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Serving David Ch. 8


Author's Note: This story is a sequel to "The Program", which traces Tawny's journey from a voluntary sexual submissive in a D/s relationship to a paid, contracted pleasure slave, sold through a multinational conglomerate, called simply "The Company". This is the story of her first six-month service as a Company slave and begins immediately after her sale auction as her first owner, Dave, is claiming his prize. Dave is an unusual "owner" in that his ownership came as a result of his entering a contest, through which he won Tawny's services for a six month period.

This Story has two "alternative" chapters 4 and 8, which contain material unacceptable for posting on Literotica.com. The alternative chapters, appear on the Allextremesex.com page and are accessed through the Erotic Stories "Extreme" link on the Literotica.com site index, stories & pics page. The story is readable with either version of chapters 4 and 8.

* * * * *

Part 8: Parting Company

Dave held Tawny's breasts gently between in his hands while he shoved his cock up through her cleavage over and over. His dark crown bounced up over her chin at the end of each stroke and he grimaced from the ejaculatory impulses that came from the friction of his cock in her warm tit-flesh. Tawny felt him shiver and his thighs get stiff and tense. She smiled and stretched her arms out over her head, waiting for his cum to flow out onto her chin, lips and face.

She only had a few days left with Dave. The six months seemed like just days now, but on the other hand, everything seemed different. She still enjoyed fucking Dave, she still got a warm, special feeling when his cum filled her pussy, or her rectum, or, like now, splashed onto her skin; but it seemed somewhat routine now. To get really excited, like she used to when a man emptied his balls onto her or into her, she needed something more. Something a bit more physical. She needed that little extra feeling she got from an endorphin high; either from a little fear or mystery, or from some physical stimulation

Tawny's thoughts were interrupted as Dave's warm jism poured out and splattered onto her chin and down her cheek. He pushed his cock forward and splashed another string up over her face. Then he pulled his cock back so his final spurt dribbled between her breasts and pooled and dripped down over her neck and collarbone. Tawny smiled and wiped the cum over her face the way she knew that Dave liked to see her: his cum smeared all over her face and neck and her sucking his cum off her fingers and licking her lips as though it was water and she was dying of thirst.

Dave pulled away from her and she wondered if he was through with her. It was late morning and he usually would be off to his workshop by now. Tawny watched him as he wiped his latent cum off his cock and wondered if he also found their daily fucking routine now. You wouldn't know it, she thought, but then, she didn't think she was acting bored either.

"Baby, I have to go out of town again for a few days. In fact, I wont be back when your time is up, so this will be our goodbye."

Tawny looked at him with her jaw open and realized her expression revealed her surprise. What to say? she thought. She closed her mouth and gathered her composure while she wiped her saliva-wetted fingers on a towel.

"Just like that? Wh, what will I be doing until?" She paused, doing some fast thinking about the time remaining. "Until I'm leaving to." Tawny halted again, realizing she had no idea where she was supposed to go. She wasn't expecting this for days. Dave smiled and sat down as he finished wiping himself.

"Come to me Tawny, here at my feet." Dave motioned to the spot between his open legs, on the floor. Tawny crawled the short distance to him and knelt between his thighs, looking up at him.

"To tell you the truth, I don't really want to be here when you are finished. You see, I found myself attached to you in a special way some time ago and I have been around long enough to know that chasing after dreams will not do me any good. You have been a dream come true, but only that; a dream. What you have done for me in the real world is allow me to get into something I have always wanted, but that I can really have, and that is being a racecar owner. This slave ownership stuff has been just a dream."

Tawny listened and realized that her early suspicions were a fact. Dave had been romantically interested in her, and she was likewise feeling the same way about him. But it was all just a dream. If only we had more than one life to live, she thought to herself.

"Dave, thank you, for everything. You are so sweet and you have been a true friend to me. I understand what you mean, I mean, about the dream and all. At least I can hope that I was a pleasant dream for you."

Dave leaned over and kissed her cheek and rose up. "Yes, you were a pleasant dream sweetie. Now, I'm going to go get packed and on the road. You'll stay here but you have an old friend coming to see you tonight. Name is Brad; know him?"

