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Setting Me Straight


It was Valentine's Day once more. Every since my ex broke my heart two years ago, every act of romance soured my stomach -- literally. I couldn't stand to be physically near any public displays of affection. When friends and co-workers talked about being "in love" I had to leave the vicinity. It was a true test of wills for me to not smart off to all these fools. Sure, I had been one of them. I was more of a fool then they were for loving him as long as I did and for what. So one day he could tell me that he didn't care anymore and it was over. Not to mention the new girl that showed up a few weeks later. Yeah. I was a fool. So now I'm embittered, miserable and lonely with a deep hatred for all things romantic especially Valentine's Day.

So what was I doing at a Valentine's Day party the Friday night before? Good question. Simple -- my best friend Aiden and a side of guilt mixed in. Good thing there was plenty of alcohol flowing. I was seated in the corner nursing my third drink of the night hoping I would pass out soon. Or at least my best friend Aiden would have pity on me and let me go. It was his party after all. I noticed he was a great host. The party wasn't that big and of course I knew all his friends, which was nice. Too bad I was not in the mood. I'm sure he noticed my attitude, since he kept glancing at me as he socialized. Just thinking of him brought memories of how I got coerced into going.

* * * *

"Come on, El," Aiden said exasperated at me. We were seated on my couch eating pizza and watching a martial arts movie. It was a ritual of ours and had been for the four years we'd been friends. We had been discussing parties and what not and he once again brought up his annual V-day Bash shindig. He was excited that this year Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday. Not only could we get blitzed the night before, but also all the hung over people got one more day to recover before work on Monday. Every year, he threw some kind of "love is in the air" bash. He had even before we were friends. I used to help him set things up or give him ideas on what to do. But every since my ex, I flat out refused to have anything do with his party. In fact, he was actually getting pissed off at me at the moment because of my attitude about it.

"Look, it's been two fucking years. I know he hurt you... bad... but get over it already. You've got to stop being such a bitch about it. I'm saying this as your friend," he stated bluntly to me. My eyes started to water at the harshness of his tone. Even though he meant well, it hurt to hear those words at of his mouth. He cursed when I turned from him. I knew he knew that he made me cry. In a flash, he scooted over to me and tried to wrap his arms around me. He always comforted me whenever I hurt, especially because of something he did or said.

But, it made me mad and even though I would regret it later, I pushed him hard. I jumped off the couch and ran to my room, slammed the door and locked it shut. I flung myself onto my bed and cried my eyes out. I really didn't know why I was crying. It was only the truth he told me. And as my best friend, it was his duty to tell me these things. I did the same for him. I bitched him out when he was being an ass. Why was this any different? Because it was about my ex and because I knew he was right. Still it hurt to hear him cussing at me. I heard him pounding on the door and apologizing but I didn't want to deal with any more tonight. So I ignored him. After awhile, he left me alone. He had a key to my place so when I heard the front door open, close and lock; I knew he finally went home. I ended up crying myself to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, guilt made me call him and apologize. He listened and then asked me nicely to please come to his party. I felt bad so I agreed -- which is why I was sitting here in the corner trying my damnedest to get drunk off my ass. There were too many couples sitting around making out. Even his friends had found some dates. I was the only single one next to Aiden. Damn him, I thought to myself. He used my guilt to "persuade" me that I had to attend and short of dying, there was no way out of it. As if the whole romance crap wasn't enough, I still felt out of place among his friends, especially the girls.

All of Aiden's other female friends were the usual blonde hair blue eyed Barbie doll type that made guys drool. I was the only Asian girl in his circle of friends and I was short and curvy to boot. At five feet two and a healthy size eight, I felt I didn't fit the standard profile that Aiden and his friends liked to date. Instead of using my difference to my advantage, it made me feel like an outcast so I tended to be a wallflower all social gatherings I attended. I usually didn't mind as I got to people watch. But tonight, I just wanted to be alone and preferably in the bathroom. With that thought, I left to go to Aiden's bedroom. He had a private bathroom that no one was allowed to use, but I knew he didn't mind me using it. I shut the door and slid down behind it. I tried to not cry, but between getting drunk and seeing the others enjoying themselves, it was hard. So I gave in and lay down on the cool floor and cried -- and then passed out after that.

