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Septuagenarian Sex?


The urgings of sex is ageless, however the transmissions of ability seems to get a bit rusty with time. For some reason the elderly seem to get tremendously inhibited to the point they condemn those with healthy appetites, as trashy sluts. This is obviously a latent primitive reaction of guilt, especially with women who violated what was thought to be "honorable" dogma, throughout their early life. This brainwashing is so damaging to the female of our species, that they tend to "re-virginate" at about the age of 65, and believe that they are uncompetitive in the wiles of seduction, forcing the friendly capable males to seek sexual relief from younger women - which then creates a regenerative amplifier to the feeling of inadequacy!

Sex is the prime force of life itself, and though it is best served selfishly, the shared mutual event is unifying, and comforting to both parties, physically and mentally, and thus should be supported with the cheerful approval of society instead of demeaning sarcasm. Yes, I am directing this paper onto older women because without having a fun outlook to the sex act they are basically swindling themselves and their possible partners of the joy of life. Dancing is fun and while it stimulates stress between the sexes, partners copulating in private reach out further and extinguish any remaining stress. It is a bit sad when it becomes a traditional act instead of a totally joyful one; so role playing becomes a good stimulus. Afterwards, the teen ager thoughts of "that was ginger peachy" should truly be the attitude of older women while cleaning up, with a driving concern that if unsatisfied, she will take on an additional lover through the fun/art of seduction. Remember, no matter how torrid a 70 year old can be, she will never come close to matching the intensity of a 30 year old woman, so the older woman should just bask in the freedom of having healthy fun sharing the blessings of life without concern of breeding pressure.

For some reason the aging process tends to move our emotional state back to childhood. This conscientiously must be brought under control since an entire sexual sortie' is victim-less with two consenting adults. Jealousy is an immature response, and truly bonded seniors should never part because of it (especially if both partners are sexually gratified to their individual limits). Yes, this is an idealistic view where the bonds of marriage is the emotional love coupling of a team, that have the individual right to work together in order to grow into a family, or to just be there (for each other); for the full term of "their" bonding contract.

After 50 years of brainwashing that we are superior creatures attached to a "perfect" God, it becomes difficult to accept the fact that as older folks we are truly the ghouls and vampires that horror stories pontificate. Our aging bodies are not as responsive to fuel input, however when we cut back on food, our storage programs become more intense, so excessive fat is stored to sap more energy to make us weaker. Of course the majority cannot accept the fact that we are members of a herd of animals. A weakened and unhealthy animal that requires "professional" medical assistance just to sustain life. This forces us into drug addiction that is legally acceptable; but will also criminalize us if we attempt to negotiate automobile traffic under the influence of legally prescribed medications. Logically we would be far better off enjoying nature's (illegal) drugs -- that prove aborigines smarter then civilized mankind, because the drugs they gather are far less damaging, and more effective for us older folk. So we are condemned to suffer physically and financially because of youth's abuse to their recreational drugs; that parents with a zero tolerance phobia wish authorities to control, instead of taking responsibility and protecting their own children.

The truth is that one's active life is shortening in time as we age, thus the time left to enjoy the extreme pleasure of sexual union is getting less. Attempting to create relationships instead of just sex partners, is futile. There is enough pain and sorrow in the world so that living with amplified modesty and shame, is ridiculous. Aging means it is time to smell the roses, your 'pole vaulting' days are over. Savor the joy of sharing the time with needy individuals through channels of art, music, dance, and seduction. Be an intellectual satyr even though your hormone intensity wans; instead of pity me because I am an 'old bag'. Molly Brown (unsinkable) had it right, along with Sally (Cabaret). "Don't sit alone in a room, come hear the music play, life is a cabaret old chum; come to the Cabaret!"

We tend to follow a paradigm that society constructs when it comes to sex that needs to be broken. Males wish to pick up a partner for the evening, whereas women seem to like waking up to a partner instead. As we age this becomes a pattern that fuels frigidity; older women at nighttime are tuckered out and seek a rain-check, and drowsy males in the morning are useless. Instead the older woman should see herself as a delightful Belle de Jour', and seek her lover's performance in the afternoon; to make the best of energies available, while dressing up for the occasion to make the most of the thrill of seduction. Having a no nonsense European attitude is a sign of maturity that aging is supposed to develop, and is a sign of our superior intelligence to make the gist of life wonderful. The prime fruits of seduction is relief while enjoying the thrilling enthusiasm of one's partner. Two of natures creatures individually gratifying themselves. Sex itself is merely body functions that is almost neurotic in nature; whereas, Love is more intimate, much more sophisticated, and is a deeper relationship that can grow when one eliminates the primitive barrier of sex!

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