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Serving His CO


This story is a work of fiction, although some the ideas were inspired by real conversations. Fiction does not require the use of condoms for safe sex, but real life does. Please always use safe sex and protect yourself accordingly.

As always, comments about the story are appreciated and can be directed to my profile.

2017 panamacock


Brett walked into the locker room at the gym and couldn't believe his luck; standing beside his locker was his former commanding officer, Colonel Ebbers. The Colonel was by far the most handsome guy Brett had known and he had often masturbated with the Colonel's naked body in mind. Brett had been lucky enough to see the Colonel naked at the base gym before and now his perfect man was right before him again.

"Colonel Ebbers," said Brett and then added "How nice to see you again Sir."

"Lieutenant Corrigan," said the Colonel and then added, "Actually it is Mr. Corrigan, sorry."

The Colonel extended his hand towards Brett and he warmly shook it.

"I have not seen you for a long time," said Brett and then added, "Since I left the corp last year."

Brett had been in the Marines for four years and had left the corp last year to return to the private sector. He had stayed on here and often ran into former coworkers around town. Much to his sadness he had not previously run into the Colonel. Brett had always wanted to seek out the Colonel, as he had thought that perhaps there had been something between the two of them. He had not ever gotten the courage up to just stop in on the man and now luck had blessed him today.

To Brett, the Colonel was fucking hot. While the man had been Brett's superior officer, he still lusted after the stud. Brett had been fortunate enough to see the man naked numerous times at the base gym and had to make a serious effort to control his rising erection. The older man, who Brett estimated about 45, was covered in heavy chest hair that continued down through his groin and legs. As a Marine, he had a nice ass that was also covered in hair. The Colonel had a nice uncut cock, which Brett estimated about 6" long, located above some heavy looking balls. The Colonel screamed "Daddy type" to Brett and he was in love every time he saw the Colonel.

Brett had known he was gay for a long time and had focused on his career while in the military. His few sexual encounters were on leave and he wanted a permanent boyfriend, who happened to be a daddy type. Seeing the Colonel every day in his uniform and sometimes out, had caused Brett huge amounts of frustration; and fantasy material for masturbation at the same time. And now here was his favorite daddy right in front of him, partially naked again.

"It has been a long time since we crossed paths," said the Colonel and then added, "And call me Vic."

"Way too long Sir," said Brett and then added, "And I guess you can call me Brett."

Colonel Vic Ebbers was glad he had run into the young lieutenant again, which was why he had started coming to this particular gym. Vic had heard that a lot of the former marines frequented this gym and he definitely liked the eye candy he had already seen in the locker room. While Brett had certainly caught his eye before, he had never been able to advance any of those feelings on the younger man. After hearing about this gym, he could only hope for an encounter with Brett.

Vic had also had jerk off fantasies about this young lieutenant and had used every opportunity available to encounter the young man. Vic was gay and had always been strong about keeping his feeling from effecting his work but lately he was more open to letting go a bit. Maybe it was his age kicking in, but he wanted a boyfriend to shower affection on and Brett might be a place to start. Since Brett had left the military, Vic could now legally date the man and not cause any problems for either of them.

"And we have missed you," replied the Colonel, only half in jest. Vic had certainly missed the young man.

"Thanks for saying that. It is kind of you," replied Brett. He then added, "It is so good to see you again."

"Yeah, I thought I would check out this gym for a while and see if I could shake up my exercise routine. It got kind of stale after awhile," said Vic.

"What machines are you using here Sir?" asked Brett and almost started to apologize for the "Sir" but decided he actually liked using the "Sir".

"I mostly do the treadmill and some jogging," came his reply and then asked, "And what equipment are you using today?"

"I normally swim a bit and then do some jogging as well," said Brett.

"That sounds like fun. I may have to look in to the swimming some," said Vic.

"Swimming is great fun and low impact," quickly answered Brett and then added to not miss the chance of see him again, "Do you want to meet up and run together?"

"That would be great," replied Vic and then asked, "Is 45 minutes enough for you?"

"Yes, I will meet you right back here in 45 minutes," replied Brett.

"Guess we had better get changed then," said Vic as he started to undress beside Brett.

