Serena Visits The Fetish Shoe Shop


She turned and faced the others and moved towards them on her high heels. Although she had a couple of orgasms she was still horny. She loved exposing herself to her husband, Mrs Wyles and Robert. She stood drinking her wine and the others watched as Robert's cum was now running down her stockings. Mr Wyles went over to her and knelt before her and started licking the cum off her stockings and gradually moved higher and higher until she was licking Serena's pussy. She had always loved it when Mark did this to her and she loved cumming over his face.

Mrs Wyles could also taste Robert's cum on her pussy lips, something that Mrs Wyles had tasted many times. She licked and sucked on Serena's clit and then pushed a finger deep inside her. Serena had her eyes closed as for the first time in her life another female was playing with her pussy. She had fantasised about this many times and it was as good as imagined it would be.

Serena parted her legs as wide as she comfortably could as Mrs Wyles coaxed yet another huge orgasm out of. As she started cumming Serena put her hands round the back of Mrs Wyles' head and pulled her tightly to her and ground her pussy against her female lover's face.

Once again her orgasm was enormous but now she had another feeling as Serena had a desperate need to pee. She quickly moved backwards from Mrs Wyles as she felt herself start to pee. She couldn't control herself and her pee ran down her thighs and down her stockings. Serena loved this feeling as she just let herself go and let the pee flow. Somehow this seemed to increase the pleasure of her orgasm.

When she stopped peeing, she apologised to Mrs Serena as the floor was now quite wet. Mrs Wyles was absolutely fine about it and told her not to worry. Serena was quite wet from her thighs right down to her wonderful red heels.

Robert now joined Mrs Wyles kneeling on the floor in front of Serena and they both started licking her pee covered legs from her thighs down to her shoes. Serena simply adored the attention she was getting from these two.

Mark was now getting aroused again as he watched his beautiful wife being pleasured again.

Mrs Wyles and Robert stood up and said, 'Serena I'm not sure if you can manage anymore sexual pleasure but I wondered whether you would like to look at my new fucking machine, Robert why don't you show Serena.'

Serena didn't hesitate, of course she wanted to see it. She adored playing with her toys and cumming with them and the thought of a machine doing it for her aroused her.

Serena and Robert went into another room and Robert showed her the machine. It was positioned at the end of a couch and Robert showed Serena that there were a number of different size dildos that could be fitted to it. There was also an additional attachment that had two vibrating cups that fitted over her nipples and effectively sucked continuously on them. Although Serena had now cum three times she just knew she wanted to try it.

Robert went and told Mrs Wyles who told Robert to prepare the machine and Serena fior it and she wanted to find some suitable clothing for Mark to wear as he watched his sexy, slutty wife using the fucking machine.

Robert showed Serena the various size dildos and although she was tempted to use a huge one eventually decided on one about 9 inches long and just a little thicker than Mark's.

Serena sat on the couch with her legs hanging over the end. Her feet were put into two foot rests which kept her legs wide apart. Robert moved some mirrors so Serena could see everything. She leant back against the sloping back rest. Robert reached for the vibrating nipple pumps and put one over each nipple. He flicked a switch and turned the pump on. Serena loved the feel as they sucked on her nipples. Robert turned it off again happy that Serena was OK with it. He then showed her the vibrator that he was going to hold against her clit. The thought of all this was making her very wet and excited.

Robert said, 'We just have to wait until Mrs Wyles and Robert are ready. I have the controller so will be adjusting the speed and the amount of insertion. The machine also has a sensor that detects when you have cum and ejaculates a warm thick gooey liquid into you, just like cum.'

Serena replied, 'Well, while we're waiting you can play with my pussy.'

Robert was more than happy to oblige and soon his fingers were plunging in and out of Serena's wet pussy.

Meanwhile back in the showroom Mrs Wyles was transforming Mark into a well endowed female. She had undressed Mark fully and put a red pvc suspender belt on him and black fishnet stockings. Then she took another stocking and tightly tied his cock and balls up. Then she found a size 10 pair of red 6 inch high heel opened toed sandals with heel straps. Finally she got her deep red lipstick and coated his lips with it and amazingly for Mark she pulled his foreskin right back and coated the head of his cock with the lipstick too. Mark looked at himself in the mirror and couldn't believe how slutty and tarty he looked. His cock was also bigger than it had ever been even though he had recently cum.

Mark loved walking around in the high heels and admiring himself in the mirrors. Mrs Wyles said, 'hang on a minute Mark before we join the others.'

She walked over to drawer and took out a large black strap on cock. She fitted it round her hips and her thighs and fixed it tightly. She looked really kinky with the false cock sticking out in front of her. She looked at Mark's cock and said, Snap, let's join the others.'

They walked into the other room, both their cocks sticking out in front of each other and saw Serena lying on the couch with the fucking machine dildo positioned just inches away from her wide open very wet pussy.

They stood in front of Serena, her legs were forced wide apart and held in the footrests, her pussy lips were clearly very wet and red. Robert put one of the vibrating cups on each of Serena's erect nipples and turned the machine on. Immediately they started a sucking motion on her nipples which made them even bigger. Already Serena was getting turned on.

Then he positioned the fucking machine dildo even closer to her open pussy and with the remote controller switched the machine on. As it moved forward slowly he positioned it so it was directly in line with her pussy and eased easily inside. Serena loved the feeling as the dildo slipped easily inside her and could easily see it all in one of the mirrors. Robert slowly eased the speed up as it fucked in and out of her pussy. Serena loved the way it slowly withdrew before entering much quicker. Robert then took the vibrator and held it against Serena's clit. The look on her slutty face showed all of them how much she was enjoying it.

