Connor sighed and rested his head in his hands. "So provided this isn't some crazy hallucination, what are you doing here?"

You summoned me. With that delicious brew.

Connor tilted his head. "You...liked the craft beer?"

Are you kidding me? I'm rarely called upon at all, and when I am it's Neopagans and Wiccans who give me the same boring ale that the Celts did so long ago. Whatever that you summoned me with it had character. Boldness. A lot of honey too. Delicious.

"Huh." The idea that craft beer could be used to summon spirits seemed so...millennial to Connor. "So I summoned you." He waved a hand. "What happens now?"

Well, I'm not much in the fortune granting business any more. Now I mostly gambol and make mischief whenever I get the chance. Seonaidh leaned towards the mirror, his face still cast deep in shadow. Though it seems you're in need some good fortune with that girl.

"Hey, I do not!" Connor protested automatically.

Oh, come on. She's quite the looker. Pretty face, nice tits. Very...supportive hips. Seonaidh actually winked at him, one white eye vanishing for a moment, then reappearing.

"It's bad enough I'm getting it from real people, now you too," Connor grumbled.

A knock came at the door, followed by an intoxicated voice. "Bro, you about done in there? There's a line forming!"

"I'll be right out!" Connor said. He looked back to Seonaidh. "What do you want from me?" he asked again, exasperated.

Seonaidh folded his arms, the words appearing in the fog automatically. I'm bored and want to have a little fun. Let me help you seduce your friend.

"No way, not happening," Connor hissed.

If you promise to get me more of that ale, I can ensure that you'll have her wrapped around your finger by the end of the night.

"Not. Happening," Connor repeated, despite the fact that a part of him was imagining his fingers knuckle deep in Ayako's pussy. "She's my friend, and I don't need lecherous spirits like you fucking that up!"

Seonaidh's head turned to the side, as if he was looking out the door in the reflection of the bathroom. Then he put a hand up to the mirror and tapped the glass. It rippled like water, an image appearing through the eddies. It was a view of the kitchen, a large space with a big tiled island in the middle and a fridge off to the side. At the top of the image, Connor saw a white space. It took him a moment to realize that he was looking out of the inside of a water bottle on the counter.

Ayako was chatting amiably with a group of girls, a half-empty beer in her hands. Her face was flushed, meaning she'd already pounded one down. They were giggling and whispering, all of them trying to catch the eyes of people that Connor couldn't see. After a moment, several of the college swim team walked into the kitchen, with Robbie the party host himself in the lead. Robbie was a lean guy, borderline lanky, his shirt almost falling off his frame. He had black hair that was a bit too scraggly, with sharp features and dark, mysterious eyes.

Though even Connor had heard the rumors. Despite having a willow build, apparently the swim captain was packing.

The image fogged up again and more words from Seonaidh appeared. She's allowed to do what she wants, yes, but you've never bothered to tell her how you feel. If not now, then when?

Connor licked his lips. "What's your price?"

Nothing. Well, maybe a few more cans of that ale. But we can hash that out later. You in or not?

The girls were locking eyes with the boys, and the two groups were already starting to mingle. Ayako was looking askance at Robbie, who hadn't taken notice of her yet. "Robbie's dating Shelly," Connor said, his voice flat. "If Ayako makes a pass at him while tipsy she's only going to hurt her own reputation. We're going to prevent that from happening and nothing more."

Riiiiight. That's why we're doing this. Seonaidh folded his arms. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

"Dude, come on!" The fist pounded at the door again.

Connor looked to the door, then back at the mirror. Seonaidh was gone, and only his wide eyes stared back at him. He took a deep breath, then turned and strode to the door. This time, the knob didn't slip out of his fingers.

He opened the door and was rudely shoved aside by the guy who had been waiting. There was a line, and he immediately felt bad for it. Then he remembered his mission and trotted down the steps. He had to keep Ayako from making a drunken pass at Robbie and embarassing herself.

As he walked past the waterfall in the foyer he happened to glance down, and almost tripped over his own feet. Seonaidh was there, his posture identical to Connor's -- legs stopped mid step, one arm half-raised. Connor stood still for a moment. So did Seonaidh.

Then the water spirit winked at him again.

