Separating Factors


At times, while in my apartment alone, I'd masturbate. At first, Carl had been the sole lover in my fantasy's, but bit by bit I had started to allow Charles to fill in here and there. Before I knew it, Charles was in my fantasy life far more than Carl had been. That should have been a warning to me. You see, Carl had been my fantasy man for a long, long time. I had never been one of those people to fantasize about famous people.

My issues with Carl and our marriage were not that big, looking back on it. My friends had been seeing things in our marriage from the way I talked and acted at work, and going from that, they had concluded that Carl was ignoring me. Or worse, unable to please me. That, to be fair to Carl, was not true. I had let them make me feel like I was the neglected wife though.

Charles had been doing a full court press ever since learning that I had moved out on Carl. Someone from the office had been feeding him a bunch of bull about why I had left Carl, and the feeling around there was that I was too good for Carl and he wasn't much of a man. To my shame, I never argued with those rumors, I just tried to ignore them. After all, this was between Carl and I...or so I would tell myself, it's not any of their business, let them talk and gossip all they want it won't and can't hurt us.

Our private lives had always been just that...private. Suddenly, with all the concern being shown, a few little things I had mentioned about Carl, even from when we had first dated had all been blown out of proportion, unknown to me. Others had been whispering about Carl not being able to please me in bed, and some of the rumors had specific details on top of that.

Never would I have imagined that my friends could be so harsh or callous in their judgment of my husband. Of course, in my selfishness, I had probably not painted a true or even a good picture of him either. I didn't know about most of the rumor's details, only that my closest friends were downplaying them to me constantly while feeding them to others that whole time. Some friends they turned out to be.

Nobody in the office with the exception of a few close 'friends' would ask me what Carl was like, or what our lives were like away from the office. I should have been aware that rumors have a way of coming back to haunt you, especially when one lets them simmer and doesn't take action to dismiss them when they are untrue.

If I had known what was to happen I would have acted totally different and perhaps never gone to the extremes that I had by moving out on Carl. My realization would come too late for me of course. With Charles, who was so male, and so...well, on the surface he was every girls dream man. Good looking, rich, smart and funny...I should have been more cognizant of who and what I was. I was not some young single chick that was free to play.

Then, Charles talked me into that date. I knew it was a bad idea. I knew that I'd promised Carl that I would never do anything to hurt our marriage by dating some other man, for any reason. Yet, I accepted the date with Charles. To be fair though, I had the distinct feeling that to turn Charles down would be career termination where I worked.

I still should have refused the date. I should have tried harder to see Carl as the man of my dreams still, and I most certainly should have not been fantasizing about anyone other than Carl, that man of my dreams. Instead I fooled myself into thinking that Charles would be a gentleman and that the date was just a business function of sorts, not a romantic evening. It was the first of two.

On Thursday night I was invited to Dave and Brenda's again and arriving there I found a stranger. He was talking to Dave while Brenda fixed dinner.

"Hi Carl. This is Jim. Jim Steadman. He is a private investigator that I hired."

"What on earth would you need a private investigator for Dave?"

"You. I've had him tailing Paige."

"Oh shit. Do I want to hear anything you're about to tell me?"

"I'm not sure Carl. I've been watching your wife for just over a month. I will tell you that she's been alone most of that time."

"Most of that time?"

"Aside from her work and a couple of visitors, pretty much alone."


"Yes. Several of her coworkers stop by and visit her, never going inside, they stand on the front stoop and talk for a bit then they leave. Nothing much to be worried about there. Other than..."

"Other than who?"

"There is one guy that took her out to lunch last Monday. He looked to be a wolf."

"A wolf?"

"Yeah, one of those guys that locates a woman that has some issue in her life and then they play on that, building them up until they cave...real wolfish type of thing to do. Predatory."

"Tall guy, young, rich...blonde hair?"

"Tall, yes. Black hair, drives a BMW and wears Armani I suppose he's well off. I found out he is the owner's son. Where she works I mean...the business owner's son."

