tagIncest/TabooSera Ch. 22

Sera Ch. 22



Getting comfortable at the Ross house didn't happen all at once, to be sure. This was different from how I felt at the hotel, and I almost envied our hosts for going blissfully on under our influence while my mind spun with so many filthy possibilities and all the anxieties that came with them.

Auntie Kathleen, however, seemed completely at ease, both of us interacting with the man of the house during our tour, but she with such ease and sincerity that it couldn't have been just an act. She was incredible and seemed somehow different with the Ross's, but not in terms of seeming like a different person so much as coming off as more fully the person that she was. I also wondered if it was really she who seemed different, or if it was just my changed perspective.

The rest of the house, including the large family room in the basement with the pool table, huge screen TV and old fashioned arcade games, was as nice as the living room and backyard. Even being used to much better, much grander surroundings at the family estate, I could easily appreciate their home and understand Mr. Ross's pride when he showed it off for us, often speaking to me directly and once winking with a friendly charm in his wife's absence.

I could almost taste my own excitement when our tour ended with the spacious master bedroom, just as Auntie had dictated. The walls were white amidst a lot of light to medium shades of green with dark wooden furniture that looked antique by style, but not in how the weight of the pieces seemed to sit on the dark hardwood floor. The most remarkable thing in the room wasn't the totally huge, king size bed, rather Pammy and her two sons standing with slightly confused expressions, probably as to why they were there.

However, like the proper hostess ought to, Pammy handed out drinks on our arrival, watching curiously, yet proudly as her husband showed us their enormous walk in closet and the beautiful ensuite bathroom. When he was finished, we three stood with those three to make six, Mr. Ross looking around at his family, then at us with a confident grin. His eyes darted to my chest for an instant before looking to see if Pammy saw.

Taking advantage, I arched my back, shrugging out of my jacket while noting how well our instruction had taken with the men. After a 'casual' glance, they performed a double take when they saw my nipples working against my cammie. I gave Mr. Ross a nice, cheery smile.

"Uh, here, lemme take that for you," he managed, moving suddenly, but a little stiffly to take my jacket.

"Thanks, I said, adding, "You're cute. (Giggle)"

He flushed a little, but laughed it off with a glance down my top and another guilty one for his wife.

"It is warm," Auntie noted. "Pam, will you help me with this?"

Up until then, Pammy had been looking with muted astonishment at how her husband had somewhat openly made eyes at my body, her jaw working a little as she now regarded Auntie. Her old friend gestured to her sweater by seductively moving her shoulders and Pammy jerked forward on command, reaching for the button at her neck to undo it with trembly hands. Before she could completely slip it from her shoulders, Auntie leaned forward with a grin I wouldn't even begin trying to describe and began whispering in her ear.

Pammy's movements immediately slowed as she concentrated on whatever she was being told, eyes widening before Auntie drew back. While she herself seemed unaware of the traditional and social wrongness of another woman taking Auntie's sweater, her son's didn't. They watched this closely as Mr. Ross tossed my jacket on the bed.

"That's better," Auntie warmly enthused just before giving our hostess a soft kiss on the lips.

There was a brief silence while the collective Ross family jaw dropped, Pammy's too as she stared at my smiling Auntie.

For his part, the head of the household fairly struggled to remain proper and, while he'd certainly noticed Auntie before, it was only now that he took his increasingly roaming eyes from me to place on the voluptuous blonde that Richard and David had been more surreptitiously ogling. When Auntie took a step back from his wife, we could all see her nipples fighting their confines as mine were. Auntie had become very horny.

Mocking wary surprise, Auntie almost hissed at her, "Uh... they seemed to like that," before laughing low and devilishly at David and Richard.

" ... I-" Pammy finally managed before I interrupted.

"Let's all get up on the bed!"

I didn't even look back as I wiggled my bum to the huge bedroom piece, climbing up on the seemingly vast, padded surface and making my way on hands and knees over the dark green duvet towards the pillows. I was giddy with the knowledge of what kind of view this would afford the others, even blushing when I did turn to settle myself with my back to the impressively wide headboard.

Auntie was already climbing up, a wild, dizzy smile of excitement dancing in her eyes as she sat across from me. The men, Mr. Ross leading by example, broke ranks with his wife to join us. He sat beside me and to my right, taking a much more than casual look down my cammie that his wife didn't see as he got settled. He smiled and winked at me, making me giggle as Richard settled to his right, between him and Auntie. As David settled to Auntie's right, both he and his older brother took a daring look at her boobies. Richard even moved a little closer for a brazen look down her top.