Both men quickly strip down until they were nude and Brett couldn't help notice that the Colonel was as hot as ever. How he had missed seeing that man nude at the gym and now maybe he could let himself explore those feeling more openly. Brett could only hope that the Colonel would reciprocate but was not sure of the man's orientation. Brett knew the Colonel was not married and never had a wife or children, so that was a favorable sign in the gay column. Beyond that, he would just have to tread lightly and see where the path took them.

Vic was in no hurry to get dressed either as he was more than content to look the younger man over. He had always been drawn to Brett and seeing him naked again, rekindled those desires. The young man had a sexy body and seeing him first nude and then with a small bathing suit, just reinforced the thought. Brett had light colored hair that covered his slender body ever so nicely. Vic noticed that the young man was amply endowed with a long foreskin on his cock and a hefty scrotum. Of course the young marine's ass was to die for, ever so firm and hairy.

"So 45 minutes then," repeated Brett as he pulled Vic from his trance.

"Yeah," replied Vic as he shook off his daydreaming of the younger man.

Brett walked off towards the pool and Vic headed towards his lifting area. During his swim, Brett thought of everything from how nice it was to meet the Colonel again to hoping he could drain the man's cock. He silently laughed that his dick had grown to be like a ship's rudder, steering his course in the pool. Fortunately nobody else saw the erection due to his constant motion and towards the end of his routine, controlled his thoughts to allow for the erection to subside.

Vic also had carnal thoughts about the young marine while he was doing his routine. It was nice to see Brett again and Vic had to think about how they could continue to meet and hopefully move any relationship forward. Vic must make sure that he gives Brett his phone number so they can continue to talk.

Both men arrived back at the locker room at the designated time and Brett quickly stripped down to redress for the run. Vic watched from the corner of his eye as Brett slipped on a jockstrap and then pulled on some fairly tight shorts. Vic knew Brett had a cute ass and the shorts made sure to scream it to the world. The two went up to the running track and began to jog, maintaining conversation throughout the time. Brett managed to find out what the Colonels schedule would be for attending the gym and they also discuss several mutual friends in the area. Once the run was done, they both returned to the locker room to change.

Both men stripped off their clothes and headed to the shower. Vic made sure that he showered next to Brett, keeping an eye on the body that he so craved. Brett too was admiring the hot daddy next to him when he showered and hoped that he might get a chance to see more of him. They both walked to the dressing area after the shower and started to dress.

Too soon both men were fully clothed and almost ready to leave, both unconsciously trying to delay the departure. Vic walked back towards the mirrors, presumably to check his appearance; momentarily leaving Brett alone in the changing area. Brett quickly looked around and while nobody else was looking, removed Vic's jockstrap from his shorts; still laying on the floor beneath his bag. Brett pushed the still warm jockstrap into his bag and zipped it shut. A few seconds later Vic returned to the room and picked up the pile of shorts and pushed them into his bag, never noticing the missing jockstrap.

Both men headed to the entrance after exchanging telephone numbers and then made their way to the cars. Brett waited until he saw Vic's car leave the lot and then he pulled the jockstrap from his bag and held it up to his face, inhaling his scent. Brett's cock instantly grew erect with the heady scent coming from the jock.

"Ooh rah," said Brett to the empty car, congratulating himself for snatching the treasure.

Vic did not notice the missing strap until he was at the gym the next time and while he had another one to wear, thought it odd that one was missing. It was not until a few days later that he actually ran into Vic at the gym again, again thinking it luck. Both men ran through the same routine sequence again and met to run at the end of the workout.

After showering and dressing, both men were preparing to leave, but not before Vic went to the mirror to check himself. Brett looked around the locker room and noted that nobody was around and he picked up Vic's shorts and quickly sniffed the used jockstrap. He luxuriated in the smell and quickly put it back, figuring a second missing strap would be noticed by Vic. Vic, who happened to catch the reflection in the mirror, did not miss all this movement.

Brett is into jockstraps, thought Vic as he watched the scene unfold. That might explain the missing one from the other day. How could he have missed the signs he asked himself and now the clues all came together? Brett was gay and a submissive bottom, which was what Vic wanted; since he was a dominant top. Vic had a sudden idea on how to push this further and walked back towards Brett.

