tagFetishServing My Ex-Wife Ch. 1

Serving My Ex-Wife Ch. 1

byAnal Slave©

I got the shock of my life when I woke up one morning. I found out that my wife had walked out on me. A short note lay on the kitchen table telling me that she would not be coming back. And I had no idea that she had been unhappy with our marriage. I was devastated I thought we had the perfect marriage I started hanging out in bars and honky tonks. Then one night I ran in to my ex-wife she was dressed like a slut and acted like a whore, she came over to me and started talking about how she had changed into a sex pervert and that she liked to fuck men and women.

This made my cock very hard thinking about her sweet pussy being fucked and sucked by different men and women, it had been 6 months since I had my cock buried in her cunt. We had a few drinks and she told me she was living with another man and his wife, she wanted to know if I wanted to go home with her and have sex. I was very excited about this and told her sure I would like to suck and fuck her.

We left the bar and went to where she was staying, went up to her bedroom and started making out, she had all my clothes off and was playing with my cock and balls. She said remember when you wanted me to tie you up and have sex with you? I said "yes" she said; would you like to try that tonight? I said sure as my cock was jerking around from all the nasty talk she was talking. She got out a couple sets of handcuffs and cuffed me to the bed then she blind folded me and left the room, in about 5 minutes I heard her return she gave me a big French kiss and ask me if I was ready for some sex?

My head was spinning from all the booze I had drank earlier and then I felt her mouth on my cock and balls she was licking and sucking like a mad women. It felt very good and different from how she use to suck me. I just thought that some other man or women had taught her a new way of sucking cock. Then I felt her pull my cock out of her mouth and felt her hand grasp my pre-cum drooling cock, she started to jack me off. It was electrifying, the way she rubbed my pre-cum all over my cock head making it jump and throb.

Then she pulled my blindfold off and I realized It WASN'T my ex-wife who was working over my prick, It was some man I started struggling but I couldn't get away my ex-wife smacked me hard on the ass and pulled off her nasty panties and shoved them in my mouth, she then told me to quit trying to get up and to lay back and enjoy the blow job I was getting she told me the man's name was Bill and that he was bi-sexual and he loved to suck cock. He was a very good cocksucker and in just a matter of time I would be cumming in Bill's mouth, I looked over at my ex-wife and she had a camera out taking pictures of Bill sucking my cock.

Bill used both hands to play with my large, smooth sperms sacks and I could feel the cum rising out of my balls. I hadn't had any sex in about 3 weeks and the cum started shooting out of my cock in long thick ropes, Bill sucked harder and harder and not one drop of cum escaped from his mouth. When he was done he looked over at my ex-wife and said that I had very sweet cum and a lot of it, she laid the camera down and Told Bill to fuck her pussy, Bill got up and I saw his massive cock it must have been 11 inches long and as big around as a beer can, it was twice the size of my cock.

My ex-wife grabbed his cock and pulled it back showing me how big it was she said; this is a real man size cock not a little dick like yours. And then she stated that this is the reason I left you, your cock couldn't make me happy any more, I need big huge cocks that make my pussy sore when they fuck me. Then she bent over and he stuck that big cock all the way up to his balls she let out a scream like I have never heard her before, she was rocking back and forth fucking his cock with force.

I could see a little tear in her eyes from the brutal fucking she was receiving, and all of a sudden he started cumming and filled her cunt to the brim with hot sperm. She kept fucking his cock wanting all the cum deep in her cunt. When she was done she stood up and said; I want to show you some sperms up close as she sat down on my face. I didn't know what to do I was tied up and she smeared her cunt juice and his cum all over my face. I stuck my tongue out and the male sperm tasted pretty good so I started licking up the mess of cum and pussy juice.

