tagFetishSerena Visits The Fetish Shoe Shop

Serena Visits The Fetish Shoe Shop


As the train slowed down and drew into York station Mark smiled at his wife Serena and asked how she felt.

'Nervous, and as horny as hell,' she replied.

The train slowed to a halt and Mark and Serena got off and made their way off the platform where they were due to meet Robert, Mrs Wyles' assistant. They held hands as they approached the ticket barrier and walked through it. Almost instantly a young man approached them. He held out his hand said, 'Hi I'm Robert, you must be Serena and Mark.'

They smiled at each other and shook hands. Serena was immediately pleased with what she saw. She guessed that Robert was in his early 20s, naturally well built who hadn't had to spend half the week in the gym to look as good as he did.

Robert led them to his car and they both got in the back. Serena was getting hornier by the minute, after all she had spent a lot of time reading about Robert, Mrs Wyles and The Fetish Shoe Shop. She was at first reluctant to mention it to Mark but she knew how much it turned them both on when she wore her ultra high heels and stockings. But as soon as Mark too read about The Fetish Shoe Shop he was happy for Serena to visit it.

Serena had been in contact with the owner Mrs Wyles and had already given he a good idea of what she hoped to get from the visit although she hadn't explained everything in great detail to Mark. She assumed, correctly as it happened, that once Mark saw how much she was getting turned on that he'd go along with whatever she wanted.

They had been married for ten years and faithful to each other during that time, although both had fantasised about other people during bouts of masturbation. Serena was dressed conservatively, black skirt, white blouse and 3 inch heels. She had put her long blonde hair up as Mark liked it and it made her look sophisticated and elegant. As they sat in the back of the car Mark had and urge to lean over and kiss her neck.

Although she was dressed like she was on her way to work, Serena was in fact feeling like a tart. She loved wearing her stockings and high heels and it was those things that aroused her when she read about The Fetish Shoe Shop. She had fantasised many time about visiting the shop and eventually the urges were so strong that she gave in and contacted Mrs Wyles. They chatted in detail about what Serena wanted from her visit and it was soon very clear that Mrs Wyles could supply what she needed.

As the car passed many of the familiar sights of York Serena's mind wandered to Robert sitting in front of her. She had read many reports about The Fetish Shoe Shop and clearly Robert was a very popular assistant to Mrs Wyles with all her lady visitors and looking at him Serena could see why.

After a few minutes the car stopped and they all got out. They walked a few yards past several well known shops until they got to a plain door in between two shops. On the outside was a simple nameplate that read TFSS. Robert rang the bell and the door was opened by Mrs Wyles. She welcomed Serena and Mark and they followed her down a hallway and into a spacious office. She beckoned them to sit down on a sofa and asked how the journey was and made small talk for a couple of minutes.

Serena thought that Mrs Wyles looked very elegant. She was a few years older than herself, beautifully made up with deep crimson red lipstick. She was wearing a white blouse and black skirt with a long slit up the front and fishnet stockings which she knew Mark would like, and of course, really high heel black shoes with an open toe.

Then she said, 'Shall we all have a glass of wine, I always find it relaxes everyone?'

Serena and Mark nodded in agreement and Robert went to a drinks cabinet and poured 4 four glasses of chilled Chablis and handed them out. Mrs Wyles sat opposite them and as she sat down her skirt fell open and immediately exposed the tops of her fishnet stockings. She made no effort to cover herself up and carried on talking. Both Serena and Mark noticed the extremely high heels that Mrs Wyles was wearing and couldn't take their eyes off the shoes and her legs.

They finished their drinks and Mrs Wyles said, 'Shall we go through to the showroom?'

She stood up and they followed her through another door and into a very plush showroom. There were mirrors everywhere and glass shelves with lots of different shoes. Needless to say they were all very high heels.

All four of them walked around looking at the wonderful selection of shoes.

The ones that immediately caught Serena's eyes were bright red ones with at least a 6 inch heel. As she leaned forward and picked them up she felt a sexual twinge between her legs. The heels were even bigger than her favourite black platform ones that she loved wearing when she and Mark had sex.

Mrs Wyles said, ''They are very popular shoes with my ladies, lots of them love the sexy red colour.'

Mrs Wyles picked it up and suggestively ran her fingers up and down the long heel and said to Mark, 'Can't you just picture Serena parading in front of you wearing nothing but these and stockings and then fucking her from behind?'

The thought was definitely having a nice effect on Mark as he felt his cock growing.

