This story is in the Fetish category because it's based on a topic from the Literotica Bulletin Fetish Board, even though it deals with a heterosexual man's longstanding desire to suck a cock. I did not put this in Gay Male because his fantasy is not to find love or passion with another man, but with another man's cock. If any of this is a turn off for you, please don't read this story. Comments are appreciated. Enjoy!


"Shit!" John said a little too loudly, glancing down at the clock in the lower left corner of the monitor of his office computer. It was only 4:00 pm, a whole hour left before quitting time. "Why does time go by so slowly on Fridays?" he wondered out loud, sitting alone in his cubicle.

Alone would be the operative word for the next 10 days. John's wife and kids were out of town visiting her family, and he was hell-bent on sowing some wild oats while she was away.

Not that things were bad at home. Married 20 years, two beautiful kids, and a wife that was still interested in sex, albeit not as often as he would like.

John's mind wandered to the hot 'good-bye' sex they had last night and he felt his cock stir in his suit pants. The sex was nothing outrageous by today's standards, or by the clips he's seen on the internet, but Rose always seemed to put a little extra enthusiasm into their fucking when either she or John was heading out of town. Deep down he knew it was her way of reminding him what he would be risking by getting a wandering eye while she wasn't around.

The more he replayed the scene in his head, the harder his cock got, and he knew he wasn't going to get a lick of work done in the next 60 minutes, even if he wanted to.

With a few clicks of his mouse, he modified the gateway settings in his network control panel, and then with a few more clicks of his keyboard, his favorite web site appeared, literotica.com!

While waiting for the Literotica Bulletin Board to load, John made a mental note to thank Eric, his best friend who worked in the IT department. It was Eric who showed him how to bypass the corporate web filter, allowing him to surf porn on the company network without being detected.

John had a corner cube, so he felt safe bringing the site up on his work PC. He could hear anyone coming down the hall, and quickly swap to another screen if needed. Besides, at a quick glance, the Literotica Bulletin Board looked just like any other online forum, if you weren't close enough to actually read the titles of the threads and posts. He was smart enough to turn images off, and would never bring up porn pictures or videos at work, even though he loved to look at this stuff on his home computer.

John was a very cautious individual by nature, and it was just not worth risking his job over a little porn.

Instinctively, he scrolled down and clicked into the Fetish & Sexuality Central forum, and just as instinctively, his hand went to his crotch and started rubbing his semi-hard cock through his pants.

"Maybe I should hit the men's room and rub one out before quitting time?" he thought to himself. John and Eric had a big night planned tonight. Their destination was the recently opened up-scale strip club in the big city, and he thought a little pre-emptive jerk off session might keep him from cumming in his pants later tonight.

John quickly scanned the threads for something to get him hard enough to jerk off to, and actually gasped as he read the title of one of the newest threads, which caused his cock to twitch in his pants.

The Men who Crave Cock but aren't attracted to Men Club.

John's heart started racing and he checked over both shoulders twice, to make sure nobody was around, before clicking into the thread.

The first post read:

"From what I've seen lately there are a lot of guys that belong to the following group:

- They love the sight of a nice big cock

- They desire stroking, sucking and taking cock deep in their ass

- They have no attraction to guys beyond cock.

- They have no desire to kiss another guy

- It is 100% about cock desire and nothing else.

If you are part of this group let's discuss our thoughts, desires and fantasies here."

John looked up at the name of the guy who started this thread and thought "who the hell is Mr. Briggs and how the hell has he read my mind?"

John was a life long heterosexual. Married, into pussy and tits and wouldn't consider himself to have a gay bone in his body, unless you consider his affinity for fucking his wife up the ass, whenever she was in the mood, which was not very often.

With that all being said, John was drawn to this thread like a moth to flame. His deepest, darkest secret, that he never told anyone about, not even his wife, was to suck a large, hard cock. Not even to take it up the ass, like Mr. Briggs supposed in his initial post, but just to fondle, lick, suck and pleasure a well hung piece of meat until it exploded in his mouth.

He had no idea where this fantasy came from, but he can remember having it almost since puberty. Protecting his masculinity, he'd always chalk it up to all the porn he watched as a teenager, and how he was always jealous of the enormous cocks of the male porn stars.

