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Serendipity at the Plaza


There are so few truly chance meetings in this world. When one happens, as in this case, you just have to tell about it. This is the story about two people who experienced one such encounter. They both travel for business, one owns a business and the other is an executive. These are two people who normally would not even cross paths, but because of planes, trains and other awful things business travelers must endure they were brought together.

He flew to Kansas City on his way to a business meeting in Topeka when his rental car broke down, stranding him at his hotel. He was forced to wait for the rental company to bring out his new car, so he found comfort at a bar on the Plaza. As places go, this was not a bad place for a martini or two. He had enough work to keep his mind busy and enough files to make the time go by quickly. Terry took out his palm pilot, started to jot down notes for future meetings, and planned his approach to the client in Topeka.

She was in town for a seminar at the Fairmont hotel across the river from the Plaza. She was consumed by her business and knew that there were a thousand other things she should be doing rather than sitting at the bar having a drink. But, she had promised her friend that she’d meet her here and they’d catch up on old times. But, as usual, she was late and there sat Cristina waiting for Anna to show up. Things had not changed much since college Anna was always late. But she always had a good excuse – at least in her mind.

Cristina opened her black leather case and pulled out her expense review file. Her accounting group spent hours going through the bills, looking for improper charges. She could always find one or two more errors, and with that in mind during this downtime, she looked through her file. A waiter walked by her table and she decided that a drink wouldn’t be a bad idea right now.

“Excuse me,” she said as the waiter walked by

“Yes, how can I help you?” answered a rather tall and dark man in a white waiter’s jacket and neatly tied bow tie. She could tell he didn’t treat the bow tie as a simple ornament around his neck, but that it was something he wore with pride. The same pride he had about the tone of his muscles and the tan on his skin. She let his words linger in her mind for a moment enjoying the view.

“I’ll have a Vodka Collins – neat,” she said, letting her eyes focus on his eyes and then slowly – and noticeably – move down his face to his chest and then back up again.

He noticed her looks and decided that looking back and taking in every aspect of this woman was now permissible. She had long blonde hair that cascaded of her shoulders and blue eyes clearer than a sunny spring morning, and at the same time showed a depth much greater than the ocean. Her face was soft with full lips that invited you to kiss them and you couldn’t take your eyes off of them when she spoke. He could not fully tell how tall she was, but her long legs gave him the impression that she was very tall, perhaps even as tall as he was at five foot ten inches. Her legs were well toned and muscular, her belly – although covered by a beautiful suite coat – was obviously in perfect shape. She took care of her body and it showed. Finally he took one look at her hands, and old fetish of his, and noticed that her fingers were exquisite, long and slender with perfect proportions. Her fingers were a mere reflection of her perfect body, her Venus-like face, and her sweetly proportioned breast.

“Yes, I’ll bring that right back for you. Will there be anything else?” he asked, wishing something would give him further reason to stand here and look at this beautiful woman.

“No, that’s about it for right now. Thanks!” she said looking at her watch for the umpteenth time. She knew that he had read between the lines enough to know two things about her. First, that she really enjoyed what she saw, and secondly, that the look itself was all there was ever going to between them.

Terry was focused on the Topeka meeting and kept coming up with one good idea after another. He knew that thanks to the car problems he was going to have to reschedule the meeting. Hopefully for tomorrow – if they’d let him. But whenever the meeting took place, he knew he’d get the account.

Terry pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number for the rental car company.

“Hello, this is Terry Orbiston, do you know the status of my car?” he asked in a calmer voice than the last time he spoke to them.

“Yes, Mr. Orbiston…” the voice on the other end of the line said, hesitated as though they were looking for some information, and then added, “we should have the car to you in about an hour. As we told you earlier we are all out of cars right now, but we’ve made arrangements to have one delivered to you shortly”

“Please make sure that this gets done quickly.” He stated, adding, “I have a very important meeting in Topeka and I’d like to know when I’m going to be there”. He did not wait for the answer; he knew it was pointless to argue with her so he just hung up.

