Beth moved her nose to the flowers and let the sweet scent of nature envelop her. She hadn't received flowers in years, high school actually, and her heart suddenly warmed after being so cold just hours ago when she learned of her boyfriend's cheating.

Cupid knew he should have left then and continued on his way, continue with making love connections around the world, but he couldn't leave. Instead, he watched her all afternoon. He smiled as she continued to be distracted by the big bouquet of flowers and smiled even more at how such a small gesture had completely changed her day.

Beth meanwhile was so preoccupied with who sent the flowers that she was a bit out of it the rest of the afternoon. The thought that she had a secret admirer was really exciting and yet she didn't want to get her hopes up as it seemed rather farfetched that she would get a secret admirer on the exact same day she leaned of Jared's unfaithfulness. Yet, the glimmer of hope was enough to have Beth able to let go of her anger and move forward.

That night, Cupid watched the city from high in the sky. From his perch above it all, everything looked so small and insignificant, yet it was the small seemingly trivial and insignificant that mattered the most in life. People got so immersed in their problems, whatever they are, that they didn't enjoy the simple things in life: watching the sunrise or sunset, seeing a child's smile, having simple banter with a stranger while in line or just saying thank you when someone opens a door for you. Instead people give a person the finger when they get cut off, are oblivious to the true beauty of the world and allow the petty things in life to bring them down.

Yet, Cupid knew what really the end when someone was on their deathbed their regrets are always the same: I didn't spend enough time with my family, I never told people how much they meant to me, I never got to see this glorious world; it was never: I wish I made more money, I wish I worked more, I wish I was alone more. That is the great irony of life; people generally don't know what they want from life until it is too late...even though the meaning of life is so damn simple.

Beth meanwhile, put her flowers in a vase she bought years ago and had never gotten to use. She had supper, watched one of her favourite romance movies Serendipity and pondered if her two brief moments with Cupid were serendipitous. On her way home, she kept looking around as if sensing he was around. Yet, she didn't see him again and although it seemed virtually impossible that Cupid was her secret admirer it was what she kept hoping, the optimist she was.

Ironically, Cupid was there near her the whole way home and he couldn't believe how often she seemed to be looking directly at him even though he was invisible. For Cupid, who was used to being invisible and not being noticed, it felt strange to think that Beth could somehow sense his aura.

That night, as both went to bed, they both wondered about the other, both unaware the other was thinking the exact same thoughts.


Tuesday, Cupid had originally planned to teleport to San Francisco, the best place to be mischievous before Valentine's Day, yet he couldn't deny the rare sensation his heart was feeling every time he thought of Beth.

So instead, he pondered how to bump into her again.

Beth felt much better about her sudden break-up with Jared a day later, realizing suddenly just how bad he was for her. He was selfish, insensitive and distant, yet like many people in a relationship you can't see the forest from the trees when you are right in the middle of it. Yet, as soon as you leave the forest the problems become crystal clear.

Cupid got up early, got to Beth's desk and using candy hearts he wrote, 'you intrigue me'. He knew it was corny, yet had a hunch that Beth would appreciate the corny sweetness of it. He waited patiently, until Beth arrived looking more alive than yesterday with her hair down today which somehow made her seem even more beautiful. She also was wearing a green sweater, black skirt and beige pantyhose, something that Cupid had always thought were sexy and enhanced a woman's legs.

Beth got to her desk and froze. She stared at the three simple words for a long time as if unable to comprehend their meaning or that they were for her. She again looked around for the person responsible, again looking right through Cupid, as if sensing her secret admirer was nearby.

Cupid felt a chill go through his entire being as he felt Beth look his way as if she was seeing through the invisible shield and into his lost soul.

Cassidy arrived at Beth's desk and saw the candy hearts. "Well this definitely isn't Jared."

"That is for sure," Beth smiled, confident Cassidy was right. But if it wasn't Jared, who was it.

Beth took a picture with her phone before taking a candy that said 'be mine' and popping it in her mouth.

Cupid watched with silent satisfaction at the joy his small acts of kindness brought to Beth as he teleported out of her office. The rest of the morning he went to work creating three new love connections, all which he felt confident could stand the test of time. Beth had somehow inspired him and rekindled the flame of love. There was a time being the God of Love was fun and he had lost it, yet suddenly it was back, suddenly he could feel love in the air.

