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Sensual Shorts


Looking in Your Window

Standing outside the basement window had never been my intention. You forced me there, planted my feet in the small patch of grass, and commanded my eyes to remain open. Yet you never spoke to me. Yes, there was a layer of glass between us, but there was more.

Sprawled across the rumpled sheets, your legs bent in a relaxed pose, you were asleep. I should have noticed the way your arm draped over your forehead, as if blocking the sunlight from your eyes. I should have noticed the way the shadows flickered across your chest. I didn't.

Instead, I noticed a pulsing vein in the curve of your neck, ropes of muscles weaving across your shoulder, and a scar I could only assume had a violent and mysterious story behind it. And I noticed the slowly rising length of your manhood.

Breathing became difficult. I should have turned and walked away. Yet neither foot would move—each feeling as if it weighed tons. If others had been nearby, they surely would have heard the pounding of my heartbeat.

When your lips moved, I swore I heard you. How could I through the thick glass separating us? Yet your words echoed in my head as if you shouted them into my ear.

Open the door and come to me.

My feet moved. I didn't have control of them as they took me toward the simple screen door. How it opened, I don't know, but it wasn't long before I stood at your side.

"Why were you looking in the window?"

"I . . ."

"You're too young to be looking at a man's body."

"I'm eighteen," I said in a strong voice, daring you to question me.

When you didn't reply, I said the one thing that kept running through my mind.

"You're beautiful."

"Do you think so?" That you questioned your beauty startled me.

My fingers ached to touch you. I wanted to know the texture of your skin, to feel the heat against my palm, and to scrape one of your tight nipples with my fingernails. You knew. I didn't understand how, but you knew.

"Touch me, little one."

A whisper, yet a growl, the words ignited a passion in my body that scared me at the same time it excited me. Thoughts new to me raced through and seared images into my brain that would remain with me forever.

"I don't know how." My admission embarrassed me but your smile calmed me.

"What do you see in your mind?"

"Touching your skin, your nipples . . ."

"Like this?" you asked as you placed my palm over your man tit.

You never instructed me again. From that moment, I explored you as I had in my mind, raking my nails over your back and gripping your thick shaft. Your groans encouraged me—as if I needed the encouragement. Icy blue eyes bore into me with messages of what you wanted. I followed the instructions I saw in them until you writhed across the sheets.

Arms more powerful than any I imagined grabbed me and threw me to the bed. Your lips bruised mine as you taught me the ways a man makes love to a woman.

Later, as you slept, I smiled and looked at that little window . . . from your side, where I wanted to be forever.


Watching You Sleep

I watched you, as you slept. It was the first time I saw you that way. With your left leg bent at the knee, the right straight, they appeared casual, relaxed. One arm rested on your forehead, as if you intended to cover your eyes but fell asleep before you did. The other lay on the bed, near your leg.

I wanted to crawl in with you, to lie in the crook of your arm and never leave. This was our beginning—the 'soon' we waited three years for. Our journey began when neither of us was looking for one. Yet from the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew you were special.

Your innocent pose hides the tension within you. One sound, one wrong move, and the trained warrior will take over. I'm not scared. But I am afraid for you. Inner demons are not strangers to me, and I know how difficult they can be to fight. We can beat them down into nothingness. You and I are powerful, and can do anything as long as we are together.

Do you know how many times I imagined listening to you breathing? I've pictured your naked chest so often I swore I could feel the hairs under my fingers. And now you're right in front of me, within reach, close enough for me to smell. You are so gorgeous. How is it you went so long without someone grabbing you?

We made love such a short time ago yet all I can think of is feeling you inside me. If that makes me a bad girl, then please, will you be bad with me?


A Baby

"Have you ever thought about having another baby?"

His question surprised me. Not the idea of children, but that he asked while his favorite football team was on television. Somehow the two topics didn't go together.

"Yes, I have. But—"

"I know you can't, but if you could, would you? Would you have a baby now?"

"I would love to have your baby."

"What if someone else had our baby for us?"

I tried to follow his questions without interrupting him. Most times I was able to figure out his thoughts. So far I didn't have any idea what was in his head.

"What if I could have our baby? Imagine if I grew heavy, my tits filling with milk . . ."

My gasp didn't begin to convey my shock yet I remained silent. I didn't even know how to respond.

"You could be my husband, taking care of me, your wife, helping me prepare for giving birth."

I watched as he spoke, picking up the signs of arousal I had missed before. His nipples pressed against his silk shirt as if trying to escape. They begged for attention, for my fingers or even my lips. The soft material of his slacks, already stretched tight at the zipper, showed the beginnings of a wet spot.