He glanced around the bar looking for his waitress and could not find her. He turned around to look behind him. His arm swinging behind his chair so he could turn fully around when his elbow caught the top of a leather briefcase perched perilously on the edge of the chair behind him. The briefcase flew quietly through the air doing an elegant summersault and nicely spraying files all over on its way down. Yellow pieces of paper flew out; white pieces of paper joined the visual cacophony in mid air. All of it accentuated by a soft thud as the leather hit the tiled floor, followed by the rustling of papers hitting the legs of the table and then softly landing on the floor.

“What the hell!!!” was Cristina’s startled response. All she could do was watch the spectacle before her in total amazement. She had not even noticed that there was someone sitting at the table in front of her. She had no idea this idiot would decide to turn around and knock her papers all over the floor.

“Oh, shit! I’m sorry…” was all that Terry could muster. He sat there, stunned. He was frozen in the moment and had no idea what he was going to do to fix the mess he had just created. Once his senses returned, after what seemed like an eternity – at least to him – he stood up and started to gather the papers. They were now starting to blow in the soft spring breeze. He chased the ones that had flown the furthest, stepped on one, reached for another. The papers were flying everywhere.

Cristina jumped out of her chair and gave chase to a couple of pieces of paper that were being pushed by unseen currents onto the path of one of the waiters. She reached for it, and snagged it in mid air, just as it was going to land under a waitress’s foot. She took the captured papers and headed back to her table. She noticed the man that had caused this entire situation heading for the far reaches of the bistro, giving chase to the last of her errant papers. She took a moment to notice his movements. He was tall, and he was agile. She decided he must have been good in sports in his younger days.

She noticed the gray that now covered what once must have been a full head of brown hair. Now the gray added a distinguished look to him. She noticed the cut of his suit and realized that he was very comfortable wearing it. He must be very used to wearing suits, and dressing for business. She liked what she saw – even though he had caused this mess. He had captured his pray and was now headed back to her with an armful of white, yellow and blue papers.

“What in the world were you doing?” she asked with a forced smile on her face. She was trying very hard not to show how truly upset she was about the mess and the interruption.

“I’m sorry, I was looking for my waitress and turned around, and…” he hesitated letting his mouth catch up with his thoughts, “well, you know the rest,” He said. Trying to look his 45 years of age, not how he felt at the moment – like a 5-year-old.

“Well, it looks like you got everyone’s attention – except hers!” she said. This time the laugh was genuine. She could tell he was embarrassed by what had just happened. She took a quick look around, found her waiter and signaled him to come over. He did.

“Yes, what can I get for you?” the waiter asked

“This gentleman is so parched that he almost fainted, knocking my briefcase down scattering all my papers. Do you think you could get him a drink?” she asked mockingly giving Terry a matching look.

“Certainly! We can’t have our patrons fainting waiting for a drink. What’ll-ya-have-mac?” asked the waiter

“Thanks Pal…” he said with a smile aimed at her.

“I’ll take a dry vodka martini, on the rocks and dirty” he added looking at the waiter.

She pointed to the seat where her briefcase had been and he took her up on it. They both talked about their problems, their business and what they were doing in Kansas City on such a nice spring day. They talked for a long time, finally realizing that Time was flying by. Cristina noticed his smile and how she was drawn to it. Terry noticed how quickly she grasped what he was talking about. They both noticed how interesting the other was. As the afternoon turned into early evening, all thoughts of rental cars and friends had vanished and the two of them talked and laughed and got to know each other.

Since neither had ever been to Kansas City before they decided to go for a walk, and stroll down the Plaza to see what it had to offer. They walked by A.O. Schwartz, and Barnes and Noble and down to the end of the main drag. They turned toward the river, walking past the Capitol Grille, and noticed how some of the trees were beginning to have buds and that later in the spring this area would be covered with some of the most beautiful colors.

