It took some time for Harry to figure out what was really wrong with him. It seemed to come over him in stages, like each new day seemed a bit fuzzier, he just felt that much more, how could he put it? He felt just that much more blah, yeah, he thought, that's it. It was almost as if he was becoming less distinct, less concrete, somehow fading.

When Harry looked in the mirror he noticed his intensely dark eyes seemed lackluster, his firm square jaw was not as firm and his muscular chest actually sagged a bit. Baggy circles were forming beneath his eyes and yet the distinctive crow's feet that gave him character were gone. Even his cock seemed to diminish each time he had sex.

Sex, now that was another thing. Harry remembered the first night with his lover Mary Anne, how intense the sex was. They came together in a wanton whirl of activity as they nearly tore the clothes off of each other. She unabashedly opened her legs to him and let him devour her pussy. He slid his tongue up and down her tight slit, feeling it open to him as he pushed his tongue deep into her wet opening. Later as he moved up to her clit, he sucked it into his mouth as his tongue flicked lightly over it. She moaned and ground her pussy against his face over the next half hour, coming three or four times.

He no sooner pulled his head from between her legs while massaging his jaw than she pushed him onto his back and took his massive cock into her mouth. Harry was amazed how much of him she took, as she slid her head up and down while stroking him with her right hand. No woman had ever taken him so deep into her mouth and it excited him to see her lips purse in and out as she moved over his glistening cock. Just as he was about to come, she pulled her head away, crawled up over him and slid her pussy down over his throbbing erection.

It slid into her so easily and as she moved she kind of circled over him, almost as if she was screwing herself over him. The added sensation from the torque she applied to his rod had him trembling. It was just a few minutes before he reached down, squeezed her ass as he arched his back, shoved his cock deep inside her and came, spurting his cum into the wet warmth of her cunt.

As wild at that was, they didn't stop, spending the rest of the night, stroking, sucking, licking and fucking each other again and again. When Mary Anne left that next morning, they both anxiously went over their plans for the next night. Harry spend the rest of the morning and into the afternoon thinking only about Mary Anne, about her incredible breasts, the dark nipples, her nimble body, her tasty pussy and her incredible mouth.

Strangely, when Harry saw Mary Anne the next evening, her breasts seemed smaller, less distinct, with nipples that seemed about the same color as the rest of her. And her face, well, her makeup wasn't smeared or anything, but it just seemed a bit off. The bright blue eyes he remembered seemed faded, somehow a bit grayer. They went out to eat before returning to his room, when the night before they were in such a rush that they skipped dinner altogether.

Once back in Harry's apartment, Harry undressed himself as Mary Anne did the same. They kissed briefly and then climbed into bed, where Harry climbed over her and she gently guided his cock into her pussy. She wasn't very wet, so it took a few moments before he was able to slide his cock in all the way and when he was able to push it completely inside her, she seemed to sigh disappointedly.

Mary Anne came once, then closed her eyes and turned her head as Harry continued for a while before he felt a slight twinge of pleasure and then he came. It seemed so strange, the sensation on his cock was dulled somehow, as if he had worn a condom, but no, his cock slipped out of her pussy, covered with their cum. He rolled off of her and they both fell asleep.

The next morning they made plans to get together again, but this time both of them showed up late. By the time they finished dinner and returned to Harry's apartment, Mary Anne had fallen asleep in the car. She did wake up and dutifully kissed him and then undressed for him as he did the same. Her breasts seemed to sag more than Harry remembered.

As they climbed into bed Mary Anne had to stroke Harry's cock for nearly five minutes before it got hard. When he was finally able to achieve erection, his cock looked visibly shorter, the head was only a faded purple, and the vein that pulsed so vividly the first night was barely visible. Harry could smell an odd odor as his cock slid in and out of Mary Anne and she really seemed distracted through the entire ordeal.

Harry finally did come and though he continued thrusting his shrinking cock in and out of her pussy, Mary Anne never did come. She finally asked, "Can we stop now, it's hurting."

He withdrew and rolled over beside her, annoyed, confused and quite frankly frightened. It was as if the two of them were, bit by bit, slipping away. The beautiful woman who he fucked all night a couple of nights ago, seemed like an old woman and Harry, Harry felt like he was seventy years old. He just couldn't hold it in anymore and asked, "Mary Anne, what is happening to us? I mean when we first met, it was so good, we both were so vital, so strong and sexy."

"And now it's all so... so bland," she replied.

"Yes, like we have faded. Each time we made love we became less distinct, less..."

"I feel it too. I guess we never should have done a sequel."

"A sequel? Is this a sequel?"

"Didn't you know? The first night was Chapter One, after that was Chapter Two and Chapter Three."

"But I didn't know. I thought..."

"No, this is a sequel and it's only a matter of time," she interrupted.

"A matter of time?"

"Before it all ends. You didn't think we'd just fade away together, no the author will get bored and simply get rid of us. It happens all the time."


Before Harry could finish Mary Anne jumped up from the bed and ran to the window. Harry watched her from the bed, noticing a light outside growing brighter and brighter until it was so bright he could barely see Mary Anne.

Suddenly he heard her scream, "Harry, I..."

There was a sudden, crash at the window and Harry felt a searing heat. An hour or two later, the firemen were able to contain the ensuing fire to just two apartments, Harry's and a vacant one next door. Remarkably there were only two causalities reported in the paper the next day. The paper mentioned a tiny meteor and then the story abruptly ended.

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