tagSci-Fi & FantasySergeant's Concubines Ch. 04

Sergeant's Concubines Ch. 04


Roger Bertram waited about eleven days, before he got his call from Flora at Lansing Industries. She told him that Tim had found his women and would meet him at the Lansing corporate HQ. Flora didn't bother to hide her excitement over her part in the matchmaking business. Evidently, she enjoyed that part of her role.

Tim was a 53 year old former independent contractor who had gone into the indenture business as a second career when he sold his construction company. This was less physically demanding, although Mr. Lansing was still as fit and strong as ever. He was a massive fellow, in fact, weighing probably 235 lbs. and standing 6 feet, 4 inches tall. He also had a gregarious nature, even if he showed some of his age with his gray hair.

"Well, if it isn't Roger Bertram. So, you're the one with a very clear idea of what he wants, except that you don't care about the basic stats. I hope that you won't be disappointed by what we found, then," Tim shook Roger's hand with his firm, manly grip.

"Can I show him, boss? Please?" an enthusiastic Flora pleaded with her patron.

"Sure, Flora, baby," he grinned, as the tall, elegant Venezuelan lady practically ran in a very giddy manner to bring the lucky girls out into the lobby.

"Is she always like that?" Roger wondered openly.

"Not really. Just when she is about to find a patron for some fortunate women. She is so happy with her lot that she naturally assumes that other girls will be as well. So far, she has rarely been wrong about that. She has also helped me by suggesting some possibilities, and her picks are often as accurate as my own. I'm thinking of making her my partner, if she ever gets out of indenture," Tim commented with obvious pride.

"Did she help pick mine?" Bertram inquired.

"Actually, one of them was strongly encouraged by Flora. You'll probably like her as much as my concubine did. She's certainly a babe, as is the other one. Trust me on this: you're in for a life that is a man's fantasy come to life. The good thing about dreams is that sometimes they can happen, even if most people dismiss them as impossible. I suppose that some good came of this chaos, such as shaking up people's stupid ideas about sex and letting them see what really matters," the agency owner remarked in his rather confident way.

At that moment, Flora returned with the two women whom Roger had requested. One was a statuesque female in her mid-20s who had such a girlish and vivacious attitude that she was almost impossible to think of as a grown woman, not that this was completely a bad thing. She had the look of a Goth posing as chic, a guise that wouldn't pass more than superficial scrutiny. She had long, brown hair with blonde highlights and bright blue eyes full of mischief. She also looked a bit familiar to Roger, oddly enough.

The other woman was a full-figured girl with pale skin and curly black hair. She had the most fascinating and friendly pair of eyes that rotated between shades of gray and green. She was a bit shorter than her colleague was, but that was no issue for Mr. Bertram. She had the right mentality, and as a bonus, she had a great butt. She also blushed a bit when she saw the look of desire on Roger's face.

"Senor Bertram, please meet your prospective mates. This is Ninve Marat and I believe that you've seen Jeannette Patterson on the silver screen before. Yep, you actually have a famous Hollywood actress as a potential concubine. Don't ask me how she came to be in our employ. I imagine that's a story that she would prefer to tell you herself. Suffice it to say that she wasn't as content with her lot as she appeared to be. Girls, meet your new Master," Flora introduced them with joy.

"So, Roger, what do you think of your women?" Tim asked his client.

"They're terrific, from what I can see. So, what is the charge for these fine girls?" Lt. Bertram probed.

"I think that we can discuss that in my office, away from the ladies. I trust that you will find it reasonable," Mr. Lansing assured the customer, gesturing for them to sit down there and converse about that.

Roger indeed found the terms quite sensible, especially the rate. It still gave Tim a profit, but Mr. Bertram wouldn't lose his life's savings. Fifteen minutes later, they emerged and began arranging the details of moving the girls in with their new patron. It was not long before Roger and Tim shook hands again, the former said goodbye to Flora, and signaled for the nervous ladies to join him in his car.

"So, I think that we should celebrate this night. What's your poison, girls?" the cop asked his companions.

"Given the cost, I'll stick to beer," Ninve suggested.

"Same here. I normally try to go light, but I wouldn't mind a Fat Tire tonight," Jeannette mentioned.

"I think that can be arranged," Roger nodded in a very affable mood.

Bertram made it back to his apartment rather quickly, despite the mutual staring between himself and his new servants. He basically owned these two women, and one of them was a former Hollywood starlet! The other, to be fair, was just as fascinating in her own way, and he certainly planned to learn both of their stories. He wanted to know why these women had sold themselves voluntarily into bondage.

"So, if I'm not mistaken, Jeannette, you won an Oscar not too long ago. What's happened to make you give that life up for this one?" Roger asked her in Ninve's presence while they grabbed some food and beer from his fridge.