Mrs Wyles moved behind Robert and eased his legs apart. She had already lubricated her strap on cock and eased a well greased finger inside Mark's arse so when she eased the strap on cock into Mark's welcoming arse it slipped in quite easily. Mrs Wyles was very aware that this was the first time he had been fucked in the arse and was determined to ensure that it was a pleasurable and not a painful experience.

Mark loved the feel as the cock eased inside him and he pushed back to meet her forward thrusts. He loved the feel of her huge tits as they squashed against his back. Then she reached round the front and started playing with his cock. Mark was in heaven as he watched his beautiful slutty wife being abused by the fucking machine.

Serena knew her orgasm was nearing as Robert made the machine fuck her faster and harder. Now the dildo was going as deep as it could and very fast. She had never been fucked like this before and absolutely adored it. Robert was working the vibrator against her clit while her nipples were being sucked so hard. Mrs Wyles was rubbing Mark's cock faster and faster while she fucked his arse. He wanted to shoot his cum over his wife and somehow they managed to shuffle forward together so he was only inches away from his wife's body.

Poor Robert was the only one not to get any pleasure. He had put Serena's hand on his cock and although she had started wanking him she had stopped as she was so engrossed in her own pleasure.

Serena's orgasm suddenly hit her and the machine ejaculated the artificial cum deep inside her. She adored it as huge spurt after spurt erupted deep inside her cunt. She cried out in pleasure as she orgasmed and just as it started to subside the continual fucking of the machine and the vibrations against her clit, not forgetting the sucking of her nipples soon started yet another orgasm and it hit her almost straight away. The fucking machine ejaculated more spurts of the cum inside her. The machine didn't stop and she could feel the cum dripping out of her all down her thighs and onto her stockings and yet she continued to be fucked by the machine.

Mark was almost cumming as Mrs Wyles furiously wanked him and fucked him at the same time and just as Serena's second huge cum started to subside her tits were hit with a huge stream of her husband's cum.

Serena was moaning and groaning, partly with pleasure and partly with discomfort as her pussy began to feel a little sore. She had lost count of the number of times she had cum. Her legs and stockings were soaked with the artificial cum that had been pumped into her. Her hugely erect nipples were also feeling sore and Robert decided to turn the machine off and removed the nipple vibrators although the dildo was till embedded deep inside her.

She lay stikll recovering, her body hving had the most pleasure she had ever received. Mrs Wyles withdrew the strap on cock from Mark and seeing how big and hard Robert was started wanking his cock. She deliberately aimed his cock for Serena's ample tits and she was surprised as she felt spurt after spurt of his hot cum splattering her tits.

It was generally agreed that everyone was well satisfied and they sat and recovered. Serena stood and looked at herself in the mirror. She really did like the slut she had just become. Her huge nipples were still very red and her thinghs, legs and stockings were still covered in cum.

Mrs Wyles said, 'I think you need a shower. Come with me.'

Serena followed Mrs Wyles to the shower room. Mrs Wyles said, 'You might as well keep your stockings on when you shower as they are so messy.'

Serena took her shoes off and walked into the big triple shower and turned it on.

Mrs Wyles asked, 'Do you mind if Robert joins you?'

She didn't wait for a reply but just called Robert over. He joined Serena in the shower. They started showering and then Robert took some shower gel and started soaping Serena and cleaning her. She rubbed the soap into Serena's nipples washing the lipstick off them. Although she was totally sexually satisfied Serena loved the gentle caress of a young fit male and when he started soaping Serenas' pussy she started getting turned on again, particularly as his erection was rubbing against her.

Serena parted her legs as Robert eased his erect cock against her. She could see her husband Mark standing outside with Mrs Wyles and watching them both. Robert's cock slid inside her so easily and her lips parted as they enjoyed a very passionate kiss.

Serena doubted whether she would cum again but as Robert's huge pounded in and out her she knew she would be able to cum again. But she wanted Mark to watch her. Serena got Robert to go behind her and fuck her from behind. She leaned against the glass door of the shower and put her hands against it as Robert's cock slipped deep inside her.

Mark moved forward and put his hands on the glass immediately on top of his wifes. Mrs Wyles reached round him and started rubbing his cock and was delighted when she felt it growing in her hand. Mark loved the look on his sexy wife's face as young Robert bought her closer and closer to yet another orgasm. Then as his cock pounded in and out of her, somehow or another she managed to cum yet again. But then she felt an overwhelming urge to pee and unable to control it she suddenly started pissing down her legs and onlt her stockings. Roberts cock was still embedded inside her and fucking her as he still wanted top cum. Suddenly she felt his cock twitch and spurt after spurt of male spunk hit the inside of her cunt. This just made her pee even more. She couldn't control it as her piss just contiuned to spurt out of her and all down her legs.

Mark loved the site of his slutty wife pissing down her legs and soon Mrs Wyles was coaxing a stream of hot cum out of him which hit the glass door of the shower and he watched as it slowly run down.

Now they did actually shower and clean themselves. They stepped out and dried themselves. Then it was back into their ordinary clothes. Mrs Wyles parcelled up the red 6 inch high heel open toed shoes and stockings and red pvc bra and the shoes that Mark wore.

Robert ran them back to York station for their journey home. As they sat and relaxed on the train Serena was already planning her next trip to The Fetish Shoe Shop.

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