Connor felt his face redden and hurried onward, pushing past people left and right until he was at the entrance of the kitchen. He stepped through the entrance to find that the group of girls had migrated out the back door of the kitchen to the pool deck. Connor kept going, catching another glimpse of Seonaidh in the water bottle on the counter. He reached into a cooler on the floor as he passed, grabbing another honey ale. The can was covered by a layer of condensation, and Connor swore he felt it running up his arm to his elbow as he popped the top and took a swig.

He walked outside onto the pool deck. It was a spacious area, the pool raised above ground level. The backyard behind the house sloped downwards towards the small section of private beach below, the fences only running along the sides until the reached the water line. More college students were out there, milling about the pool and in it.

The group of girls were all sitting at the edges of the pool, swirling their feet in the water. Nearby, the boys who had walked through the kitchen all stood with the water up to their necks, chatting amiably among themselves.

Save for Ayako and Robbie, who were sitting by themselves a little ways further down the pool edge, separate from their respective groups. Ayako had drawn her witch outfit up around her waist, not seeming to care about the fabric getting wet anymore. Connor could just see the beginning of the curve of her ass as she sat on the pool's edge with her knees drawn up to her chest.

As he approached, he caught the tail end of what Robbie was saying. "...weird. I always thought the two of you were -- oh!" He looked up at Connor. "Speak of the Celt. 'Sup, Connor."

Ayako looked up at him, her expression neutral. "What do you want, Connor?"

Connor's eyes flicked to the water. Was he just seeing things now, or was that Seonaidh watching from the bottom of the pool. "Could I talk to you for a second, Ayako?"

Ayako pouted and folded her arms, shelving her breasts, the black fabric of her witch robe tight over their curve. "I don't see why you need to say to me that can't be said in front of Robbie."

Connor gamely tried to keep his eye from wandering over her chest. Robbie was much more blatant in his oogling. Out of the corner of his eye, he definitely saw Seonaidh's head just below the surface, white eyes gazing up at him. The spirit inclined his head towards Ayako in a "Go on" gesture.

"I just wanted to make sure that you were minding how much you drink is all," Conor said. He saw Seonaidh clap a hand to his face and glare up at him from the bottom of the pool.

He ignored the spirit and focused down at Ayako. Not her tantalizing chest, not the seductive curve of her hip revealed the by the fabric of her robe pulled tight against her thigh, but her face and pretty green eyes. They were distant and sad. "I'm minding just fine, Connor. You're not my keeper. You're clearly not interested in being anything else, either."

The remark stung, and Connor took another swig of the ale. He saw Seonaidh swimming around underneath the water. "Who ever said I wasn't?" he challenged.

"You! With your lack of saying anything!" Ayako said. She swung her legs over the side of the pool and stood up, wobbling a little. Connor reached out a hand to steady her, but she swatted it away. "You've had years to tell me how much you've had a crush on me! And you never have! You think I don't notice you staring at my ass?"

The remark was loud enough that most of the heads in the vicinity turned towards the two of them. From the amount his face burned Connor knew he had to look like a beet. "I...I..." he stammered.

"This guy thought we were in a relationship!" Ayako said, jabbing a finger at Robbie. "Half this goddamn party thought we were in a relationship!"

Robbie held up his hands. "Hey, I never meant to start anything."

"But you have to be a giant coward and keep dodging the question and playing coy," Ayako said, her breath coming in heavy pants. "Sneaking glances at me when you think I'm not looking!" She undid the sash around her waist, and Connor's eyes widened. "Well, here!" Ayako yelled. "Get a load of this, Connor!"

Before anyone could stop her Ayako yanked off the witch robe and tossed it to the side. Connor stared, he couldn't help it. Ayako's underwear were black and lacy, with little frills that accented the curve of her breasts as they swayed with her breathing. The panties were pulled tight between her legs, the waistband pulled taut against her skin. Connor blinked -- outlined in white thread on the front of her crotch was the shape of a cat's head.

Ayako turned up her nose and did a slow spin in place, letting Connor and everyone else watching catch a glimpse of her strong back muscles and the back of her panties flossing her ass. When she was facing him again, Ayako put her hands on her hips and glared at Connor. Despite everything, she looked like she was about to cry. "Enjoy that look, buster, because that's all your getting!" She pointed to Robbie. "Now if you'll excuse me, Connor, I'm going to get this one to give me what I need!"