"Yeah...I know who you mean now."

I had told him blonde hair in the hopes that he had the wrong guy...I had hopes that it wasn't the guy I thought it turned out to be. I was doubly worried now. If he was putting the moves on her, Paige could fall and that would be that as far as our marriage went. How far was I willing to let this go now? Could I risk the next three months or a lifetime if he succeeded? I was at a loss as to what to do.

I could try to move him along and force the issue in hopes that Paige would wake up and get her ass home to me...or I could stand by and hope against hope that Paige would be able to withstand his advances. I was torn and unsure.

"If I may sir."

"Yes Jim?"

"I think your wife is truly trying to figure out something in her life. If you step in and try to stop anything now, you could chase her away forever. I've seen this type of stuff over the years, and most of the time I recommend stepping in...but in this case, I think your wife will come around on her own."

"What about the wolf?"

"That is the issue isn't it?"


"Well, if you chase him off, you may end up having to chase off the rest of the wolves for the rest of your life. You'd always have a doubt that your wife would be faithful to you. If you don't and he succeeds, then I imagine from what your brother has told me, you'd divorce her. Your kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't. I would say that your wife...Paige...she seems to be right and true. Give her room, and the rope. Give her the chance to refuse this wolf. Then, if that doesn't work, and it's still not too late, by all means, step in and do something."

"Anyone can slip though. Paige has always had a high sex drive...even higher than mine. I worry that she'll slip and screw it all up for both of us when normally this wouldn't be an issue due to our sex life...when it was normal that is...for us..."

"I know. I think she can think with her mind though. I think she'll surprise you in the end. Give her a chance. She's been acting like one of the few...good ones. I'd give her some rope myself."

"So she can hang herself?"

" she can pull herself out of the slump she's in."

That said and done, he left his report with pictures and all, and left us. I owed my brother big time. I'd never thought of hiring someone to watch her. I never figured a need to. Now, according to this guy, I should let her have the time she needed. It worried me, but I decided to let it ride for a while more. It wouldn't be easy, that was for sure.

Our next date night was on a Saturday again. When I called her that morning to confirm I got a shock.

"Hey Paige...are you ready to go on our date tonight?"

"Will it end up like the last one Carl?"

"We didn't have the last one Paige. I'm sorry about that too. I was just..."

"I know...but something came up...can we put our date off until tomorrow?"

"Yeah...I suppose. Are you okay? Tell me Paige...are we going to be okay?"

"I think we will be Carl. I still need a little more time...but I've found out enough to make a few decisions in my life. You've been very patient with me and I truly love you for it. I know this hasn't been easy for you..."

"I just love you and want you home with me Paige."

"I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Yes. Around...say...five?"

"Five it is."

I actually felt better after this phone call than I had in a long time. It sounded like Paige had figured out some things and that the detective had been right. Giving her that space had worked okay. I showered up and then after a little bit of thinking, decided to go out for dinner anyway. I was tired of canned beans and TV dinners as it was.

I called my brother up and invited him and Brenda out. He was happy that I was so upbeat and suggested that they take me out, their treat. I accepted and we decided to meet at the place they chose. I knew where it was, and it was upscale from my normal type of place. I had to dress up a bit more...including a tie...but in the mood I was in; a tie wasn't an issue.

Arriving there, I saw Dave and Brenda already seated. I was led to them, introduced and then handed off to them by the waiter. As we ate I told them the good news.

"Paige and I have a date for tomorrow. She sounded like she's about ready to get back together with me. At least she sounded upbeat. I have my fingers crossed at any rate. This whole nightmare will soon be over and we can put this all behind us."

" Paige isn't supposed to be here Carl?"

Brenda was giving me a funny look as Dave suddenly got nervous. His question about Paige being here took me off guard and I turned to see what had made them so weird. What I saw was my wife walking towards us. There was the matre'd leading was when he led them to one side that I saw Paige had a date. That slime ball motherfucker that the private investigator had told me about.