See, John had a classic case of penis envy. His own member was barely over 5 inches completely erect, and only about an inch in diameter. Growing up, and still today, he'd always peek at the guy at the next urinal at a public bathroom, just to see if there may be a healthy slab sticking out of the guy's jeans.

John was totally engulfed in the thread now, agreeing with every post and reply, from men like him that just wanted to experience the sensation of a hard cock in their mouth, without the baggage of a male-male relationship, ideally without knowing the cock owner at all.

Someone named cock3523 responded with:

"I don't want to kiss a man, and I don't get hard from watching a man, no matter how hot he is. But there is something about a hard cock that I can't get my mind off of, and I don't want too. I want to try it, and I want to try it for a really long slow time. I have no idea why and I don't care, I just want to suck a cock"

John knew this post described exactly how he felt too.

A few posts later, someone else responded:

"I would suck one right now if one was here, but where do I find a cock that is up for grabs with no strings attached?"

John clicked the Quote button and replied to this post, a little disappointed that he had to pull his hand away from stroking his cock in order to type:

"And that's why it remains an unfulfilled fantasy for most of us here. The likelihood of finding someone online near your town who would be into this is slim, and I would be concerned about getting assaulted, raped and/or robbed meeting a stranger I met on an internet porn site. Fear of disease keeps us from going to the local adult bookstore and trying out a glory hole. Besides, I think we're all imagining the clean, huge, throbbing cocks we see in porn, and you know that's not what's going to be poking through from the other side of that dingy little booth. The safest way is finding someone you know/trust to engage in this, but that kind of ruins the 'no strings attached' parameter. I don't want to run into someone in the grocery store or at a restaurant whose cock I've had in my mouth."

Just as he clicked Submit Reply, Eric came around the corner and said, "Ready to go lover boy?"

John stifled a yelp and nearly jumped out of his chair, because he was so engrossed in this thread that he never heard Eric coming down the hallway. Instinctively he clicked the little red X in the upper corner of the window to close out of his browser.

"Dude, I'm the guy who set you up to surf porn at work, remember?" Eric chided, knowing that John must have been somewhere naughty to shut his whole browser down like that so quickly.

"Didn't realize it was you," John lied, knowing the real reason was that he would be mortified if his friend saw what he was reading, and learned about his deepest, darkest secret fantasy.

John clicked off his computer with his shoe and grabbed his coat, thinking he'd clear his history and reset his gateway settings on Monday. Walking out, he was hoping Eric wouldn't notice that he still had a hard on. This is one of those times he was happy to have a small dick.

Eric couldn't stop talking about the strip club on the cab ride over, which was fine with John, as he was still mesmerized about that Literotica topic.

"This is the best strip club for 100 miles and it's right here in our city, can you believe it?" Eric offered with a teenager's excitement in his voice, even though he was mid-40s like John. "They say that one girl is hotter than the next, and they do whatever you want in the private dance booths."

"Can't wait!" John replied, doing his best to manufacture the same level of excitement that Eric was displaying naturally. He was distracted thinking that there must be a way to find a cock to suck, with no strings attached.

His mind raced with options. "Maybe a blind guy? Nope, don't know anyone who's blind. A college kid? Nope, how's a middle-aged guy going to find a college kid cock to suck without winding up on a sex offender's registry? Eric? No fucking way! Besides, I've seen him many times at the urinal and his cock is only a little bigger than mine."

As much as he liked Eric, that last fact always pissed him off.

"That must have been some pretty hot porn you were reading?" Eric's question snapped John back to reality, and he realized he had not been paying attention to his friend's yammering for a very long time.

"Naw, just thinking about what Rose would say if she knew where we were heading," John lied again. He and Rose actually went to a strip club once while they were dating, so he knew she would have no problem with this excursion. The cock-sucking fantasy, on the other hand, would probably blow her mind. This thought made him chuckle nervously out loud.

"Here we are!" Eric exclaimed, as the cab came to an abrupt halt in front of the new strip club. "Pay the man," was the last thing John heard before Eric hopped out of the cab. John shook his head at how cheap his best friend could be at times.