Pammy was still recovering from Auntie's seductive advance and she looked at us all with a questioning expression, her smile again unsure as things now seemed to be moving at a very quick pace from her perspective.

"But, this is... shouldn't we go to the veranda, or...?"

"Why?" Auntie asked with a raised brow. "This is much cozier and you can sit right here beside me. David, make way for your Mum."

He obliged, his disappointment not so great for that kiss he'd seen between the two older women. 'Mummy' then patted the spot he'd vacated, looking at Pammy with erotic expectation.

Pammy's flush renewed itself, yet her smile eventually took greater control as she looked at her feet, unable to dispute some enjoyment of that kiss on her part. Regarding the bed, however, and for what it was worth, the amount of will we'd allowed her to keep balked again.

"Well... it just seems-"

"Hands up, who wants Pam on the bed with us?"

"I do," Mr. Ross said, putting his hand up and smiling around the circle, winking at me again and getting a giggle in return.

Shifting eyes to the younger Ross's, I watched them throw in with their father without looking at him, still red faced, but forcing casual attitudes to overlay their excitement. Their inhibitions, as Auntie had instructed, were as relaxed as those of their more aggressive father. Of course, both Auntie and I voted in favour so, along with her discomfort, Pammy boarded the bed no matter how she felt about it.

"Now, isn't this better?" Auntie challenged with a smile, leaning forward just enough so that her big boobies nicely loaded her top, for anyone who cared to notice such things.

All three males in the group cared to notice such things, looking down her pullover to agree with smiles, Pammy vaguely upset again at Mr. Ross's wandering eyes.

"I love little get-togethers like this," Auntie enthused to her old friend. "Nice and quiet, but fun."

"Mmm..." Pammy agreed with a worried and slightly confused expression. "But I think this drink has made me a little tipsy. I'd better cut back."

"No," Auntie countermanded. "Loosen up a bit, Pam."

" ... I'm going to loosen up a bit."

"Great idea," Auntie said with a note of laughter as she glanced at me. "In fact, all of you loosen up. Don't take your usual inhibitions or silly little personal hang-ups about things like sex quite as seriously tonight."

They nodded and voiced smiling, curious agreement, but their light confusion remained apparent. Pammy's uncomfortable smile conveyed that she wasn't really the type to loosen up, but she did with the control we had over her.

"We're all going to have some harmless fun tonight," Auntie summed up before I eagerly got things started.

"Yeah. Just a little fun. Um, Mummy, kiss Pammy again."

This idea was received well by the men despite their hesitation to completely show it.

"Heh. Who wants to see me kiss Pamela again? Hands?"

"Kathleen..." Pammy complained with a disbelieving smile, her face turning crimson.

"It's just a kiss, dear," her husband said.

I couldn't believe it and I actually giggled at Mr. Ross's encouragement as his hand raised to the level of his grin.

"Yeah Mum, it's just a kiss," Richard seconded, glancing at his father with a face turning almost as red as his mother's, his hand raising as well.

Pammy's jaw couldn't drop any lower in astonishment as long as she continued smiling with it. The lack of comment from her other red faced, clearly excited son only accented the elevation of his hand all the more.

Interestingly enough, this was not really a result of our influence, apart from the three of them honestly answering Auntie's question. In this case, they co-operated as we'd instructed by simply telling the truth. I giggled again, even almost forgetting to raise my own hand.

"Well Pam," Auntie judged with good natured finality, "it's unanimous."

Auntie then set her lips to those of her old friend, their eyes locked, boobies pressing together. Auntie's more erotic contact lasted much longer this time and ended with a mind numbing, "swerp."

"Oh my fuck..." Richard toned in awe.

One could actually feel the silent agreement in the room as Pammy tried to pull herself together. She no longer seemed sure of smiling as she stared at Auntie.

"Mmm... yummy," Auntie leered at the men. "Now, who wants to watch her kiss me back?"

"I do," Richard said almost immediately, getting agreement from Mr. Ross, then David as the three of them waited with obvious anticipation.

"But Dan..." she trailed off, her disbelieving smile making an unwanted comeback.