The walk started with them a fair distance apart, giving each other their own space. The way business people walk down the street. As they turned for the river that distance had been significantly reduced, and as they turned to follow the river their arms kept brushing against each other. Terry may have been the first to notice, but Cristina wasn’t far behind. He started to notice her perfume, and she started to notice that his after-shave was Old Spice – something that meant a lot to her. She noticed that at times, when their arms brushed, he would let his hand linger next to hers – as a subtle offer. She didn’t take him up on it, feeling that if he wanted to hold her hand, he would have to grab it.

Terry looked her way for a moment, their arms brushed and that’s when he decided that she truly did not mind if he grabbed her hand. She felt his masculine touch, feeling the largeness of his hand, the warmth of his touch and the electricity flowing from hand to hand. She squeezed his hand as a reward for taking the initiative. The first moment of touch! All his senses were heightened and focused on every aspect of her hand. The softness of her skin, the warmth of her touch and the apparent desire being communicated by the sensuality of her touch all spoke of one thing to him, she was open to him – completely.

“Are… are you hungry?” he asked, pausing to clear his throat. He wondered if she had noticed the effect she was having on him. He tried to look as calm and as casual as he could yet he wished that she would have dinner with him.

“No, not really…” she said, completely dashing his hopes. She did not want to get involved on a one-night stand with this, or any other man. She was not the type of woman to just give into her desires. She was careful and she did not just get picked up. She looked into his eyes and could see the honesty in him and it bothered her. She could read him better than she could read any other man in her life, and his desire for her was real – there was no doubt about that.

“But,” she added after a few moments of silence, “we could get some desert. I think I noticed that they have a Cheesecake Factory here.” She pointed back towards the fountains on 47th street.

“Ah, it appeals to your sweet tooth, does it?” he said with a smile, giving her a nice out, which she immediately appreciated. He had shown he was a gentleman to her over and over and she had no problem accepting his approval.

“A girl has her weaknesses…” she let it trail off there and started to walk again, her hand never letting go of his.

They walked north towards the fountains and made comments about the Spanish architecture of the area. This area was built as a way to draw people to Kansas City and to show the nation that people in the middle of the country weren’t backwards. The Plaza had become “the” destination and these two –complete strangers a short while ago – were captivated by the beauty and romance created by the European nature of the area.

“Have you ever been to Spain?” Terry asked breaking the silence that had accompanied them for the past few minutes.

“No, I haven’t…” she said, “have you?”

“Yeah, I’ve been to Barcelona, to the Rambla – that’s a really cool area leading to the beach – and to Madrid on business” he answered, glad that they now had something else to talk about rather than what truly was on his mind.

“What’s it like?” she asked, as they reached the fountain and walked on up to the edge. She propped herself on it and looked up at him – still holding his hand.

He sat next to her; the sound of the water flowing elegantly from the figures in the center of the fountain crashing at the base filled their ears. The rhythmic sounds resembling the sounds of a couple softly making love on a warm spring evening.

“It’s beautiful,” he said.

“Most people think that France is very romantic and that Paris is the pinnacle of romanticism, but I think they are wrong. Spain is so much more. The elegant architecture, the warm people, the great beaches, all of it gives you the feeling that Spain invented sensuality.” He added, almost without taking a breath.

She could feel the passion he had for Spain. A country she had never seen and never thought about, but now wanted to see. She realized that she wished to see it with him.

“Tell me more,” she said, holding his gaze effortlessly.

“I will, but first we must do something…” he said as he leaned toward her entering her personal space, his lips a breath’s touch away from hers. His sudden approach surprised her, but not as much as her own feelings.

“What…” she paused to regain her self control, “what are we going to do?” she finally asked

”We’re going to get you that cheesecake you wanted, before you change your mind” He stood up, and helped her to her feet. They walked towards the tower on the corner by the Cheesecake Factory.

“I wonder what it’s like up there,” she said

He looked up at the tower and said, “Do you really want to find out?”

“Sure I do! Don’t you? The view from there must be great, and the privacy should match it” she answered.

They ordered New York Style Cheesecake to go. He paid and they took their newfound culinary delight and walked up a set of stairs, went outside to the terrace and maneuvered their way across the tiled floor to the entrance to the tower. They were acting like a cross between excited kids and underworld spies on a dark secret mission, both of their hearts pounding as they made their way to the door. As he reached the door he grabbed the handle and gave it a yank. Nothing happened. He pulled on it harder the second time – nothing happened again.