She told me I was being punished for all the years I cheated her out of being fucked by a real man' cock. She said; when she is done with me I will love eating cream pies and like getting cum straight from the tap. Bill then walked up and my ex-wife told me to take my tongue and clean his cock, lick all of the cum off of his balls to. I had never sucked a cock and I was trying to keep him from sticking his cock in my mouth. My ex-wife grabbed my swollen balls and gave them a hard squeeze and I let out a loud moan and Bill stuck his cock right down my throat.

Once my mouth was able to accommodate his large cock I was beginning to like the taste and feel of his hard cock he was fucking my mouth and I was having a hard time keeping my teeth from scrapping his cock all of a sudden he said; I'm shoot in' man! AHHH!" His cum gushed down my hungry throat. His head was tilted back on the bed and his eyes clamped shut. Load after load shot down into my belly. His quivering cock let out a big supply of cum as the rest of his body shook. After the cum stopped flowing he laid there breathlessly as my ex-wife was taking pictures again of me sucking Bill's cock and the sperm that was coated on my face.

She put the camera down and wiped the cum off of my face and fed it to me she called me her little cum whore and said by the looks of my hard cock I must like sucking a man's cock? She then called Bill's wife into the room and introduced us, her name was Amy. When Amy saw my hard cock she bent down and started sucking and licking the head of it. She would suck hard then softly back and forth. She would roll her eyes back in her head and savor the taste before swallowing it. She wasn't happy just sucking cock; she "needed" the load. She ran her hand back to my ass and stuck the tip of one finger in my asshole, cum released from my balls and filled her mouth with clear thin sperm.

Then she drew me down to her for a hot, spermy kiss and stuck her tongue deep in my mouth, sharing whatever cum was left in her mouth. When she was done she stood up and walked over to where my face was she lifted her skirt and a big fat cock popped out. I said OH MY GOD Amy is a she-male. I've read stories about she-males with big tits, cocks, balls that can cum all night long but I have never experienced one till now. And it was great until Amy told me to roll over and lift my ass up. She put pillows under my ass to prop it up. My ex-wife came over and was sucking Amy's she-male cock my ex-wife increased the pressure of her sucking and seconds later Amy blew off a heavy load of warm ball juice into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of it. I was surprised Amy's she-male cock was still rock hard and she started to rub her cock head around the rim of my anus, just to tease me a little then he-she stopped, and positioned me on my hands and knees and just dove right between my shaved ass cheeks.

He-she just went to town on my asshole, licking and chewing and moaning. Hell, she even slapped my ass a few times. Amy was lubing my ass up with her saliva. When I was good and wet she started burying her large cock in my virgin asshole it wouldn't go all the way in then but it will now. That little episode changed my life forever; I very much enjoy getting fucked with my feet on someone's shoulders as it allows for deepest penetration. I like to grip the cock as it slides in and out and I like the throbbing of the cock as it ejaculates deep inside my ass-pussy.

Now I realized now how much I love the feeling of making my ass available for big groups of she-males and that it seemed to be fairly easy to find groups of well-hung, good-looking she-males who want to fuck me. My ex-wife has become my pimp and her basement has become my dungeon she puts me in a sex sling and I suck any cocks or assholes that is presented to me.

We'd go for hours, sometimes more. Guys would drop by, fuck me, and then leave. I always have plenty of hot cum leaking out of me at both ends. Sometimes my ex-wife will wear a strap-on, inserting it into my ass and fucking me as hard as a man. She will fuck me on and on her dildo doesn't get soft. I am a cum-slut whore that likes to serve my ex-wife she says my cock is to small for her pussy now so she only allows me to fuck her asshole every once in a while. What my ex-wife doesn't know is I have been fucking Amy's ass-pussy every time she leaves for work. Hell Amy's ass-pussy is a lot tighter than my ex-wife's cunt.

(If this story made anybody want to eat there cum e-mail me and tell me how it taste)

to be continued...

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by cdCindy102/07/18

loved this story

I'm a sissy faggot CD and I would love the suck cock and get fucked by a sexy she-male with my wife watching (hopefully she won't be my ex-wife when she finds out about me). Please tell more stories likemore...

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