tagBDSMSession Ch. 01

Session Ch. 01


Matt sat at the couch again, his desire burning within him. His need to be punished. His need to be hurt, to have his nipples pinched, his balls slapped and squeezed. As he stared at the TV, he made the decision, "I could use a real rough hard session" he texted to Andrea. He grinned a bit as the text went through and his erection grew. Thoughts came to him about possibilities of what might happen, though in all likely-hood probably not.

After a while, Matt got sidetracked by some show or another. His need still building but it had no way of being released. There was no reply text. Nothing. The night slipped by into darkness, he picked up a book and started reading again, trying to pass time when he heard a knock at the door. He gave a look of curiosity and got up to see who it was. He was still only wearing jeans, his shirt usually off when he was at home. He opened the side door leading out to his main door however it was too dark outside to tell who was there. Opening the door, he was surprised and then immediately became nervous, it was Andrea at the door. "Umm, hi." he said a bit stupidly. She smiled and came in through the door. She was wearing a long coat and what looked like high heels. He never imagined that she would just show up.

"What's going on? You didn't say anything about coming over." Matt inquired as he followed her into the house.

"No, no I didn't." She said as she took off her coat. Matt's eyes got big as her near naked body was revealed. She was only wearing a black bra, a tiny pair of black panties, long fishnet stockings and 6" heels. She immediately brought her fingers up to his nipples and squeezed as hard as she could. He winced as his knees grew weak, "take off your jeans slave." She said. They had played this game many times when they were together, but not for a very long time since she moved out over 6 months ago. He complied quickly as she continued to squeeze his already sensitive nipples, she worked her nail into the equation too sending waves of pain and pleasure into his loins. He took off his pants as quickly as he could. Normally they would've been kissing at this moment, but they were no longer together. It seemed obvious there would be no affection tonight.

With his pants off, he stood up again, towering over her tall but petite frame, though she held all the power. "Good slave," she said as she gave his nipples one last hard squeeze. "Now spread your legs." She let go of his nipples caressed her nail down his chest and abdomen down to his groin. His cock was already rock hard as she traced her fingernail down his shaft to the hole at the end. She smirked as she lightly scraped the entrance of urethra with her nail. A small droplet of precum was coaxed out of his pee hole by her nail. She looked down, "Just the invitation I was hoping for." Matt braced himself, she would hurt him tonight and he would enjoy every second. She spread the pre-cum a bit on her the end of her pinky finger and then began to push it in his little hole. Her other hand held on to his ass to keep him in position. He gave a groan as she pushed the first half inch of her finger into his urethra until she met resistance. "I'm going to get it all the way before the night's over. I'm going to make this session so painful you'll never text me about this again. Or maybe you'll keep texting me. I know how much you like it." She winked at him as she wiggled her little finger, her nail scraping the sensitive inside of his cock. Without warning she pulled her finger free and slapped his balls so hard he gulped and let out a groan.

"On your knees," she commanded giving his nipple another fingernailed squeeze. He dropped to his knees immediately in front her her. Her small panties hid her pussy, he wondered whether or not she intended to use that too. "Turn around, ass up." He was surprised to hear that, not her usual style. He complied quickly wondering what she had in mind. She walked back over to the table where she had put her purse, "No looking." She had something in mind, and whatever it was it excited him. He could feel his cock pulsing and no doubt pumping out more precum. He heard her open what sounded like a bottle of lube and crouch down behind him. He felt something cool being dribbled onto his anus as her fingers immediately followed. She worked in a finger and then a second as she pushed the lubricant into his ass. She withdrew her fingers and dripped more lube onto his ass, again tracing her fingers along his opening and pushing in one then two fingers into his ass.

She withdrew again then he felt the nozzle of the bottle being pushed up against his anus and she squeezed. He could feel the lube being pumped into his ass. 'What exactly does she have in mind?' he wondered as he tried to relax the muscles of his ass. Again, she pushed two fingers in. He could feel himself loosening up as the lube spread through his rectum. She withdrew a bit and then pushed in another finger. She twisted the three fingers around in his ass as he groaned with pleasure. He had always enjoyed the feeling of her fingers in his ass, usually she would play with him a bit while they were having sex or when she was giving him oral. But other then that, she never really touched that area of body. It was then as he started to draw some pleasure from her ministrations that he felt her push her pinky in along side her three other fingers.