"First round's on you then," John called after him, knowing that a Budweiser was probably $15 at an upscale club like this.

They each paid their $50 cover charge and joked about the size of the enormous muscle-bound bouncers, as they snaked through the thick crowd, trying to find a table near the stage.

John's mind quickly checked the bouncers off his list, as prolonged steroid use probably had reduced their peckers to the size of roasted peanuts. He shook his head at the irony of being in the presence of extremely beautiful mostly naked women, yet thinking about an anonymous cock to suck.

"OVER HERE!" Eric yelled over the loud music blaring in the club, pointing to a couple leaving a table with a perfect view of the stage. John and Eric quickly claimed the table, and ordered a round of drinks from the cocktail waitress, who was 10 times better looking than the best looking dancer at the last strip club they went to, 10 years ago for Eric's bachelor party. This place was definitely everything it was cracked up to be.

They nursed their beers as they watched the dancers, since they were indeed $15 a bottle. Eric actually refused a couple requests for private dances from girls who had just finished their set. John laughed at the conflict this was causing for him, his frugal nature trumping his overactive libido.

Waiting for the next dancer to take the stage, there was a hushed murmur throughout the crowded club, and the sea of people parted as if Moses lifted his staff at the shores of the Nile. John and Eric peered in between the crush of bodies, thinking it must be some movie star or sports celebrity with the way the crowd was reacting.

Emerging from the crowd was the most interesting trio John had ever seen, but he didn't recognize a one of them. The guy in the middle was about 5-foot, 3-inches tall, and looked even shorter as he was flanked by two bleach blondes who were easily 6-foot tall in their heels. The one on his left was white, and the one on his right was black. Each had an enormous set of tits and a tiny little waist.

The guy in the middle was dressed to the nines. His suit was obviously tailor made, including a felt fedora and a gold cane with a diamond encrusted handle. All three of them were blinged-out wherever you can put bling, fingers, ears and necklaces. The women had diamond studs in their noses, and it was safe to assume several unseen other piercings as well.

Even though he was short, the guy was incredibly handsome, which helped John justify how a pseudo-midget could wind up with such beautiful women on his arms.

Their skirts were not much longer than the heels on their Kenneth Cole pumps, showing off their long legs and just a hint of the globes of their asses. The neckline of their blouses plunged to accentuate each woman's best asset, which was their huge, perfectly round breasts.

"Do you know who that is?" Eric yelled into John's ear.

"Haven't a clue, but I'm pretty sure I want to be him!" John joked in return.

"No joke you do," Eric continued, that's Little Ricky Fagala.

"Who?" John replied, confused because the way Eric said his name, it sounded like someone he should know.

"Does the name Roscoe Foxxx ring a bell?"

"Of course it does," John replied, "I spent enough time jerking off at RoscoeFoxxx.com that I know it better than my own name."

"Well that, my friend, is the one and only Roscoe Foxxx," Eric announced, as if he was emceeing the event.

Turning toward Eric, somewhat confused and a little frustrated at the guessing games, John asked a little loudly, "Then who the hell is Little Ricky Fagala?" As luck would have it, that question came just as the DJ was changing tracks, and anyone within 50 feet of their table could clearly hear it.

John froze in embarrassment, as he could feel the eyes of the club on their table, and the way Eric was looking at him, he could tell the royal trio was now standing directly behind him.

"Eric? Eric Galle? Is that you?"

John didn't recognize the voice coming from behind him, but he didn't have to turn around to know it was coming from Napoleon Junior.

"Ricky!" Eric said, standing up to shake hands with him, "haven't seen you since high school."

"It's Roscoe now," the little man corrected him, before pulling him in for the quick man-hug with the obligatory two pats on the back.

"I know," Eric replied, "my friend John and I spend a lot of time on your web site."

Realizing what he said, Eric quickly added, "not at the same time, we're not that kind of friends!"

By then Roscoe had turned toward John to say hello.

"Pleased to meet you," John said shaking the smaller man's hand, "I had no idea you and Eric were friends."

