tagFetishServing My Ex-Wife Ch. 2

Serving My Ex-Wife Ch. 2

byAnal Slave©

Well a year has gone by now and my ex-wife has me trained very well. We haven't had sex in over 6 months, except every morning I eat her hairy cunt. She told me she keep's it hairy now because it tends to hold the smells of her previous night's fucks as well as the cum a lot better then when she kept it shaved. As usual, today was no exception. It took me an hour to lick her completely clean but her bush was still a mess and the hair on her head had a lot of cum dried in it to her pussy was so abused from the night before that I couldn't even get her to cum, it was as if her clit was numb.

The taste of hot, creamy jism and the feeling of it running down my throat as I suck her nasty cunt always makes my cock wet with pre-cum. Sometimes she comes home early in the morning and she is still horny, she wakes me up to eat her pussy until she cums otherwise I sleep until she wakes me at 6 am so I can eat her pussy. That's my job, that's the reason I live for... to clean up other men's cum.

My ex-wife loves cock and she enjoys it in all 3 holes she has to have sex everyday. Sometimes she will bring a friend home with her to fuck and suck and I will be there cum slave. I especially enjoy the morning after she has been out with her friend Dave because her pussy is usually very tender from Dave's big cock. I like it because her pussy is even bigger then usual when I eat it. She has large lips and a very big clit and it gets especially swollen after fucking Dave.

I also like the fact that Dave's cum is so thick and creamy and its usual spread out all over her crotch from her masturbating for Dave. One time she let me suck Dave's cock, She knows how much I love to suck cock and how I especially like to sip down that slippery, wet pre-cum and then finish by gulping down gobs of hot, sticky cum straight from the cock. I haven't had any pussy to fuck in 3 weeks my ex-wife likes to watch me jack my cock off every morning after I service her. She says that her pussy is too big for my little cock.

She brings me home a she-male every once in a while she likes to watch us get in the 69 position and suck each other's cock. She will let me fuck a she-males asshole but I have to lick it clean when I am done. One of the she-males likes to have her balls covered in red lipstick, so I cover my lips with red lipstick and I love doing it to her, I kneel before her and lick and suck her balls until she cannot take it anymore."

While I am sucking her balls I am finger fucking her ass-pussy when I see cum starting to form on the end of her prick I stop and suck it up. I have gotten so good at sucking she-male cock I can drain there balls of all their cum taking a little pre-cum at a time and stopping I just keep doing this and I have all their cum one pre-cum at a time.

I love it when my ex-wife puts me into the sling in the basement it is so comfortable to be hanging from the roof with a cock in your mouth and another up your ass. Sometimes we have gang- bangs down there and she will get in the sling, they are a rubber mat that lies on the floor under the sling. That's my job to keep all of the cum off of the mat. After she has 6 or 7 loads of cum in her ass or pussy it will leak down and drop on the mat. Sometimes I lick the guy's asshole while he is fucking my ex-wife that always produces more cum. Sometimes the cock in her mouth will slip out when the man is cumming and I get to lick all that juicy cum up. There's one thing about all this, there is no small cocks over, all of the men that come around here are 10 inches or larger.

She fucks one guy his cock is only 7 inched long but it is as big around as a beer can. He tried to fuck my ass one time, I couldn't handle his big cock he got the head of it in my ass and my ass started bleeding. My ex-wife called me a rookie and shoved that big cock right down her anal opening then she told me to lick her cunt while she let's this guy fuck her asshole. She went the next day and got a blow-up buttplug to loosen my ass up a bit before he tries to fuck me again.

It is amazing I get along with my ex-wife a lot better now then when we were married. It is hard to believe that my ex-wife has changed this much since the divorce. She just stopped taking her birth control pills and told me that she was going to be using me for her birth control method that I had better make sure I was sucking up all of the cum in her pussy. She didn't want to get pregnant and her birth control pills made her feel bad. Right after that she went out and when she returned she woke me up and it looked like someone had coated her entire pussy and thighs with baby oil.

My fingers glided threw her hairy bush and cunt lips and when I dipped them into her hole it was just saturated with cum. I smeared the gooey mess across her clit and within seconds she was coming hard. "Oh fuck, yes, don't stop, when she was finished coming, she took my hand and licked each finger clean, she looked me straight in the eyes as she greedily licked each one. Then I went down there and sucked up the rest of the cum I always can't wait for her to return home with a cunt full of fresh spunk.

I ask her why they was so much cum tonight and she said; that she told him it really turned me on that I was fucking a cock and couldn't wait for me to bring a sloppy pussy full of cum home. This made him really excited again and his prick cum extra hard many times. The next night she went out with one of her she-male friends and brought her home with her.

She introduced me to the she-male her name was Brenda my ex-wife told me to do whatever Brenda wanted. The next thing I knew she led me in to the urinal and made me hold her cock while she took a piss. It was a lovely she-male cock it was very big and hard and I was looking foreword to sucking it. Brenda then led me into the bedroom and pulled out two John Holmes dildo's she said; you lick the dildo with your tongue and caress it with your mouth.

Then go to the bed, lie on your back and lift your knees and legs slowly insert the dildo into your asshole, feel the fake cock push in deeply, slowly, bit by bit. Then I want you to start moving it in and out, in and out. In the mean time I'm going to be lying back fucking my asshole with the other dildo and jacking off. When my big she-male cock is ready to cum I want you to get up and wrap your lips around it and suck my cum juice down your throat. I did and Brenda shot a huge load of she-male cream down my throat I just love to suck she-males. The next day we went to an Adult bookstore and rented one of the booths my ex-wife was treating me real good today and I couldn't figure out what was going on. She had me suck her cunt while she watched a film with two big black guys fucking a white women she cum twice real quick.

Then she got up and changed the movie to a black guy fucking another man in the ass she gripped my cock and started jacking on it. Then she lowered her mouth and started sucking on my balls and cock it felt real good and she hadn't sucked my cock in a long time. She pushed my ass up against the wall and I felt something poking against my ass. I looked down and there was a hole in the wall and it was lined up with my asshole.

I didn't think anything about it I was getting my cock sucked real good. Then all of a sudden, I yelled Oh god, someone's fucking me. There's a huge cock up my asshole." She was doing her best to push me back against the cock; my ass was meeting its every thrust. She stopped sucking my cock and said; do you like it? I said; yes, oh yes, it's so fucking big. My ex-wife grabbed my cock and sucked it deep into her throat again. Just as I was cumming the cock in my ass was cumming too my ex-wife sucked every drop of cum out of my cock and when it slipped out of her mouth she pulled my ass away from the wall.

I turned around and there was a big black cock sticking in the hole with white cum stuck all over it. She told me to suck his black cock clean and when I bent over to suck his cock she started eating the black man's cum out of my asshole. I could feel her sticking her tongue deep in my ass wrapping her lips around my puckered asshole and sucking cum put of my hole. When I was done cleaning his cock she gave me a big wet kiss and feed me his cum back into my mouth.

(if this story made you cum e-mail me and tell me about it)

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