"That's a long story, Roger, but I will be happy to summarize it for you. I'm a method actress. I want to spend some time as a concubine, taking a sort of working sabbatical. Then, when my contract expires, I'll return to Hollywood and play an indentured maidservant for the silver screen. But I wanted to do it realistically, since I'm method, as I said. Also, this gives me a way out of renewing my deal with that idiot boss of mine. I don't mind the casting couch, but he goes too far. Not to mention that I'm really a Goth at heart, and this will let me be one for a while," Ms. Patterson explained between sips of her Fat Tire.

"Not to mention that you broke up with Royce not long ago?" Ninve added.

"Well, that, too. He was a stinking drunk, so I didn't need him. It's one thing to drink casually, like we're doing now, but he was nearly always sauced toward the end. Plus, he's a hypocrite. He's a fucking director and probably gets a dozen blowjobs from auditioning thespians, but he gets incensed at the idea that I might possibly give one. Never mind that it's how we met in the first place. Well, enough about me. Perhaps Ninve should talk now," she clarified.

"There's less for me to say. My beau got killed in an accident last month. I was Jen's assistant, you see. She told me her plans and I decided to join her. I can't say that I regret it, at least not yet," Ninve chimed in.

"We've gotten even closer, too, don't ya think?" Jeannette observed.

"Well, yes, now that you're not my boss anymore, Jen," Ms. Marat teased her as she drank her own beer.

"That's good, girls, but the main thing is that we're together now. Just so you understand, while there are house rules, they won't be too stringent. I need one of you to work, but the other one to stay home. We can decide that rather quickly, I think. The homemaker will be expected to do the bulk of household chores, I want you to know.

"Naturally, sex will be required of the two of you, as will an ability to get past any jealousy. It will be my kind of sex. That's the whole point of acquiring concubines, after all. I'm warning you upfront that I am a bit on the wild and kinky side when it comes to intercourse. You will also be expected to go nude at home, and to have sexual relations with each other. I might have you bear me children, but that's not guaranteed. I just want to prepare you for this whole situation," Roger declared to his new servants, neither of whom seemed a bit upset at the ideas he expressed.

"Yeah, I kind of assumed that we'd have to fuck you, not to mention each other. I'm cool with screwing Jen. She has a nice body and I suspect that she has a wild streak that she tries to hide from even me. Or rather, she tried in the past tense. Something tells me that she won't hide much anymore from me. So, what do you want us to do first, Boss?" Ninve agreed.

Roger grinned as he thought as what he'd really like from his women as his first sexual act with them. Yes, he would have to do that. He cleared his throat to ensure that he kept their attention.

"Well, I first want you gals to undress for me, right now. Give me a damned good striptease, to get me started. I want the two of you to work as a team, too. Kiss each other, hell, French kiss and make out, but don't actually eat each other out yet. That can wait a moment or two longer. You can grope each other, of course," he directed his new companions.

"That sounds fine by me, Master," Jen answered, as Ninve and she began to disrobe for his benefit.

Within seconds, they were half-naked and engrossed in a bisexual session that would make anyone but a gay man drool in response. Ninve's tongue was fully immersed in Jeannette's throat, and the actress made certain to return the favor. Ms. Marat proved to be a sloppy French kisser, but that was nothing likely to make Roger complain, or even Jen for that matter.

When they broke that kiss, they resumed taking off their clothes in a way that tantalized one another as well as their patron. Certainly, Ninve had latent Sapphic tendencies, if not Jeannette, but Roger suspected that both of them were at least slightly bi.

After their panties were gone, they didn't stop, either. Jen began to caress Ninve's hair, stroking it with her long fingers, and then Ninve slid her own digits into Jeannette's cunt. This prompted her partner to follow suit, and the pair gave off a definite scent of arousal from their girl-on-girl interaction.

"Don't stop on my account, girls," Roger instructed them, so the duo continued to masturbate each other, while he removed his pants and showed his undeniable endowment to the twain.

Still playing with each other's twats, Ninve and Jen approached him and gestured a rather unmistakable query. He nodded, and the shorter woman knelt to suck his dick with all of the urgency of an Olympic swimmer desperate to catch with her rivals. Instead of joining her friend, Jeannette positioned herself behind her former assistant and spread her ass-cheeks.

Ninve shivered as Jen started rimming her and whispered that she had long secretly wished for a chance to do just that. She didn't quit deep-throating Roger, of course. In fact, she sucked harder on his cock, as if to pleasure him as intensely as her girlfriend did with her. The more eagerly Jeannette devoured her bottom, the more insatiable Ninve became for Roger's prick.

The girls then abruptly swapped places, letting Jen give Roger a very enthusiastic blowjob while Ninve licked her butt-crack. Mr. Bertram had a lot of difficulty restraining his release, but he did so, anyway. He wanted to expend his first dose of cum in either their cunts or their asses.

They were aware of this, but they wanted to make sure to take their cues from their Master. Naturally, therefore, they kept up their oral switch back and forth to service him until he told them to take a breather. They awaited his wishes as he walked back into the kitchen and motioned for them to follow him.