Robbie blinked. "Wait, what?"

"Excuse you!" Shelly shoved her way through the crowd, which, to Connor's horror, had swelled considerably. It seemed like everyone at the party was clustered around the pool. "You want to rethink that idea, Ayako?"

Ayako shot Shelly the bird. "I'm borrowing him for the night, bitch!"

Connor felt panic setting in, and looked around, desperate for some way to salvage the unravelling situation. He glimpsed Seonaidh, still under the pool water, looking up at him. The spirit's white eyes were half-lidded, as if he was looking on in frustration. Connor spread his arms, glaring down into the water. "What do you want me to do!" he mouthed.

Seonaidh raised a hand to his face and mimed tipping something to his mouth. Connor remembered he had another honey ale in his hand. He looked at it, then back to Seonaidh. The spirit made a "go on!" gesture with his hand. Connor hesitated for a second, then took a long, slow swig of the honey ale. Seonaidh vanished, poofing into a cloud of shadows that looked like ink under the water. Connor looked down into the pool, searching for where the spirit had went. He couldn't find any sign of him.

Behind him he heard a slap. He turned to see Shelly laying into Ayako, the two girls both intoxicated and enraged. Robbie was hauling himself out of the pool, water flowing down his body in rivulets. He shot a pleading glance at Connor. Help, dude! His eyes said.

Connor joined him, and together they pried the two girls apart. "Ayako, come on!" Connor grunted, acutely aware of her butt pressing into his crotch, the two of them separated by only a few layers of fabric.

"Leave me 'lone, Connor!" Ayako said, squirming in his grip. "I don't know why you could never bring yourself to tell me that you liked me!"

"Ayako, it's the twenty-first century!" Connor grunted as he tried to hold her still. "You're allowed to be blunt and tell me that you like me! Guys aren't the only ones allowed to kick things off, you know!"

Robbie murmured something in Shelly's ear, and she took a deep breath and relaxed. He let her go. "Connor's got a point, Ayako," Robbie said. "It sounds like he was only hesitant because he was never sure of what you wanted."

Ayako sagged against Connor. "I thought I was making it clear!" she said. "I totally knew he was checking me out, and I intentionally arranged myself sometimes so that he would check me out." Her head turned around, green eyes looking up into his. "And he still couldn't bring himself to say anything."

"Come on, Ayako, what did you want me to say?" Connor said. He loosened his grip on her waist. "I want to bend you over the island in your kitchen and plow you?"

Ayako turned to him. "Woulda been a start!" she said. She ran a hand over her face. "But that's not the point. The whole point of this is if you can't bring yourself to tell me you care about me, then how can I expect you to talk to me about other stuff that matters if we were in a relationship?"

Connor quickly looked to his left. The pool was still empty, Seonaidh nowhere in sight. Had he gotten what he wanted and left? "I admit I'm not good at talking," he said. "But believe me when I say that I've thought the world of you for years. And I've wanted to give this a try, just...never knew how to ask. It seemed so cliché, and I thought you didn't feel the same way."

Ayako's face softened. "Dammit, Connor," she said, curling a lock of hair around her finger. "I thought I couldn't make it any more obvious if I wanted to." Then she smiled, just a bit. "I mean, come on. The fact that we'd game together and I'd be in my underwear wasn't a hint?"

Past Ayako, Connor saw Robbie, Shelly, and everyone else within earshot gaping at him. He grimaced -- somehow he knew he'd never live that down. "I didn't want to presume..." he muttered. It sounded lame.

Ayako giggled. "How gentlemanly of you."

Connor took a step towards her. "But I do want this. With you. If you want to give it a try."

Ayako folded her arms underneath her tits again. She sighed, then looked up at him and smiled. "I would, Connor. Just stop being an idiot, okay?"

A warm feeling spread through Connor's chest and he stepped forward and hugged Ayako to him, nestling his chin in the crook of her shoulder. "Deal," he murmured as she hugged him close.

Robbie put an arm around Shelly's shoulders, drawing his girlfriend close. "You going to need a room, Connor?"

Connor and Ayako parted and looked at one another. "Nah," Ayako said. "I'd rather we worry about that starting tomo-"

There was a loud splash and the sound of something wet splatting on the pool deck. Water splashed over Connor's feet. He looked down.

And Seonaidh looked up at him.