I woke up the next day with a fierce hangover and in Aiden's guest bedroom. Guilt set in as I realized he had taken care of me last night. I vaguely remembered passing out. Oh shit, I thought when I remembered him holding my head over the toilet -- which explained the nasty taste in my mouth. I hoped for the best but braced for the worst as I made my way down the hall. When I stumbled into the kitchen, he was there with a glass of water and aspirin. After that, he made some coffee and sat next to me.

"Elizabeth," he started. I winced. He only said my full name when he was really pissed off at me. "I have had enough of this shit. Enough is enough and you are going to see that one way or another today. Finish your coffee. We're going back to your place so you can get freshened up and then we're coming back here. I'm going to go make some phone calls. And don't you dare think of leaving before I get back," he finished with the meanest glare I had ever seen on his face. Frankly, at this point, I was freaking out. I had never seen this side of Aiden before. And a part of me was kind of turned on. That surprised me. I stared at him as he stomped out of the kitchen. Being the coward that I was, I didn't dare disobey him. I did exactly as he asked and sat there until he returned. Then, we left.

A half hour later, we returned. I had gotten a shower and some clean clothes. I brushed my teeth and hair and put some shoes on. Then, Aiden pushed me out the door and locked up behind us. Now back at his place, he didn't say anything but walked directly to his bedroom. I meekly followed behind him. I was so afraid to have him yell at me again. He stood at the door waiting so I took that as a signal to go on in. As soon as I walked past him, he shut the door behind him. That caused me to turn and look at him. Now, I was really getting scared. Even though Aiden was a damn good-looking piece of ass and I fantasized about him all the time, we never had that kind of relationship. Yet, here we stood in his bedroom and I was thinking all those thoughts that I probably shouldn't be.

He strode purposely towards me and grabbed my arm. He dragged me to the bed and then pushed me onto it. At this point, I didn't have a single clue as to what was going on. I opened my mouth to speak, but he glared so furiously at me, I physically cringed away from him.

"You are going to take a nap," he ordered me. I nodded wordlessly. He glared at me until I pulled down his covers and crawled under them. When, I settled my head on his pillows, his gaze softened. He surprised me by kissing me softly on the forehead before he left. Now, I was really confused, but since I still felt like shit and really, really tired, I figured a nap would be a good idea. I snuggled further down into his huge bed. I sighed as my nose caught remnants of his aftershave on the pillow. It was comforting in an odd way. Before I could think some more on it, I was asleep.

* * * *

"Is she sleeping?" Paul asked Aiden. He nodded in reply.

"You sure this is a good idea man?" Grant asked.

Aiden was having second thoughts, but he was tired of seeing El hurt all the time. She was becoming so bitter and cynical, he was afraid she would never be the happy sweet girl he met all those years ago. He, Paul and Grant were her closest friends. But the other guys knew that Aiden loved her more than a friend. He had when she was with the ex. But he never told her and now, it was eating him up seeing her hurt all the time. They talked about it whenever she wasn't around. And as they watched her being miserable last night, they didn't know how much more they could take as well. Aiden finally told them that it was up to them, her best friends, to get her to move on. She deserved happiness and love. She just had to be forced to see it from the ones who cared about her the most. And this weekend they hoped their plan would work.

"Let's go," Aiden said firmly. He had switched an aspirin with a sleeping pill so he knew she wouldn't wake up when they walked into the bedroom. The three of them moved quickly and as quietly as they could. As one, they pulled the covers off of El. Then, Paul and Grant moved to tie ropes around the posts of the bed as Aiden moved her to the center of the bed and carefully rolled her onto her stomach. He was glad she wore sweats instead of jeans. He pulled those off and had to sigh as a red lacey thong came into view. Grant smacked him to get him moving again. With a grin, he finished pulling her sweats off and they proceeded to tie her arms to the posts. They left her legs unbound and put the covers back so she wouldn't get cold. Then they stepped out of the room and finished making plans.

