, it couldn't nearly be as bad as the suicide drills that we had to do one summer.

All seventeen of them.

I stood up a little irritated that they sought to keep me in suspense, as if that was suppose to make the punishment even more bearable. I glanced at them and said, "You guys might want to hurry it up with that, before I decide to blow you all off."

"Alright, Alright!" Victoria impatiently said. She tapped a manicured finger against her lip, (even though she was not allowed to have long fingernails. It was against lacrosse regulations), and thought for a moment or two, before a devious smile replaced her fox-like, gorgeous features.

"Girls! Gather around, I think Victoria has a plan," Chelsea said.

The girls gathered and huddled as if this was another match. I waited patiently in the bleachers as they deliberated. All the while my mind floated back to the one person I sought to avoid thinking about.

All throughout practice my mind traveled back to Luke. I could still feel the sores of my body from that day and I vowed to avoid him all day. It had worked so far, until he caught me in the middle of the hallway. His hard steely eyes gave me a shiver, as he was ready to deliver my retribution for avoiding him all day. Whatever. I didn't give a shit. There was no way I was having sex with him again.

Except that we did.

I hadn't meant to run into him, but instantly my body seemed to come alive with the close proximity of his. I could still feel the tingles now. One glance at me and I could feel my body shifting to yield to his and my heart beat out of my chest. Instantly, his muscled arms pulled me away into an empty classroom and as I attempted to side pass him, he blocked my escape.

"Where are you going?" Luke asked, as his eyes met mine. His wolfish grin appeared and I knew that I was in trouble. Every feminine instinct warned me that I was not leaving this class until he came what he got me for.

Hell no. I was not going to give it to him without a fight.

"Away from you," I acidly bit back, as I continued to back up, which was relatively quickly given his 6'4" height. He was a lot taller in front of me than I had anticipated from farther away. My pace quickened as he matched me stride for stride, pressing forward to his advantage. I avoided desks and chairs, until I ended up circling back to the teacher's desk. My butt hung on the edge, as his hands snaked to my hips and brought them closer to his hard on.

"Oh hell no. You're sick," I said. "I don't want this with you. I already told you."

"Tell me you don't want me," Luke suddenly said. His voice was pure raw male sexuality, trying to entice me into the sex that he wanted. He was every bit as masculine as any alpha male would be. Something instinctual told me that he was not to be trifled with. "You know you feel this as much as I do. I can't explain it, but I can't get enough of you. Did you know I had to force myself not to rip Robert's head off when he touched you?"

Robert? Robert had been asking to borrow my A.P. Euro homework. "How the hell would that make you want to rip his head off?"

"Because you haven't looked at me all day, while you were willing to give Robert the time of day," Luke said. I had to look up to gaze into his gray eyes so raw with desire, lust, and something entirely animalistic. I knew he wanted me, I could feel it and the more distance I tried to create, the less there seemed to be. "I told you I'm not going to let you go that easily."

Suddenly my voice took on a quality of its own. It grew husky. "Please, I don't want this Luke."

"You're killing me," Luke said. He bent down and kissed my lips coaxing the softness with his own. His tongue played with mine and the warmth of his mouth nearly undid me. It was hot and sensuous and he took his time as if he was savoring something so delicious. His lips were hot and as he alternated pressure, I was nearly lost. He kissed with seductive skill, until I was left breathless, clinging to him with all I had. What was going on?

I was the first to pull away and edge myself away, but he wouldn't budge. "Stop this. I don't want this. What happened in the car was a mistake. I don't want—"

I didn't have a chance to finish, as he wrapped his arm around my waist, pulled me to him and used the other to clear off everything off the desk. He laid me down and he followed, kissing me until I was without a single thought. His lips massaged mine in a spellbinding way until I could focus nothing but on his hot mouth and suddenly I wanted to tear his clothes off.

My breasts pressed up against his chest, my body angling towards him. I dug my hands into his hair and rummaged my fingers through them, caressing him. Something rumbled within his chest in appreciation and I couldn't get him close enough. I felt hot, my clothes felt itchy and I wanted nothing more than to take it off.

He kissed with an intensity that stole every possible stubbornness from me, until I was gripping the back of his head to press his face closer to mine. He smelled of raw masculine musk and reluctantly, he pulled away, to trail kisses down my jawline and down my neckline, as he skimmed a hand up my shirt. Every inch of flesh he touched, I felt as if I was on fire. He lit a flame that was going to be extinguishable in only one way.

"Luke!" I hoarsely whispered in my dazed mind. He gripped my thigh and guided it to wrap around his waist, as his body pushed me back against the desk.

I was utterly lost. All I could think about was his devastating kisses. Before I knew it, he had lifted away the shirt, baring my bra-encased breasts. His eyes seared into mine, the raw sexuality of it was so frightening that I had to maintain that it was nothing more than him wanting me. That was all this was. Just him wanting me.

And me needing him.

A pleasant pressure unfurled in my stomach and I wanted him with an unparalleled sense of need. I wanted him inside me, moving, feeling every inch of his hard velvet-encased steel of flesh pounding inside me, as I rode him hard to fulfill my own satisfaction, just like he was getting his. His growl of approval, as I brought him closer to me, feeling his hard-on press against my wet core, had me creaming in places I wasn't even thinking about.

"Do you have any idea how much I want you?" Luke said, skimming his hand up my torso. "Do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you senseless, pounding my dick inside you?"

Trying to gain a modicum of control, my eyes widened at the statement, although as he started rubbing against me sensually, positioning that hardness of him against my wet pussy, I couldn't help but tilt my head back and moan. He took advantage and began to nibble and place teasing kisses. "Luke! We're.....we're in a classroom."

Luke leaned down and kissed me sensually once more, as he positioned my hips at the edge of my desk, so he could rub himself on me. His tongue delved in and my tongue dueled his in a need for dominance. His lips alternated between pressures and he pressed his body closer to me. His strong arms wrapped around my back and I felt small despite my height in comparison to him. I could feel every inch of his hard muscles, the defined muscles of his back, and his chest. He opened me up wider and I felt my clit pulse and grow swollen. I began to grow wetter and the bastard grinned.

He actually grinned.

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