He even had his hand on her ass as they walked through the place, like he owned her or something. I started to get up, ready to fight. Dave grabbed my arm and pulled me back into my chair.

"Let it go Carl. Remember that you have to let Paige decide. Let her have her chance."

"Did you see that fucker? He had his hand on her ass...I'm going to kill him...that..."

" off...chill out. You have to let her decide who it is she wants to be with."

I sat there steaming. My good mood was shot all to hell. I could see where they were sitting, clearly. Too clearly. As they sat he tried to take her hand in his. He was talking to her and working closer as he did. Paige pulled her hand away from his, and picked up the menu. He sat back; still talking it looked like. I wish I could hear what was being said but they were too far away. I could only sit there and stare at my wife on a date with another man.

Dave and Brenda tried to get me to talk to them, and I was a poor guest, but I tried. It was hard because how I was sitting I couldn't help but see Paige and that...asshole. As I watched he put his hand under the table. Paige lowered her hand and moved something by her leg, and then brought it back up on top. The waiter showed up for them and they ordered.

After the waiter left, she put her hand underneath the table and shook her head in a negative fashion at lover boy. He was trying to do something, and if I had a good guess I figured he was trying to get his hand up her dress. At least Paige looked uncomfortable being with him. They hadn't seen me, and I think she wouldn't have expected to see me there to begin with. I sat there, still steaming, but I found myself rooting for Paige to be the good wife and do the right thing. Dave and Brenda had turned to look once in a while and I knew that they were worried about what was going to happen next.

We finished our meals and I ordered a dessert. Dave and Brenda tried to talk me out of it, but I needed to stall for time now. I had to watch my wife with that ass I just had to. They finally relented and ordered some dessert themselves. As we waited for it to be delivered, the asshole got real familiar with Paige. At least he was trying to.

More and more I could see that Paige was uncomfortable being there with him, and I was sure that she was sorry she had even came here with him now. He was practically mauling her as they sat there, and she was trying to be calm, pushing off his roving hands the best she could. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to do something, even if it cost me dearly in the end.

Jumping up I almost ran over to their table. was a very fast walk, but I covered the distance in a heartbeat. His hand was between her legs, on her upper thigh, moving under her dress by the time I got there. He glanced up at me, not really seeing who I was, if he even knew. Paige was fighting him off and I heard her tell him to stop.

"The lady said to stop it."

"Fuck off asshole. She's with me."

"That's my wife you're trying to cop a feel of. Knock it off."

Paige had turned white when my voice cut through the air. She wasn't aware of my presence, having to fight him off of her. She had been looking under the table instead of towards me.

"Carl...this isn't what you think it is..."

Her 'date' started to turn to face me more.

"Shut up Paige. I'll take care of this clown. Is this...'Carl'?"

Lover boy was sounding less and less nice and more and more spoiled.

"I'm her husband...asshole. Take your hands off of her. NOW."

He stopped sitting and started to stand to face me.

"You're her husband? The jerk that can't please her in bed? The mouse that can't roar? The wimp-assed guy who had her and lost her? Get lost buddy, she's fair game now."

I don't know when it started, all I know is my fist slammed into his skull, hard. His head snapped back and he looked like he was about out of it as I came to a stop bent over him. Paige had jumped up and was crying, looking afraid of me. Dave was there, trying to get me back and out of the place while I shook him off. I grabbed lover boy by his silk tie and started to slam my fist into his face again and again.

The next thing I knew the cops had shown up and I was in cuffs. Paige had disappeared and lover boy was shouting that he was going to press charges. I was hauled off to jail while my brother told me that he'd get me a lawyer. I ended up sitting in the cell all night...with a bunch of drunks and what appeared to be drug addicts. What a way to end a day. The only thing I was missing was a buddy sitting there with me telling me what a 'hell of a good time' we had.

The next morning at my arraignment my lawyer got me out on bail. I was in serious trouble. Lover boy was hollering that he wanted me prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I almost laughed at him since I could see that his face had been stitched up and he had lumps and bruises all over from my fists. It made me feel just a tad bit better.

