"That's right honey, I'll buy lots of cookies, just take your clothes off," and the girl looked scared to death, but continued to strip. Frank saw the fear as the girl unhooked her bra and her small tits came into view, then he saw a hand reach out and caress her tits as he picked up the phone and dialed the station, "This is Lt. Ross, I need a warrant served," and he listened as his call was transferred and watched the young girl peeling her panties off. He could hear the man in the background urging her on as the girl finally stepped out of her panties and stood there in only her socks and shoes and the camera moved up and down her body with occasional close-ups.

"Harkness," the voice said, "Yeah, This is Ross, I want a warrant issued for a Ralph Potts, yeah, Pedophile," and he gave them his address and hung up. He couldn't believe what this sick bastard was doing as he looked up and saw the girl crying as his finger went between her legs, but as she tried to pull back, the camera caught a brief shot of Potts' head and that would nail him right there. "I got you, you sick fucker," he said as the tape abruptly ended, no wonder he was so nervous.

Frank popped in the nameless tape and settled back to watch, he saw video of several young girls, promised rewards if they stripped while he filmed, but he was careful to keep his face off camera. Then there was a long blank spot and just as he was about to stop the tape, he saw Ginger Franklin walk into a room, it looked like a study. As he focused on it, he realized that it was Potts own study and he wasn't sure that Ginger knew the camera was even there. She was dressed like she had just gotten off work, skirt and blouse and pantyhose and he turned up the volume on the TV, "You wanted to see me Mr. Potts," she said as he motioned for her to sit in the chair and offered her a drink.

"Yes, Ginger, I asked you to come to my home, I thought this might be best handled away from work," and Frank could see the puzzled look in her face, "About what Mr. Potts?" she asked and Frank could see him pick up a piece of cotton clothesline and walk behind her as he talked, "I recently discovered that you and your father had a 7 year incestuous affair Ginger," and her eyes flew wide and just then he grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind the chair, tying them together as she struggled to get loose, "What are you doing??" she screamed.

"Just relax Ginger, this will all be a lot easier if you just let daddy take over," and Frank saw the fear in her eyes, this prick wanted to be her daddy! "Now, you can cooperate with daddy and you will be just fine, or daddy can tell your coworkers how you fucked your father for 7 years and even had an abortion to cover it up. What do you say Ginger? Want to help daddy out?"

Ginger was sobbing now as Potts played his hand out, knowing that he could ruin her. "Oh, I know all about your visits to the shrink too. I bet your friends would love to know that Ginger has to see a shrink so she can deal with fucking her own daddy for 7 years. One time and people could accept it, but we're talking about 7 years here Ginger," and he paced in front of her as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

There was a feeble "Ok," Frank had to replay the tape several times to even figure out what she said, and then Potts smiled as his hands roamed Ginger's chest and then crept up her leg and disappeared under her skirt as she squirmed in the chair and he kissed her. Frank could see him saying something to her, but he couldn't hear what it was, finally Potts said, "Say It!!" and he watched as Potts' hands continued under her skirt and she finally looked at him, "I want to suck your cock…" and he stopped, "Yes??" and she said, "Daddy," and he gave her a kiss and then he unzipped his pants and fished his cock out, rubbing it over her chin before sliding it into her mouth.

'This sick mother fucker!' Frank thought as he watched Potts fuck Ginger's mouth and he tore her blouse open and ripped her bra off as he slammed in and out of her mouth. Potts stopped and withdrew and stared at Ginger, "Say it!!!" and he stood there waiting for her to speak as his hands roughly grabbed her tits, "Cum in my mouth. Please daddy, I want to taste you," and then Potts went back to fucking her mouth as Frank watched him tense up and heard Ginger gagging as his cum spurted into her mouth. "That's daddy's good little girl," Potts said as he pulled his cock out and cum dribbled down her chin.

Frank was ready to shoot this son of a bitch and he watched as Potts pulled her to her feet and whispered in her ear again, "Please fuck me daddy, I've been a bad girl and I need you to fuck me hard," and she cried as Potts threw her over his desk and pulled her skirt up over her waist and jerked her pantyhose and panties down and slid between her legs, grabbing her waist and pulling her back as he slammed into her.