"Put your hands on the island and kiss each other while I take you. I'm going to fuck each of you in turns. I will start the rotation by fucking Jeannette, and then I will switch to Ninve. When I'm ready, I will swap back to Jen, and then return to Ninve. We will keep this up until all three of us cum. The first of you gals to cum will get to fuck the other with a strap-on dildo first, while I ram the lucky girl in the ass.

"There will be similar contests happening a lot in the future, though sometimes it will be the woman with better self-control and sometimes it will be the one to get my spunk when I cum who receives the prize. You'll just have to prepare yourselves for any possible set of rules, though they won't be cruel ones, mind you," Roger commanded them, as he got the lube ready for their pussies.

Bertram wasn't gentle as he entered the ladies. As a matter of fact, he made a point of showing that he was only laid-back when that mood struck him. He could be quite domineering when that approach struck his fancy. Neither woman griped or begged him to slow down or take it easy. Instead, they pushed back with a fervor of need, clearly encouraging their new de facto owner to ram them as roughly as he pleased.

It was evident that both ladies were very compatible with his preferences and each other. Far from being a prima donna due to her formerly high-maintenance lifestyle, Jen accepted that Mr. Bertram now called the shots. Ninve, naturally, was accustomed to taking orders from other people, and that included in the bedroom.

Roger also fingered their assholes with lubricated digits to prepare them physically and mentally for buggery. He didn't have much time left to do that, however, since he soon came in Jen's cunt. This strangely caused Ninve to cum ahead of her erstwhile boss, but not by too many seconds. Her secret was the thought of licking that cum from her friend's pussy, and it gave her a rush that she couldn't control at all.

Both of them were relatively loud climaxers, but Ninve's change of shade from pale to beet red made her situation unquestionable. She had orgasmed before Jeannette, so she would get to fuck her with a dildo. Roger told Jen to go find a strap-on with a thigh harness from his bedroom closet, one of the few that he had recently purchased. He also informed her that there were multiple sizes, so she could choose whichever one she sought to have Ninve put inside her.

To his very pleasant surprise, and her fellow concubine's, Jen picked the largest one that she could see in the fetish section. She beamed when she noticed that it was also a vibrator. Not even flinching, the actress stunned both of her lovers by putting herself on the dining room table with her lovely derriere on display.

"Well, Jen knew the risks and picked a huge dildo. So, Ninve, given that you're going to take it in the ass yourself, what do you prefer? You could fuck her pussy in the doggie position or you could pound her butt with that massive vibrator. She seems open to either kind of penetration. It's up to you, girl, so choose what you really want," Lt. Bertram instructed her.

"I'll let Jen choose, if you don't mind. Both of her holes are delicious. I'll own up to craving her almost as much as I desire you, though only almost. As long as you fuck me and I screw her, I'm cool with either option," Ninve declared with a wide grin.

"My ass, I insist! If Ninve gets it up the butt, so do I. I want to feel whatever she does. I'm sure that I'll enjoy it, since I like rough sex of all kinds. I've wanted to try it for a while now," she begged her partners.

"You're an anal virgin, and yet you picked the biggest dildo possible? Well, no one would call you chicken," Roger commented, as Ninve winked at him and applied the lube to Jen's backside.

Soon, Ms. Marat had her harness and vibrator ready and began to ream her girlfriend's tight tush. Jeannette gasped when she felt the early pain, but she soon relaxed and cooperated with the woman who now slammed her asshole with the dildo. Roger quickly added his own dick to the threesome, giving Ninve as hard a shove in the backdoor as she gave to Jen.

"Oh, I lied," Jeannette laughed as Ninve rammed her and Roger took her bottom.

"How so?" they both groaned as the sodomy train continued.

"I've had it in the ass plenty of times, back when I was a man," she giggled.

This news so excited her two companions that they probed her deeper and harder.

"So that's why you're even keener on anal than Ninve here. You have a prostate!" Roger remarked with enhanced lust.

"Try it out for yourself whenever you're ready, but yes, I do. I'm so glad that the press doesn't pry as exhaustively into thespians' past lives, or you would know that already. I told you that I am method, and I liked the whole transgender scene so much when I was obscure that I decided to change my sex. I went the whole way and made a new career as a woman," Jen grunted as Ninve shoved it deeper into her colon.

Finally, the extremely aroused Roger and Ninve came from the idea as well as the encounter. Jeannette confirmed her prior sex by reacting to the stimulus with her own climax. The trio slumped for a while, with the lieutenant's seed now present in Ninve's bowels and Jen's surgically created pussy.

They fell asleep in that position, but woke up for a short time before retiring to Roger's bed. Each woman also cleaned his dick and the other concubine's holes as well. They drifted into steamy dreams of the most intense ménage a trois possible, assuming that this hadn't occurred that very night.

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