"Oh, honey, yes," I whispered, losing myself in his fantasy. "Our baby nursing at your breast, sucking hard to get your milk, lying in your arms as he sleeps . . ."

He turned and looked out the window as if thinking. I didn't wait long before he continued.

"No, I don't need a baby." He stood in front of me and smiled. "I just need you," he whispered before his lips touched mine.


A Thunderstorm

Jagged bolts of lightning streaked through the sky in a blazing display of power. Shadows raced across the walls before sinking into the darkness of the night.

"I love storms," he said from his position near the patio doors.

"What's your favorite part?"

"The flash, then the boom—it's nature's firefight."

"That makes it sound beautiful. They used to scare me, when I was alone," I said, embarrassed to admit my fear.

"There's no reason to be afraid. If you respect the storm and take the right precautions, you should be safe."

He hadn't looked at me when he spoke, instead watching the violence outside. Winds whipped at branches and limbs and tore leaves from their stems. Sheets of rain obliterated the barn that housed his dogs and the horses.

"You make me feel safe."

I wasn't sure he heard me through the booming thunder that rattled the windows. He was right about respecting storms. I understood that. But when you looked around for comfort and no one was there, the fear had a way of taking over in a hurry.

"Did I tell you I also love that cozy feeling of being in bed with just the right person while the show goes on?" he asked, turning and staring right at me.

My throat closed on the words tumbling in my head. The best I could do was to shake my head.

"Mm, yes, hearing her moans above the crashing of the thunder, bursts of lightning exploding each time I thrust, and rain pelting the windows as background music."

"She's a lucky girl," I whispered.

"I'm the lucky one to have her in my life."

The storm intensified to match the thudding of my heart. The darkness masked his movements, yet I felt him approaching.

"I have you, your moans, your kisses," he said, dropping kisses along my neck as he spoke.

Each word sent jolts of energy into my body. And in that moment, his power surpassed that of the thunderstorm.


While I Slept

Sleep held me deep in its clutches after an evening of lovemaking depleted my energy. Yet my mind remained awake, playing movies with you as the star. I watched as you stripped and dove into the pool, laughing as you swam laps in the cool water. I saw you in the shower, lathering your body, the suds sliding across your skin and landing at your feet.

Your nakedness sent an electrical charge to my dampening center and a moan slipped through my lips. The more images my mind saw, the more restless I became until I kicked the sheet away and spread my legs.

My arms opened to the naked vision above me. I moaned at the feel of the thick shaft invading my body. Each thrust was more powerful than the one before. Strong hands caressed and teased my breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers until they formed a throbbing point.

I tried to pull myself from the depths of slumber . . . but didn't want to lose the sensuous images running through my head. Instead I let them take over. I wrapped my legs around the vision and clamped onto your thickness while you continued to pound me. The bed creaked and rocked to the rhythm you set. I craved every touch and begged for more.

Then the movie in my head slowed. You howled and poured your seed deep inside me. I followed your lead with a crashing orgasm that took my breath away. Your naked body fell across mine, both exhausted, satiated. I caressed your heated skin and moaned. The screens in my head faded as I fell back into a deep slumber.

Several hours later, awake and refreshed, I would wonder at the stickiness between my legs, if it had been a wet dream, or if it had been real.



He swore he felt Leigh standing behind him, yet her voice came to him from the telephone. Mason closed his eyes as she wove her magic around him with mere words.

"I'm there, baby," she whispered. "Look into the mirror. You see me, don't you?"

His groan came from deep in his throat as he followed her command then answered. "Yes!"

"We look so perfect together. Tell me what you want."

"Oh god, Leigh, touch me, please. Make me feel your hands on me."

Her soft moans made him want to explode, but he craved more. Emotions only she could evoke in him brought tears to his eyes as he stared at her red nails. Scorching heat from the path her fingers traveled made him long for her mouth to take the same trail.

"I love how your body responds. Close your eyes and visualize my creamy center opening for you."

Mason's skin dripped with sweat as he tried to keep his knees from buckling. He grasped the receiver tighter as his other hand moved closer to his swollen member.

"Yes, Leigh, honey, oh yes." His voice came out raspy and jagged.

"The way my nipples get so hard when I rub them over your skin is wild. Lean back while I caress your cheeks, baby."

Her spell wrapped tighter around him until he couldn't hold back. Mason looked into her eyes and groaned as long streams of white cum burst from his slit.

"Yes, love. Let go for me," she whispered in his ear. "I love you so much. It's all in my eyes."

