tagNonHumanSetting Moon Ch. 02

Setting Moon Ch. 02


Three days later:

It was early evening when she awoke to the smell of burning cloth, her nightmares had gotten worse. She opened her eyes to find the curtains on fire; she tried to move to put them out but groaned in intense pain instead. A hand was on her shoulder now, "Relax, you don't want to hurt yourself again, do you?" The words made her stiffen and a shiver ran up her spine.

Without looking back she jumped out of the bed, and found that her legs wouldn't carry her, and fell to the floor. Struggling to get up, she yelled at him "Who are you people, and what do you want? It's not enough that you did things to me that I can't even remember, but you had to come back and finish the job? Well fine if you want it that way, I'm not going down without a fight?" She felt a hand on her waist bringing her upward and immediately went to swing, but his eyes stopped her.

He was beautiful with short auburn hair and green eyes with a hint of silver in them. He was tall standing at around 6'3' and was well built. The smell of him would have knocked her over if he wasn't holding her so tightly, he smelt of vanilla and jasmine heavily coated in the spicy musk of masculinity. She leaned into him using his strength to hold her; she wanted to savor him because she knew soon he would probably be gone. She'd known love but nothing like how she felt when looking into his eyes. But why did she feel this way, she just met this man. Was she crazy?

She sighed and tears started to swell in her eyes, as he picked her up and placed her on the side of the bed. He stood in front of her now. It had been years since she even noticed a man, except for the man she hunted and what she had to get back. But she couldn't focus on that, in her condition it would only make her mad and she could barely move, never mind fight someone else. She need to rest, she needed to heal.

She felt his hand under her chin bringing it up to face him. Tears streamed down her face, she lifted a hand to wipe them but he wouldn't let her. He kissed her eyes and where the tears had been on her face.

Then she remembered the curtains but turned to see no fire, not even a hint that one had been there. She turned back to him without a second thought.

As he looked at her, he felt content just being with her, but feared what she must be thinking. He had waited for so long to meet her that he never wanted to let her go. "Its ok now, you are safe with me." He said in a calm soothing voice.

She wanted to cling to this man, to lie in his embrace until there were no more tomorrow's. But was snapped out of the thought, she didn't know this man she didn't even know his name all she knew was that he was definitely a werewolf and her kind were told never to trust them, never the less lie with them. She pushed him away slightly, not far enough to break the embrace but enough that she felt she could think clearly again.

"Who are you?" she asked in a shaky voice.

"My name is Sam Lavash, I heard you scream the other night and came as fast as I could..." she didn't let him finish "You were the one that saved me; otherwise I most certainly would have been dead. Thank you" she said the last part shyly while looking down. He lifted her chin slowly back to his gaze and kissed her softly on her red lips, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer as they kissed. After a few long moments, he broke the kiss staring back into her soft brown eyes.

"Yes but Lilliana, do you know who those men were, or who they work for?" he asked firmly, his voice filled with concern.

"No but, the two that were here, were the same two who kidnapped me, I remember being in a dark cell and somehow I escaped running up eight flights of stairs before finding a door to a factory after that I remember going out a door that said EXIT and found myself on a normal city street and before you ask no I don't know what street it was or what city I'm in for that matter. And how do you know my name?"

She looked up at him as anger seemed to burn through his eyes now black in color and she touched his hand in a gentle caress trying to calm him down. It seemed to work as his eyes grew back into their natural green. "I know your name because I read your chart. What happened to you...I'm sorry I couldn't find you sooner." He said sadly.

"If you read my chart then you know everything?" Her head lowered. "I don't even remember most of it because they drugged me." She paused "What do you mean find me sooner?" She asked in a low voice.

"I have been searching for you for a long time. It hurts that this it what it took for me to finally find you, that you had to go through so much pain. I'm so sorry." He said as a tear rolled down his cheek. She reached up wrapping her hands around his neck drawing him down to her and she kissed his tear away.