* * * *

I heard my name being whispered in my ear. A voice was telling me to wake up. Groggily, I forced myself to obey. I realized it was Aiden whispering to me. He sounded very close to me. I slowly opened my eyes to see his face right in front of me. He smiled when I looked at him and I couldn't help but smile back. Then I frowned as I tried to turn over but couldn't. Why did my arms feel strange? I tried to turn my head but I couldn't either. I tried moving my arms again, but realized with a shock that I was tied to his bedposts.

"Aiden..." I whispered fearfully. He still hadn't moved from in front of me. He watched the myriad of emotions flit across my face and didn't move a muscle. Only when I said his name did his face change. He grew somber while he looked at me. I started to shake at this point. With a sigh, he leaned forward and softly kissed me on the lips. I froze. His lips were so soft and warm. I had always wondered what it would be like to kiss him. He gently pressed his lips briefly on mine before he pulled away and looked at me again. This time seriousness was written all over his face.

"Elizabeth..." he started. "I want you to know that I love you and have for a long time. You are so beautiful. Not just physically but you're soul and heart is so beautiful. I know he hurt you. But, you need to let the past go, because I want a future with you. Remember this."

With that said, he stood up and looking past me nodded. I felt the covers being pulled down from around me. At the same time, I realized I had lost my pants some time ago. I shrieked when my thong came into view. I shrieked again and started thrashing when I felt two hands that didn't belong to Aiden grab my ankles and pull my legs apart. I started to shake as fear raced through me. I looked up at Aiden. He was watching me with a stoic face on. I wanted to beg and plead but I couldn't get the words to come out. Instead, I kept trying to pull my legs together and my arms down. Aiden, on the other hand, just stood there and watched me tire myself out. When, I ran out of energy, I began crying. Tears dripped down my face behind my closed eyes. I stiffened as I felt the bed sag next to me. Aiden sat down next to me and stroked my hair. I flinched away from him.

After what seemed like hours, but I knew was only a few minutes, I finally ran out of tears. Aiden's hand still stroked my hair. In a weird way, it was comforting. I knew he liked my hair. He always had such nice things to say about it. It calmed and soothed me to have him touching me like this. I stiffened up in surprise as I felt the bed sag again on the other side. Since someone was still holding my legs apart and Aiden was in front of me, I figured out there were three people in the room.

"It's me, Paul and Grant here Elizabeth," Aiden spoke knowingly. My eyes popped open and I gasped as I realized my three best friends had tied me up and even now could see me half naked. I went from being afraid to being angry in two seconds flat.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing guys?!?" I yelled at them. "Untie me right now and let me go!!" I demanded. Stupidly, I glanced over at Aiden and he did not look pleased at me. My anger started to fade and I grew afraid again. I should have thought things out before opening my mouth. Instead, I yelped as a hand sharply and painfully slapped my ass hard. More cries escaped my lips as four more slaps followed the first. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to keep the tears from falling as burning pain and embarrassment flowed through me.

"Elizabeth -- you will be silent. If you can't, I will gag you," Aiden said to me in a no-nonsense tone. Even as my mind flailed about in denial that this was happening to me, a burst of excitement flowed through my body. I was turned on by Aiden's dominance. I had a revelation as I thought about my reaction to him.

I was semi-submissive already. Part of it stemmed from the Asian culture and the way I way I had been raised. I was taught to put other's desires and needs before my own. I had to learn to accept other's wishes and not argue against them. Even now, as an adult, I can't find it in me to go against an authoritative figure, especially when confronted. The other part was fed by my desire to please. Praise was hard to come by growing up and as I matured into adulthood my submissive nature fed the craving I had to be acknowledged. My ex knew that so he usually got his way in almost every situation. But I never let Aiden know that.

It made me wonder why he decided to do whatever he planned with the others today.

It made me wet thinking about all the wicked things he could do to me in this situation.

It made me want to rebel just to see what consequences there were -- which made me open my mouth stupidly again.

"Don't you even think about it, Aiden," I responded just as serious. "I am not your pet. You had better untie me right now. I mean it," I said threateningly to him. He turned from me so I didn't see his reaction to my words. Even so, I knew I was pushing his buttons. Granted, it was exciting me, but I really felt uncomfortable about this. These guys were my best friends. How could I face them after today if they saw me naked? What if we had sex? Our friendship would be over. That scared me more than anything because I truly loved these guys. Of course, Paul knew exactly what to say to throw me off track.

