tagBDSMSession with Fiona

Session with Fiona


March 22, 2011

Today is the day I will meet Domme Fiona...to say I am excited is an understatement! I have been absent from BDSM for about 3 years now, and I have no clue how I will fair. This will be an exploratory session to discover my current level of play.

I will be leaving work around 10:30, and should arrive at her dungeon around 11:00 am this morning.

I just got back to the office...it's almost 2pm...

That was without exception the most complete ball busting session of my life! And after 3 years of inactivity that is saying a LOT!!!!!!

I have forgotten just how thoroughly exhausting a session like that can be!!

My knees and elbows are rug burned from the extensive time I spent on the ground! Where to begin?

I arrived at the complex, a few minutes early, and called her on my cell...to get the gate code and appt number...such a voice! Her British accent was music to my ears!

I entered the apartment gate, and knocked on the door...it opened to and the voice from heaven said "Welcome Pete! Come in!"

I entered the apartment, and my eyes fell upon her lovely body! She was clad in a very dark blue or black robe that covered her to mid thigh, she was wearing high heals, and easily stood 6'2", her photos on her site do not give credit to her beauty! A vision of heaven! And those deep blue eyes, penetrating; and a lovely kinky smile was totally captivating. She stepped back and sat in a computer chair and closed her laptop, "Come in and get comfortable, darling, let me lock the door. I want NO interruptions for what I have planned to do to you today!" She said.

I came in and sat on the couch, as she threw the two deadbolts on the door, and began pealing out of my clothes. I a moment I was naked before her and kneeling at her feet. She lifted her left leg and placed her foot into my hands...I began kissing her shoe, my hands massaging her foot, but mostly her calf. I kissed every inch of her foot and even licked the bottom of her shoe clean, and then lifted the other foot and repeated the process as we chit-chatted back and forth getting to know one another.

When I finished she ordered me to remove her shoe, to which I began kissing, and sucking on her toes, once more kissing every inch of exposed skin several times, my hands alternating between massaging her calf and her foot.

"God that feels good!" She sighed, "Don't stop!"

I didn't. I repeated my loving of her feet a second and then third time, as we discussed a great many things..talking about the upcoming session, and previous sessions I have had.

"Enough of this!" She said in that wonderful accent!

"Just how much time to you have today, Pete?" She asked.

"Well, I absolutely must be leaving back to the office by 12:30" I replied.

"What? 12:30? That simply won't do...I insist you stay until 2:30!' She replied.

"How about 1:30? I believe my calendar is clear today...being Tuesday and all." I replied

"Hmmmm....I have a surprise planned and you really need to be here til 2:30; but let me see what I can do." She picked up her cell and sent a couple text messages. as I continued my care for her lovely feet with their red nail polish.

"I think 1:30 will work." She said finally.

I was a little worried, no realizing that this surprise involves another person, remembering back to the two or three Gauntlets I had thrown down before her in our Many email exchanges over the past few weeks! There were two that stood out in my mind, one being made to "code" repeatedly in session, and then there was the one I dropped last Friday, a day I was too horny for emails and yet couldn't help myself I admitted to her that "one day" I wanted to be beaten so deeply into submission as to be made to suck cock...Somehow I knew this was her possible intention!

"You know," I began, "being *made* to suck cock is on my *some day* list, not really on my today list!" I squeaked.

"Are you telling ME, your mistress, what you are or are not going to do?" She said rather perturbed.

"No...only clarifying an email I previously sent you, that I am now somewhat regretting having done so. Today, we have so may new things to explore, the fact that I have not played in over 3 years, and you and I being *new* to each other, I was hoping we could focus on those for today..." I back pedaled.

"Well who said anything about you sucking cock? it could be that he will be here to suck your cock!"

"I hadn't thought of that!" I replied, "It would be my second in my whole life if that was true!"

"Interesting, Now Come into my dungeon!" She said pulling her foot from my mouth and standing up and spinning about, me catching a glimpse of her red panties, and firm cheeks as she did so.

"Yes Ma'am!" I replied standing up and following behind her like a puppy.