"You are not the reason I am here or why I was hurt. I was drugged but fine before I escaped. When I was trying to find the way out, I ran into some men, they did this to me and then something happened, I don't know how...?" She stopped looking a bit confused. "And then those men that came here to finish the job, it is not your fault I'm here. It's only for you that I'm even alive. Don't feel bad, I can handle it." She said reassuringly, "But that fire I don't know where it came from or went or anything. It's very frustrating, god my head hurts." She said as she cupped her head in her hands.

She lifted her head and breathed him in smelling him. "Why do you smell so good?" she asked pulling him closer. "Your smell just makes my whole body feel better, why is that?"

"I don't know but you do the same for me. You smell like...vanilla and lilac. You smell like angels should and when I'm this close to you, breathing you in it's like.... I'm home." He said smiling.

"Oh good, now I don't feel like an idiot for telling you that." She added with a small laugh.

He started in a quiet voice "I need to know you're ok before I go." She hung her head and started to move back into the bed, she had known this was going to happen. But before she could move too far she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist as he pulled her close. "I will come back; only in death will you ever be alone again." She stared into his deep green eyes, she didn't want to ask but felt she had to "Then why are you leaving?"

He took a deep breath "You need more protection than I can provide on my own, I must get help. I will only be gone a couple of days but while I am gone I want you to have something." He handed her a small black bag. She opened it to find a small handgun and several extra clips. "I don't know if this will do much good, it's been awhile since the last time I used one." She grabbed the gun and tried to gage its weight in her hand. "It will protect you while I am gone." His voice sounded weary and on edge.

She looked deeply into his eyes and steeled her voice "I understand why you must go, I will be fine." He looked her in the eyes noticing that the brown had gold flecks in it that weren't there before. He was stunned at how beautiful she was even with all the damage done to her body. "What...who are you?" He asked almost in a daze. She started "Now that's a conversation for later and I think I would like to ask you the same. But now is not the time. Go I will see you soon."

He then brought his lips down to hers, kissing her gently. He was still holding her by her waist, she arched into him as she pushed to deepen the kiss, she wanted to taste him and he wanted the same. He parted his lips and let her explore him, then he took control. He pushed against her sore body drawing her to a standing position but still supporting her. She started caressing his chest and then moved to his back, he was intoxicating and she couldn't get enough, she wanted all of him deep inside of her. Now.

She whimpered as he moved from her lips and started kissing and biting the curve of her neck. His hands caressed her back and stomach, then he moved to the side of her breast. She moaned softly as he rubbed his thumb gently over her nipple. She opened his shirt so she could feel his skin under her fingers. She was caressing his shoulders when he pulled down the side of her hospital gown and took her breast in his mouth. She arched against him pushing her breast further into his mouth. "Sam" She breathed.

A tingle shot up his spine hearing Lilliana speak his name that way, pushed him beyond all control. "Lilliana, I need you, please." He pleaded, and she wasn't going to say no, she needed him just as much as he needed her. She pushed away from him striding over to the bathroom; surprisingly she wasn't in any pain. Just outside of the door she turned towards him "I thought I would shower, would you join me?"

He was stunned when she walked away but when she said those words he was on her in an instant kissing her with passion he didn't know he possessed. He guided her into the bathroom never breaking their kiss. He shut the door and set to exploring her body, he untied the gown and looked at her body. The bruises and cuts were gone and her whole body glowed.

She loved how he looked at her, but wasn't willing to wait another second. She pushed off his shirt and started working on his belt that was concealing his erection. He shoved his hands in her hair pulling her face up to his and kissed her roughly holding nothing back. When his pants fell to settle on the floor she broke from him to start the shower. It was a large shower for a hospital and could easily fit them both.