All the while, Cupid thought of Beth and her sweet smile. He avoided her all day, but her pull was too strong and around four he found himself in front of her building pondering how he was going to bump into her again. He thought and thought and yet nothing came to him, the irony that the God of Love couldn't think of anything romantic not wasted on him. He sighed as he watched a young teenage couple walking together holding hands. His sigh switched to a smile as he wondered what such a simple thing like holding hands with Beth would feel like. What would kissing her feel like? What would giving up everything to make love to her feel like. He was the world's oldest virgin and suddenly the idea of ending that curse of celibacy was becoming more tempting...the apple ripe for the picking.

Beth walked out into the fresh February air with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart. She put a candy heart in her mouth; she still had a dozen in her pocket, as she contemplated her day. Her work day done, she wanted to know who this secret admirer was, yet on the other hand the secret revealed may be a great let down and thus she also didn't want to know who he was. She felt like a character in another of her favorite romantic comedies You've Got Mail. She was Meg Ryan and her secret admirer was Tom Hanks. Suddenly in the mood for a movie, it was cheap Tuesday after all, she got on the subway deciding she would get a bite to eat and hit a movie alone...and suddenly she was ok with that.

Invisible, Cupid followed Beth. He wanted to just walk up to her and say hi and yet he had no idea what to say after that.

Beth and Cupid both had dinner at the mall, Cupid cautious to not be seen, but when she headed into the movie theatre he saw his opportunity. He knew instantly in his heart the movie she would be going to and bought a ticket to the same show confident he was right. He got in the popcorn line before her and hoped she would notice him.

Beth usually didn't buy popcorn, too fattening, but she decided what the hell and got in line. She was in line a minute, maybe two, when she glanced to her left and froze. It was Cupid. She turned away and looked back to make sure it wasn't a mirage. He was even handsomer than her memory of him and she couldn't help but stare. Usually shy and reserved, Beth continued to break her usual habits as she heard herself say, "Cupid, is that you?"

Cupid's heart warmed that she took the initiative to speak to him. Turning around and acting surprised, he said, "It's you again."

"Yes, I am stalking you," Beth joked.

"Well, I am flattered," Cupid smiled, before offering, "Come join me in line."

Beth paused a second before moving to him.

Cupid began, "I just realized I don't even know the name of my stalker."

"I'm Beth, Beth Peters," she offered her name.

"It is nice to officially meet you Beth," Cupid smiled, again taking her hand.

Both of them felt a spark on contact.

"Are you here by yourself too?" Cupid asked, already knowing the answer.

Beth admitted, "Yes, I don't usually go to movies by myself, but I just felt the urge to come to the theatre."

"Weird, me too," Cupid added, "this is a rather serendipitous meeting then."

Beth couldn't believe he had used the word 'serendipitous', especially because that was exactly what she was thinking. Beth joked, "Yes, maybe the real Cupid is watching over us."

Cupid thought, if you only knew, but said, flirting a bit more than he usually would, "Well I must have been shot with his arrow."

Beth's face went beet red at the forward flirtation.

Cupid sensing her embarrassment asked, "So what movie are you going to?"

"The Love Game," Beth answered, her tone implying it was an embarrassing choice.

"Me too," Cupid said, showing her his ticket.

"What are the odds," Beth said, of bumping into him again and going to the same movie. She was beginning to feel like Kate Beckensale's character in the movie Serendipity. If that was so, Cupid was a very good looking John Cusack.

"Apparently, really good," Cupid joked, as it was his turn in line. "What would you like?" He asked.

Beth protested, "You don't have to."

Cupid replied softly, "I know I don't have to, but I want to."

Beth felt a rush of warmth at his kindness and said, "Popcorn and a coke."

"With real butter?" Cupid asked.

"Is there any other way to have it?" Beth asked back.

Cupid ordered a large popcorn and two-drink combo which ironically came with a bag of candy hearts. 'Serendipity' Cupid thought to himself. He handed the bag of candy hearts to Beth and said, "Here, take my heart."