Mrs Wyles asked, 'Do you want to try them on?'

Serena replied, 'Yes please.'

Mrs Wyles then said, 'Robert can you get the red quarter cup bra, I think the 34dd is probably the correct size, and open crotch panties, the shoes are going to look so much better with red underwear than the black that Serena has on now.'

Mrs Wyles started unbuttoning Serena's blouse and took it off and then did the same with her skirt. Serena stood there in her black underwear, hold up stockings and shoes. She admired her figure in one of the many mirrors and waited for Rob to return. She could feel her nipples hardening and a slight dampness in her knickers. Mrs Wyles then took the clips out of Serena's hair and she shook it loose.

'Very sexy,' said Mrs Wyles.

Robert came back with the underwear. They were bright red and almost the same colour as the shoes. Mrs Wyles unclipped her bra and as she took it off brushed her hands against Serena's erect nipples. Robert handed her the red bra and Mrs Wyles put it on Serena. The quarter cup didn't even cover her erect nipples. As Serena glanced into the mirror she realised how sexually aroused she was becoming.

Then it was the turn of her knickers. Mrs Wyles asked Serena, 'Is it OK if Robert takes your knickers off?'

Serena, getting more excited merely nodded.

Robert knelt in front of Serena, his face only inches away from Serena's pussy and eased her panties down. Serena lifted a foot and stepped out of them. Then Robert took the open crotch red panties and Serena held onto his strong shoulder to balance as she lifted a foot and put it through the leg of the panties. Robert very slowly pulled them up, he could clearly see the dampness around Serena's pussy.

They then took Serena across to the sofa and she sat down. Robert sat on a small stool in front of her and took one of the red high heel shoes. Mark was now sitting opposite her and watching intently.

Robert lifted her stockinged foot and placed it in his lap while he got ready with the shoe. Serena realised that he had placed her foot firmly on his erect cock and could easily feel it.

Mrs Wyles stood with the other shoe while Robert eased it onto Serena's foot. Then she leaned forward and slowly ran the heel down Serena's panties. So slowly up and then down. Serena loved the feel as the 6 inch heel rubbed against her ever moistening pussy. Mrs Wyles realised that Robert needed to put the other shoe on so said to Mark, 'Can you pass me another shoe please.'

Mark quickly picked up another red 6 or 7 inch high heel shoe and handed it to Mrs Wyles and stood beside them watching his wife being sexually stimulated. She gave the other shoe to Robert who started to put it on Serena's foot.

Mrs Wyles eased the open crotch panties apart and rubbed the red heel now directly onto Serena's pussy. Serena was getting very very aroused. Her nipples which were poking out over the top of her bra were very erect and her pussy was getting very very wet. She parted her legs as wide as she could. She wanted to cum, no she needed to cum.

Mrs Wyles was now rubbing the heel against her clit, she knew it would only be a few minutes before she would cum.

Mrs Wyles said, 'Mark pass me another shoe please.'

Again Mark did as he was asked. Now Mrs Wyles parted Serena's pussy lips and eased the heel of the other shoe inside her pussy. She was so wet that it slipped in so easily. Now Mrs Wyles was slowly pushing it all the way in and then slowly withdrawing it. At the same time her other hand was using the other shoe to rub against her clit.

Mrs Wyles then said, 'Robert move some of the mirrors so Serena can see herself when she cums.'

Robert stood up and placed mirrors either side of her and in front of her. Serena could see everything. She could see herself being fucked by the heel of the shoe and she could see Mrs Wyles rubbing the other heel against her clit.

'Robert and Mark, kneel either side or Serena and suck her nipples,' Mrs Wyles said.

Robert and Mark knelt either side of Serena. They each took one of her erect nipples into their mouth and sucked them furiously.

Mrs Wyles fucked one of the shoes in and out of Serena's soaking wet pussy while the heel of the other shoe rubbed her clit.

Serena could see all this in the mirrors if only she could have kept her eyes open. She felt her orgasm starting. Her breathing got heavier as Mrs Wyles, Robert and Mark bought her closer and closer to her orgasm. She glanced at her image and saw this slut being satisfied, used and abused. Then she shouted out in pleasure as an enormous orgasm crashed through her body. Serena sat there with her legs apart, the big red heel was still embedded deep inside her pussy. Mrs Wyles, Robert and Mark stood up and looked at her as she sat with that wonderful warm glow that happens after a very satisfying orgasm.

