tagGroup SexServing our Troops Ch. 03

Serving our Troops Ch. 03


The next day after the work had been finish every one except Steve wanted to come back that night for one more fuck fest before I left to go back home, So that night the four guys showed up they striped my cloths off and fought to take a place inside me, I was enjoying what these mid twenty year old boys was doing to my forty three year old body.

They then wanted to try something different and had me lay across a stuffed chair with my ass on one side and my mouth on the other so they would have free access to fuck my mouth or fuck my pussy and ass but the twist was I was tied up.

They all started fucking me again and also spanked my ass and told me to be a good girl or they would whip my ass some more, It was exciting being tied up and being treated like a sex slave and then after they had fucked me for awhile I heard other voices and these young men had some of there friends show up that I did not know about and with me tied up. All I could do was lay their and take what was giving to me.

Five more guys showed up and two of them were black guys, The two black guys shouted that they wanted some of this hot white pussy and one of them shoved his dark snake into my wet pussy as the other black guy rubbed his cock all over my face before shoving it in my mouth, The other guys just sat back watching as the two black guys fucked me from both ends.

I had never seen a black mans cock before now and hear I was sucking one and being fucked by another, After a few minutes the one fucking my pussy pulled out and came to my head and told me to open wide as he shoot his load in my mouth and then his friend shoot his load on my face to.

I had cum dribbling off my chin as the other boys took a hole to fill and all I could do is lay there and take the fucking I was getting, These nine guys fucked my ass, pussy and mouth for hours before they untied me to rest awhile, Then they keep taking turns trying to stick two cocks at a time in my pussy and also shoved two cocks in my mouth, I felt like I was going to bust open from all this action around me happening, They then circled me with me on my knees as I sucked each cock while using my hands to stroke the other ones till I got to them and before long I was told to open my mouth as one after another shot there thick white cum in my mouth on my face and tits, After all had of them had shoot off my face looked like it had a cum mask over it.

When every one regained life to there cocks they started triple teaming me again as my ass and pussy was getting pounded at the same time along with swallowing load after load of cum down my throat, I never Imagined letting nine guys take me and have there way with me like I let these guys do, I've always been shy and laid back till what happened at the camp with the soldiers, But now I'm like a wild slut that can't get enough cock and cum.

When the night ended I had been fucked by nine young guys in there Twenties and swallowed more cum than I could ever imagine. I slept late the next day but when I got up the house smelled of sex, I cleaned up and packed my cloths and headed home to my other life.

My husband still doesn't have any idea about my secret life when I'm away from home but he did make the comment one night after making love to me that he thought I was getting more wild in bed because I was sucking his cock more and swallowing instead of spitting his cum out, He also said he loved the new me when I suggested that he use a dildo in my ass while he fucked my pussy, Maybe someday soon I can let him in on my secrete desire to have cock by the dozen and maybe he'll want to join in and watch how much I enjoy all the attention my body gets.

Till the next time I guess I will have to wait, But I hope its not long!!!

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