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Serving Your Country


Traci's pretty much your average jogger, a 26 year old author of erotic literature who's into group sex with strangers in public places. So it shouldn't shock anybody that on a recent Saturday morning, as Traci began her four mile run at a nearby park, her attention was diverted by the sight of several young Army reservists struggling down the path under the weight of huge backpacks.

It was late morning and the heat and humidity were already approaching the unbearable stage. Watching the men in their full Army uniforms made Traci appreciate the fact she only wore a sports bra and running shorts. Water was going to be a very precious commodity as the day wore on, Traci thought to herself.

Water entered her mind once again after just half a mile of running when she saw a water station set up at the side of the path, manned by a reservist apparently exempt from the backpack exercise. The table he stood behind held two large, orange water coolers with a stack of paper cups next to them. As she approached, an exhausted soldier arrived from the opposite direction and filled a cup with water. She smiled as she passed the stand, eagerly accepting their lecherous stares.

The trail she was using was a fairly straight out and back path with a small loop at one end. She routinely parked at a point that was about a mile and a half from the start, then ran to the start, turned and ran back past the point where she started, did the loop and returned to her car. Today was going to be a fun run with the usual crowd of scantily clad joggers to watch AND a bunch of young Army guys.

She made it to the starting point of the path, turned and headed back towards the water stand. Long before reaching it Traci was drenched in perspiration, her nipples plainly visible under the white fabric of her sports bra. And she was thirsty.

Traci tried to run on the very edge of the path, which was bathed, in spots, in the shade of trees from the surrounding woods. She often ran here wishing she was walking deep in the cool woods instead.

She approached the water stand with one goal in mind: talking them into giving her a cup of water. Traci knew it was another mile before she got to the public drinking fountain on the trail. She didn't want to wait that long.

This time there were five men mingling around the water coolers. Three of them were officers. Or, at least, they were not carrying backpacks. Two others were among the struggling recruits.

They saw her a hundred yards before she made it to the stand. Nearly all eyes were upon her as she ran towards them. There was silence when she came to a stop at the edge of the table.

"Good morning," Traci panted, her hands on her slim hips. "It's way too hot for this."

She ran her hand across her forehead, forcing her hair behind her ear on one side. Then she leisurely wiped her hand across the opening in her bra and up to her neck before wiping the moisture onto the side of her shorts.

"Good morning, Ma'am," one of the officers finally said after a long pause.

Traci saw one set of eyes meeting hers. All the rest were back on her chest. "I don't suppose you have an extra cup of water you can spare, do you?"

Two of the officers grabbed for a cup at the same time. "I think we do," one of them said.

He filled the cup and handed it to Traci with a smile.

She tilted her head back and the men watched her drink. Traci held the cup to her mouth a few extra seconds after the water was long gone. Then she crumpled it in her hand and tossed it into a trash can next to her.

Her nipples were growing now from the excitement of the game being played.

"Would you like one to throw over you?" one of the young reservists asked.

After a short hesitation for the question to sink in, the group of men erupted in laughter. Traci smiled broadly but she didn't answer, even as tempted as she was to say yes.

Instead, her eyes were fixed on a large Army tent sitting several yards back in the woods. Her head began to spin with possibilities while the men laughed.

"That sounds pretty tempting," Traci said. "I could use a shower about now."

She struggled to think of anything referring to naked bodies to keep the conversation going. The tent was exerting a pull on her like a magnet. It looked SOOO cool.

"Uh, well, THAT we don't have," an officer said apologetically.

"How about a towel?" Traci asked.

Following a quick exchange of approving nods among the officers, one of them said, "Sure. Hang on."

He walked quickly to the tent while another over-burdened soldier marched up to the table. He and Traci exchanged greetings as the reservist poured a much needed cup of water. Soon the officer was returning with a towel.

He handed it to Traci and she began the next act in her show. She ran it over her short hair and face before moving it down the outside of each arm. Next, she wiped over the bare skin above her sports bra, pushing it slightly inside to dab at the top of her breasts. This was followed by a wiping of her legs, the towel lifting the bottom of her shorts each time she dried one of her thighs.