When I got out in front of the courthouse, Dave and Brenda were there to meet me. I had been remanded to their custody for the meantime, until the trial. I was in serious trouble after all. The lawyer was telling me all the possible consequences of my actions, and plans for my defense. I was hardly listening. I just wanted to go get slobbering drunk.

Then something the lawyer told me sunk in.

"What was that you said about Paige?"

"I said if we can get her to testify that he was man handling her, we could get you off Scott free. You were protecting your wife after all."

"How am I supposed to do that? She disappeared last night, and I'm sure she's filing for a divorce right now. Probably right up the hallway a little ways."

"No I'm not Carl."

I turned to see Paige walking up to me. She looked troubled, but at least she was talking to me.

"I don't understand. What are you doing here Paige?"

"I came here to get you out of jail, but it seems that I'm a little late for that. Your brother took better care of you than I have. I'm...I...I'm so sorry Carl. This is all my fault."

"No, it's all asshole's fault Paige. He shouldn't have been trying to cop a feel of you in a public place like that"

"Are you going to divorce me now Carl?"

"Not unless that is what you want Paige."

"Why did you do that?"

"What? Try to protect my wife? That's what good husbands do Paige...they love and protect their wives."

"But I was dating him. We had a deal...and I broke it."

"Did you sleep with him Paige?"

"No. Matter of fact I was sorry I even told him I'd go out with him. I forgot what day it was when he made the date and when I realized that it was our date night I tried to get out of it...but he refused. I was afraid he'd cause problems...even more than what he I cut my date with you in order to tell him I wasn't interested in him...that way. It got out of hand though..."

"Maybe just a little. Our deal was sleeping with someone Paige...not dating. I forgive you for that."

"I wanted today to be special Carl. I was going to tell you that I had figured it all out and that I wanted to come you...forever."

"You do?"

"Yes. I acted stupidly and I should have gone with you for some counseling. I listened to the wrong people...even though they meant well, they were dead wrong about my issues. I listened to someone I hardly knew instead of my husband that I loved. I'm so sorry about all of this."

"Sure you want to be seen hanging around a jail bird?"

" were wonderful. The way you smacked was wonderful."

"Why'd you disappear then, if I was so wonderful?"

"Because I figured that you would file for divorce once you saw us together like you did. I crossed the line with him."

"But you told me that you two didn't sleep together. You didn't fuck him...right?"

"No. But I accepted a date with him when I already had one with you. There was no excuse for that. None whatsoever."

"I want you home Paige. We'll go get some counseling and see what we need to do to make things better between us. If I don't end up in jail that is."

"I don't think that will be a problem. I intend to press charges against him for attempted sexual harassment and whatever else I can find."

"I can help you with that young lady."

My lawyer was taking charge now. He had Paige where he wanted and he was going to make it all better. Dave and Brenda were standing there with me while we went over everything.

He dropped the charges against me if she dropped hers against him for the restaurant incident, but she was able to keep the employee charges against him in the mean time. He had pressured her into the date, and he had also intimated that if she didn't play ball his way she could lose her job. His dad would end up paying dearly for having his Romeo son working for him now.

At home things were difficult for a time. Our counseling opened up some things that I hadn't been aware of that I had been doing. Too much time with the business, not enough time with her...things like that. I made a change shortly after that and it made all the difference in the world. I was offered a rather tidy sum for my business, and I sold it. Like my brother, I am now semi-retired. Paige and I are doing lots better, and our sex life is back where it used to be.

We both learned a lot throughout all of this. Sometimes friends can be wrong in their advice. Sometimes one has to take a stand even if they are unsure of the outcome, and sometimes, just sometimes; things left alone do work out in the end.

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Simply put:

He's a simp.
She's a headcase.
They're going to have some pretty fucked-up kids.
At least it was well written. But man, do I detest every single character in this.
You've done better, author. And I havemore...

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