Connor's mouth dropped open as the water spirit rose. Next to him, Ayako gaped as well, and it occurred to him that she could see the water spirit as well. Seonaidh took several steps closer to them, his white eyes blazing and his hair wild. Connor threw out his arm to protect Ayako as the spirit raised a hand, fingers curled into a fist.

Oh, don't be so dramatic. Seonaidh's voice thrummed around them, sounding a bit muffled as if he was speaking through water. His finger's flicked out, and a spray of water washed over Connor and Ayako. Both of them yelped and recoiled, and Conner wiped the water off his face. It had a faint smell to it, and he held a finger up to his nose and sniffed.

The water smelled like the honey ale.

Seonaidh turned and thrust out a hand at the pool. The water in the pool erupted like a geyser in a large wave that fell upon the entire population of the party, most of whom were still staring at Seonaidh. They all yelped and cursed as the ale-scented water rained down on them. Seonaidh folded his arms. If none of you are going to get this thing started proper then I'll have to help you along, it seems.

"What are you talking abou-" Connor began, then stopped. He heard his heartbeat in his ears several times, the area where the ale-scented water had touched beginning to glow warm. The warmth permeated his skin like a lotion, then he felt it move, flowing down his body and setting his nerves alight. The sensations pooled in his groin, and he felt himself growing hard as iron inside his costume. "W-what did you do?" he panted, looking at Seonaidh.

Seonaidh's white eyes contorted in the way that someone's do when they raise an eyebrow. Giving something a try.

"Connooooooor." Ayako purred as she pressed herself into his side. Her hips ground into his thigh. "I feel really good."

Her skin against his felt unspeakably good, and he took several deep breaths to try to expel the heady sensation from his head. "Ayako, I..."

"And I think everyone else feels good, too," she panted.

Connor looked past her and his eyes widened. Everyone else at the party was gravitating towards one another, hands beginning to wander over clothes. Connor saw more than one erect cock pressed against the inside of it's owner's pants, as well as the pert buds of erect nipples straining against bras, sheer costumes, and swimsuits. Robbie and Shelly were already making out, her hand cupping the front of his pants and his sliding inside the fabric of her vampire queen costume. "Fuck," Connor panted as Ayako continued to rub against him.

He looked back to Seonaidh. The spirit had settled back into a lounge chair, having acquired some more honey ales from a cooler by the pool deck. As Connor watched, he popped the top on one of the ale cans and waggled his fingers above the opening. The ale answered his call, emerging from the can and blending with his inky fingers. They were suffused with gold light, and the light traveled up the spirit's arm as he drained the can. Seonaidh let out a satiesfied Aaaaaah noise that thrummed through the air around them. Nothing like a good old Samhain orgy to bring the memories back.

Connor's cock was iron inside his pants. His breathing was heavy, and he tried to fight it, knowing that some strange magic was going on and that he should.

Then Ayako undid the clasp on her bra and let it fall away. Her perky breasts graced his eyes for the first time, the rosy nipples erect and begging to be sucked. Her tongue traced the circle of her lips. "Connor," she moaned. "I want to fuck."

Before his mind caught up, his body had already moved across the gap between them, took her in his arms, and crushed her to him, their mouths meeting in an open-mouthed kiss. He surrendered to the haze engulfing his mind. He'd wanted this for a long time, and he was going to get what he wanted. His hand dove down Ayako's panties, his fingers curled to rub between her pussy lips. She was already drenched, his digit meeting no resistance at all. She moaned into his mouth.

His cock was already harder than it had ever been, and Connor wasted no time stripping off his costume, the warm evening air curling around his naked body. Ayako ripped off her panties and pressed herself to him, her lips and tongue tracing patterns over his chest and belly as he stripped down. Beyond her, Connor glimpsed everyone else descending into full on debauchery. Most of the party goers were already naked. Several girls were on their knees sucking every cock they could get their hands on, others sat on the faces of willing boys, crooning softly as their nethers were lashed. Nearest him, Robbie and Shelly were grinding against one another completely naked, and Connor had to admit that Robbie was indeed sporting one hell of a cock.

Then Ayako's hand closed around him, and he looked down. She was stroking his manhood reverently, her thumb swiping over the pre leaking from the tip. "I've wanted this in me for so long," she panted.

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