With the exhibition complete, Traci handed the towel back to the officer who got it for her.

"Ahhh. That's MUCH better," Traci sighed. She paused, then asked, "What else do you have in that tent?"

She tilted her head towards the large green structure.

The small group of minds now acted in unison. Not a single one of them didn't imagine the young woman inside the tent, naked, with a member of the military fucking her. It was only a question of making it happen.

"Would you like to see?" an officer finally asked the obvious question.

"You won't get in trouble?"

"I'm in charge here," he said confidently.

"Let's go," Traci replied.

She followed one step behind the tall, thirty-something man as they walked between trees to the entrance to the tent. He reached for the opening in the large front flap of the tent and held it open for Traci.

She smiled and entered.

Inside were boxes of cups and various medical supplies, including oxygen, blankets and towels. The equipment occupied one side of the tent, which was about twelve feet square and plenty high enough to stand up in. Easily two-thirds of the tent was empty.

"Cool," Traci said after looking around.

The officer stood next to the young woman, unsure of what to say or do next. Lucky for him, Traci already had a plan.

She looked at the name stitched onto his shirt and ran her fingers over the material. "Mr. O'Neil, is it OK if I stay in here for a while?"

"Of course you can."

"Can you join me?" Traci's hand moved down to his crotch, gently resting between his legs.

"Uh, yeah. I think I have time."

Her fingers felt for the outline of his cock. It didn't take long for her to find it. She gripped it and looked up into the man's face. He was emotionless, with a small amount of perspiration hanging on his brow.

Traci looked down and undid O'Neil's belt. Quickly she had the pants unbuttoned and the zipper down. With one smooth movement Traci caused the pants to drop to the man's ankles.

His shirt hung over the top of his boxers, which were beginning to bulge from his hardening cock. Traci once again put her fingers around the cock, pulling on it a few times, feeling it throb through the material.

Traci pulled the front of the boxers away from O'Neil's body and reached inside. Her fingers found the man's shaft and wrapped around it powerfully. She saw his mouth open slightly, but neither of them spoke.

The young woman moved closer, allowing her body to barely touch his as she continued to hold him. He was almost fully erect now.

Traci pulled down the boxers and exposed a large, thick cock. She never took his eyes off it as she pushed the shorts down the man's legs and on top of his pants.

"Take off your shirt," she said in a commanding voice.

O'Neil obeyed. Traci watched intently as the young man's muscular upper body came into view, as well as the entirety of his erection.

She stroked him with her fingers, then bent down. She placed the cock in the palm of her hand before moving her lips to it. Softly, she kissed it, then licked it twice from bottom to top.

She heard the man moan as her lips surrounded the swollen shaft. He felt her tongue explore every inch and her lips press harder against him. She took him deeper.

Traci felt the tip of O'Neil's cock hit the back of her throat. She backed off, then repeated the process a half dozen times. Seldom had she had a longer, harder cock in her mouth. Never had O'Neil had a better mouth around his cock.

Before it got to the point of no return, Traci looked up and asked, "Can we fuck?"

"I think we better," was the officer's quick response. "Throw me that blanket."

O'Neil pointed to a folded up regulation Army blanket a few feet from Traci. She grabbed it and tossed it to O'Neil, who promptly spread it out on the tent floor. Then he sat on it and worked on removing his boots and clothes.

Traci watched the man get naked before her. She wanted to put on a show for him, so she waited to get undressed herself. Finally, when he was done and sat with his erection pointing up at her, she was ready.

She ran her hands over the outside of her bra, cupping her breasts momentarily. Traci gripped the bottom of the bra and slowly pulled it over her head, releasing her full breasts. She touched the nipples out of habit more than lust. Nothing excited her more than a gentle twist of her nipples.

Next, she put her hands on the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down, bending at the waist as she did. Traci made sure the man got at least a sideways view of her smooth, round ass as the shorts fell to her feet. She kicked the last of her clothing off and stood naked in front of her soldier.

Traces of perspiration still hung on Traci's body and she shimmered in the faint light of the tent. O'Neil didn't know whether to concentrate on her long legs, curvy hips, slim waist or firm, full breasts. So he took in the whole work of art for as long as he could.