"Hey guys, I think El likes this. She's getting wet," he snickered at my feet. I realized he was holding my legs still and was staring at my crotch too. Damn him, I thought to myself. I cried out again as the same hand from before spanked the other ass cheek just as hard as before -- five times too. I knew now it was Grant's hand. Damn him too, I thought biting my lip as tears leaked from my eyes. My ass was on fire, but I knew my pussy was starting to get real wet by now. Sure enough, Paul called out once more about the growing wetness in the crotch of my thong.

Aiden moved at this point only to grab my thong and rip it away. He held it in front of my face so I could see how wet it had got. Once again, I stupidly opened my mouth to say something and just as quick, he shoved it in my mouth. Now, I was shocked as hell and horny as you wouldn't believe. I locked onto his face and just looked at him. He had a serious expression on his face, but in his eyes I saw something amazing -- love.

He really did love me. And in a perverse way, he was going to show me how much he loved me and make me forget my ex. And even more perverse, I wanted him to. I wanted him to hold me down and beat me into submission. I wanted him to take me forcefully and dominate me until I cried out his name and begged for more. And in the deepest part of my heart, I wanted to be loved... by Aiden.

"You have a beautiful pussy, El," Paul said reverently. I blushed but was secretly pleased he thought so. "I especially like that you shave yourself bare... no you must wax because it looks so smooth," he continued. "Just like these luscious legs of yours," Grant added. "And your ass looks good enough to eat," he commented while rubbing it softly. I closed my eyes and moaned with the pain and pleasure of his touch.

"You are so beautiful, Elizabeth," Aiden said seriously. I felt his hands moving down my back to grab the ends of my shirt. He pulled it slowly up and I unconsciously helped him by lifting up from the bed. I tensed when I remembered I wasn't wearing a bra, but I couldn't stop a moan from escaping when the shirt brushed against my bare nipples. He left it bunched up under my armpits since I was tied up. Without a word, I felt Aiden's hands on my bare body finally. Together with Grant, they moved me until I was kneeling on the bed with my head buried into the pillows. Paul pushed me forward enough so I was able to place my hands flat and push myself up slightly.

"Elizabeth ..." Aiden whispered in my ear. His tongue reached out to flick against it and a shiver ran through me. "Let him go. Let it all go," he whispered. He kept whispering to me but his words faded away when I felt Paul's tongue licking my calf. I moaned audibly when Grant, who still sat next to me, started to spank and rub my ass in tandem. Then I lost it when Aiden's hands reached out to tug my nipples. Gently at first and then with hard pinches, I jerked and trembled at the onslaught of feelings. All of it was too much stimulation. My head shot up and my back arched as I suddenly came.

My mind was in shock -- this had never happened before. They had made me come without touching my pussy. It was the only way I ever got to come before as sex with my ex was only about him. Usually I faked my pleasure and got off masturbating most of the time. It wasn't gratifying but I loved him and thought nothing about it. Yet, now, as my orgasm faded, I had to admit it was wonderful. And I wanted more. And I think Aiden knew it.

When I slumped back to the bed, I felt Aiden and Grant get up. Paul still held my ankles, but then he let go too. I turned my head to look at Aiden. He was standing next to me just watching me. A part of me wanted to curl up and try to sink into the bed. But the other part of me that was waking up wanted to see where this was going. I turned away from him and dropped my head down in to the pillows. In that moment, I knew I wanted this. I hungered for this pain and pleasure. I needed whatever the guys had planned for me.

With that revelation, all fight in me evaporated. I lifted my head slightly and slowly slid down the bed. I braced my hands against the headboard and lowered the top half of me down onto the bed. Still on my knees, I arched my back raising my ass higher and spread my legs farther apart. When I stopped moving, I was a sight to behold. With my dripping pussy and bright pink ass on display, I smiled to myself as I heard appreciative groans around me. I turned my head as best I could to look at Aiden. There was a smile on his face and he lovingly reached out to stroke my cheek. I closed my eyes in pleasure. A sigh escaped me as he tugged my thong out of my mouth.

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