tagNonHumanServicing the Satyr Ch. 03

Servicing the Satyr Ch. 03


Chapter 3~ Elina performs for her Lord

As we rejoin our Satyr deep within the lush and flowering wood, we recollect that he was reveling in the delight of the taking of his first two Nymphs. The Water Nymph Jealisa, and the Nymph of Flowers and Fauna, Dahlia. After giving the first two their real due, he thought he needed a bit of a rest. But their was still another in his service, one more that must be broken in and made to understand her duties to her new Lord.

There would be no rest for her-for Elina. The redheaded Sun Child-He'd see to it that she did both the other Nymphs; after all everything needs the warmth of the sun doesn't it. And when that was ended he'd be the next in line to run through all her, hot, horny holes and make her sweet sun shine.

"Come to me you bright orange Child of the Sun. My how your beauty does light this night." Said the Satyr to his third and final Nymph.

"Yes my Lord and Master, how may I be of service to you?" Elina replied.

"I want to see what you can do to warm the other two." He replied.

"Of course, my Lord, how shall I do this for you?"

"Start with your mouth and see where it leads. Let nature run its course. I think you'll surely see that it will be easier than it seems. To bring them both to their knees." The Satyr chuckled heartily.

"As you wish my Satyr." Elina the Sun Child replied.

She went to the nook at the front of the cavern surrounded by fragrant wisteria and gardenia blooms where her two sister Nymphs lay. In a bed of lush green ferns, tickled by the softness of their fronds. The two of them huddled together for warmth against the coolness of the night, gazing up at the beautiful show in the sky that Mother Nature had provided them with.

And they lay there, in sisterhood over who and what they had now become. It was an honor to service their Lord-their Satyr. But it was also a shock to become his property for the first time, to be taken by a man for the first time ever in their lives.

Approaching her sisters, Elina crawled between the two and they began to hold each other. They knew their Satyr's wishes, and knew that they must comply. They were receptive to Elina and with her becoming a woman and tried to make it all as easy on her as possible.

Elina and Jealisa leaned together; Elina stroked Jealisa the Water Nymph's cheek as Jealisa ran her finger through Elina's beautiful Auburn hair. The two began to kiss. As the kiss became natural and steamy hot the last sister-Dahlia-The Flower Nymph-decided to join in. As she slid in behind Elina, the last virginal sister she nuzzled her face into the warmth of the Sun Child's neck. Kissing and lapping passionately at Elina's neck as she let her hand trace up her sister's hot thigh towards the warm spot of the full sun.

As the Water Nymph and the Sun Child kissed, the Nymph of Fauna let her fingers find their way up the smooth and gentle trail and between the hottest lips she'd ever felt. Letting one finger slip inside as her thumb circled the hot and swollen center of the Sun.

Elina let her fingers trail down the flesh between Jealisa's ample breasts unleashing the ribbons that held her taught nipples behind its thin veil. Watching as they bounced their way out and into her waiting fingertips. She pinched and pulled each of her sister Nymph's nipples, as their kisses seemed to deepen into pants with lips and tongues still entwined, Jealisa squealed from inside the center of the kiss as the rolling and caressing caused her creamy center to begin to run.

At the sign of Jealisa's extreme pleasure and her own pleasure at the fingers of the Flower Nymph, Elina allowed her kisses to stray down the taught belly of the Water Nymph-Jealisa. Kissing over the barely visible yet glistening golden trail to the fluid treasure below.

Elina with her heat of the Sun was always parched. And she couldn't believe the wonderfulness of the free flowing stream from the Water Nymph. The Sun Child-Elina nestled her nose and tongue deep inside and warmed the Water Nymph with the heat of the sun, causing Jealisa's juices to boil, overflowing like a waterfall down the chin of the Sun Child. With which Elina, the Sun Child smiled and presented herself to her Satyr, allowing him to taste her results and praise her for her first job well done.

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