As he started to put his shorts and jock into his gym bag, Vic said, "I have so many jocks in this bag. I need to throw them all in the washing machine." Vic had the bag flap open as he spoke and Brett could see numerous jocks in there.

"Can you wait a second, I need to use the head," said Vic as he headed towards the bathroom once again, leaving the bag open in front of Brett. Vic went around the corner, out of sight; yet able to see Brett in the reflection on the mirror. While Brett was alone in the locker room, Vic saw him quickly pull a jock out of the open gym bag and stuff it into his own bag. Vic stalled by washing his hands and then came back into the room to the waiting Brett.

"Since it is Friday night, got any big plans?" asked Vic.

"No, just going home and watch TV I suppose," replied Brett.

"Maybe next time we can go out for a drink," said Vic.

"Yes Sir that would be nice. Just let me know," said Brett.

By now they were at their cars and climbed into each vehicle. Again, Brett waited until Vic had driven off before reaching back in to the gym bag and extracted the jockstrap. He inhaled and ran his tongue over the fabric, hoping to catch a taste of the man. Brett wanted to press his face into Vic's crotch so badly and that was only the start of what he truly wanted. To be serving the older man in any form was his true goal, as the submissive bottom he knew he was. To have a hot top daddy like Vic would be more than he could possibly hope for.

Brett had a good jerk off session when he got home. Putting both of the nabbed jockstraps over his face while he masturbated didn't require much more excitement for him and he blew a load of cum that almost reached his chin. He scooped it up with his fingers and fed it to himself; thinking how nice it would be if the cum splats were from Vic, and not just his.

Around 10 the next morning, Brett received a text from Vic that sent shocks through him.

"Jarhead, if you want to sniff my jockstraps, report for duty in one hour at my quarters. Don't be late," said the text.

Okay thought Brett, Vic knows I was messing with his jocks but seems to be okay with it. Vic actually wants me to come over to his place and doesn't sound too threatened by it. Exactly one hour later Brett pulled up in the driveway in front of the Colonel's house and walked up to the front door.

On the door was a note that said, "Walk to the center of the room, strip and come to attention Jarhead."

Brett entered the house and walked to the center of the room, where he quickly stripped off his clothes and came to attention. It was only a few seconds later that Vic entered the room in his uniform and walked towards Brett, then walked around him and came to a stop in front of the naked marine. Vic had noted what a cute ass the lad had and although he had seen that ass several times; the idea that he might get to plunder it today, excited him. Vic didn't know why he had not seen this before; the lad was a natural submissive bottom and just needed a daddy to tame and control him. All the signs had pointed to it, and he able to connect all the dots after seeing the jock play.

"Why did you steal my jockstraps Jarhead?" asked Vic in a stern voice.

"I needed to have it Sir," came the quick response.

"What could you possibly want a smelly jockstrap for you miserable piece of cum splatter," said Vic, ratcheting up the abuse a little to gauge the response. Vic thought he caught a smile from the naked lad.

"I needed it to have your smell Sir," came the Marine's response.

"You needed a superior officers smell on you didn't you Jarhead?" asked Vic.

"Yes Sir, you are still my superior officer Sir," came his response.

Vic stepped back and walked around the naked marine again. He gently rubbed his back of his hand over the young man's hairy ass and when he came back around to the front; saw a throbbing erection was growing on Brett.

"Yes I am your superior officer and you will always obey me; is that understood Marine?" asked Vic.

"Yes Sir, I will always obey you Sir," instantly replied Brett, still at attention.

"At ease Marine," said Vic and noticed that Brett assumed the ordered stance.

"So my cum stain of a marine; do you need to sniff a real mans jockstrap to know your place?" asked Vic.

"Only your jockstrap Sir," came his reply and then added, "I know my place is on my knees with your jockstrap in my face Sir."

"Very good Marine, I think we can accommodate you today," said Vic and then added, "I want you to strip me down to my jockstrap right now Marine."

Brett stepped forward and over the next few minutes, he gently undressed Vic and laid the uniform to the side; until Vic was clad only in his jockstrap.

"On your knees Marine," ordered Vic and Brett went down to the position.

