tagNonHumanServicing the Satyr Ch. 01

Servicing the Satyr Ch. 01


Chapter 1~Jealisa

Deep within the living wood, is where our story doth take place. This story that I now sit to tell, is one of three maidens fair and the duties that are all theirs to bear. But lest you think out Satyr mean, let me say he loves them all indeed. Out of virginity and into life he brings them all. With gratitude they will show their thanks in many ways as they tend to him each and every day and warm him each and every night.

Jealisa, Dahlia, and Elina were the finest of all the Wood Nymphs and they were now in the direct service of their lord the Satyr. He reigned over everything in their little world of woods. He needed Nymphs with the greatest of powers to keep the woods and meadows alive.

So he called for his beautiful Nymphs three and asked them to dance around his fire as he drank his flower wine. They played their reed flutes and danced for his pleasure. He enjoyed the contours of their bodies under the thin muslin dresses they wore. As he finished off his first bottle of wine and started on the second he began to plan how he would have them all tonight. For the Nymph's first night in his service would set the tone for every one thereafter.

As he watched them all dancing he thought he'd like to pop his cock between the lips of the beautiful Jealisa (both sets no doubt) since her power was to keep enough water in the wood for the springs to overflow and every living thing to be without thirst, he thought without a doubt that she'd have the juiciest cunt he'd ever tasted and the wettest mouth he'd ever stroked.

He thought he'd have the flower child next. Dahlia she was like an un-bloomed bud lifting her stalk to the warmth of the sun. And the Satyr couldn't wait to shove his rock hard root deep into the untouched bud of her tight little asshole. Yes, he wanted badly to force that bud into a full bloom with his cream as its nectar.

Lastly the warmth of the redheaded sun child. He'd see to it that she did both the other Nymphs; after all everything needs the warmth of the sun doesn't it. And when that was through he'd be the next in line to run through all her hot horny holes and make her sweet sun shine.

The thought came to him once again, that they all three now belonged to only him. There would be many nights and many different combinations he could choose. And he smiled the smile of a horny devil and he blew his Satyr's horn.

At its sound his Virgin-Nymphs stopped their dancing and fell at his feet to worship him and all his needs. He grabbed Jealisa, the wettest one, under her chin and lifted her up to him. He told her that it was time for him to have some fun. He could feel her tremble beneath his powerful hand. But she had no choice for he ruled this land. And she must serve his every wish to the letter of the law.

The other two thought they'd scurry away, keeping their sweet virginity safe for another day, but the Satyr, he was too smart for that, he made them sit and watch it all—watch him make Jealisa's waters flow.

He told her to use her wings to fly, and when she did he grabbed her hips and drug her above his head.

"Now you hover here above my face while I spread your thighs and let my tongue inside of you—to let you see what it is to feel the Satyr's love for thee."

Jealisa did as she was told. She hovered there both brave and bold. Scared to death but knowing still she must let her Satyr have his fill.

And a hungry boy the Satyr was. He spread her thighs and dug inside first his tongue and then his finger as she cried out in utmost joy. The Virgin—Nymph, who knew no more than the wood, now knew of her Satyr's love for her.

As he tongued and dug in and out deep with in her she began to spout the Nymph of water, springs and brooks drown her Satyr in a gushing flood of her tasty virgin water— blood. As she did her wings did fail and she landed in a heaping pile on the forest floor before her loving Satyr's feet.

"You rest now watery one, for back to you I'll surely come." He said as he tilted his head toward Dahlia's bed.

Tune in for chapter two to see what doth become of the sweet lily of the valley. Dahlia the Nymph of flowers and fauna.

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