tagFetishSeth's Fetish Ch. 07

Seth's Fetish Ch. 07


Well, I had really done it this time. Thanks to my lactation/impregnation fetish, I had knocked up first my mother-in-law, who gave birth to my son David in January, and if that weren't bad enough, now my 18-year-old sister-in-law was pregnant with not one, not two, not three, but four babies. That's right, thanks to a prescription mix up, I was the father of five children, and none of them with my loving wife Dana.

I have to say that it was an incredible turn on to know that I had put so many babies into my teenage sister-in-law. I loved seeing her waddle around our house, pregnant tummy sticking out from under her shirts, and, when her sister wasn't home, her pregnant tits, which were already producing milk. Even though she was only about twenty weeks along, because there were four babies inside, she looked like she was about to pop any moment. Admittedly, those first few months had been hard for Darlene, juggling school and all her social activities. The doctors wanted her to take it slower, but you try telling a normal teenager that, let alone one that's hormonal and carrying around four babies. But to her credit, Darlene did finish high school. When she graduated she had to get the XX-Large gown to cover her belly. Now that it was summer, she was more than willing to lie around in our air-conditioned house doing nothing—not to mention that being so big that's pretty much all she could do. There was a staff shortage at the hospital, so Dana often had to work double shifts, but I had taken on smaller case loads so I could be home with Darlene, and more often than not, I would work from home.

On those days, Darlene usually walked around the house naked, her swollen belly and pendulous tits on display. I would often come downstairs to find her lying on our chaise, legs spread, watching TV. The sight of her was enough to get me hard, and I would descend the stairs and position myself between her thighs, then eagerly lick at her pregnant cunt. After making her cum once or twice, I would poke my head around and see her smiling.

"Oh it's you," she would say. "I didn't see you there." Usually by this point one or both of those pendulous tits would be leaking and she would offer them to me, cupping them and pulling on them herself. I would drain first one breast, then the other, all the while rubbing her clit and belly. If she was up to it, Darlene would roll over on all fours and let me fuck her. I liked when she did that, but I was just as keen to spoon her and fuck her from behind.

"Look at you, you little slut," I would whisper when I was inside her. "Look how swollen you are. You're such a slut you have four of your sister's husband's babies inside you. Your pussy sucked all my sperm out and made four babies in your slut tummy and now you're so full of me. I'm in your belly and your cunt."

"Yes," she would groan as her pussy would contract around my hardening cock. "Yes, you've fucked your whore sister-in-law. You've filled her with so many babies she can't take it anymore. I'm so horny I need your sperm in me at all times. I need your mouth on my tits, sucking the milk you put in there. Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard and maybe you'll put another baby in me. Nnnn, I'm cumming, shit, ahhh!"

Then I would either come in her or, more recently on her huge pregnant belly. She said it was better for her than cocoa butter, and it was a huge turn on for me.

Having a pregnant sister around the house was doing some interesting things to Dana as well. She was hornier than ever, and would jump me as soon she came home from the hospital. More often than not, I would wake up inside of her, or to her sucking my cock, at which point I would pull her up to me, kiss her, and roll her underneath me, driving my cock deep into her, until I bottomed out. I would tell her how this time I would make her pregnant with my baby, and she would swell up with milk for me.

It was during one of these times that Dana said, "Hey, babe, I have something to ask you."

Why does she always do that when she's sucking my cock? I wondered. It would be hard to deny Dana anything at the moment. I was sitting naked on the edge of the bed with her on her knees in front of me. She wore fishnet tights and a black under bust corset which proudly displayed her already hard nipples. In the closet mirror I could see that her cunt was dripping.

"Oh, yeah, what's that?" I grunted.

"Well, I was talking to Darlene, about what she's going to do with the babies."

"Do?" I asked. That bought me a few more minutes. "I thought she was going to keep them. I said we'd pay for a nanny so she can go to school."

"She knows that, but...well she was thinking that the babies are going to need a mother and a father in their lives, and she knows how much I want a baby, so she was wondering if we would adopt them."

I had to say, this caught me by surprise, one that Darlene would suggest this without talking to me about it first, and two that Dana seemed so gung ho on the idea.

"You would do that?" I asked, stroking her hair as she renewed her assault of my cock. "I thought you wanted a baby of your own."

"I do, someday," Dana replied after a minute. "But I also want my sister to be able to go to college. And we can provide for these babies better than she can, and you know something, these babies are my blood. I'm willing to raise them as our own if you are."

She looked up at me expectantly.

"So I would be the father of Darlene's babies?" I pretended to mull it over as I stroked Dana's hair and she stroked my cock.

"I guess it would be better than adopting through an agency," I said. "We'd be on a waiting list forever."

"Is that a yes?" Dana asked.

"I'll draw up the paperwork tomorrow." Darlene smiled and straddled me in the reverse cowgirl position.

"Oh, yeah, come on, Seth, fuck me hard, fuck a baby in me. Make me a baby, make my titties shoot milk like Darlene's. Oh god, oh fuck, I'm cumming."

