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Serpentine Destiny


Aris walked along the secluded section of Grecian shore, enjoying the view of the ocean after a breathtaking sunrise. All too soon, he would have to return home, and he wanted to fix the splendor of his ancestral homeland firmly in his mind.

It had been a great stroke of luck that his far distant relatives still living here had made contact, providing him with an affordable place for an extended stay prior to entering college. The icing on the cake had been the leader of the dig site he'd visited recognizing his passion for archaeology and attention to detail. Being allowed to assist with sifting excavated material had been a dream come true. Actually finding something had been more akin to a miracle.

The coin was poorly struck and even more poorly preserved, and thus of little historical or intrinsic value. Still, he was the first person in thousands of years to see it, and touch it. It was a connection to his heritage and ancestors he wouldn't soon forget, and had only strengthened his desire to enter the field.

He stepped closer to the edge of the jagged cliff, feeling the wind blow through his closely cropped, dark hair. Below, he could see the waves lapping against a thin strip of beach. Then, something caught his attention. There was a natural path winding its way down the face of the cliff to the water below. The footing wouldn't be ideal, but it was manageable.

The next thing he knew, he was on his way down. His head felt muddled, and he certainly didn't remember making any decision to climb down the cliff. A desire — or rather a compulsion — kept him picking his way over the rocks. Fear and confusion mingled with the need to reach the water, but the last held him as though in a serpent's coils, and the former faded into a fog gathering in his mind.

When he reached the sand, he began removing his clothing, feeling all the more disconnected from his body by the moment. Every article fell negligently at his feet, until he stood nude by the water. Then he waded in and dived, moving toward the rocks to his right.

Some part of him knew he should be afraid when his lungs started to ache, but still he swam on. His vision dimmed. His lungs burned. In the moment before darkness consumed him, he saw the breathtakingly beautiful face of a woman, and then knew no more.

The same face framed by red hair greeted him when the world once more faded into view. She was stunning — exquisite. Desire like nothing he'd ever seen before filled her eyes, and she was nude.

Her breasts were enormous. Breasts that large were simply not perky, but these were. They rode high and proud on her chest, and her nipples were stiff with arousal. He reached out to caress them, and knew undoubtedly that they were real. Though firm, they didn't have the stiff, unyielding feel of silicone enhancements that he was quite familiar with.

She moaned and pulled him toward her. He didn't hesitate in the slightest to take her nipple between his lips. He suckled and teased it with his tongue while her hands caressed him. One of her hands glided over his back, tracing the contours of his muscles, while the other slowly stroked his very hard cock, making it throb in anticipation.

Something else stroked his back, just above his buttocks. It was warm, dry and scaly, as was his seat. He glanced down, and rather than being scared out of his wits as he should be by the red scaled coils, he was barely curious. He had just enough interest to look and see where the woman's soft skin was replaced by those scales, just below where her absent naval should have been.

A disapproving moan was all it took for him to focus his attention back on her impossible tits.

She moaned and cooed in wordless encouragement, her coils undulating beneath him as he increased his efforts. She slowly reclined onto an enormous pile of pillows and cushions, and he eagerly followed, never releasing her nipple from his lips. The hands that caressed him also guided him, and he soon straddled her serpentine tail.

She threw her head back and gasped when he sucked her nipple hard, massaging it with his lips and flicking it with his tongue. He released it a moment later and sought out its twin, but she stopped him with a push on his chest. For such a dainty arm, she had remarkable strength, and easily pushed him upright, preventing him from returning to her breasts.

Once he sat up straight, straddling her tail, the hand on his chest glided down between his legs. Her other hand moved behind him, tugging forward, and he looked down to see something happening near the tip of his manhood. Scales pushed outward, and something blossomed from between them, quickly expanding to hide the ruddy scales. Though it was round, and shaped nothing like a pussy, there was no mistaking the pink folds before him as anything else. She had little trouble encouraging him to aim his manhood at the glistening center.

A great hiss escaped her when he leaned over and sank inside her. She was tight, hot, and oh-so slippery around him. He pulled back to thrust again the moment his balls touched the velvety blossom surrounding her opening, and felt something amazing. Her canal contracted in progressive waves, feeling very much as though it was attempting to swallow him.