She began to sob as Potts fucked her harder and harder until he came once again and then he got off and left her across his desk, her wrists still bound behind her and left the room. When he returned, he was all smiles, "Now, if you take care of daddy, then daddy will take care of you," and he pulled Ginger to her feet and untied her She worked to straighten her clothes out as best she could, "I will expect to fuck my little girl anytime I desire, understood?" and he had her write his phone number on an envelope she got from her purse. She cringed as he drew her to him and hugged her, "That's my little girl. You love your daddy, don't you?" and he patted her head. 'This son of a bitch is going down,' Frank thought as he rewound the tape and then locked them in his safe for the night.

Once again the phone woke him up, "He's gone Frank, skipped yesterday," and Frank struggled to focus on the clock, it was 2AM. "Who's gone Vince?" and he rubbed his eyes, "Potts, left sometime last night," and Frank slammed his fist down on the nightstand, "Damnit!!! Put out an APB on him," and he hung up the phone. It took awhile before he got back to sleep, his mind replaying Potts' video tapes and the strong desire to catch him, but he finally drifted off and he jumped when the alarm woke him up. He showered and dressed and made a cup of coffee before heading out, tapes in hand, as he got into his car and started towards the office.

Another file was waiting on his desk as he sat down, Anita Parker, 21, college junior, preliminary autopsy showed she had been violently raped and her vaginal passage showed numerous contusions, nipples neatly severed and missing. Frank's brow rose as he noticed that her father too had assaulted her, but her father had committed suicide before he could be tried and he saw a pattern developing here, "Vince!! Quit trying to get laid and let's go!" and they headed out to the car, "Frank, you need to stop embarrassing me in front of women, you'll give me a complex," and Frank just laughed at him. They arrived at the Parker home and started interviewing her mother, "Can you tell us about the charges your daughter filed against your husband, ma'am?" and they watched as her face became ashen, "He was a good man, but he got to the point where I was not enough for him. I had gotten older and didn't seem to turn him on anymore, so he turned to Anita. It went on for quite awhile, I should have noticed, but I didn't," and Frank saw the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"When I finally suspected, I confronted him and he told me I was sick and he called Anita a liar. I made Anita swear out a warrant for him and he never came back, he hung himself two days before the trial was to begin. He blamed Anita and he blamed me," and she broke into sobs as Frank motioned to Vince that they should go and he thanked her for her time.

Frank pulled up to Dr. Fitts' office and they went in, the nurse showed them into the doctor's office and said he would be right in; Frank and Vince sat and waited. He noticed a picture on the doctor's desk, it was a family portrait and it showed who he assumed to be the doctor and his wife and two sons, just then the door opened and he rose to greet the doctor.

"I need to speak to you about one of your patients doctor, a Ginger Franklin," and he watched as the doctor sat down at his desk, "I'm afraid that my patients are privileged information Lieutenant, you know that," and he sat back in his chair, "She's a murder victim doctor, now I can subpoena her files, but you can save me the time and trouble by just cooperating," and a look of shock came over the doctor's face, "Murdered? When?" and Frank told him. There was a period of silence and then he spoke, "I can not divulge everything in her file, but I will help you as much as I can," and Frank opened his note book, "When did she start seeing you?" and the doctor opened his filing cabinet and leafed through the folders and pulled one out, "About 3 months ago, she had been here about a month and was having difficulties relating to men and in fact, to herself. It seems that her father had sexually used her for quite awhile.

She had feelings of inadequacy in fulfilling a relationship and we were working on that problem. She shied away from men, afraid of the things her father had forced her to do and she was having much difficulty in coming to grips with it all," and the doctor looked at Frank, "Her father was not only her lover, he tortured her as well." The doctor leaned back in his chair, "He was somewhat of a sadist Lieutenant, he tried all kinds of bondage and devious acts with her, much more than that I cannot say, ethics," and Frank was stunned.

"Is that why she moved here?" and the doctor nodded his head, "Her mother didn't believe her story and she left out of fear for her life, coupled with the fact that her mother had taken her father's side, so she uprooted and moved here. Such a waste, we were beginning to make progress," and the doctor told them he had another appointment and had to go, "Thanks doctor, you've been a help," and Frank shook his hand and they left.

