Connor didn't waste time with foreplay. He was hard, she was already soaked. He grabbed hold of Ayako and drew her down to the ground with him. Despite the fact that it was pool tile, it felt like a memory foam matress under his back. Ayako straddled him, rubbing his cock head between her pussy lips for a brief moment before she sat down atop it. She took his entire length in one go, and Connor cried out as her tight pussy enveloped him like damp silk, her walls radiating gentle heat. She moaned and pawed at his chest, her fingers leaving red marks on his chest. "Connor, God," she moaned.

Connor reached up and drew Ayako down into another fiery kiss. "Ayako..." he growled, nudging upward with his hips.

Ayako crooned. "Do that again, p-please..."

Connor bucked his hips up into her, wringing another squeal out of Ayako. Then he did it again and again, setting a furious pace that soon had Ayako bracing herslef against the tile with her hands by his head as she panted and whimpered above him. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes, Connor, fuck me just like that!"

He felt sweat mat his body, slicken the space where their hips met. The smell of sex was heavy on the air, along with that infernal honey ale. Connor could dimly hear the sounds of others engaged in orgiastic pleasure, but at that moment he was focused on the sole idea of burying his cock in Ayako over and over as she moaned his name again and again. His hands groped and squeezed her breasts, wringing more moans out of her as she began to answer the motions of his hips with her own, their bodies slapping together in a frenzy of hazy lust.

There was no way he could have ever lasted long, and he didn't. He muttered a warning to Ayako, then pulled her down atop him and held her there as his cock shuddered and pulsed inside her, filling her pussy with a rush of his seed. Ayako's mouth opened in a wordless moan, her eyes losing focus for a moment. Then she relaxed atop him, trailing kisses down his head to his mouth, one which lingered as they tasted one another. As Ayako pulled away, Connor nipped at her bottom lip. "Oh my," Ayako murmured. "Look what we started."

She got off him, Connor's load seeping out of her pussy and down her leg. Connor rolled over onto his knees. The backyard of the home had become a full-fledged orgy. Some people had paired off and were going at it like that, but most everyone else were involved in a singular giant sex pile. Girls lay on top of guys with cocks in their pussy, ass, and mouth, as well as one in each hand. Two girls slobbered over one lucky guy's cock while they were pounded from behind, breasts swaying in circles. Connor even saw one group where a guy was being fucked from behind by another man while he was balls deep in a girl, a look of utter rapture crossing the face of the one in the middle.

"Connor," Ayako panted. "I wanna join."

Connor licked his lips. "Yeah, give me a minute and we can-"

Water splashed his side. Connor looked over to see Seonaidh raise another can of ale. The spirit said nothing. Then warmth suffused his side, speeding down to his groin and making his soft manhood spring back to life in an instant. The sudden sensation of being hard again made him moan.

"Ready?" Ayako asked.

"Fuck yes," Connor said.

As they moved towards the orgy, though, they were forestalled by hands on their sides. They looked down to see Robbie and Shelly looking at them hungrily, Robbie's impressive length already soaked with Shelly's juices and his own cum. Shelly's tits drew Connor's eye, much larger than Ayako's.

"Please," Shelly said, her hand closing around Connor's erection. "I need every cock I can get."

Connor felt his face burn and looked over at Ayako. She smiled back, her own face red. "Only if I get Robbie."


Within moments Ayako had lowered herself onto Robbie's erection, him filling her to the brim. She bit her lips and whined as she ground herself against him, leaning back and giving Connor an unabashed view of Robbie fucking her. Connor knew that in any other circumstance he might've found it upsetting, but there was magic in the air, and Robbie's equally horny girlfriend lapping at the underside of his cock. He grabbed her and spun her around, pushing her shoulders down so her ass was raised up in the air, her freshly fucked pussy still swollen and wanting. He hilted himself inside her with a single thrust, a new warmth surrounding him as he put a hand on the back of Shelly's neck and held her down while he plowed her, his balls slapping against her mons with every deep thrust.

"Fuck!" Shelly cried. "Ayako, you're new boyfriend's a fucking god!"

"He is!" Ayako whimered as Robbie growled and fucked her harder. "B-but so's yours!"