He fought against the pull to withdraw to the tip, and drove his cock home, this time assisted by her walls pulling him deep. He thrust again, already feeling the first tickles of an approaching orgasm from the way her canal was milking his erection. She stared up at him — her eyes unblinking and afire with passion. Hisses, gasps, and whimpers of pleasure tumbled from her full, pouty lips with every powerful thrust.

He could feel the muscles beneath her scaly tail quiver every time he slammed his cock home. Every so often, he would see the tip of that tail lash about in his peripheral vision. Her upper, human body began to thrash as much as her tail. All the while, her slippery canal gulped his deep-diving cock.

Though he had always prided himself for sexual stamina, Aris rushed headlong toward an explosion in less than a minute. There was no holding it back, and he surrendered to the inevitable.

But the inevitable did not come.

He found himself trapped in that excruciating moment of ecstasy just before orgasm, unable to escape it. He pounded his cock home with all his strength and speed, seeking relief, and ignoring her scales biting into his legs. Grunts and growls exploded from his lungs, mingling in a discordant cacophony with her increasingly loud cries. Still, he remained torturously perched on the brink, his body beading with sweat for thrust after thrust after thrust, until finally, he tumbled over the edge.

Aris loosed a guttural, primal yell of relief as the first blast of cum erupted into her depths. At that same moment, he saw her eyes widen. She threw her head back and loosed a screech of such volume and pitch that the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Her canal closed around him, holding him inside her, yet continued to pulse with muscular waves.

His cum surged up with ferocious energy, and caused him to scream with every ejaculation. Her hands snapped to his back, and he cried out again when her nails dug into his flesh. The body beneath him — both soft and serpentine — bucked chaotically with her throes. The tip of her tail whipped around his neck and constricted, causing spots to dance before his eyes.

Yet he was still coming.

As darkness closed in on his vision, he saw the hazy image of another woman. She reached out, laid her hand on the fire-haired woman's forehead, and spoke to her in a language full of hisses and harsh consonants. The coil around his neck slipped away, and he sucked air into his starved lungs before collapsing with his head resting on the heaving breasts below him.

Strong, but soft hands slipped beneath him and lifted him as if he weighed no more than a child. The satiny prison around his cock resisted its escape, and he let out a weak, gurgling cry as he slipped out. The opening of her cloaca immediately puckered inward, but remained engorged and quivering above her scales.

The other woman turned him upright in her arms as easily as she'd lifted him. A sibilant whisper and a wave of her hand caused chills to race through him. The burning gouges in his back cooled. The pain in his chafed neck, thighs, and knees likewise faded. Then he was resting on a second pile of pillows and cushions, facing the woman he'd just coupled with.

She writhed, still caught in the aftershocks of her orgasm, her tail cracking like a whip. He trembled with his own aftershock when he saw the sweet agony writ large in her flushed face, and knew that he had caused it.

A shift in the pillows, a moan, and the soft hand caressing his side caused him to roll over onto his back. There, lying next to him, was a woman who was even more heart-stoppingly beautiful than the first. Her breasts were even larger, and defied gravity as well. Her hair and the scales of her serpentine lower half were a brilliant emerald in color.

Her voice deep, sensual, and seductive in the extreme, she said, "The mating of man has changed in these many years. You take pleasure from her pleasure."

The fog that had clouded his mind from the moment he looked over the cliff seemed to have partially burned away in the heat of his climax and he thought, They're Lamias. That's impossible.

"Lamias," she repeated as though he'd spoken the thought. "It is different from the names man called us by in the past, but not unpleasing."

Though fear was returning along with his senses, a surge of curiosity accompanied it as well. He trembled, not sure what to do.

"Be calm," she said, and cupped his cheek in her hand. Like magic — which he thought it might very well be — his fear retreated, leaving behind the curiosity.

"Your blood resists my magic," she said when his trembles subsided. "I suspected it might be so."

"Where am I?" he asked, his eyes darting about. As best as he could tell, he was within a natural cavern with an unusually smooth floor, lit by sources unseen.