Her other hand tenderly caressed his balls first, lightly playing with them and then began squeezing, slightly at first and more firmly as she worked her four fingers into his ass, "I'm going to get you back for all those times you put your cock in my ass." She pushed her four fingers as deep as she could, "You loved having me bent over, my ass open for your cock. You'd thrust into me as I cringed, your hard cock pounding into my ass." She pulled her fingers out a bit as he felt her thumb slide in next to her fingers and she once again pushed forward, "Well, now I'm gonna make you cringe. I'm going to push my hand up your ass to my elbow. Do you like the sound of that?" But he was too hard, to far into the fantasy made real to care or to argue, he only pushed his ass back into her and moaned. Her lubricated hand pushed as her other hand pulled on his balls, she pushed unto her hand slipped in up to the third knuckle of her fingers, up to the largest point of her hand. But she had no intention of stopping. Matt grunted as she twisted her hand back and forth, he felt himself loosen and thought she might actually get there.

"Mmmm, this is hot," she said as she pulled her hand back a bit and pushed it forward once again, she was obviously putting more strength behind her hand. He could feel her fingers moving in his ass obviously trying to make room for the rest of her hand. He tried to relax his ass as much as he could and even tried pushing out, any effort he could to reduce the pain that started building in his ass. She continued to twist and push as her hand moved in ever so slowly when amazingly, her hand got sucked into his ass. He let out a yell as her hand pushed into her wrist. She gasp, equally surprised and obviously proud of her work. She let go of his balls and slapped his ass. He was breathing heavily as his ass gripped her hand. He thought he would orgasm right then. He had never felt so full, and with the large part of her hand past his sphincter, the pain had died down.

He thought maybe she was done, that she would pull out now and go onto hurting him in some other way, but it then became obvious that wasn't the case. "Now there's a sight," she said when he heard a click and saw a flash. She had taken a picture!

"What are you doing?!" he said though he was in no position to turn around or argue.

"Blackmail. And we're far from done here." She said as she pushed her hand forward with a jerk which pushed his head back down to the floor. No, she wasn't done yet. She pushed forward more as he let out a moan, her hand slid into his ass further. She pulled back a bit, till she could see her hand again then slammed her fist back into his ass. Matt gave a cry in pain as his bowels shifted and moved as she slide more of her fist and arm into his ass. Once again she pulled her hand out and drove it back in. He cringed. She continued driving her fist into his ass as her other hand slapped his swaying sack. She taunted him as she pounded his rectum, "Look who's got a hand in his ass. I bet you'll be texting me for this now. Well good, I'll pound this ass any day."

He grunted as he grabbed the leg of couch nearby as he could feel his insides being punched and twisted and pushed aside as she pushed her hand into his ass. He was sure he couldn't take any more when her hand popped free. He let out a moan as he fell onto his side. He was gasping for air trying to take in what just happened, as to whether or not he thought it hurt or whether or not he thought it was orgasmic. Andrea had walked to the bathroom to clean off her hand and arm by the sound of it as Matt laid there.

"Turn over, lay on you back slave." She said as she walked back into the room. He did as she commanded. He was now a bit worried. He had not expected anything like this so far. He was almost dreading what she had in mind next. "Spread your legs!" She yelled at him. He had an idea what was next.

She stood between his legs, "pull your knees up." She was nudging his knees with her shoe as she said it. "Good, just like that." She put her shoe onto his sack that was now dangling very vulnerably in his current position. At first she was only caressing his sack with her high heeled shoe, but soon she was her light caresses were turning harder as she began lightly kicking his very sensitive testicles. She grinned as she gave him one good last kick but to his credit he kept his knees up and took his punishment well.

She was obviously pleased as she kneeled down between his leg, "I've missed these balls." She said as she traced her fingers of both her hands along his balls. "These were my balls." She said as she slapped them hard enough to make Matt howl and drop his knees. Immediately he had that sickening feeling in his stomach. "Oh don't you dare," she said as she pushed his knees back up to his chest. He held them there again as he panted. Once again she slapped her hand as hard as she could into his balls which elicited another cry. "You hold those knees! You asked for this remember?" He did as he was told. She then began slapping his balls in quick succession, lighter then before but more then hard enough to hurt. He winced and yelped after every hit. He could feel his balls being hit as the pain coursed through his body. He held his knees tight as he whimpered as she continued to hit his testicles over and over.

"Oh god please?!" he said as she continued to beat his sack.

"Oh god please what?" she replied as she slapped his dangling balls.