"That's it baby, cum on my cock. Use your pussy to suck out all my baby-making cum so you can make us a baby in that sexy tummy of yours. Oh, shit I feel you cumming, oh, I'm so close babe, thinking of milking your tits and cumming on your round belly. Oh, fuck here it comes, here's our baby." I held Darlene down on my cock as I shot rope after rope into her. I kissed her and grabbed her breasts for some afterplay, pulling on the nipples until she told me to stop because they were too sensitive.

When she hit 23 weeks, Darlene's doctor put her on bed rest. The goal now was to keep the pregnancy going as long as possible, which with four babies wasn't going to be easy. They wanted to aim for 36 weeks, but at the rate Darlene was growing, it looked like it would probably be 30.

During this time sex was out, but I still managed to satisfy Darlene's needs, and mine. Her tits were always full first thing in the morning, so after Dana went to work I would crawl in bed beside Darlene and drain her breasts, while doing perennial massages, though I have to admit I did focus most of my massaging on her clit. After that she would suck me off, and then I would bathe her, washing her pendulous breasts and giant tummy, and of course between her legs and ass. At 26 weeks Dana's research fellowship was finally over, and she decided to take some well deserved time off. At first I thought this was pretty much the end of me and Darlene, but the two weeks she was off, Dana was so tired that things with Darlene continued pretty much as usual.

"I don't know what's wrong with me," Dana said one night as we were lying in bed.

"It's probably the fact that you're not constantly on the go," I said helpfully. "I mean, you've been going non-stop for over a year now, it's probably catching up with you."

"Ugh, I know the late night hospital cafeteria food is catching up with me. I'm so fat right now." It was true that Dana had been putting on weight recently. But she had always been so thin that a couple extra pounds made her look sexier.

"You're beautiful to me," I said, and to prove it I kissed her, caressing her tummy with my left hand. Instead of the smooth plane it normally was, I noticed it seemed to be rounded, and a bit raised. I brought my hand up to Dana's top and pulled it down, exposing her left breast, which I immediately began assaulting with my mouth. Her breasts were so sensitive lately that Dana could cum just from me sucking them. Even so I still reached down between her legs and stroked her silky loins.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum, fuck, Seth, don't stop, shit, uhhh." Her cried spurred me on, and I sucked and rubbed her harder. All of a sudden her body jerked and my mouth was flooded with liquid. I drew back and looked down at Dana in shock. There, at the tip of her breasts were white dots that were quickly becoming pools. Oh my god, Dana was lactating! And I had her milk in my mouth. I swallowed. It was thin and sweet, like Darlene's had been when she first started lactating. Dana looked as shocked as I felt, but we said nothing as I lifted the top over her head and exposed both breasts. The air made them harden and squirt more. I lowered my mouth to her right tit and suckled strongly.

"Oh, my god, Seth, I can't believe this is happening!" she cried. "Oh, god, baby it feels so go to have you sucking me, to give you milk, oh, this is such a turn on, I'm gonna come again, baby oh, fuck me! Fuck me while you suck my tits!"

I didn't have to be told twice. I slid off Dana's sopping wet panties and my own boxers, then slid inside my wife. I noticed she seemed tighter, but that just added to the sensation. I sawed in and out of her in earnest, and I knew with her milky tits, I wasn't going to last much longer. I changed breasts, alternating between sucking and chewing on her distended nipples. Dana was in heaven. I could feel her having orgasm after orgasm, her milk shooting forth with each one.

"Shit, babe, you're gonna be so full of me in a minute. You're giving me your milk, now here comes mine! Ahh, here it is babe!" I held Dana's hips against my cock as I blew my load in her pussy, then collapsed against those wonderful milky breasts.

When I caught my breath, I looked down at my wife.

"I can't believe that happened," I said.

"I know, that was so random."

"You know how girls get their periods at the same time when they're around each other? Maybe it's the same thing with lactation." I was only half joking, but Dana smacked me in the head anyway.

"But seriously, what is it? Have you started taking the fertility drugs again?"

Dana thought. "No. I mean, I was a while ago for a few months, but I stopped for the last few weeks because I was so nauseous."

All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks—the weight gain, the breast sensitivity, the nausea, lactation!

"Dana, I think you might be pregnant!" Dana looked over at me as if she didn't believe me, but then it hit her, too.

"Oh my god," she whispered. "I've been so busy I didn't put it together. I can't even remember the last time I had a period."

"We have to get a test."

We dressed quickly and ran to the Wal-Mart. We thought about doing some grocery shopping while we were there, because buying just a pregnancy test might send the wrong idea. But in the end we decided we couldn't wait. The cashier smiled at us knowingly as she rang us up, and even called "Good Luck" to us on our way out.

When we got home, Dana took the test, right in front of me. It said to wait three minutes for results, but the little plus sign showed up in less than thirty seconds. It was true, we were pregnant.