His tortured howl echoed in the small room as he tried to catch his breath. "Leigh!"

"I'm here. Right with you just as I always will be. I'll never leave you. We're meant to be forever."

"Forever," he said. "I love you, honey. How can you ...?"

He let the question hang when she chuckled. "It's so simple. You're mine."

His nod reflected back at him in the mirror. "I'm yours."

"Your body knows my touch and craves it. This is a detour in our journey of life," she said in that same hypnotic voice.

He saw her standing by him, a smile on her face as she offered him a kiss. Eager to taste her, he tipped his head.

An abrupt knock on the restroom door shattered the vision. "Mason, are you in there?"

Mason felt a tear slide down his cheek as he stared at the faded hospital gown. A cracked mirror above the small sink reflected his pale image.

When the knob turned, he sighed. He needed more than fantasies. He needed his girl.


Ache for You

"Imagine my tongue trailing from your nipples to your thighs."

Tomas felt his shaft throb at her words and groaned.

"I want to taste you so bad, baby," she whispered.

"Yes, baby, I want you to," he said. "Please, anything."

His mind reeled and his body ached. Kendra did something to him no woman ever had before. She made him burn without even touching him. Tomas was always the one in control before but it was different with Kendra. He wanted her to be the dominant one at times.

"You have no idea how much I want you," she murmured into his ear.

"Oh my god," he replied with a moan.

Kendra slipped her fingers inside his boxers and traced his length with her thumb. The urge to stroke him was strong but she wanted him flying. She felt his body press forward until his cock lay against her palm and gave it a light squeeze.

"Yes, that's it, touch me baby," he hissed.

"I love how thick and hard you are. You'll feel so good sliding in me."

Tomas thought he would explode from the thought of taking her. She made him wild so easy but he'd realized long ago that she was special. Now he was making her his forever.

She ran her fingernail over his nipple before pinching it. Another deep groan erupted from his throat as she continued teasing his body.

"I wonder what you'd do if I licked your sac."

His sharp inhalation told her as much as words could. Kendra dropped down and played with his balls. Their texture intrigued her, too. Tomas felt her hot tongue swirl along first one then other. His knees buckled when she grew bolder in her explorations. Nothing prepared him for the intense feelings when she devoured his sac in her sweet mouth.

"Fuck yes!"

Kendra chewed and swished on the tender skin before spitting it out and finding one of his balls. She stuffed it into her mouth and worked it from cheek to cheek as much as possible.

"I'm so damn hard. One wrong move and you could rip me." He sounded as if he was in agony but she knew it was a pleasure like none he'd ever had.

She took her mouth off him for a moment and looked up. "You know you can trust me."

"Yes, I do." Such a simple reply but his eyes said so much.

Kendra stood and led him to their bed where she used her mouth and tongue on his entire body. Tomas grabbed the sheets as he writhed and twisted in pure please. His cock throbbed as she worked her magic on him.

"God, yes." A deep growl followed the words as he exploded.

Kendra never stopped sucking until she'd milked every drop from him. Tomas couldn't believe how fast she could bring him to an orgasm. He collapsed on the damp sheets and tried to catch his breath.

"Are you in there?" the demanding voice asked.

Tomas shook his head and the dream cleared. Kendra wasn't there with him. His cock was still aching for her touch. He stood in the bathroom at the military hospital and gripped the counter. Soon, he promised her image in his mind. Soon.


Teach Me

She stood behind him and murmured her intentions as their gaze locked in the mirror. Miles felt the warmth of her breath on his neck and shivered. His heart raced at the images she projected with her words.

"I imagined this moment," Lacy whispered, "when my fingers held you."

The thought made him gasp and lean into her body. Miles struggled to remain standing as she slipped her hand under his pulsing cock. Her thumb traced a path along the hard shaft to swipe the glistening pearls of juice dripping off the head.

He hissed his approval and groaned. "Oh my god, that's it, yes."

"Show me, baby. Teach me how to make you feel good."

Miles wrapped his hand around hers but didn't move. Sweat coated his skin as she slid her body closer to his. The slow motion was hypnotic to watch and to feel at the same time. Lacy squeezed the base of his cock at the same moment she nibbled on his shoulder.

"I wonder if it feels as good when you touch your cock as when I run a finger over my clit."

"Yes," he replied without hesitation.

His swollen member ached. Miles took his hand away and let his beautiful woman work her magic on him. Pressure built in his balls and he let out a wail as the first blast of cum shot out. She milked him until his knees buckled and he caught himself on the edge of the counter.

Then she kissed his back and laid her head against him. "I love you, baby."

"I love you, Lacy."

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