We entered the Dungeon, a converted apartment bedroom, the primary piece of furniture being a bondage table sitting in the room, a couple shelving units up against the walls filled with lots and lots of various BDSM implements, upon the wall hung numerous other implements, floggers, etc. Also screwed into the wall were four eye bolts designed to secure her subjects much like an St. Andrew's Cross...There was a whole bunch of stuff neatly displayed about the room, with easy access to for usage.

It is a lovely dungeon!

She had been charging her camera for some photos of our session, should everything go as I had hoped! She set it down on the table, and turned to me removing her robe...

OMG! My eyes almost popped out of my head at the site of this woman! I know a slave should never look upon his Mistress as I did that instant...She was breadth taking, wearing a red laced bra, which barely covered her massive breasts, and a pair of red laced panties...I dropped to my knees before her...more of a worship.

"Oh My!" I sighed.

She simply smiled, that sadistic lovely erotic smile of hers.

"So where should we start?" She asked in that wonderful accent.

This being her first time playing with, what we both hoped was going to be, a heavy ball busting masochist...She had asked me to teach her the ropes...so to speak.

"Well up front its important to gage your subject's pain limits, something we will return to often." I began, "to do that, I will first properly bind them for play".

She had previously gotten out a bunch of ropes of various lengths and thicknesses. I select a good piece of 1/4 inch nylon, about 8 feet in length and bound my balls as she watched and took mental notes...separating the rope in half, and making one loop about my cock and balls, and then pulling it forward putting a knot about just my testicles below my penis, then winding it up my penis and tying behind my back pinning my penis to my stomach and thrusting the testicles forward.

"This method of tying the testicles, not only prevents them for play, but even more importantly prevents the testicles from becoming pinned against he public during an impact causing damage to them!"

"Very nice..." She said looking me over and examining the simple harnessing..."Lets get a photo of that; up against the wall!" She pulled out the camera and snapped our first photo.

"So, now that I am ready for beating, you'll need to gage your subjects actual strength in ball busting and CBT...this is simply done by taking hold of the testicles and begin to crush them to find his breaking point."

"Pete, you know I am a masseuse?"

A Wicked Masochistic grin cracked my face..."Why, Yes! Yes I do....lets see just how strong your hands are, shall we?"

She took hold of my balls and began rolling them around in her hands then began crushing them; slowly at first and then began warping up the pressure. Seeing that her efforts were not exactly getting the response she was used too, she then twisted my balls rotating them 180 degrees increasing the pressure 10 fold, then began pressing her thumbs into them....my knees began to give way...and my breathing increased.

"This is something...." a spike of pain hit me...causing my air to stop....as she adjusted her grip to add even more pressure..."that gives you a gage on where a sub is in the ball busting process...the more beaten and bruised his balls become...the less...."....her pressure spiked again cutting off my air for speech...

"What's wrong Pete?" She asked her eyes flashing sadistically and erotically.

"God! that feels good!" I coughed and my knees weekend further...

"As you were saying?" She asked....

"The...less pressure it will take to produce the same results....in......." My knees gave way and I fell to the floor...I placed my hands on her shoulders and focused on relaxing the tensed muscles not allowing the pain waives to flow away from my testicles...

"And my goal is to make you code...." she increased the pressure even more

"Yes! But...."

"But what Pete? What is wrong?

"Nothing! It's just that I have Never..." a spike of pain racked my whole body

"Never what?" She asked twisting my balls again to increase the pressure....

"Have coded on a first round of crushing!" I coughed out...my fingers gripping her shoulders tighter...and breadth becoming a pant...

"Never? Well there is always a first for everything!" She cooed..."Even sucking cock!"

Her hands crushed my testicles even farther sending constant spiking pains throughout my body...I redoubled my efforts in relaxing not wanting to let her get the best of me...

I found myself unable to stay on my knees as she drove me to the floor, balls being violently crushed in her strong hands...

"NO! I won't!....."

Another massive increase in pressure (or maybe it was her thumbs digging into the meat of my testicles) hit me...

I cried out in agony...."RED!! Red!! Please oh GOD! RED!!!!" I coughed...

Her hands released, but the pain waives continued running their course throughout my body..as I curled up in a fetal position...

"I don't ever come in Second!" She laughed...

"Never have I coded on a first crushing!!!" I said cradling my aching testicles in my hands..."That will get much easier for you as this session progresses."