Tawny felt a chill run through her loins at the mention of Brad. Brad conjured up memories of her previous life, before slavery.

"Brad, yes, of course. Have you met him? Is he coming because of the Company?"

"Yes and no; Brad is coming to lead you to your next, let us call it, encounter. But he is coming a couple days early, at my invitation. And yes, we have met, but just briefly. Long enough to convince me that you would be comfortable seeing him early, unofficially."

Tawny wondered about their meeting, but did not pursue the matter. Having Brad back seemed like a trip back in time. She wondered how he would feel about her now. Like Dave, she suspected he was romantically attached to her now, unlike when she had first been his sex partner over a year ago. But like Dave, she wondered if he was going to pursue his emotions or just place her in a category of fantasy dreams. Tawny didn't want the entanglements that accompanied love, or the treacherous behavior that seemed to always accompany any rejection she made of a suitor. One reason Tawny had pursued the slavery lifestyle was to escape the entanglements of love and simply have sex for the sake of physical pleasure.

"It will be pleasant to see Master Brad again Sir, thank you."

* * * * *

Dave's goodbye had been sweet and brief; the way Tawny preferred it. Dave was now a memory, but his influence lingered on in her mind. Tawny sat in the common room, eating a light dinner. She wondered what Brad would want from her when he came to use her for the few days that remained of her service obligation to Dave. Would he still have romantic thoughts, or would he treat her like he had in the beginning, with coarseness and brutality? Whatever the case, she was not too happy with either scenario, so she would be happy to put the days behind her. She took her dirty plate to the kitchen and realized that Brad's arrival would be at any time now.

Tawny dried herself off after a quick bath and took the dryer to her hair. Her body was clean, free of hair, smooth, and lightly oiled and scented. Her holes were douched and lubricated; ready for Brad's use, if he preferred, and she certainly expected he would prefer. She walked back into the common room, still fitting her rings through her nipples and clutching the light, black dress she would don as she waited for Brad's arrival. She brushed her long brown hair out, fluffed it and slipped the dress over her head. It fit her snugly, following the smooth curve of her waist and hips and clutching snugly to the curvature of her breasts. Her nipples pressed against the thin, black fabric, forming provocative little bumps. As though on a cue, the doorbell rang, just as Tawny was thinking, I am ready now.

Tawny stepped down to the foyer, took the door handle in her hand and paused. This is it, she thought, the door to my past, and my future. She was a slave now and Brad a Dominant, and it would be he that leads her to her next Master, or Mistress. She pulled the door open and Brad stood, looking at her with a blank stare. She wondered, what were his thoughts?

Brad felt his cock tighten as the door opened. He had long since washed any thoughts about having Tawny for himself from his mind. In the ensuing months since he last saw her, he found other women to satisfy his masochistic urges and had decided, like Tawny, that romance had no room in his life; at least not now. Tawny was a fabulous fuck, this was still true, but she did that for anyone, not just him, and he had decided that trying to be the best fucker was going to get him no closer to her heart than anything else. He had put her out of his dreams for a long-term relationship, but not out of the reality of her being a class-act fucktoy. Besides, he had concluded, other than being an incredible slut, she was no different from any other woman.

Tawny was no less beautiful in the flesh than she was in his dreams. Her light brown hair hung slightly disheveled and she wore that sultry, come-fuck-me-hard, look accentuated by her slightly parted lips and her penetrating eyes. The dress clutched at her curvy body and her magnificent nipples were right there, as always, begging him to feel them and pinch them until her pussy flooded with her fuck-juice. Her long, shapely legs extended out from the short hem of her dress and were mounted in tall, black heels. He stepped close to her and smiled.

"Nice to see you baby. Did you miss me?"

Tawny returned his smile and followed her mentally rehearsed posture of treating him like a very special Master. She would be open, suggestive and available for him.

"Yes Master Brad, of course. I have been looking forward to serving you in any way you desire."

Brad took her jaw and guided his mouth over hers, kissing her with lips and tongue.

"I don't just bet, I KNOW you say that to all the men you meet."