"Is this what you wanted?" asked Vic as he pressed his crotch forward.

"Yes Sir," came Brett's reply.

"Then you can feed on it Marine," said Vic as he felt Brett's tongue and lips start to move around the jock pouch. He let Brett play with it a minute or so and then pulled the jock pouch aside and let his thick uncut cock hang out.

"Have you ever sucked daddy cock before Marine?" asked Vic.

"No Sir, nothing ever this nice before Sir," came Brett's reply as he wrapped his lips around the uncut cock. Brett adored uncut cock and was definitely going to enjoy every moment of this one.

It did not take Vic very long to realize that Brett knew his way around a cock and especially one with a foreskin on it. The lad cleaned under the hood like a pro and worked on the whole shaft with true gusto.

"That's it boy, feed on daddy's cock," said Vic in a low encouraging voice. Vic let him continue for another minute or so before he came up with the next order.

"Now take off daddy's jockstrap and inhale the scent on it and taste daddy's jock," said Vic as Brett instantly complied with the instruction.

"That is what you wanted, isn't it Marine?" asked Vic as Brett shook his head in agreement, his mouth half full of the jockstrap as he sucked on it.

"Now stand up Marine, so I can look you in the eye," ordered Vic and Brett instantly complied and looked at Vic.

"Do you want this and want your daddy to discipline you and guide you through life?" asked Vic.

"Yes Sir," came Brett's reply.

"Are you sure Brett? I don't want to do something with you that you are not wanting?" said Vic in an uncertain voice.

"Absolutely sure Sir," came his quick reply.

Vic firmly grabbed Brett behind the neck and drew him into a passionate kiss. The good sub that Brett was let Vic's tongue invade his mouth and Vic sucked it into his own mouth, locking down control on the man. They kissed very passionately for a minute or so before Vic removed his hand from Brett.

"You are mine now," was all that Vic needed to say.

"Marine, get your ass in gear and follow me," commanded Vic.

Vic walked towards the bathroom and opened the shower stall. The stall was glass enclosed and fairly good size, allowing Brett to lie down almost flat on the tiled floor, which is the position that Vic ordered him to assume.

"Now I am marking you as mine," said Vic as he began to hose the Marine down with the pee spraying from his uncut cock. While Vic was nice enough to not spray into the younger man's mouth; he made sure that he covered the rest of his body with urine.

"Do you understand that you are now mine?" asked Vic as he knelt down beside the young man.

"Yes Sir, I am yours to do with as you need and am just a lowly cum stain," came his eager reply.

"That's right Marine," agreed Vic and then added, "Take a shower to clean up Marine and then report to the bed. You have 2 minutes."

"Yes Sir," said Brett as he scrambled to his feet and began to run the water on the shower.

Two minutes later he was dried off and standing at the foot of the bed in front of Vic, awaiting his next order.

Vic was not quite sure what to do with the Marine first. Vic wanted to fuck him so badly, but at the same time he wanted to caress him in his arms for hours, smothering him in affection and kisses.

"Marine, you are subject to a deep inspection to include a cavity search and probe," said Vic in his most commanding voice.

"Yes Sir," was all that Brett said.

"Get your ass on the bed Marine and up for examination," commanded Vic.

Brett climbed to the center of the bed, on his knees and raised his ass up for examination or anything else that Vic wanted. Vic marveled at how nice the hairy ass was, firm with light curly hair running down the crack from the small of his back to his cock. The young uncut cock was hanging down, like a fruit waiting to be picked and savored, which Vic so much wanted to do.

Vic spent the next 30 minutes probing and licking the young marines ass. He loved burying his tongue into the tight hole and watching the muscles flex as he blew cool air over the wet hole. Running his tongue along the hair crack down to the man's balls and sucking on the now throbbing cock.

Vic moved to the edge of the bed and instructed his young marine to come over and suck his cock. He had a lot of precum built up under the foreskin and wanted the younger man's mouth to clean it off.

"Suck your CO's cock over here Marine," was what he told Brett as his order. The young man's mouth engulfed his cock and sucked on it like a starving man; cleaning the shaft, under the foreskin and sucking on his heavy balls.

"Yeah that's a good Marine," commented Vic in appreciation.

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