Beth couldn't believe the crazy coincidences of the day, it really was as if Cupid or serendipity was at play. She stammered, "T-t-thanks," as she began to wonder if there was any way possible Cupid could be her secret admirer.

"You are welcome," Cupid answered as they began walking to the theatre where their movie was to play.

Trying to learn more about this mysterious, sexy man, Beth asked, "So what do you do for a living?"

Cupid was ready for the question and had created a couple dozen pretend career jobs over the years. "I work in psychological therapy," Cupid answered, which wasn't a complete lie if one really thought about it.

"Oh-oh," Beth responded.

"Oh-oh, what," Cupid asked concerned.

"If you try to psychoanalyze me I am petrified what you may find," Beth joked.

"I don't psychoanalyze until the third date," Cupid quipped back, as they headed to theatre seven.

"This is a date?" Beth asked, hoping it was.

Cupid stopped and looked into her hazel eyes and asked back, "Is it?"

Beth's heart fluttered with excitement as she replied with a smile, "Well, a date usually includes dinner."

"Popcorn doesn't count?" Cupid slyly smiled.

"I don't know," Beth smiled, trying to play slightly hard to get.

Cupid loving the playful flirtation asked, "So how about we break the rules of dating and do it backwards?"

"I'm listening," Beth smiled, her whole body giddy with the excitement people only feel on those rare moments of romantic potential.

"Movie first, and a late dinner second," Cupid offered.

"It's a date," Beth agreed.

"Great?" Cupid replied, as they looked into each other's eyes, both feeling a longing they couldn't deny.

Beth finally stammered, feeling a slight dampness in her panties, "W-w-we should probably get a seat."

"I suppose so," Cupid laughed. "It is tough to watch the movie from the hallway."

They entered the semi-dark room and Cupid slyly took Beth's hand. The intention way more meaningful than their first two brief touches, Beth's heart began to pitter-patter like crazy.

The hand holding lasted only a minute but any lingering doubt for either of them if there was a connection was gone. Beth couldn't deny the spark she felt and Cupid was feeling emotions he thought had disappeared decades ago.

During the movie, first date etiquette and trepidation peppered both Beth and Cupid. Evening reaching for popcorn was an adventure as both didn't want to be too aggressive. It wasn't until half way through the movie that Cupid took the risk. As Emma Stone kissed Channing Tatum for the first time onscreen, Cupid moved his hand and took Beth's into his, entwining their fingers.

Beth again felt giddy with warmth, like she hadn't felt in years, Cupid meanwhile felt something stir inside him he didn't remember feelings in...well...ever. The movie became just background noise as Cupid really began to consider seriously if Beth could be the one. It had been so long since he enjoyed his job, he had long considered being human yet couldn't find the one who could accept the reality. He remembered the last time he thought he was in love in 1953. Things were going well with Judith, well enough Cupid thought he could tell her the truth. He couldn't and wouldn't cross the line from God to human without letting her know the truth. Alas, she freaked out, refusing to believe him and ending it then and there. Yet, even after just two days, somehow he knew Beth would understand. Somehow this was different. Somehow, he sensed she was the one.

Beth meanwhile couldn't place what it was about Cupid that was different and yet she somehow sensed he was the one. Of course, she thought Jared was the one just a couple of days ago, yet now that betrayal seemed so much less painful, as if the real Cupid knew her destiny was coming along. The stars had lined up perfectly and she somehow just knew he was the one.

Both enjoyed the simple act of holding hands as the remainder of the movie's predictable fall in love, misunderstanding keeps them apart and finally love conquers all. Beth loved the predictability of the romantic comedy formula, while Cupid resented how simple they made love. Only he made love simple.

Once the movie ended, the credits began to roll and neither of them knew what to do next. The perfect moment of simplicity when nothing else mattered was ending and the real world had a great way of wrecking the simplicity of life and love.

Cupid finally asked, "Dinner?"

"Appetizers?" Beth countered.

"Sounds good," Cupid agreed, reluctantly letting go of her hand as he stood up.

Beth followed and it was her turn to take the initiative as she grabbed Cupid's hand. After agreeing they would go to Tony's a Greek pub a couple of blocks away, they walked together in silence.