They gave her a few minutes to recover and Mrs Wyles removed the heel. Mark said how sexy she looked and Mrs Wyles said, 'Sexy is not enough in The Fetish Shoe Shop we do tarty and slutty, now lets look at the shoes again. As they moved over to the display Serena could feel her cum seeping out of her pussy, she knew that soon she would feel it on her thighs and then onto her stockings.

Mrs Wyles picked up another red open toed platform shoe with 7 inch heels and ankle straps and said, 'These are real come fuck me shoes, I think you should try these.'

'You also should be wearing some seemed stockings and I have a wonderful red pvc platform bra that supports your wonderful dd tits and fully exposes your nipples,' she continued.

'Robert can you get those for me please, oh and also the deep crimson red lipstick, lip liner and lipgloss' she said.

Robert went off to a the store room and soon came back with them.

Mrs Wyles turned Serena to face a full length mirror and took her bra off, exposing her red erect nipples. Mrs Wyles took the red pvc platform bra and put it on Serena. It supported her lovely 34dd breasts and left her nipples fully exposed. Then she knelt in front of her and took her shoes off and then slid her stockings down. Mrs Wyles' face was only inches away from Serena's pussy and she said, 'Oh Serena your pussy looks so lickable, I can see your juices glistening on your lips, I so want to lick and kiss your clit and make you spray those wonderful cunt juices over my face.'

Serena didn't like the 'c' word but understood why Mrs Wyles used it. She took the seemed stockings and slid them up her legs. Mrs Wyles made sure that she got as close as possible to Serena's pussy, they were both getting turned on. Then she told Serena to sit down and Robert to put her shoes on for her. Robert got the stool and sat in between Serena's wide open legs. He slid one foot into the shoe and fastened the ankle strap and then did the same with he other.

Serena stood up and admired herself in the mirror, she thought she looked very slutty and it was making her even more aroused. Mrs Wyles said, 'Now for the lipstick.'

She took the deep crimson red lipliner and outlined her lips, then she took the lipstick and coated her lips with it. Finally she coated her lips with the lipgloss. Serena loved the slutty look but Mrs Wyles had not quite finished her job. Once again she picked up the lipliner pencil and drew a large circle around Serena's aureola, then took the lipstick and coated the whole area including her very erect nipples with the lipstick and then finally the lipgloss. Serena loved the feel as the lipgloss dried on her erect nipples.

Mrs Wyles stood up and moved away and said, 'Wow, Serena you look the most fuckable slut. Now parade up and down in front of and show us what a cumslut you are.'

Serena felt wonderful, her nipples were the hardest and largest she had ever know them and she could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. Mrs Wyles sat on the sofa in between Robert and Mark. She was rubbing their cocks through their trousers as slutty Serena tottered up and own in front of them.

'Now stand in front of us and open your pussy lips for us,' she ordered her.

Serena did as she was told and even slipped a finger inside her. She would quite happily played with herself in front of all of them if she had been told to.

Mrs Wyles said, 'Look how aroused you've made these two as she slipped their erect cocks out of their trousers. Serena knew how big Mark was but was mesmerised at the size of Robert. Although she was more than happy with Mark's 7 inch cock she couldn't take her eyes of Robert's which she guessed was at least an inch longer even if it was not as thick as Mark's.

Serena caught another glimpse of herself in a mirror again and just adored how slutty she looked with her erect lipstick coated nipples protruding out in front of her. She went over to Robert and bent down and undid his trousers and slid them and his underpants down. Mrs Wyles at the same time was undressing Mark. Serena took Robert's hand and led him into the middle of the room and leant forward over the back of an armchair and facing Mark and Mrs Wyles. Robert was left in no doubt what Serena wanted and moved behind her. Serena parted her legs and let a huge sigh as she felt Robert's huge cock at the opening of her soaking wet pussy. She reached behind her and guided his cock into her pussy.

Robert slid all the way inside her. Serena loved the feel as her pussy was engulfed by the huge young cock. Although Robert could easily cum very soon he knew that he had to make sure that Serena was fully satisfied and started a very slow in and out fucking movement, almost withdrawing all the way before plunging his cock all the way in. Robert then reached round the front of Serena and started squeezing and pinching her huge nipples which amazingly seemed to grow even larger between his fingers.