"It's harmless, baby," Auntie said as her eyes roamed Pammy's body, "And you know you want to. Isn't that why you're smiling at me?"

"Uh... I... Well, yes..."

Pammy's first kiss was brief, almost explorative before going back for a more prolonged gesture, her eyes swooning in Auntie's Jedi stare. She was soon kissing with great passion, caressing the side of Auntie's face and holding her close with a gentle hand on the back of her neck. When she stopped, licking Auntie's lips once before moving away, it was like this incredible moment where everything paused and everybody just silently spazzed, including Auntie and I. Seeing the timing, however, I managed to inject a little something helpful to peel everyone from the ceiling.

"(Giggle) Um, you have a really nice house, Mr. Ross."

"Th- thanks, Kitten," he somehow replied, yet sincerely complimented and managing to joke afterward "At times like this, I think it's the AC that I like best about it,"

There was no mistaking the double meaning, and I giggled again along with Auntie while his sons smiled nervously, however taking this as free license to check out Auntie a little more openly.

"Oh, I enjoy the outdoors, even in heat like this," she put in a little more seriously while unapologetically running her eyes up and down Pammy's body, "but I try to limit my exposure because of melanoma and such. The numbers have been on the rise, and it's a lot more serious than most people think."

"People have died from melanoma," Pammy injected, suddenly more at ease with this meaningless conversation. "I never expose myself if I don't have to."

"I'm sure you don't," Auntie quipped, going on as though the two really were old friends and this conversation was happening over coffee at Tim's. "I mean, nothing replaces the beach, especially the Italia sand but, if you spend any amount of time in places like that and really get to know the local flavour of the people, you'll see they don't hold their age well. Far better to hit the pool and get inside at regular intervals to avoid aging to a leather boot. Of course, that would be a fine, Italian, leather boot..."

The look in Pammy's eyes changed when Auntie implied she'd been to 'Italia'. She even laughed at her joke as Mr. Ross smiled at me and looked down my cammie again.

"And there's nothing like the privacy of one's own pool," Auntie observed before taking a sip of her drink.

"Yes," Pammy agreed with a smile, her eyes momentarily caught by her old friend's nipples, "although I wait until it's only myself and Dan at home, and I certainly don't enjoy bearing all for strangers at the beach."

"Oh god, I do," Auntie laughed.

Pammy laughed as well, but hesitantly. Her sons mentally undressed the incredible blonde, whose darkly flashing, hazel eyes regularly picked up theirs for brief dances before moving on.

"But, it's mostly young men," Auntie clarified. "They're naturally very horny and curious, especially about my tits."

"A- your- yes, I... I suppose..." Pammy stumbled, glancing almost fearfully at her two sons before offering further reply. "Although, our boys are well brought up. Perverted thoughts don't run through their minds."

"Perverted thoughts?" Auntie perked.

"Yes," Pammy replied.

"Like... what kind of perverted thoughts?"

" ... Uh, well... you know the kind of thoughts that boys usually run around with in their heads," she uncomfortably related, adding, "About women. Like what you just mentioned about them looking at your breasts."

"Like what, though?" I pressed as her husband enjoyed me sitting with my legs curled under my bum on their bed.

"Yes, be more specific," Auntie supported.

"Well, it would be impolite to say."

"No it wouldn't, Auntie refuted simply. "Forget about what you think of as impolite, or wrong. Tell us what kind of perverted thoughts about women you think young men run around with."

"Uh... well... Oh my. Well, they uh, look at women and imagine them naked. They think about taking their clothes off and... feeling them up and things."

"What things?" I asked, locking eyes with Mr. Ross.

"Well... sticking their har- (ahem) hard... penises in places where they don't belong. Most young men are always running around with big, hard penises, looking at women like we only exist to satisfy them and their perverted needs."

"Oh Pam," Auntie scoffed with a chuckle. "That's normal for young men."

"Not for my boys, it isn't. They've been brought up better."

"Well, they sure seemed to like watching you and I kissing, so..."

"But... Well, that- that's different," she quickly tried to defend. "That's... okay."

"Of course it is, baby."

With that, Auntie leaned closer and began passionately kissing Pammy again. Pammy, after swooning to Auntie's eyes, began returning this attention, moaning a long, barely audible tone of simple pleasure as their lips made soft wet sounds in the otherwise silent room.

