tagBDSMSession with Elektra 8/21/2012

Session with Elektra 8/21/2012


August 21, 2012

Yet another session for the record books for me....This sentence is both excite and scary for me. Each time I see this incredible Goddess she somehow manages to top the previous session...where this will end up in anyone's guess...but I must admit total infatuation, and admiration of her as a Dominatrix.

Yesterdays session was amazing.

I had asked her in our previous session if I have managed to impress her with my masochism, her answer was not really what I wanted to hear, "In some ways yes, Pete, but in others not so much!". To say I was horrified with this answer would be an understatement. I have thought about our sessions and well in the area of Ball Busting, I had to agree with her. The implement she has been using, a hard leather strap, has been intense...but I can tell I've not taken what she has desired to give, this to me was obvious. It was my mission on this session to correct this.

I knocked at the door....

Her heals on the tile bring such lust and excite to me as she approaches the door.

The deadbolt clicks, the door cracks open, and I see her face, her ruby read lips and blond hair, my arousal skyrockets.

"Come in my little fly!" she smiled at me.

"MY beloved Spider I am honored!" I reply as I enter.

"Follow me to my lair...." she beckons me with her finger...

In somewhat of a trance, I am staring at her ass as she ascends the stairs to the third floor, I follow her.

"I am looking forward to piercing that randy cock of your today." She says...

"It is honored" I reply.

We reached the dungeon, I immediately enter the bathroom and peal out of my clothing. My cock already quite aroused.

"Have you been a good boy?" she asks as she is pulling some rope out of a box.

"Yes Ma'am"

"Bind them, for a beating." she commands handing me the rope.

I bind them for a good ball busting.

As I finish, she drops her ball slapping strap onto the bondage bench.

I kneel on the floor spread my legs, thrusting my ass high, and begin kissing her feet.

'That's a good boy! Kiss my feet, lick them good!"

My ass is begging for her to have a whip in her hands to spur me on (I put this in here that maybe if I am lucky my next visit she will have one of her many Cat Whips to do just that!!!!)


I rose to my knees, and I looked up into her luscious face...SMACK! she slapped my face good and hard.

"Enough! I want to beat your balls, Pete! Stand!"

I stand and she takes the leather strap and delivers several really hard hits to my balls...God that thing stings!!!

"Might I suggest you kick your balls, Mistress?"

"That's an excellent idea. Kneel and spread them, and hold that cock out of my way! I want my foot to connect to those balls!"

A moment later she gives me a tap with her foot...

"I do hope you are just aiming?" I smile at her...

Immediately, she delivers a good kick, for my impertinence. She follows it up with 7 or 8 more in rapid succession....I crumple to the floor, as kicks delivered with such speed enhance each other, as opposed to slower kick are independent.

"A little slower, and harder please my Goddess!" I croak, pulling myself back to my knees.


I nod agreement.

A sadistic smile crosses her face, her next kick was really a good one, easily double the previous strength. She paused a couple seconds and then another...then less of a break and a third, then fourth, fifth, sixth....and Once again I was on the floor as pain waives flowed through my body.

"How else do you like to be kicked?" She asked.

"Well, some have preferred me to be on all fours, elbows and knees, and kicking me from behind." I replied coming back to my knees.

"Do it! Now!"

I spun around and positioned myself.

Once more she delivered a powerful kick, then another, speeding them up until I was once more on the floor.

"That's Fun! get your balls in position...NOW!"

She repeated this cycle three or four more times.

As I got back into position, she quickly sat on my back, I could feel her warm moist crotch on my back, unbeknownst to me she had picked up her leather ball whacker, and she reigned down 15-20 vicious hits to my butt cheeks, and between cheeks....God that thing stings!!!!

"I want to knee those balls!, Stand!"

I stood and spread my legs for her, she drove her knee into my balls at first milder than the previous kicks. Then harder and harder and harder...until once again I was driven to my knees.

"This is SO much fun! Get your ass back into position, NOW!"

She repeated this cycle, at least five more times, greatly enjoying herself.

"Now get on the table! It's time for some needles! I want to use some much bigger gage needs on that randy cock of your! And Bind your balls for the PES!"

I hopped on the table, and rebound my balls separating them the way she likes for the PES. With them separated she can wind the PES Stimulator about them in a figure eight pattern, maximizing the contact.

She return, and wiped my, now somewhat swollen, balls down with a alcohol swab, then covered my cock and balls with the electro gel. She placed a box of needles between my legs, and the PES equipment on my stomach and chest.

In moments the PES was attached, and fired up to 5, pain coursing through my genitals....as she prepared the needles.

"You should have your camera ready!"

"That's and excellent idea...wait here and I will go and get it!" She smiled at me. She began to leave then returned, and flipped the PES to 7...."Enjoy!"