At the pub, they ordered cocktails, appetizers and got to know each other. Beth informed Cupid she was originally from Texas and had two older brothers. Cupid said he was an only child and he was from up there which was the vaguest truth he could tell. Beth assumed he meant Canada and he allowed her to think that.

They talked about places Beth wished she could go having never left the country, other than Canada. While Cupid told vivid stories of places he had been.

Two hours flew by like seconds as they chatted with each other before it was time to call it a night. Beth wanted him, wanted to make love to him, yet knew this had been a perfect night and you don't mess with a perfect night.

Cupid meanwhile wanted to capture this night forever as it had been the most memorable in his centuries of life. Cupid asked, "What are you doing on Valentine's Day?"

Beth didn't hesitate as she answered her heart on her sleeve, "Something with you."

Cupid blushed feeling a warmth he didn't know was possible. "I was hoping you would say that. How about tomorrow?" Cupid asked, getting a little too eager.

Beth sighed, "I have plans for a girls' party tomorrow night." Beth didn't admit that it was actually a sex toy party being held by a friend of hers, an annual February 13th party held originally because all six of her best friends were single at the time and needed their own toy for the big day.

"So Thursday it is," Cupid smiled. "Can I pick you up at five?"

"Sounds perfect," Beth agreed, already making plans to leave work early on Thursday by working through lunch.

They headed outside and Beth hailed a taxi. As it pulled up, way too quick for Cupid's liking, Beth said, "I had a very wonderful time, Cupid."

"Me too, Beth," Cupid answered, wanting to kiss her but having not kissed a girl in over fifty years he was nervous.

Beth waited for the kiss, and when Cupid didn't take the opening she offered, she took it upon herself. She leaned in and kissed him. For her it was like she had never kissed anyone before this moment, the sensation was completely new and she could feel fireworks exploding inside her.

For Cupid any lingering doubts that she was the one he had been waiting centuries for vanished the moment their lips met. The kiss was soft and sweet, gentle and timid and yet also passionate and pure. He was in love. Some would scoff at the idea of falling in love at first sight, but Cupid knew the reality of love. When it arrived it washed through you, it didn't follow rules or logic, it just filled your heart with a sensation one had never felt before and was unexplainable with words.

When Beth broke the kiss, Cupid in a dazed state said, "Wow!"

Beth who although rather shy in most situations was anything but as she countered, "If you think that is wow, wait until Thursday."

Cupid's cock grew instantly hard at the obvious innuendo as Beth let the words hang there as she got into the taxi and pulled away, leaving Cupid hard as a rock and begging for release.

That night, each of them in their own rooms (Cupid a hotel), they got themselves off with almost identical fantasies...with two becoming one.


Wednesday morning it occurred to Cupid it was critical that Beth know that he was the secret admirer. He ordered more flowers and this time signed the card.

Beth had been to work twenty minutes when the two dozen red roses showed up on her desk. Her heart warmed as she stared at the lovely bouquet. Seeing the card she opened it feeling confident it was from Cupid. She had told him about her job and where she worked during their late night appetizers.

She opened the card:

Dear Beth, Yesterday was an amazing evening. I look forward to tomorrow and have a secret to let you in on.

I am your secret admirer.

With love, Cupid

Beth's heart warmed at the thought that Cupid was indeed her secret admirer, although after a few minutes something popped into her head. How did he know where she worked on Monday? Or Tuesday? This alarmed her a bit as it was rather strange to get the flowers on Monday when they had only met twice, by accident, that day. Or was it an accident? She wanted to ask him, to find out, but realized they had never exchanged numbers.

That night, Beth had a blast at the sex toy party going on a bit of a spending spree. She bought a pair of silk thigh high stockings for her date, something she had never done before, being more of a pantyhose girl. She bought a new vibrator that she used later that night, she bought a vibrating egg not for tomorrow but because she thought it would be fun and she bought three pair of thong panties something she used to wear in college while dating an old flame. She had also bought a gorgeous red dress after work for tomorrow that was both elegant and sexy, something that was way out of her usual comfort zone as it had a generous v-neck line and a side slit that would probably show her thigh high lace tops if anyone was paying attention. Yet, she was feeling sexy and wanted, and those two are a great mixture to open up a girl's conservative nature.

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