"Mmmm..." Auntie toned, totally horned up when they were finished.

"Uhh-hh... umm..." Pammy dithered.

The Ross men were again speechless, immobile and vacantly receptive as Auntie kept at poor Pammy in a leering, yet encouraging tone.

"Don't you ever have perverted thoughts about men?" Auntie asked.

"I- Well, sometimes- I mean, not perverted. Not like that," she again tried to explain with some desperation as that helpless grin threatened to reappear.

"Uh huh," Auntie chuckled knowingly.

"No, my thoughts about men are clean and... romantic."

"So, you think of men other than your husband, although in a clean and romantic way," Auntie summed up.

"No! It- it's-"

"Why do I get the feeling it includes young men doing some very perverted thing with you?"

Pammy's jaw dropped as her guiltiest grin broke free.

"Pamela," Auntie placated, "it's okay, we're all allowed to say whatever we want now. ... Um, tell us more about your fantasies. How old are the men you think about?"

"They're... around twenty-five."

"'Around' twenty-five?"

"Well, n- no older."

"Oh. So, eighteen to twenty-five, huh?"

Pammy nodded uncertainly.

"And what do these boys do for you?"

A moment of utter silence went by as Pammy turned an even deeper shade of red before replying with that returning smile of guilt, "They- they um, caress. They caress me. I like that."

"Do you caress yourself, Pamela?"

"Uh, yes. Yes, I..."

"Mmm. So do I. Now tell us... These boys, are their penises big and hard?"

"Oh... well, yes. Not always, but yes."

"What happens when they are?" Auntie pressed on. "Do they get into places they don't belong?"

"No, it's not like... I mean, they're caressing me and their penises are... against me. Pressed up against me.

"Are you naked?"


"The young men?"

"Usually not."

"What are they wearing?"

"Uhm... briefs."

"Interesting," Auntie remarked, shooting me a look in relation to this preference that Pammy and I apparently had in common. "And yourself when you're not naked?"

"I... I wear something small. Something that barely covers and that I ha- have to keep working at..."

"At keeping yourself covered," Auntie finished with a sexy leer.


"While these young men, plural I might add, caress you?"

"(Ahem) Y-yes."

"Very interesting."

"(Giggle!)" I agreed.

"What about women? Have you ever been with one besides our kissing?" Auntie asked, further perking the eyes and ears of the already quite attentive men.


"In your fantasies?"

"Well, I... uhh..."

"That'd be a yes," I commented with a knowing smile.

Pammy looked at me with mild panic and I actually felt a little bad for her, but not so bad that I couldn't giggle a bit with Auntie's quiet laughter before she went on.

"And how old are these women?"

"Uhh..." She hesitated, "mostly younger... women. Oh, my."

"It's alright, Pammy," I told her with a smile, then assuring, "You can kiss me if you want."

That disbelieving smile notched up despite her show of resistance to the idea, and there was no mistaking the opinions of the men in the group. I'd guess Auntie caught that as well, putting my offer to a less than inhibited group vote.

"Who wants to see Pamela and Kitten making out?"

Mr. Ross grinned, his hand going up with little hesitation, his two sons again following his example in gesture and facial expression.

Pammy was more nervous with me, hesitating after the results were in, but still wearing that smile, a little bigger now. I wondered if she was aware of how easy it made reading her, and if the others were reading her as easily. There was no doubt Auntie was as she encouraged her across the circle with a gentle hand on her lower back.

I got to my knees and received her in my arms with a nice little girly smile, softly kissing her lips as I started caressing her sides. She shivered and began hesitantly kissing back, soon moaning a little, so low that I was the only one to hear as I squeezed her hips just enough...

I gave them a show, slowly, softly grinding my pelvis against hers, my hands caressing up her back, between her shoulder blades as our necking became more intense. Pammy's hands were now lightly massaging my back and sides, pausing at the edges of my boobies to take her turn squeezing just enough...

I must admit, I was probably as lit up as she was when we stopped. The men were blown away, every drop of blood having vacated their skulls in favour of rushing madly to their groins. The end result was a boner in each of their pants, awkward and clearly visible, that none wanted to call attention to by adjusting with their hands. Pammy saw them and stared with more disbelief as they finally looked away in some discomfort, subtly squirming to try and rectify their situations in a more surreptitious manner.

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