Tawny sensed he was being sexually aggressive again and guessed right away he would use her firmly and thoroughly. She returned his kiss with her own tongue motions. Despite his familiar touch, he still caused her heart to race and her body to shiver slightly. Brad would always be a turn-on for her sexuality. His hands coursed over her body through her dress, feeling for any panty lines. There were none, as he expected. He backed his face from hers and spoke.

"Oh, yes, you will serve me baby. I've always loved to fuck you. Now, take me up to a nice place where you can show me a nice time, and get me a beer, or something cold to drink. I'm parched."

Tawny smiled and led him up the short stairs to the common room. He is cold, she thought, the love stuff is gone. He is like he was when they first met, but now, she wasn't fucking him by choice. He would decide what she did now. Tawny mused over that thought; over the way times had changed. She thought back to their last encounter on the Company island. He was different then too, but she had thought that it was because time was so short. Tawny knew Brad could be cruel and his demeanor worried her.

Tawny came back from the kitchen with a cold beer and a glass. Brad had sat down in a chair. He took the beer, touched her hand and glanced at her body. Tawny saw his glance and lifted her hem.

"Am I overdressed Sir?"

"Oh, not for the moment you little slut. You'll get your chance to show off your fuck skills soon, but right now, just sit down and talk to me about a few things."

Tawny was perplexed by his behavior. Now she was going to get some sort of lecture. She hated lectures. Maybe that was why he was going to torture her with one, she thought. He seemed different and that meant mysterious and unpredictable. And he never referred to her as a slut before. Now, when she is doing what he had always wanted, being a slave and obedient submissive, he decides to cut her down for doing it! She felt humiliated and angry. It was just the sort of thing that happens when a sex partner becomes emotionally involved, she thought. If it were a year ago, she'd be out the door. But it wasn't a year ago, she was a slave to him, so she swallowed her emotions and obeyed him and sat down in the chair in front of him. She crossed her legs, letting her hem ride up so her thighs were exposed to his view.

Brad could easily see, from the look on her face, that he was cutting deep, hurting her. But that was what he wanted. After all, if he couldn't have her, than why not hurt the bitch. She was just a slave now, and she had to obey him. She looked real good, sitting there, and her smooth, long legs sticking out. He thought about her beautiful pussy and how good it looked, cleanly shaved and open all the time. He decided to cut the small talk and get right to the fun.

"Oh hell, on second thought, lets just put you to work. Take your dress off for me slut."

Tawny held her mouth shut, feeling anger well up inside as she watched him sitting there, coy and in control, sipping his beer. She didn't even want to show him her body, but she got up and slipped her shoulder straps down her arms and wiggled the dress down off her body. Her breasts floated free as she bent to slip the single piece sheath of cloth down off her hips. She laid the dress on a nearby chair, brushed her hair back off her face and stood naked before him.

Brad wiggled his finger, beckoning her to him. Tawny stepped closer and his finger reached out to flick her clit ring. Tawny felt a ripple of pleasure wind through her pussy and she could feel her labia spread and moisten, like a gentle flower opening on a cool summer morning. Brad played at her lips a moment, and then sniffed his fingers.

"You're ripe, Tawny, ripe like a bitch in heat. Just like you've always been. I still remember that time on the beach when you were offered a chance to suck my cock and you refused. Well, times have changed. You'll do anything I want now, won't you?"

Tawny swallowed and closed her eyes as she tried to will her scent back into her pussy, an impossible task, but one she wished for at the moment. Brad stood up abruptly and patted her ass. "Well, won't you?"

"Yes Master Brad, I will, do whatever you want."

Tawny felt humiliated, trapped and angry. Brad was going to rub it in, bring back all the memories. It was different with new men, new Masters. They only knew her as a slave, but Brad harbored anger within him and wanted some sort of revenge, to prove his dominance.

Brad ran his hand over the curve of her derriere and leaned in close to her ear. He spoke quietly, but with authority. "Suck it."

Tawny closed her eyes slowly and tried to clear her head. It was a cock, that's all, she said to herself as she lowered herself onto her knees and began to work his pants open. She didn't look up at first, but his hand slapped her cheek sharply.

