tagNonHumanServicing the Satyr Ch. 02

Servicing the Satyr Ch. 02


~Chapter 2~ Dahlia~ Nymph of Flowers and Fauna

He tilted his head toward Dahlia's bed.

"Come to me you lovely one—One un-blossomed by the sun. Lay across this fallen tree so I may come in and deflower thee."

Dahlia bowed her head in acceptance and did just what her Satyr said. He was in the mood to waste no time so he called to the Water Nymph saying:

"Jealisa I know I told you to rest but now that Dahlia is all undressed I need a little help from thee."

"Anything thou commands that I can do with these two hands I'll gladly do for thee my Lord." Jealisa replied.

"It's not your hands that I need, come here please and wet her anal bud for me. Lick it once and lick it twice with your water-powered mouth. Let your tongue slip deep into her tightly closed bud as if it were running between rock and rill.

Fill her ass and make it spill so that I may deeply burry my wood in a hurry into her virgin anal cave. And Give her all I have to give. And leave her with the Satyr's warm and oozing gift bubbling as a brook from her damaged hole. Once I have conquered and filled her to her very soul."

"Gladly my Satyr that I shall do for thee." Jealisa replied.

Bending her head to the beautiful ass across the fallen tree—the ass of her virgin sister Nymph—Dahlia—the Nymph of Flora and Fauna—Jealisa began to lick.

First touching the bud of Dahlia's tightest hole with only the tip of her tongue. Inexperienced and quite unsure of what she was doing—but as she touched, her tongue began to tingle and as she tasted the sweet hotness of Dahlia's anal bud she began to feel the tingling pass between her legs and felt the pleasure of complete soaking that could only be hers—Jealisa the Water Nymph.

With the first taste Jealisa knew she wanted more. And she pushed her tongue in a little harder than before. She wiggled the tip of it up and down then pushed a little deeper and a little deeper still—until she was aware of the fact that she was actually tongue-fucking her sister Dahlia's ass. She didn't freak out, didn't want to stop. In fact she loved the warmth and the smell and the taste of her.

Jealisa and her Satyr reveled in the squeals of the virgin they were proceeding to deflower. They listened to Dahlia as she squealed and squirmed pushing her ass up from the tree to meet her sister's face. Finally as the Satyr could stand to watch no more he told Jealisa to go to her sister and have her taste herself.

While the two sisters shared a juicy kiss, the insatiable Satyr took up his place behind. He touched his head to the tip of Dahlia' s well-moistened anal bud. And with one great effort he created bloom where only bud had been.

Not stopping there however, he removed his length entirely so that he could feel the pop of her tiny bud once more. This time sliding back up inside one tiny centimeter at a time. Feeling every flinch and grasp the hot flesh of her asshole made on his root. Feeling Dahlia moan from within. He dug around first aiming high the aiming low, aiming to the left then to the right, leaving not one inch of her anal cavity un-plundered. Then in and out and back again he rode her half the night as she kissed and screamed and moaned and held her sister tight.

The sweet Dahlia she did wilt. Overcome by her Satyr's will to have her. He left his creamy gift deep in her backside and when it began to ooze and bubble he told the Water Nymph, Jealisa to lick and lap and suck up each and every drop. Jealisa filled her mouth with the salty mix of her Satyr and her virgin-Nymph sister's juices. Missing not a drop. But she found that there she did not want to stop.

"Master, my Lord, may I lick some more? May I lap at the sweetest spot of the flower?" Jealisa begged her Satyr.

"Yes, of course you've done all that I have asked of you. Make a buffet and I shall watch you feast. But though I have taken her virgin backside there is more deflowering to be done, be sure you leave that for me." The Satyr replied.

Jealisa smiled the naughty smile of a woman, not the innocent grin of a girl. She bent to her sister Nymph, and began to lick her from ass to slit and back again. Barely letting her tongue inside. She let it wiggle in and out and up and down until she licked the sweet Dahlia clean.

Stay tune for Chapter 3 to see what will be the Satyr's way of taking the fair redheaded sun-child, Elina.

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