Cristina looked puzzled, then stepped in front of him and pushed the door. It easily gave way to her gentle push. She looked up at him grinning from ear to ear.

“Men,” she giggled, “don’t they ever read directions?”

“Sure,” he said, “read the sign on the door” and laughed as he smacked her behind.

She liked the feel of his hand on her bottom. It was a safe, familiar feel that let her know how far they had both come in their short relationship. She also noticed that he let his hand linger on her a little longer than was necessary, but it was a welcome touch. Cristina was softly letting go of her concerns about a one-night stand, and was enjoying the attention he was giving her.

They climbed to the top of the tower and found a fabulous view overlooking the city. They sat cross-legged on the ledge, opened the container and started to eat their cheesecake. He noticed that she had a little crumb from the cake on the side of her mouth and gently reached to brush it off, his long fingers touching the corner of her lips. She slowly turned her head and tenderly kissed his fingers; sending fire coursing through his body. It was such a small gesture and yet something very sensual, signaling to him that his advances were going to be welcomed.

She watched as the back of his fingers gently caressed the side of her face. She closed her eyes as his hand brushed her long blonde hair aside and moved down next to her ear, down her neck, and coming to a comfortable rest on her shoulder. He turned her around so that she was actually facing away from him and looking out over the city. This was the view she had whenever she opened her eyes. But, right now with his strong hands softly massaging her shoulders – melting away the stress of the day – she had no intention of opening her eyes.

“That feels so good,” she said, letting him know she didn’t want him to stop. It had been so long since work and the rest of her life had just vanished from her thoughts. She could feel the strength in his hands reaching deep into her tight muscles, reaching deeper inside of her and finding the actual stress that was causing her tension. His hands took the stress from her and left nothing but warm soft and relaxed muscles in its place. She made the conscious decision to surrender to his hands – at least for this much.

“You were so tense, I’m glad to see that you are relaxing. Did I make you that tense?” He asked her. He could feel the effect he was having on her muscles and was hoping that there was going to go a lot further than just his hands on her shoulders. He caught himself thinking about further possibilities. He thought about her long blonde hair and how soft it felt. As he moved her hair from one side to the other to give him better access to her shoulders he could smell her Vanilla musk. She thought of everything, she took care of herself and she was so intoxicating.

He let his hands go down her shoulders to her biceps and felt her strength. He realized that she took care of her body the way she took care of her business. She cared about every detail. He thought about her eyes, how they looked at him taking in every bit of information, in essence memorizing his every feature so that she’d never forget him. Terry rubbed her arms and worked her muscles to take away all their stress.

She leaned back onto his chest and melted into him. His arms came around her body giving her warmth and taking away the evening chill. Early spring had the most perfect days, she thought. There was warmth during the day, and it cooled off at night. The perfect weather for sleeping with the windows open, but this was different. She was high up, overlooking a City she had never really noticed, and the wind up here was a little brisk – especially at this time of the evening. It made his warmth feel that much better. He was her warmth and her protector.

“What a beautiful evening,” she said putting her arms over his. The two sat there motionless for an eternity. Her words tingled throughout his mind and his body. They had just met, but it seemed as though they had been together for eternity. They cuddled and she suddenly noticed that his arms were resting on her breast. She let out a soft moan of approval before her brain could catch up to her body. He squeezed a little harder and she replied by doing the same to his arms.

He leaned into her and softly kissed her exposed neck. She responded by turning her face a little, giving him access to kiss her cheeks. He did not hesitate and he kissed her on her jaw. Soft little kisses, but they were very wet and very sensual. He continued kissing her as she turned her head more and more, offering him greater access to her. All pretenses were gone now; they were kissing as new lovers often do. These were kisses of exploration, the passion would follow later but for now they were just getting to know each other’s sensual nature. His kisses were stronger now, more determined and she enjoyed giving total control to this wonderful man. She turned her had as far as she could offering him her lips.

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