Connor and Robbie synchonized their thrusting, burying themselves deep into the two girls until they were both panting and filling Ayako and Shelly with their seeds to the point where they flowed out of the two. As they sat back, panting, Connor flinched as he felt more water splash his neck. He arched his back and let out a long moan as he felt himself rapidly stiffen again. Shelly and Ayako were practically devouring one another, and Robbie was already coming around again as well. The orgy beyond them now encompassed everyone save for the four of them.

Ayako stared at it hungrily. "I want it..." she panted.

"What are we waiting for?" Connor growled in her ear.

The four of them moved over to the edge of the writhing mass of bodies, and were almost immediately pulled in. What happened next was a blur to Connor, the air thick with the smell of sex and honey ale. There were no rules, no judgements that night. There were simply cocks and pussies, meeting in the most primordial of ways. Connor lost count of the different heats he buried himself in, shooting load after load into women, onto bellies, faces, tits. Every few times he would return to Ayako, and she would always finish off whoever she was with before parting her legs for him once again. Nobody ran out of stamina, nobody gave up, and nobody grew jealous. They simply gave one another all that they had until the smell of the honey ale faded, and Connor felt sleep weighing on his eyes, his cock still buried in Ayako after shooting another load into her. He tried to fight the exhaustion, but it was too overwhelming, and he simply drifted off to sleep with her in his arms on the grass.

When he awoke Ayako had rolled off him, snoring gently on the grass next to him. Connor sat up and blinked several times, thinking it was all a dream. At least until he looked to his left and saw all the naked college students lying sprawled all over the grass.

He looked the other way, his face reddening. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon, sending rays of light into the sky. November 1st. Halloween was done. Connor slowly got to his feet, casting a glance over the backyard around him. He wondered where his clothes had gotten to.

He spotted them on one of the deck chairs. As he moved over to them, he glanced down into the water of the pool, expecting to see the face of the water spirit leering up at him again. But nothing was there.

Then he looked down the slope of the hill towards the water and saw Seonaidh standing there.

He stopped. The water spirit looked back towards him, his hair still wild around his head. However, his eyes seemed less intense, the roiling edges of his outline much less chaotic. He and Connor stared at one another for a long time. Then Seonaidh raised a hand and waved.

Connor blinked, and Seonaidh was gone.

Despite the fact that they'd had a full-blown orgy going on next door, none of the house's neighbors claimed to have heard anything. Most of the people there remembered the orgy, though none could remember exactly what had started it or why they had all gotten involved. The few who got tested for illegal drugs came up clean, and none of the girls had any pregnancy scares despite being fucked bareback all night long. Eventually, most everyone there reasoned that it was a collective hallucination -- a very carnal and base one at that - and everyone moved on.

Save for a few.

Connor and Ayako told Robbie and Shelly the truth, and the couple believed them. In the months that followed they attempted to summon Seonaidh again, but their attempts didn't take. Connor reasoned that the ritual only worked during Halloween night.

And so, the next year, Connor and Ayako once again excused themselves from Robbie's Halloween party and wandered down to the beach, each of them with cans of honey ale in tow. That year Connor dressed as a caveman, Ayako as a Japanese schoolgirl in a skirt she'd intentionally bought a size too small so the hem just barely covered her ass.

They both waded out into the water. "Are we absolutely positive we want to summon him again?" Connor asked. "I mean, who knows if we gave him lasting powers last year?"

"Oh, don't be a chicken," Ayako said, giving him a peck on the lips. Connor chased her lips down, drawing her into a deep kiss as they popped the tops on the cans of ale.

"We call upon the spirit Seonaidh," Connor began.

"To grant us good fortune in the year to come," Ayako finished. "And also make the Halloween party way more fucking fun."

"Literally," laughed Connor.

They upended the ales together, then crushed the cans with finality. The breeze picked up, the waves lapping at their knees. Connor hugged Ayako to his side as they waited.

Water spattered the backs of their necks, and Connor immediately felt that heady warmth again. Ayako's eyes sparkled with the same lust. They turned around. Seonaidh rose out of the water, his white eyes shining with mirth. He tapped his wrist.

Time's wasting, you two.

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by RoseRed02/21/18

Fun story!

What a fun and entertaining story!

I enjoyed the fun trickster spirit, the pace and feel of the story.

Well done!

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I enjoyed the story...

Extra star for not writing Robbie as the stereotypical jock.

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by Anonymous11/13/17

Awesome story

Great style, funny with some hot action. Connor is a bit of a bitch, but it ends on a high note. Awesome job!

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