He was about to ask Traci to turn around when she stepped toward him and positioned herself between his feet. O'Neil decided, instead, to lie on his back on the rough blanket. His legs spread farther apart, his cock now pointing at a forty-five degree angle toward the tent over his head.

Traci stepped carefully over his legs until she straddled the man at the waist. Then she got on her knees. Her pussy just barely grazed against O'Neil's cock, but she didn't want to go there yet. Her nipples needed more attention first.

She bent forward until her breasts hung directly over the man's face. Traci put her hands on the tent floor next to O'Neil's head and dropped her right breast to his lips.

His hand took the breast and directed it to his mouth. O'Neil licked the bright pink nipple several times before finally placing as much of the breast in his mouth as he could. His lips and tongue worked feverishly and Traci moaned her approval.

Soon, O'Neil had both breasts in his hands and was putting one, then the other, in his mouth. Moisture collected on both nipples, a cool refresher for the overheated jogger.

"Oh, God," Traci moaned. "I need you inside me."

She reached down and took his now-throbbing shaft in her hand, placing it at the entrance to her cunt. A second later, the head was pushing past the lips of her pussy. It entered her easily and she began to lower her body.

Traci's pussy stretched to accept the thick cock. O'Neil closed his eyes for a second and raised his hips, eager to be totally inside her. As he felt his cock slide farther inside, he watched the naked young woman situate herself.

Now his body met hers and the cock was in as far as it was going to go. Both participants let out a sigh of pleasure...Traci because of the size of the cock and O'Neil because of the tight grip the woman had on him.

They began to fuck. O'Neil's cock ground against Traci's skin, not yet fully lubricated but certainly not dry. It took only a brief time for Traci's pussy to flow with wetness.

The soldier placed his hands on Traci's hips and coordinated his thrusts with her movements. Eventually, his hands slid around to the bottom of her ass. The coolness of her skin contrasted to the heat generated by the rest of her body. He held her this way for a couple minutes.

Traci put her hands on her nipples, turning them slowly between her thumbs and forefingers. She pulled on them until it began to hurt, then put the palms of her hands over her breasts. She pressed them against her body and squeezed them between her fingers.

O'Neil was absorbed in her actions and thrust his cock harder and deeper into her. The more Traci played with her breasts the wetter she became. The sound of their sex filled the tent.

Traci's body rose and fell more rapidly now, resulting in her breasts bouncing in a way that delighted the man under her. He touched them occasionally, but concentrated more on the wonderful feel of her cunt wrapped around his cock.

"Play with yourself," O'Neil told Traci. "Make yourself cum."

Traci didn't need to be told twice to place her hand on her clit. The initial contact sent a wave of pleasure through her body. She began to move her finger up and down over the swollen clit. Every now and then she'd reach farther down and feel the cock sliding in and out of her pussy. With her hand wet from her juices, she'd go back to her clit and rub harder.

O'Neil watched the girl tilt her head back and gasp at her own touch. Her head flew forward and her hair sprayed in all directions. She did this several times before announcing that she was about to cum.

A loud moan broadcast the fact Traci was starting her orgasm. Her entire body shook as she came the first time. O'Neil pumped his cock into her frantically, holding her by the hips to keep her in place.

Traci pushed her body down onto his cock with each wave of lust. She grunted every time the man entered her, rubbing her clit harder as her orgasm progressed.

O'Neil tried to keep from cumming long enough to let Traci finish. But her actions were too much for him to take. He felt cum explode from his balls and flow through his cock just seconds before he cried out to her.

With one violent thrust, he shot cum high and deep into her cunt. Both of them cried out as a second and third shot of cum entered her. O'Neil pumped her as hard and fast as he could, feeling his fluid mix with her own, oozing up and down his cock.

They fucked for another minute before Traci fell forward and collapsed. Reluctantly, O'Neil allowed his still somewhat hard cock to fall out of the woman. Rarely had he ever felt so satisfied after sex.

They hugged for a little while before Traci rolled over onto the blanket.

"God, that was great," she said, running her hands over her bare belly.

"I need to get back out there," O'Neil said, rising to his knees.

