tagSci-Fi & FantasySergeant's Concubines Ch. 02

Sergeant's Concubines Ch. 02


Sergeant Bertram's nap lasted considerably longer than he expected, as he had a bit of beer in his system. He was asleep for 2 hours. After emptying his bladder, he returned to the couch to check up on Tabitha, the concubine that he had borrowed from Jeff Gomez. She was totally naked by this point and looked as sexy now as she did earlier.

Naturally, he was eager to fuck her again, but how would she react to being screwed while she slept. Would she wake up or not? Well, he figured, she was the least likely candidate to object and he had always fantasized about banging a woman as she slept. Being nude himself, there was no difficulty in simply spreading her legs and using a finger or two to prepare her. He made sure to lube the digits first. Then he just entered her pussy suddenly.

To say that Tabby woke up would be an understatement. She jolted out of her sleep and looked up at the man who kept thrusting into her cunt. Hardly offended, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper into herself. She even slipped him some tongue as they kissed.

"I take it that this was a pleasant surprise for you," he teased her.

"Well, who the hell wouldn't want to wake up to sex? I was dreaming about it, anyway. This beats a dream, though," she reacted.

Encouraged by the bartender, Roger continued to pound her womanhood with his cock. From the moans that he got out of her, she was obviously enjoying herself. She even started milking him with her tight pussy. Clearly, she was as horny as himself, so maybe she HAD dreamt about fucking.

Now that Tabitha was awake, however, Bertram determined to switch her into the "doggie" style. It took little effort to persuade her, as she knew that men go deeper inside women that way. When he started pumping her again, she felt even more pleasure and responded by pushing her ass back at him. He could feel her increasing wetness as he rammed her.

Soon, in fact, the concubine had begun a serious climax. The feeling of his cock in her cunt made the refugee grunt and groan with delight. Sweat dripped from her skin and hair as she experienced the orgasm, which was definitely not a fake. The DPS officer had gotten her off.

Now, of course, it was his turn to cum. After she recovered from her ecstasy, Tabby focused on giving the Sergeant his release. She returned to milking him with her pussy and soon achieved her goal, as she could tell when his seed shot into her twat. The movements of his manhood were quite detectable in her tight cunt and she felt his juice pouring into her hole.

Slumping on top on his borrowed servant the 2nd time that night, Bertram knew that any more sex would have to wait until the morning. He was hardly a young man, as he reminded himself a lot these days. For now, he would lay with Tabitha and wait for sleep to take over again. The next morning, knowing that he would soon have to return the girl to her Master, Sergeant Bertram decided to ask her more about herself over breakfast. This she had made her for them on her own, scrambling some eggs and toasting a couple of English muffins.

"Damn, these are great! A pity that bacon is hard to get these days. The farmers in Arkansas just don't sell it out here as much as they used to do," he complimented her.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I love good bacon, fried on a griddle. I also like ham and sausage. Hell, we can't even get pepperoni on our pizza anymore without paying an arm and a leg for them! I never realized how much I took it for granted. In Pittsburgh, I could get the stuff, but only as much as I could afford with ration cards. Of course, that was a place that I'll NEVER see again," she related.

"Why not? What happened to you in Pittsburgh?" he probed.

"I got caught in the Battle of Pittsburgh. The Republican Front is still fighting to seize it from the Communists who are in charge there. I frankly hope that they win too. The Reds were nothing but trouble for me. Ration cards and breadlines, in a state that EXPORTS WHEAT, no less! I don't know this Lomax guy very well, except from the awful propaganda about him by the People's Department of Information, but I'm rooting for him anyway. I tell you, I never kept up with the politics in the old days and I regret it now. At least back then, it was civilized. Now, people are literally fighting for what they believe," she declared.

"Yes, politics now make those of the past seem like 'the good old days' sometimes. Well, they do in other states, that is. Here in Nevada, things have actually gotten better in many ways. I suspect that's why you came out West," Roger noted.

"That and my ex-boyfriend was an opportunist who got cozy with the Reds when they took over Pennsylvania. He not only landed a job with the Bureau of People's Census, but he even joined the fucking Party and used his connections to harass me about getting back with him. I wasn't about to do that, even for more ration cards.

"I heard that he denounced his wife for 'subverting the Revolution' and had her sent to a gulag near Lancaster. By the way, 'Amish country' is no more. They rounded up the poor farmers and their families. The children were sent to a state orphanage. The women were raped and sentenced to hard labor along with the men. When I say 'hard labor', I mean exactly that. They are nearly worked to death. It reminds me of what I read in school about the old Soviet Union.