"Our lair. Our lonely prison for oh so long," she pouted. "It opens beneath the sea where you swam."

And what do you want with me? he thought, only to remember that she appeared to be able to hear such musing.

Her smile confirmed as much. "Fear not. We will not imprison you or devour you. Our kind learned this lesson through much pain and loss eons ago, long before my sister and I came to be. What we want of you, you have already given my sister."

Aris sucked in a sharp breath through his nose when his muscles tightened and his sensitive cock ached in protest at the memory of his orgasm. Even the pain she had caused him paled in comparison to that.

"I will speak no more of that until you have regained your strength," she said. "How are you called?"

"Aris. Aris Sifakis," he answered.

"It suits you," she said. "You may call me Tiassa, and my sister is Alissa. So, Aris, the world has forgotten us? Thinks us unreal?"

He nodded and said, "You're just legends. Myths. Are any of the others real?"

"Which others?" she asked.

The first thing that popped into his head was, "Medusa?"

Tiassa's eyes hardened. "Yes, the queen of the Gorgons was very real. Our peoples were not fond of each other."

"Sorry," he apologized.

She waved a dismissive hand. "It was so very long ago. They may have all perished, as so many of our people did." She heard his errant thought and answered it as well. "Yes, the Gorgons could turn men to stone with their gaze."

Intrigued, he asked, "Nymphs?"

She chuckled. "Yes, they were everywhere. Men did not fear them as they did us — at least not at first. In time, they were treated little better than our people, and man ravaged their lands as their number grew."

"What about Minotaurs?" he asked.

"Few, but very real. And rude. And smelly."

He found himself smiling at her jovial tone. Having exhausted all the creatures he could think of that had Greek connections, he ranged farther afield. "What about Bigfoot? Maybe Sasquatch, or Yeti?"

"I see that of which you speak in your thoughts," Tiassa said. "Yes, they were gentle, solitary creatures. Once there were many, but man pushed them into harsh lands where only the strongest and most wary survived."

Aris heard the harsh, hissing language Tiassa had spoken coming from behind him. He glanced that way to see Alissa lounging on her cushions, caressing her breasts in the afterglow of her orgasm — her tail languidly waving at her side.

"Do not be rude, sister. Speak in his tongue."

Alissa sighed and said, "It asks many questions." Her voice was slightly higher than her sister's, but no less sensual.

"He," Tiassa corrected.

"He asks many questions," Alissa repeated. "He gives much pleasure, though. You should stop talking and take your turn, or I may take another."

Aris felt his face warm when he saw the mixture of satisfaction and growing hunger for more in the redheaded Lamia's eyes.

Tiassa said, "He needs time to recover, sister. I know it has been long, but surely you remember this."

"Too long," Alissa muttered.

"So many years we waited," Tiassa said. When he turned back to her, she caressed his cheek.

That prompted him to ask, "Why me? I mean, the beach where I was isn't a tourist trap, but it's not remote. Surely other people must have been here."

"Because you are of our blood," she answered.

His eyebrows lifting, he asked, "Huh?"

Tiassa chuckled. "There have been couplings between our people and man. Though they were rare, the product of these couplings increased over time. When a child was born from one of your females and one of our males, it would look like a man, but carry our blood. You have come from two who carry our blood, and it is yours as well."

"You're saying I'm part Lamia?"

She nodded. "Your females pursue you, do they not?"

It was true. From the moment he had realized there was something interesting about girls, he had no trouble exploring those interesting things. He'd also developed a whole host of excuses to beg off from the advances of women he didn't find attractive.

"That is our blood. It is how our magic manifests in those who walk as a man."

"So, I charmed them? They didn't have any choice?" he asked, feeling a little sick at his stomach.

"Much has indeed changed with the mating of man if this disturbs you," Tiassa said, a smile brightening her already stunning features. "Fear not. The charm awakens their desire, but does not compel them. Women lay with you because they wish to, and because you seek their pleasure as well." She shivered and said, "I see that so strongly in your thoughts."