"I want to get an ultrasound before we get our hopes up," she said, ever pragmatic. But it was no use, I was already so excited.

The next day I accompanied her to the gynecologist, and sure enough there it was on the screen in grainy black and white. I squeezed Dana's hand and kissed her forehead. Judging by the ultrasound and Dana's size, and the fact that she had begun lactating, the gynecologist said she was already about 18 weeks along—almost halfway through the pregnancy!

I asked how she could be so far along and we not notice, and the doctor explained that it wasn't uncommon for women who were not expecting to be pregnant to not realize that they are. She said she knew of women who didn't even realize they were pregnant until they gave birth. I was glad that wasn't my wife. I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy, and now I had another 22 weeks to do so. Just then the doctor moved the ultra sound wand, and cocked her head as she looked at the screen.

"What is it?" Dana asked concernedly.

"Do you see that?" the gyno asked. "It's twins."

Dana started crying right there, and I gotta say I was choked up myself.

"I'll give you a few minutes. You can go ahead and get dressed and I'll print out your baby pictures."

"Can you believe it?" Dana asked me when the doctor was out of the room. "Twins!"

"Twins and quads," I reminded her.

"Oh my goodness, I nearly forgot! Well, at least now that I'm lactating I can help Darlene feed them."

"Speaking of lactating," I said, motioning toward Dana's gown, where two wet spots were growing.

"Oh, dear," she said. "I just got so excited when she mentioned twins...I guess I better get used to that happening."

"And this." With that I pulled Dana's gown down and exposed her breasts, milking one while drinking the other, then switching. Because her legs were in the stirrups, it gave me perfect access to her dripping pussy, which I lapped up. After locking the door quickly, I freed my cock and began to fuck Dana right there on the gynecologist table. We were quite the sweaty, milk soaked mess when the doctor returned, but if she noticed, she didn't say anything, only smiled as she handed us our pictures.

As we were leaving, Dana got out her phone to call her mother. I got out mine and noticed I had three missed calls and three texts. The first two calls were from Darlene, and the third was Donna.

"Oh, my god, Darlene's here, she's gone into labor!" Dana exclaimed as she listened to her messages. We hurried up to the maternity ward, and were directed into Darlene's room, where Donna was sponging her face.

"That was fast," she commented on our arrival.

"We were already downstairs," Dana explained. "Mom, I'm pregnant!"

"Oh, sweetheart, that's brilliant! I'm so happy for you."

"Oh, shit, oh fuck!" That was Darlene getting her epidural. A few minutes later we were all dressed in scrubs and in the OR waiting for Darlene's caesarian, which is standard with multiples. A part of me couldn't believe I was going to be a father for the second time in a year, and that in a little over five months I would be here again. I held Darlene's hand as each one of them was brought into the world—two boys and two girls! They were two months ahead of schedule, and really small but perfect. I held each of my children for a moment before they took them away to the NIC-U. Dana and I kissed each other as they wheeled Darlene away to recovery. We couldn't believe it, after all this time, we were finally parents!

Epilogue: The quads stayed in the hospital for a little over three months. We named them Samantha Eileen, Dawn Arielle, Stephen Michael and Daniel Seth. Dana would go and see them on her breaks at work, holding them, talking to them, and yes, even feeding them when they were strong enough. Darlene had gotten to come home, and with four babies to feed, the doctor told her she had to get her milk production up. Between the breast pump we got her and my mouth, she was producing over a quart a day. We got to take them home just in time for Christmas. It was chaotic—four babies, three of them with colic, two nursing mothers, and a partridge in a pear tree—but I have to say we were happy. It seems like in those first few months Darlene's milk was constantly flowing, and someone was always at her breast, be it the babies or me. Thankfully there was a never ending line of friends and relatives who wanted to see the babies, and who would bring us food when they came. Honestly, I don't think we cooked for the first six months the babies were home.

Dana and I worked on getting her milk production up for when the twins came, and soon she was producing as much, if not more than Darlene, the surplus of which, I was more than happy to finish. My twins, Seth Jr. and Dinah Renee were born when the quads were 6 months old. Dana delivered them vaginally, and without drugs, which impressed the hell out of me.

It's been four years since I first discovered my impregnation/lactation fetish. My oldest son (who is also my wife's brother, and uncle to his six younger siblings) is about to start preschool, and my house is filled with six toddlers running around constantly. Darlene still lives with us, and helps take care of the kids, though we have a nanny to help her out when she goes to school. Though we've weaned all of our kids (except for Seth Jr.; he just does not want to give up his breast milk—like father, like son.), Darlene and Dana's pendulous breasts are still full of milk, and they've each hinted that they want me to impregnate them again. I don't know about that yet. It's not that I wouldn't mind having more children, and of course, I do love to see my women swollen with my children, but I don't really want to share my breast milk with anyone just yet. We'll probably have more when the toddlers are in school.

I still can't believe where my impregnation/lactation fetish has led me.

The End

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