"It was a long time ago," Roscoe replied, "and it was more like we shared common enemies. I'll let Eric fill you in on the details. Have a good night gentlemen, my fluffers need to get something cold to drink."

With that, he turned and escorted the ladies to a VIP table in the back of the club.

John turned back toward his friend and his mouth was hanging open in disbelief. "I can't believe you know Roscoe Foxxx and you never told me."

"Well, when I knew him, he was Little Ricky Fagala." Eric replied, starting to unfold the tale of their acquaintance. "We were the class nerds, the audio-video guys that would set up and run the projector any time they wanted to show a movie in class."

"The projector?" John teased, "you're showing your age buddy."

"As you can guess," Eric continued, "we were not in the popular crowd. All the jocks would constantly tease us and call us names. He was Little Ricky FAG-ala, and I was Eric GAY-lee."

John could see pain behind Eric's eyes at the memory of the high school teasing.

"They all were sure Ricky was gay, because he would never shower or change in the locker rooms after gym class." Eric explained. "It wasn't until he became an internet porn star that we realized that he was embarrassed about his cock."

"How come?" John asked, not knowing that Roscoe was a porn actor before becoming one of the biggest porn producers on the internet.

"Because he's hung like a horse!" Eric replied, a hint of jealously evident in his remark.

"Oh," John replied, this information taking a few minutes to sink in and merge with his earlier preoccupation. Then the bells went off in his brain, causing him to follow up with an over enthusiastic "REALLY?"

"Oh yeah," John confirmed, "it was the big talk at our 10 year reunion. All the cheerleaders and in-crowd sluts lamenting missing the chance to get their mouths and pussies on that monster, and of course, their hands on all his money."

"I can imagine," said John, a seemingly innocuous reply, but Eric had no idea how much actual imagining was going on in the back of John's mind.

The beautiful cocktail waitress appeared out of nowhere with another round of beers, "compliments of Mr. Foxxx," she said as she set down the bottles and two shots of 25-year old single-malt scotch.

Both John and Eric waved toward Roscoe's table as a gesture of appreciation, and John found his eyes lingering a little too long, trying to imagine how such a little man could have such an impressive cock. Trying to once again pull himself out of his cock-hungry trance, John attempted to change the subject.

"What was that he called his lady friends?" John asked Eric, "Fluffers?"

"How can someone who watches as much porn as you do not know what a fluffer is?" Eric asked, with a tone of disbelief. "It's what they call the chicks who suck the porn star's cocks, off-camera in between takes, so they can have a nice big hard-on when the director yells 'ACTION'"

"Who would do such a thing?" John asked, somewhat embarrassed for not knowing the term.

Then it dawned on him. HE might do such a thing.

"To Little Ricky Fagala!" they toasted in unison, and threw back the shots of expensive liquor, chuckling at the irony of the pejorative nickname placed on him in high school.

Eric continued drinking and watching the dancers, while John kept finding his gaze drawn to the VIP table in the back of the room. One thought kept running through his mind since they toasted Eric's old friend, "Could Roscoe Foxxx be the ticket to realizing this fantasy? Would he let me be a fluffer for a day?"

"Drink up," Eric said out of nowhere, "we'd better go."

Looking back toward the VIP table, John almost whined, "How come?"

"Well, that shot is not sitting well in my stomach, and you've been distracted by something all night," Eric retorted.

"Okay buddy," John said grabbing his coat, and remembering what a light weight drinker Eric is, "we don't want you puking all over this nice club."

Before leaving, John took one last long look back toward Roscoe's table, knowing he may never be this close to an opportunity to realize his greatest fantasy again in his life. Being a good friend, he helped Eric navigate his way back to the front door, and went to the curb to hail a cab.

Waiting for an available cab to appear, John's mind once again flooded with conflicting thoughts. "Could he screw up the courage to ask Mr. Foxxx for a job as a fluffer? Was he really gay? Would this be cheating on his wife? Should he be a do the right thing and see his sick friend home safely? Would an opportunity like this ever come up again? Do I really want to suck another man's cock?"

Just as the cab pulled up, John answered that last question out loud, "YES!"

Pouring Eric into the back seat, John shouted Eric's home address to the driver. Eric looked at him quizzically.

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