Serena was in heaven as she continued to be fucked by this young cock. She was looking directly at Mark and Mrs Serena who had now both undresssed although Mrs Wyles was still wearing her suspenders, stockings and high heels. Mrs Wyles was on her knees and sucking Mark's cock deep into her lipstick coated mouth. Serena knew how much Mark would be enjoying being sucked. She wondered whether Mrs Wyles was going to let him cum in her mouth as that was something that Serena didn't enjoy doing.

The look on Mark's face soon showed Serena how much he was enjoying being sucked off. Then Mrs Wyles stopped sucking him and took off one of her shoes and reached for a nylon stocking. She tied the stocking under his balls and over his cock and then wound it round his cock and balls and tied it tightly making his balls seem really big. She sat next to Mark and slid his cock through the toe hole of the shoe and started rubbing the shoe up and down his cock. Mark loved the feel of the red pvc against the head of his cock. Although Serena and Mark loved high heel shoes in their sex life Mark had never had this done to him but he loved the feel of it and he knew that if Mrs Wyles carried on much longer he would soon be shooting his hot cum into her shoe.

In the meantime Serena was in heaven as Robert had now reached down and started tweaking her clit. She felt her orgasm nearing and was moaning with pleasure. She said to her husband, 'Oh Mark, this is wonderful, look how Robert's cock is fucking me, Mark look at me as I cum, watch me cum, oh fuck, this is wonderful, oh Robert, fuck my pussy, fuck me, fuck my cunt, oh god, I'm cummming, oh fuckkkkkk.'

Serena couldn't believe how she just kept cumming and cumming but now she wanted to feel Robert's cum inside her. Mrs Wyles had assured her that Robert was perfectly clean and hygienic and healthy and as she was on the pill was more than happy for him to cum inside her but she could also see that Mark was ready to cum too.

She said to Mrs Wyles, 'I know Mark would love to cum inside your mouth, if you don't mind.'

She replied, 'Oh, of course, I adore the taste of cum.'

She again knelt in between Mark's legs and clamped her lipstick coated mouth tightly around Mark's cock and started sucking furiously and squeezing his heavy balls. Serena leaned forward and kissed her husband passionately on the lips. Their lips parted and their tongues darted into each others mouth.

Robert was still fucking Serena and knew he was about to cum but still wanted to delay it. Serena was getting aroused again and could feel another orgasm building. Their kisses were getting more and more passionate as Mrs Wyles sucking was getting Mark nearer and nearer to cumming and Serena felt she was almost there too. Then Mark called out as he exploded his spunk deep into Mrs Wyles mouth. She kept her lips clamped tightly round his cock making sure that none of the wonderful hot cum escaped.

Then Robert could hold back no longer and shot stream after stream of hot cum deep inside Serena's pussy which just suddenly triggered her next orgasm. Serena then suddenly collapsed down on the sofa beside her husband. Mrs Wyles stood up for a moment. her mouth still clamped tight and she leant over Serena and opened her mouth and let Mark's cum trickle out of her crimson red lips and onto Serena's lipstick coated nipples. She loved it as her husband's hot sticky thick cum coat her nipples. As Mrs Wyles emptied her mouth and then licked her lips dry she then started rubbing Mark's cum into his wife's nipples.

Mrs Wyles then led Serena to a mirror and said, 'What a wonderful slut, look at your lipstick and cum coated nipples.'

Serena couldn't believe how slutty and tarty she looked, she had had three wonderful orgasms and couldn't believe how slutty and horny she still felt.

Mrs Wyles then said, 'You've all cum, I think its my turn now, are you hard enough Mark or would you like to lick my cunt.'

Mark didn't have a chance to reply as she pulled his head down to her pussy, she had decided that she just wanted him to lick her. Mark always licking and sucking Serena and making her cum and knew that Serena loved the taste of Mark's mouth after he had made her cum and covered his mouth with her cum.

Robert sat one side of Mrs Wyles and started sucking one of her nipples. Although Serena had never done anything with another woman but certainly had the odd bisexual thought, she didn't hesitate to join Robert and start sucking Mrs Wyles other nipple. She loved the feel as it hardened in her mouth and as Mark licked and sucked her clit she felt Mrs Wyles, orgasm approaching and suddenly they all felt her body shake and tremble as Mrs Wyles eventually had the orgasm she so badly needed.

They all sat and relaxed for while. Robert got them all another glass of wine. Serena could now feel Robert's cum begin trickling out of her pussy. She went and stood in front of a mirror and loved the slutty sight of her as she saw the tarty lipstick and cum on her nipples and as she parted her legs could feel Robert's cum trickling out of the rpussy, down her thighs and onto her stockings.

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