"Oh that is nice...but don't think you will get a less pressure before I release your balls, Pete!"

"Yes Ma'am!" I replied.

"So, that is enough of a break....lets move onto weights! Just the other day I went to Academy and bought you 40 lbs! I had a slave earlier in the week that held a 5 lb weight for quite a while...he didn't think he could do it...and found that he actually enjoyed the feeling of it!"

"Yes it does feel good, but understand that the longer one holds the weights the heavier it becomes! Why don't you get your camera, and lets do some more photos!"

A moment later I was lashing my (still aching) balls, via a second line to a 10 lb weight, and stood up.

"Nice.." She said looking at me, "Why don't you stand against the wall and I'll get a photo."

I moved to the wall, and she slid the table aside to get focus the camera on me...and the dangling weight, and snapped a photo.

"That is great!"

"Okay let me add 5 lbs" I grabbed a 5 lb weight and shortened the leash to hang them higher so that she could get a closer photo of my balls and the weight.

I stood up lifting the 15 lbs...she focused the camera and snapped the shot.

"Now for 20!" I said. My balls feeling the ache of the stretching. "Its been a long time since I last lifted weights!"

"Well you said you have done 30 lbs before...I do expect you to do that now!" That now familiar flash of Sadism and Erotica in those beautiful eyes of hers hit me...

I finished tying two 10lb weights to my balls.

"Be quick with the camera...this is going to be heavy!"

She smiled again, as I lifted the weights airborne.

She Snapped the photo, looked at it.."Hold on! It didn't take!" She sighed her eyes flashing perturbed.

I strained maintaining the weights airborne as she focused and refocused the camera...

"Hurry!" I cried out as my knees began to buckle as my balls were being torn from my body....

"Hmmmm, No I think the first photo was sufficient!" She laughed at me as I crashed to the floor laughing with her..."that was mean!" I laughed.

"I know....but I enjoyed it!"

A moment later I was tying another 5 lbs weight to my balls...now totalling 25 lbs...

"Okay"...I breathed.."Ready?"

I hoisted the 25 lbs airborne....it took about 25 seconds for the camera to shoot...and i was on the floor 2 seconds later...my balls screaming in pain...

"Wonderful!" She cooed..."Now for 30!"

"Yes Ma'am..."

I removed the 5 lb weight and grabbed the other 10lb one, and tied it to the other 2 Ten lb weights.

"You really need to be fast this time....I really do not know how long I will be able to hold this....it has been more than 8 years since I last did this..."

"I'm ready" She replied.

I lifted the weights, my knees buckling immediately...The camera flashed...and I was on the ground...Having held 30lbs for about 10-15 seconds...

"Perfect! You tied your record!"

I untied the weights and slid them away from me...as she approached...Her hands reached out and took hold of my now swelling testicles...

"There...there....Let me feel these..."

I spread my legs sitting on the floor, giving her complete access to my aching testicles...

An instant later my balls were twisted violently...her thumbs digging into the meat of my balls....My breathing increased...I was unable to speak...I think I moaned....

She increased the pressure...the pain waives spiking through my body...I was flat on my back she was kneeling between my knees...half lifting me air bourn as she crushed my testicles....stronger...stronger...she twisted them further...

"Okay! You win!! Red! Red! Please God stop!!"

Her grip continued for a few more seconds...then it released dropping my ass to the carpet, as I curled into another fetal position...

"You know you are right, it is getting easier to make you code!" She smiled..God those eyes! So expressive! So erotic and Sadistic at the same time...

We laughed at my coding..."You know, my love, I DO consider coding a failure on my part...it is me admitting that I cannot Take what You, my Mistress, wants to give...I don't do it willingly!

"Yes, Pete, I know...and I plan to make you code MANY more times today..."

"Thank you, Fiona....Thank you!"

"Enough of a break! I want to beat your balls now! Get your ass off my floor!"

"Yes Ma'am!" I got up and grabbed a dildo from her collection on a shelf on the wall.

"Here, a perfect club!" I said handing her the latex dildo. "First strike your arm." I said.

She hit her arm with the dildo.

"Where did you feel the hit?

"On my arm!" She replied sarcastically.

"Yes, but it was on the bone...not the surface skin, Right?"