Being a cop had shown Frank the warped side of life, but he hadn't been introduced to this kind of perversion before, a guy who sexually abused his own daughter. He had dealt with the occasional incest, but not sadism of your own child, he felt halfway sick. He showed the tapes to the DA, "We can get him on the pedophile charges Frank, but with the Franklin girl giving her consent, even coerced, we are on shaky ground. They're still trying to track him down," and Frank thanked him and left, entering the tapes into the evidence lockup.

His pager went off and he looked to find a number he didn't recognize, and called it back, "Hi Frank, it's me Maria. Remember, you gave me your pager number," and he perked up slightly, "Oh yes Maria, Hi," and she went on about how she had the night off and would he like to get together later, "Sure, that would be great," and he wrote down her address and made plans to meet her about 6. He spent the rest of the afternoon working on the mountain of paperwork on his desk, looking forward to his upcoming date, he hadn't been on a date in so long, it kind of scared him.

He went to Maria's house and she asked him in, he could smell something wonderful cooking, "If it's ok with you Frank, I thought we would stay in. I made a baked ziti for us, some Italian bread and a nice wine," and she smiled at him, "It smells wonderful Maria," and he sat on the sofa as she checked on dinner. As they ate, he noticed for the first time her outfit, she wore a low cut blouse and her ample cleavage was causing him to sit a bit uneasily as he tried to concentrate on the food.

After dinner, they sat on the sofa and made small talk as they finished the bottle of wine, then she took him by complete surprise as she leaned forward and kissed him, just on the lips at first, but then he felt her tongue probe its way inside and he threw his arms around her and they kissed passionately, his body seeming to take over. She grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her breast and he felt himself stirring at the feel of it, so soft and supple. He could feel her nipple as it protruded from his touch and she took his hand and placed it under her blouse as he worked his fingers over top her bra and felt the silky smoothness of her tit as he pulled the cup of the bra downward to uncover it completely.

His mind reeled, it had been an eternity it seemed like since he had been intimate and she was sure doing wonders for him as he felt her hand now stroking him through his pants. She unzipped him and her hand dove in, quickly extracting his hard cock as she stroked it and seemed to coo and his mouth captured her ripe tit, her nipple dancing on his tongue as they both writhed on the sofa.

With one hand, she gently pushed him back and he watched as her head moved into his lap and he felt her warm mouth engulf him, sliding ever farther down as she strove to take all of him in her mouth. Soon, he felt himself thrusting his hips up at her as his cock made journey after journey into her warm mouth and he knew he wouldn't last too long, "Maria. I'm going to cum!!!" and this only spurred her on as she sucked him without abandon and he felt himself spurt into her hot mouth as she swallowed him down and then licked and cleaned him up afterwards, settling back next to him as her hand continued to stroke his cock.

"I so love the taste of a man," she smiled as he sat there in awe, looking at her tit he had exposed and then she suggested that they move to the bedroom and she led him there, never letting go of his cock which was still rock hard. She let go of him and lighted some candles and then returned and undressed him, her mouth savoring each piece of flesh she uncovered and then she undressed herself and his hands roamed her naked body, delighting in her smooth olive flesh as he gently sat her on the bed and she lay back, his head seeking out the dark black hair that covered her crotch. He gently spread her thighs as his mouth connected with her womanhood and he heard her moan softly from the touch of his tongue.

Her hands gripped his head as he worked on her and he heard her moans getting louder as he captured her clit and worked it until she seemed to explode in his mouth, her screams filling the room. "Please fuck me Frank, I need you so badly," and he was somewhat shocked at her frankness, but also turned on as he rose up and slid over top of her body, his cock tracking up her thigh as she adjusted her body to receive him. His cock slid in easily from her previous orgasm and the work of his mouth and he inched forward, burying himself deep within her, watching her eyes close and her head go back as he filled this hot Italian woman.

Her hips soon joined his own rhythm as they began to thrust wildly against each other and his mouth sought out her ripe tits. Soon, he could feel her impending orgasm as she bucked harder against him and then she exploded again, her screams once more filling the room as she came and this drove him over also as his cum joined hers and their screams mixed together, 'sex with Marilyn had never been like this,' he thought as his body slumped on top of hers.