"I can't take anymore." he said as he held his knees and continued to take the last two slaps. She stopped and appraised her work. His balls were a deep red color from the beating she had given them. She smiled as she brought her lips down to his testicles. She licked them slowly as Matt started to moan. Her tongue traveled all around his balls. She licked him eagerly, she had always liked the taste. She licked the sides of his balls right next to his leg which only continued his moaning. She then tongued his one ball and brought her mouth down around it and sucked his ball into her mouth. He froze as she sucked on his testicle. He could feel her tongue and teeth work his sensitive cum maker in her mouth. It was an incredibly soothing feeling considering the punishment she just ditched out. She let his ball slip from her mouth and repeated the process with his other throbbing testicle.

"Did my slave like that?" she asked as she lightly fondled his nut sack.

"Yes Miss Andrea," he said as he nodded.

"Good," she said as she lightly smacked his balls again. He let out a yelp, it hurt far more then it would've normally.

She stood up, "Put your legs down." He did as she walked over to her purse again. He saw her pull out a long looking syringe, the kind that you would feed a small child with. They had played with these before to push lube into his urethra before they would play with the sounds. However, this one was much bigger. Much bigger.

"I found this one at a pet store." She smiled at him as she put the syringe into the tube of lube and began filling it. He gasped as he watched her fill the huge syringe till it was full of lubrication. He had butterflies in his stomach as she walked back over to him as he laid prone. She took his rock hard cock into her hand and lightly kissed the top of it.

"You can never use too much lube right?" She asked the question but didn't expect a response. He watched as she placed the end of the syringe into his pee hole. She smirked at him and began to depressed the end of the huge syringe. He gasped as he felt the lube begin pushed into his urethra. The lube felt cold as it worked its way into his shaft. He thought she might only push a quarter or a half of the syringe in, but she proved him wrong. His hand held onto her thigh and squeezed as she pushed more and more of the lube into his little hole. He could feel the lube go deep into his urethra, deep like the sounds they would push in, and the syringe was only half empty.

"Maybe that's too much?" she said a little unsure of herself at this point. The syringe was huge and that was a lot of lube she was pushing in. She felt it push deep into his cock, past the point where his urethra trailed towards his balls. Matt didn't have an answer. He was obviously caught up in the feeling. She smirked and pushed down on the syringe all the harder quickly emptying the rest of the contents of the syringe into her former lovers cock. He let out moan as she filled him up with lube and finally pulled the syringe out and tossed it on the couch.

His little hole looked stretched open as lube slowly dribbled out of his penis. She didn't miss a beat and put the end of her pinky finger as his eager little hole. "I pinky swear I'm going to get it all in this time," she said joked as she began to push her finger into his tight little hole. He gasped as she pushed her finger up to the point where it would meet resistance, however with all the lube she had pushed in, it seemed to give way much quicker then it had in the past. She was surprised too as she watched her little finger descend into his cock. She loved the look of her finger in there and loved the idea that she was fucking him.

Matt moaned as she pushed her finger deeper into his hole, he could feel the lube being pushed even further in. It must be pushing into his bladder at this point. But he didn't care. Her finger was half way into his cock and he knew she would keep pushing till it was all the way in. Her other hand started massaging his balls as her pinky finger pushed into his cock. It was getting tighter and tighter, but she managed to push her finger all the way. She smiled as she started fucking his cock slowly with her finger. The only noise she could hear were his gasps. She grabbed the camera again and snapped another picture.

"Here's the deal, I will be over when I want to hurt you as much as I want, or else these pictures go out to a few choice people." She said as she pushed her pinky in as far as it would go. He gasped and nodded. "And if you think for a second this was our worse session, you're wrong." She pulled her pinky finger from his cock, it was followed by a gush of lubrication. He moaned as he felt his cock and testicles throb. She stood up and smiled down at him. She knew how much he wanted to cum right then, how much he wanted to dump his load in her or on the floor or anywhere for that matter. And maybe he had earned it.

"Where do you think I should let you cum?" She asked him.

He panted for a second, "I, uhhh, I don't know."

And then she knew. She slipped off her panties and walked over him where she proceeded to straddle his cock. She was dripping wet as she guiding his cock into her tight hole. She could feel the lubrication still pumping out of him as she eased down onto his member. He gasped as he filled her tight pussy with his punished cock. His hands were immediately mauling her tits still covered by her black bra. Almost instantly he was grunting and thrusting his hips into her as his fingers squeezed her breasts sending waves of pleasure and pain through her. He began squeezing her breasts incredibly hard and yelled out as he began pumping lubricant and seed into her pussy. The rush of fluids was immense as she felt her pussy being filled. He gave her breasts one last squeeze as his climax ended. She eased herself off of him and left as quickly as she could, the cum and lubricant still dripping down her legs. She would be back and couldn't wait for the next session.

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