"Don't pull any shit on me baby. Look up here at me, like you always do. I want eye contact while you suck it."

Tawny grimaced and looked up at his face and shook her fingers along his shaft, getting the blood flowing and feeling it stiffen. His eyes glared down at her and she opened her mouth and took his length into her warm, wet mouth and began to suck him, like she had done a thousand times before to many, many male members. That was it then, she thought. He was simply going to use her like a fucktoy and belay any pretense of friendship or past relationships. She would have to suck him and fuck for him, just because he told her to.

He stopped her just short of his orgasm and pushed her onto her back on the floor. He straddled her chest and planting his hard cock between her breasts, so Tawny lifted her hands to her breasts and pressed them together for him. He shifted his hips, fucking her tits as he looked down at her with a slight smile.

"Yes Tawny, you are one very sexy slut. You have gotten very good, fuckin' all these guys, and girls, so I understand, over the past six months. Now I'm gonna fuck you in every opening you have. And that's not all I have on my mind."

He shoved his hips forward and back until her tits brought on his climax and her shot his load of cum out onto her face. Tawny opened her mouth and the rest of his load sprayed into her mouth and she swallowed him. That was only the beginning. Brad helped himself to her body through the night and into the next day and on again into the night without rest. Only exhaustion seems to have persuaded him to take a rest and Brad fell into a deep sleep next to her on the bed in the entertainment room. Tawny was weary and tired herself, so she slept next to him.

Tawny awoke early the following morning only to find the bed empty. She shook her head and thought back. She was sure she had not dreamt that Brad had been fucking her the day before, but somehow, the turn of events; the end of her service to Dave, the arrival of Brad, like a ghost out of the past and the mixing of the past, present and future all made her confuse reality with fantasy. Her quandary was broken when the door opened and Brad stepped into the room.

"Ah, good, you're awake. Saves me the trouble of waking you up. Now come along and get your little slut body up to the kitchen and get us something to eat. I have one more little surprise for you as a sort of going away present."

Tawny cringed at the thought of another "surprise" from Brad. He was definitely taking some frustrations out on her. She scurried past him and went to the kitchen and made sandwiches for them. Brad pretty much left her alone, seeming content to watch her as she moved her naked body through the kitchen, preparing the small meal for them.

Brad leaned back in the kitchen bench seat drinking a beer and watching his "slave". His thoughts kept drifting back to what "could have been" according to his dreams. He wished he could just be her permanent Master, her owner and have her to himself, forever. But he had concluded that that was just a dream. It couldn't really be, because such a relationship would require her love and he was convinced that this slut wasn't capable of such an emotion. If she were, than surely she would pine for him, but there was nothing there; only her unending sexual appetite. At least, he thought, there wasn't another man. He was confident that, of all her male partners, he was the best and she would always fuck for him, any time he could get her under his control.

But, since she was committed to this slave thing for a few years, the least he could do was make her life a little more interesting. He had contacted a guy named Kevin, that Dave had told him about, and Kevin had hooked him up with a small groups of men she had been fucking while serving Dave. He wanted just the men; that dike, Lynne, could take care of her own needs, he thought. A good old fashioned gang bang is what would be most appropriate for Tawny's going away party, so he would host one this afternoon and evening and Tawny would provide the female entertainment.

Dave led Tawny back into the common room where they sat and ate. Brad was silent, until near the end of the meal, and then he told Tawny of his plans.

"So, I thought that a little reunion with all your buddies from here would be a good way to end your service here. You know, Kevin, Jerry, Pete, Bobby, all those guys. You'll fuck them, one at a time, in an endless loop that will end tomorrow afternoon. A regular 24-hour marathon. How does that sound to you slut?"

Tawny felt a wave of anxiety. Her pussy was already aching from the constant pounding that Brad had been giving her since the moment he arrived. Now she'd have to fuck all Dave's friends again and Brad would probably sit and watch her, gloating over his dominance. Tawny looked at him and swallowed.

"If that is what you wish, Sir, than I will certainly do all I can to pleasure them."

There was really nothing else she could think of saying.

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