It was impossible not to see the spark of desire light up in her eyes as she spoke. There was no ignoring the stiffening of her nipples, either. When he glanced down, he saw the telltale parting of her emerald scales, and a hint of wet pink between them. With the fog in his head gone, he felt aversion to her serpentine half.

But, he also remembered the incredible milking sensation of her sister's canal and the mind-blowing orgasm it had given him.

She rolled onto her side, reached out, and traced a fingertip over his chest, still smiling. The position pushed her enormous breasts together, and simultaneously thrust them out toward him. He admired them, the brilliance of her eyes, the softness of her touch, and the almost unearthly beauty of her face. When he glanced down, he saw that her cloaca had fully emerged, and a dribble of wetness meandered through the pattern of her scales.

She's using her magic on me, he thought in a panic when the sight of her reptilian lower half didn't bring him up short.

"Yes, but not to compel you," she answered his thought. "It is as the magic of your blood. Your desire awakens, allowing you to see that which is familiar and arousing, and forget that which is strange and frightening. Your will is your own."

"But I still don't have much choice," he countered. "I barely remember it, but I know I almost drowned getting in here."

"I will see you safely to the world of men, if you so wish. My magic can make it so you may linger and marvel at the world beneath the waves on your return." She pointed and said, "There. You see the reflection of the water? From there, you may safely leave our lair with my magic."

Aris followed her pointing finger and indeed saw the shimmering of light reflecting off water, casting its pattern on the nearby stone.

"But if you stay, you will experience the full pleasure of our joining without the cloud of compulsion. I wish to feel these changes in the mating of man that I have seen in your memories, free of my direction."

The full pleasure? he wondered. What he'd already felt had left him limp and gasping for breath, and there was more? Still, he wasn't sure if he trusted her.

She closed her eyes, and her pouty lips worked in silent whispers. When she opened them, she said, "My magic is upon you. Go to the entrance of our lair. See that it is true, so you may know that all my words are true."

"Foolishness," her sister Alissa sneered. "Take his pleasure and his seed. He will leave."

"If he does, it is his choice. Go," Tiassa encouraged him again, and then pulled back her caressing hand. She nodded toward the entrance and smiled.

Aris had felt the magic flood into him, but her previous magic had taken deep root long before that. When she pulled back her hand, it made him ache for her touch again. Though it hadn't been nearly long enough since his first, unbelievable orgasm, his manhood stirred with the first, fitful attempts to respond.

Tiassa drew in a shuddering breath when she heard his thoughts and felt his rising ardor. "Or you may stay," she said while teasing one of her stiff nipples.

That amazing sight was enough to make him scoot closer and take her other nipple in his mouth.

"Oh, it has been so long. You pleasure me so well," she cooed while stroking his hair.

Aris moaned around her nipple, and then switched to its twin. He tongued and sucked the stiff points, marveling in how firm, yet yielding the gigantic globes were. In his passion, he reached down as he normally would, and paid little mind to his fingers gliding over the small scales where her mound should be. Tiassa whimpered when his finger reached her pink blossom.

Still worshiping her breasts, he explored her engorged folds, finding them far more slippery than he would have expected. When his finger dipped into the entrance of her canal, she thrust her tits toward him and hissed. He could feel the squeeze even around the tip of his finger. There was also another sensation that piqued both his curiosity, and his arousal.

He glanced down and saw the end of her tail curling into a tight coil. Though he wasn't in the best position to see, he thought that his eyes confirmed what he was feeling. Seeking her clit, which was naturally not where it would be on a normal woman, he had stumbled upon it anyway. The entire ring at the end of her canal had the same smooth, puffy contrast he'd been searching for. The way she shivered and her tail coiled further confirmed it.

At the first hint of a thought about going down on her, Tiassa whimpered, "Yes. Please. Yes," and rolled onto her back.

Aris sat up, and despite the unnaturalness of it, found her iridescent green scales becoming. He had barely leaned in when the scent of her arousal hit him. It was musky, but earthy — like the smell of forest loam after a warm rain. When he swiped his tongue over the petals, which were dripping with her dew, her taste was almost hoppy — like beer.

It was also just as intoxicating.

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