Traci looked at him. "Can I stay?"

"Sure. For just a while, though."

"Uh, do you mind...I mean," Traci stammered, "Would it be OK if some of the other guys came in?"

O'Neil looked at her with surprise. Then smiled. "I'll ask."

He was dressed and out the front of the tent quickly. Traci heard voices outside, laughter mixed in with indiscernible conversation. She touched her nipples.

A moment later, Traci heard footsteps approaching the tent. The flap opened and two officers entered. She smiled up at them from the blanket as they stood frozen in place, staring down at the naked girl. Traci rolled onto her side and propped her head in her hand.

"Need a break?" she asked.

Both men began removing their boots without saying a word. Traci watched with delight as they disrobed. She guessed that they were in their late twenties and both were in good physical shape. More importantly, they both had sizable cocks which were beginning to harden.

When they were naked, Traci rolled onto her knees and motioned for them to move closer. She reached out both hands and simultaneously put her fists around the two cocks. A few gentle tugs later she felt each one growing thicker. Only one thing would get them sufficient hard.

She pulled until each man had moved into position so that she could put her tongue on the tips of both cocks at the same time. She flicked her tongue across the very tips of the pink heads, watching the cocks twitch.

Finally, she opened her mouth and took both men at the same time. The sensation they felt-of their cocks jammed into the small space and her tongue sliding across them-caused both men to moan.

Traci back off before taking one cock, then the other, individually into her mouth. She didn't quit until each one was fully erect and throbbing. She really couldn't tell one from the other inside her mouth. She assumed it would be the same in her pussy.

"I'll take one of you in the mouth if the other wants to get behind me," Traci explained.

The men looked at each other very briefly before one of them circled behind Traci and stared down at her beautiful round ass. Traci smiled and looked over her shoulder. She spread her legs apart and focused once more on the cock in front of her.

At the same time she put her lips around one cock, the other was finding her gaping cunt. Still wet from O'Neil, Traci's pussy easily accepted the new officer's cock. She reveled for a second in the sensation of two cocks inside her body at once. Then she got down to the business of fucking these guys.

She felt the balls of the man behind her hitting her ass with each thrust. This drove her harder onto the cock of the officer facing her. The cock hit the back of her throat and she bit down on it as hard as she could with her lips.

Traci grabbed the ass of the man in front of her and pulled him closer. The man, in turn, held her head in place, urging her to suck him harder.

From behind, she was being fucked by a man intent on holding onto her hips until he came. Or so she thought. Suddenly, the tent was filled with the sound of his hand hitting her firmly on the ass cheek. Harder and harder he hit, causing Traci to shriek out. Not in pain, but in joy. The double feeling of her throbbing ass and the cock in her cunt drove her wild.

Traci squeezed the ass of the officer in front of her to ward off her own pain. This only stimulated the reservist even more and he stood on the verge of cumming in Traci's mouth.

He held onto Traci's soft hair, grunting each time her head came forward and swallowed his entire shaft. He was close to cumming and didn't know if it would be down her throat or on her face. He would worry about that later.

The officer behind Traci had quit slapping her. He held her now by the front of her thighs, anticipating a few final thrusts before dumping his cum inside of her.

"Oh, yeah," he cried out, slamming into the girl's ass.

Traci felt his warm cum spurt out. It filled her cunt as his cock continued to piston in and out of her harder and faster. She squeezed and heard him moan. He came again and again until she felt cum flowing down the inside of her thigh.

That was when the cock in her mouth exploded with its own flood of fluid. Cum hit the back of her throat and she struggled to swallow it all. Another shot was followed by a third and cum trickled over her lips onto her chin.

Both men grunted and groaned as they fucked her from both ends, seemingly intent on going all day. Neither cock softened after more than a minute of cumming. Each man simply continued pushing their cock into Traci even after the last drop of cum had left them. She was just too good to give up on.

But finally they were spent and pulled out of her.

Traci fell backwards onto the blanket as the men dressed. She rolled over to where she could reach a towel, and used it to wipe her face clean. The officers were dressed and ready to leave the tent when Traci said, "Is there any chance of seeing one or two of the regular guys? The ones carrying the packs?"

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