"Anyway, when the battle started, I was already plotting to emigrate to Nevada. I figured that I would then be far from the frontlines of the war. Then that jackass of an ex-boyfriend tried to have me 'conscripted' into the People's Home Guard, as women are no longer exempt from it. I decided that I had to leave immediately and scrap my complex arrangements for the other end of the journey. Naturally, departing in a hurry meant that I had to take what I could get, so here I am. I was staying in a motel room, saw an ad, and responded to it. Jeff bought me and made me his 'indentured servant'. It could have been MUCH worse IMO. I'm not exactly free, but I'm not a slave, either. I have some rights and protections, even if I'm not a citizen. Life under the Reds or in a war zone sucks compared to this, trust me," Tabitha explained.

"I guess it would. I hadn't really heard that much in the news about Pittsburgh. Either there's too much happening closer to home or it's a stalemate that bores the network affiliates. Only CNN talks about it on a daily basis and they're in Atlanta, barely outside of the Front's territory. One can't blame them for wondering when they will be under siege by the RF. In any case, I'm surprised that any of the networks still exist myself," Bertram remarked.

"Well, only the Communists and Evangelicals bother to harass and seize their affiliates. The rest like getting their news too much to interfere. I guess it's old American attitudes about the media that keep the networks mostly intact. The press is still treated with a grudging respect for its usefulness. Plus, it's a surviving part of the 'good old days'. Who wants to mess with that? Hollywood is still making movies, for Pete's sake! Right in the middle of a political crisis, the entertainment industry continues its art," Tabby replied.

"The porn films, for instance? There's more of it, in fact. A lot more amateur videos and DVDs, I've noticed. Everyone and his uncle is making an adult film these days. Not that I'm complaining. Hell, I've got more options now. Even Jenna Jameson has come out of retirement to do some neat movies. Mind you, she had to flee Arizona first and avoid the Mormon Fundamentalist threats on her life. That must have been some scare for her, especially after they shot her husband to intimidate her," he responded.

"Yeah, she's probably porn's first famous widow. I'm still sad for her. I mean, she finally did what the right-wing nutcases wanted and settled down with a man to raise a family, and she only got her hubby clipped for her pains! I'd be pissed off myself if that happened!

"Anyway, I imagine that the RF is waging a war of attrition. They will wear the Reds down until they have to surrender or evacuate. Given their superior resources, I'd bet on the Front. Of course, that may just be wishful thinking on my part, but I've seen the fighting first hand. The Republican Front has the Commies outgunned and outmanned. They can call up troops from Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina. The Reds only have one state and they have to draft women just to hold onto Pittsburgh!" the bartender clarified.

"Holy shit, you have learned a lot about this for a girl your age!" Roger observed.

"Well, my job also exposes me to TV news. CNN is on a lot for the political junkies. I must admit to becoming one myself. If I ever get free from the indentured service thing, I'll have to become a citizen and register to vote. I'll be a Libertarian for sure. That's assuming that Nevada is still a free country by that time," she stated.

At that point, Tabitha's cell phone rang.

"Yes, Master. I'm still with Roger. I'll be on my way. Thank you for letting me spend the night with him. Yeah, he's great. Don't worry, he didn't harm me or try to steal me from you. He's your friend, after all. I'll tell him I've got to go. Yes, you're a great Master.

"Tell Lola that I'll bring back her skirt. I just wanted to use it for a night. I have GOT to buy myself one of those! She said to kiss her ass, eh? Well, tell her to bend over and I'll even slip in some tongue. She should watch her expressions around someone with a butt fetish. Alright, I love you too. Bye for now, Master," she answered it before hanging up.

"Was that Jeff?" Bertram asked.

"Yeah, that was my Master. I tell ya, I think I'm really falling for the guy. He's a real sweetheart for an owner. I get along VERY WELL with the other girls too, like I said last night. I know that we insult each other a lot, but that's just for laughs. We have a good deal of fun. Okay, can you drop me off at the bar? I'll be sure to buy you a round or two the next time you visit," she pleaded.

Roger agreed and kissed her goodbye as he watched Tabitha get out of the car. He admired her ass, which showed from the slit in the back of Lola's skirt. After getting a piece of that last night, he realized that his decision was made for him. He would follow Jeff's wise example and "sponsor" some migrants himself. If they were anything like her, he could look forward to a long and happy life of sex and good service from a handful of "concubines". He would never be sexually frustrated again, due to a nice harem in his own house. Now, what was Tim's number again?

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