He rolled off to the side and lay there, his hands teasing her ripe, full tits as they just smiled at one another, "I don't want you to think I'm a slut Frank, I just really wanted you," and he smiled, "I would never think that about you Maria," and they kissed. They made love twice more before they showered and fell asleep in each other's arms. His pager woke him up at 5AM, it was Vince and he tried not to wake Maria as he talked to him, "We got Potts, stopped him two states over for speeding, he'll be back here tonight," and he looked over at Maria, lying there sleeping peacefully and he remembered their passionate night, "That's great Vince, talk to you later on," and hung up, sliding back between the covers as his hands roamed Maria's ripe body and she stirred, "Good morning," she smiled and his hands settled on her tits and they kissed as he felt his cock hardening once again. Her hands found it and stroked it's length as their kiss deepened and then she moved down to cover it with her mouth and he lay back as her mouth did wonders for him once again.

She made him a quick breakfast and he noticed she hadn't fixed herself any, "I already had mine," and she smiled and gave him a kiss as he left. "You look like you just got the fucking of your life!" he heard Vince say as he walked into the office and he felt himself begin to blush, was it that obvious? "Forensics came back on the razor blade, it was Franklin's blood alright. They deduced that the razor blade removed her nipples, still waiting on the Parker results. So, let's hear it stud, you get laid?" and the cheesy grin was getting to Frank, "Why don't you just worry about getting laid yourself," and he sat down as the phone rang. Vince watched as he hurriedly wrote down an address and hung up, "We've got another one," and they both raced off. This call was at an apartment complex in midtown, nice looking girl, about 19, lived alone, nipples missing. They set out looking for the razor blade first, now that they had an idea these were all connected, but they found none.

This girl was still bound and she too had panties stuffed in her mouth and the bloody vaginal area, her body was still warm too, "Any idea what he's fucking them with?" Frank asked Vine, "No, nothing yet," and they took some statements and went to check on her acquaintances and her neighbors. As they rode back to the station, Frank saw a kid who looked familiar walking down the street, just a couple of blocks from the scene, but he couldn't place him, "That kid look familiar to you Vince?" and he shook his head and Frank struggled to place him.

His pager went off, it was Maria, and he looked for a phone booth, "Use my cell," Vince offered, "So I can get brain damage and end up like you? No thanks," and he pulled up to the phone, "Tell her you have a pal if she wants a threesome," and Vince laughed while Frank just flipped him off. "I was hoping you'd come by the restaurant for dinner and then come home with me afterwards," Maria said to him, "Sounds good Maria. I'll come by about 7, see you then," and he hung up and walked back to the car to Vince's cheesy grin, "Fuck you!!" he said as he started the car. Vince prodded him all the way back to find out who he was seeing, but Frank stood firm, he didn't need Vince hanging around, pulling his chain about it.

There was a report on his desk when he got there and he picked it up and began reading it, the small spot he had been suspicious about turned out to be semen and they were able to get a DNA profile from it. 'Now, all we need is the guy it belongs to,' he thought as he put the report down and then Vince showed up with a copy of the report of this last call. Wanda Simpson, 19, dancer at Chaps, a local skin place, he had to admit, she did have a killer body, as a matter of fact, they all did so far. "See if you can find out about any incest with her Vince," and he looked over the report as Vince left.

He left the station about 6:30 and headed to Antonio's. Maria met him at the door and showed him to a table and asked what he wanted to eat and then headed off to the kitchen. She returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses and sat next to him as they sipped their wine. He jumped slightly as he felt her hand on his lap and it crept towards his hardening cock, he turned to say something and she covered his mouth with hers as her hand released his cock and she boldly stroked it under the table.

"Maria!!!" she smiled at him, "Why do you think I put you in a deserted section?" and he looked around, he hadn't even noticed and her hand was making him so very hard as she stroked him. He watched her as she rearranged the items on the table and then moved the tablecloth so that his side of the table was without any hanging over and then she looked around and disappeared beneath the table and he felt her mouth on him as she sucked him fully into her mouth.

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