tagFetishSeth's Fetish Ch. 04

Seth's Fetish Ch. 04


I had spent the past nine months trying to impregnate my wife, Dana, but instead I knocked up my mother in law, Donna. It happened when we went to Dana's little sister's celebratory dinner. Dana, her sister Darlene and their father had gone out to buy Darlene a car, leaving Donna and me alone. After a few Zima's, Donna had shown me her tits, which, even though she hasn't had a baby in eighteen years, were still full of milk and leaking. Ever since my new found impregnation/lactation fetish, the just the thought of milk-filled tits has been enough to make me hard. The site of them was enough to make me blow my load, which I did, in Donna's apparently fertile cunt.

Though Donna had not planned on being pregnant, she was thrilled, especially since her youngest daughter was about to leave the nest. Dan, her husband, though admittedly shocked at first, was once again eagerly anticipating becoming a father, and Darlene was excited to be a big sister. The only person who wasn't exactly thrilled was Dana, who had desperately wanted to be pregnant, and I have to admit, I felt extremely guilty, not only because Dana wasn't pregnant, but because I was happy Donna was. After months of trying with Dana, I had begun to worry that it was me that was the problem, though it was obvious now I wasn't.

Even though Dana had no idea I was the father of her newest sibling, we still began to fight about the fact that her mother, a woman almost twenty years older, was pregnant, while Dana wasn't. These fights never lasted long, and usually one of us would apologize and this of course would lead to hot make up sex, which didn't lead to Dana getting pregnant, which of course would start the whole cycle again.

In the midst of all of this, Dana was awarded a research grant, which lead to longer hours at work. At the same time, I got assigned to a huge case, which meant I would be billing a lot of hours, and as a result we barely saw each other over the summer. Though I missed her, it was nice to take a break from all the fighting and, though I may lose some of my manhood for saying this, it was nice to have a break from all the sex. Don't get me wrong, it's not that the thought of impregnating my wife wasn't hot, but it would have been hotter if she were actually pregnant. But with Dana and I working so much, we would come home too tired for sex, or anything else, and so the subject of babies and baby making sort of got lost in the mix.

In September my case ended and my firm told me to take some vacation time. I was looking forward to going to Cabo or maybe Hawaii, but unfortunately, Dana was still working on her research project. I asked the firm if I could postpone my vacation, but they told me I pretty much had to use it or lose it, so that meant more of a stay-cation. I wasn't too disappointed, though. It would give me time to do some repairs around the house that I had been putting off, not to mention I would get to see the MLB All-Star game.

One day I was sitting home, becoming a couch potato, when the doorbell rang. I answered it and was surprised to see my mother-in-law standing there. She looked beautiful. At four months pregnant, she had just started sporting a cute little pregnant belly, and of course, those amazing tits, which had nearly doubled in size.

"Hi, Donna," I said, "Come in, come in out of the heat."

"Oh, thank you, darling," she said stepping inside of the house. "It is so hot outside. I hate Indian summers."

"Can I get you something to drink?" I offered. "We've got lemonade or iced tea."

"Lemonade would be great, thanks." We went into the kitchen and she sat down in one of the chairs as I poured the drinks.

"Do you mind if I put my feet up?" she asked.

"Oh, no," I said, pulling out a chair.

"Thanks." Donna put her legs up and as I handed her the glass and sat down, I realized I could see up her dress, and she wasn't wearing any panties. The thought made me hard, and I coughed.

"So, Donna, what brings you here?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"Well, I have a favor to ask you," she said. I raised my eyebrow and smiled. This could be interesting.

"A favor?"

"Well, it's not for me, as much as it is Darlene. See, she's got to study so much to keep up with the girls at her school, and she's at the library nearly everyday until late, and then she has to get up early and drive an hour just to get there for ASB, and it would be so much easier for her if she didn't have to drive so far. So I was thinking...what if she moved in here with you and Dana for the rest of the school year?"

I was a bit disappointed that the favor wasn't a bit more sexual in nature.

"I don't know," I began.

"You wouldn't have to take care of her or anything," Donna said quickly. "Dan and I would make sure that she's on top of homework and go to parent meetings and all of that. And she can cook for herself, just as long as there's food in the house. Plus, with school and her friends, it's not like she's home all that often anyway."

"Well, I don't have a problem with it," I said after a minute. "As long as Dana's cool with it."

"That's great, Seth, really. Thank you so much. We'll probably move her in the next month or so." She reached over and hugged me, and I could feel her breasts pressed up against my chest.

"I nearly forgot," she said, reaching into her bag. "I just came back from the doctor."

"Everything okay?"

"Oh, yeah, everything's great. In fact, I've got pictures." She held out a series of black and white graining photos. I peered down and gazed at my child.

"Oh my god," I breathed.

"Pretty incredible, isn't it?" she sighed.

"Do you know the sex?"

"No," she said with a laugh. "The little dickens kept turning away from the camera. Oh!" She jumped slightly.

"What, what is it?" I asked nervously.

"The baby's kicking. Do you want to feel?" I nodded and Donna took my hand and placed it at the top of her belly and held it there. Sure enough, the baby was kicking up a storm.

"Holy crap," I said. "That's amazing."

"Yeah, he's kicking up a storm. He must know his daddy's here." All of a sudden my hand felt wet. I looked down and saw that Donna's top was completely see through, and my mouth began to water at the thought of those milky breasts.

"You're leaking," I whispered.

"Yes," she said in a husky voice. "It's because you're here. You've knocked me up, and now my body is responding. When I was pregnant with Darlene, I would lactate when ever Dan was around." She took my hand from her belly and placed it on her breast. I lifted it out of its cottony confines and brought it to my lips. I paused to inhale her milky scent before taking the tit in my mouth and suckling. I hadn't realized how much I missed the taste of her sweet milk. I lifted the other tit out and began pulling on the nipple, like I was pulling on a cow's udder. Donna's head was thrown back, her eyes closed in pleasure as I drew out her milk. With my free hand I reached down between her legs and felt for her moist slit. She was so wet that I had no trouble slipping in first one finger, then two.

I became hard as I finger fucked and breast fed from my mother-in-law. I moved to her other tit, giving it the same attention.

"Oh, god, I'm coming," she moaned. "Oh, shit, Seth, oh god. Nnnn." Her hips bucked off the chair and her milk sprayed across the table as she came. I paused to let her catch her breath.

"Seth, oh, that was wonderful," she said when she'd calmed down a bit. "Now, you've milked me, it's time I milked you. With that she pulled down my shorts, reached in my boxers and pulled out my cock. She licked her lips.

"Look at that babymaker," she cooed. "Oh, I can't believe I've had that inside me, and that it gave me a baby." With that she took one of my balls full in her mouth and sucked. She repeated the process with the other, and if possible, my dick became even harder.

"Donna, oh, shit, Donna, you're so good at that," I moaned. She smiled and lowered her mouth down my entire length. She bobbed up and down on my cock, sliding me in and our of her in a pulsing rhythm.

"Oh, Donna...gonna come...here it is, aw shit." With that I shot a load in Donna's throat, which she swallowed greedily. She sucked all the cum out of my dick, then wiped her mouth greedily. At that point I had to sit down, and collapsed in the nearest chair.

"That was good," Donna said, licking her lips.

"You too," I answered, lamely. Donna stood up and went to our bathroom to straighten herself up.

"Well, I guess I'll go tell Darlene the good news," she said. "And, uh, if Dana needs convincing, just do to her what you did to me." With that Donna winked, picked up her bag and left.

If only I could do to her what I did to you, I thought. Then I wouldn't be in this mess.

To be continued...

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