"Thank you my Goddess!" I croaked.

A moment later she returned, "Miss me?"

"You know I did!"

She spun the PES to 10, then attached the nipple clips to my nipples, the ones with the chain connecting them, and cinched it tightly.

"Enjoy that nipple pain while it lasts, let me know when you cannot feel it so I can pull it off and then reattach it!" A sadistic smile crossed her lips.

She picked up her leather ball whacker and whacked my balls and cock numerous times....the pain was intense...all the while she yelled at me to "Take it!"

I don't recall the number of hits easily 10-15 of them....

She then picked up a syringe and showed it to me.

"I'm going to pierce this cock of yours with a couple of these...This needle is much larger than the little ones I used last week. And your going to suck it up...and take it like a man!"

"Yes, Mis....."

She pierced my cock and I screamed....

"Take it!"

"Yes...Yes Mistress, thank you!"

"Hmmmm. I cannot have you screaming like this, Pete." She went over and picked up a ball gag. "Look at me Pete!"

My eyes went from my pierced cock to her lovely form.

She spread her legs and inserted the ball into her wet pussy...

"You should consider yourself lucky I am flavoring this for you!"

My cock responded, flexing which brought renewed PES and needle pain.....

"Thank you my Goddess!"

She laughed at me, then inserted the ball into my mouth, it tasted SOOOOOO good! It was my first taste of her excitement at our sessions! I was SOOO honored!

She then cinched it tightly to my mouth.

"No more noise, slave!"

She picked up another needle syringe, and pierced my cock a second time...sending a new spike of pain, both from the needle and the movement of my cock causing the PES to shift slightly...

I screamed into the ball gag again...

"Music to my ears, my little slave!" She then picked up the saltwater towel and wrung it out over my genitals causing the PES pain to quadruple...I screamed again!

"Suck it up, slave! Take it!" she picked up the nipple clamp chain and slowly pulled it from my nipples...sending an incredible waive of pain through me...

I screamed again.....

AS the pain subsided, she reattached the nipple clamps to my sore nipples..

"That was lovely! I do so love making you scream!"

She then picked up the Stahl vibrator, clicked it on high...and applied it to my genitals...This causes the PES stimulation to spread out in addition to causing me to get dangerously close to an orgasm....I have to focus all my efforts to NOT cum as she does this, the additional pain helps...but still the longer it is being applied the closer and closer to orgasm I get....Her indication of this is the hardness of my cock, the swelling of my cock head....she laughs knowing what she is doing to me....and I know, from experience, even if I Cum...there will be NO stopping the session until SHE is done with it....so I better do all in my power to prevent it...

She brought me to the bring, then removed the Stahl, then picked up more needles and began piercing my balls...

When she was finished she picked up the camera and began taking photos of me in, good close up shots for her website. She then picked up the Saltwater towel and wrung it out over my genitals again, causing a tremendous spike in pain, then snapped a few more photos.

She then put down the camera, picked up the Stahl, and applied it to my genitals once more, causing a spike in pain and my arousal...

Something told me she had no intention of stopping...

She pressed it hard into me....the pain skyrocketing....me coming closer to the edge....

Once more at the brink, she stopped...

"I think I should video this!" She said.

She cranked down the PES to 5, and a moment later returned with the tripod for the camera. Once it was set up and running she threw a wig over my face, picked the Stahl back up, flipped the PES to 10, and went to work on me in earnest...this time I knew there would be no stopping...

The pain spiked off the scale, and as I neared going over the edge, she reached up and ripped off the nipple clamps...

I screamed into the ball gag.....she pressed the Stahl back to my genitals, and a couple seconds later erupted. The pain of an orgasm while having a PES Deep Throat inserted 5 inches inside you cock is something to behold...it is so very painful!

With my release she didn't falter for even a second, and continued the intense assault on my genitals...the pain post orgasm, as you can imagine is intense...very very very intense!!

She continued the assault on me ordering me to continue taking all she wanted to give...for easily 15 more minutes, before she removed the Stahl, and eventually turned off the PES.

I went completely limp. I was covered in sweat, totally spent...

She turned off the Camera, pulled the wig from my face...and began pulling out the needles.

"now I'm going to apply some topical antiseptic to your genitals, Pete."

I mumbled in response, nodding my head.

Without warning she turned the PES back to 5, sending intense pain through my spent genitals once more. She wiped me down, and then finally after several more minutes she turned off the PES for good.

I do love when she continues a session long after I've cum....I do suspect in my not so distant future she will begin a session by forcing me to cum, and then start the play....well I can only hope she does.

As I was leaving, she remarked to me, that she has never had a slave take so much pain in a single session....

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