"Yes. That's what identifies a good club for ball beating...Your are NOT after the scrotal skin, you are after the inner meat of the testicles! Items like this explode their hit into the very meat of the testicles!"

"Get over here, and spread 'em" She commanded pointing to the carpet in front of her.

I did as commanded...placing my hands behind my back as I saw her lifting the dildo for the first hit.


It was a good solid hit...shooting a pain waive into my abdomen..my body flexed forward.

Wham! Wham! WHAM!

They came in quick succession....the last one spiking the pain through my right shoulder as she really nailed my right testicle! I crumbled to the floor, laughing and coughing.

"God this is fun!" She cried. "get up! I've just started!"

I struggled to my feet...before her again...as I was placing my hands behind my back...


Another perfect right ball hit slammed into me...the pain waives I believe hit the ceiling and I was again on the floor in a fetal position, coughing and laughing with her.

"You have got to balance out the hits...and stop centering on my Right Testicle!" I laughed, coughed...

"Oh...I hadn't noticed I was playing favorites! Okay...Get UP! This is FUN!!!"

Again I struggled to my feet, spread my legs before her, presenting my now swollen balls for her enjoyment...


My left testicle exploded in monstrous hit...pain waives spiking out of my body again...and once more I was on the ground laughing and coughing in a fetal position..cradling my aching swelling testicles in my hands...

"That should even out your swelling!" She said.

"I'm sure it will!" I laughed with her..."God that hurt!"

This time she let me rest a moment on the floor...letting the muscles stop cramping and flexing...and getting under control again.

"Okay...that's enough break...get up and let me feel those balls!"

I got to my feet as she reached out and took hold of them...

"My they are hot! And so red!"

"Shit!" I exclaimed.

"What?" She asked

"I was going to bring a cloth tape measure so we could tape them before you started and after to document the swelling! And I totally forgot!"

"That would have been excellent for the website! Why didn't you tell me about a tape measure!"

"Well I thought of it last Friday...but it went out of my head! Shit!"

All of a sudden my balls exploded in pain again! Her hands twisting and crushing my swelling testicle meat like they were hamburger! The sustained pains jumped into my abdomen..and steadily raze....Rib cage...

I fell to my knees...her hands stretching and crushing my balls barely letting my knees touch the floor...My hands found her shoulders...I tried to draw strength from her...as she redoubled the pressure twisting my balls even father...she felt me falling..and moved with me as my ass hit the carpet...her grip increasing as we moved...laying on my back she drove her thumbs into the bruised meat of my balls sending the waives of pain throughout my whole body...I lost control of relaxing my muscles and the pain bunched up breaking me totally...but I didn't have the air to speak...she increased the pressure again...

"Stop!" I finally gasped.."Please God! STOP!!!"

She laughed and released me, letting me curl into a ball holding my aching meat....the pain waives still filling my body...unable to speak....only cough...

"God that's fun!" She sighed

"I have rarely every coded so much in a session!" I said.

"Yes...and we still have more than an hour to go!" She laughed at me..."No get up I want to beat them some more!" She picked up a couple items from the table, they were two mallets, 3 inch rubber balls (soft exterior, and almost solid) heavy weights, the shaft that held them to the handle was made of a flexible metal. "I bought these the other day with you in mind...or rather your testicles!"

"Well lets give them a try!" I said finally getting to my feet before her and spreading my legs for her.

I placed my hands behind my back and glanced at the ceiling as the blow landed..


My right testicle exploded with the hit...For an instant there was no pain...then 10,000 times the pain of any previous hit wracked my body...I don't recall falling on the floor....only rolling around in a fetal position cupping my spasm-ing testicle...

"Did that hurt?" She feigned empathy.

"YES! God another Right ball hit!"

"Hmmmm I guess we'll have even them out again...Get up!"

"A moment...Please Fiona..."

"You have had enough time, besides I'm going to hit the other testicle! Now get up!"

I rose up, and spread my legs....

She gently tapped my balls with the mallet...My body flinched uncontrollably...I tried to avert my eyes...when it hit me..


My left testicle exploded in pain...once more I was on the ground cradling my screaming testicles....as pain waives wracked my body...I had lost control of any relaxing....

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