When she turned he pushed his hardness against her ass and continued to caress her, cupping a breast in one hand, as his other slid down her stomach to find her curls and then his fingers caressed her folds finding her button. She was surprised it hadn't hurt and when he pressed her nub she pushed herself into his hard staff and moaned softly. She turned towards him and pushed him into the shower. He pulled her with him never letting go. He then pushed her against the cold wall of the shower and kissed down her body first her neck, breasts, stomach, and then she could feel his hot breath right above her clit and begged him to touch her. Instead he moved to the side of her mound and kissed her thighs before she felt his tongue lash across her folds and then plunge inside exploring and tasting her until he found her clit, licking it mercilessly. She squirmed and moaned against him "Please Sam oh god." She moaned.

Sam moved his hand up her leg caressing her thigh until he reached her center, gently fingering past her folds he found her depths and gently pushed in a finger she moaned loudly as he started to work it in and out of her tight passage.

She was so close "Please" she begged. But suddenly he stopped; gliding back up her shaking body he kissed her deeply while cupping her ass to pull her up to his throbbing cock. He stroked it against her slit several times before. "Do you want me?" he said almost growling. "Yes, please Sam I need you, all of you please." She moaned in his ear.

That was all he needed, he aimed himself and slowly pressed into her tight passage until they were completely connected. She looked at him eyes wide, panting. He was definitely larger than she had been expecting as they just sat connected staring into each other's eyes. Finally after what seemed like forever he slowly started to move. He was trying to be careful not to hurt her but she wanted more. She ground herself into him and begged him to take her deeper. His control was lost as he slammed into her and pressed his lips to hers so when she screamed in pleasure no one heard her but him. Again and again he plunged into her deeply, but all too soon he felt the pressure rising.

She was lost to the sensation of him and nothing could bring her back. She came again, again and only wanted more. She felt the build once again as she felt him harden impossibly inside her.

They were both close, he thrust over and over until she came again milking his cock throwing him over the edge. He splashed his seed deep inside of her thrusting three more times before he leaned them against the tile wall and laid his head down on her shoulder. She sat, still speared on his now softening member, in his arms just enjoying the feel of him holding her so close.

After several moments he slowly looked up at her "I need to go but I can almost guarantee we WILL be doing that again." She agreed as he slowly set her down on the tile floor.

He got out of the shower, toweled off and put his clothes back on. Before he left he leaned into the shower and kissed her lovingly. "I will see you soon, I left a phone on the bed for you my number is the first one. If you need me call, I'll get here as fast as I can." He kissed her again before he walked out of the room.

She stood in the shower and noticed there were feminine washes, shampoo and conditioner. She started to wash herself down thinking about what had happened today. She couldn't believe she had trusted him so completely. She thought maybe it was the drugs they had her on, she didn't know but she hoped it was real, but at least she got some good sex out of it, if she never saw him again. Then she stopped herself, she couldn't continue to worry about this she had bigger things to do now she was healed.

When she was done washing and went to turn off the water, she felt all of her pain come surging back, she fell to the tile floor as she almost screamed at the pain. "What is going on, one minute I'm healed the next I'm not. Then the shit with the curtains and those guys at the factory what is happening to me." She cried.

"I can tell you" said a sultry voice from the doorway. She opened the shower door only to see her mentor Ericka Stone. She was shocked "What are you doing here?" Lilliana asked confused. "My girl was in trouble and you didn't think I would come. I will always come if I feel you need me. Now let me help you."

Ericka picked Lilliana up after wrapping her in a towel and brought her back to the bed. Quickly Lilliana dried off and Ericka handed her a new gown. "So can you tell me why it smells like wet dog in here?" Ericka asked as she sniffed around the room.

"You first, what is happening to me?" Lilliana was confused how did Ericka know but she didn't.

"That easy, you're a witch. When I gave you my blood it acted as sort of a key helping you unlock what you already had. It's only come to life now because of the need to protect yourself, you haven't needed it before." Lilliana was confused Ericka is a vampire and had given Lilliana her blood eight months ago so she could hunt and fight better, not to unlock her magic that she didn't even know she had.

"What...did you know I was a witch when we met?" She was trying to wrap her head around it. She was a witch, well that would definitely explain what had happened. But why didn't she know that already.

"No, I found out when I gave you my blood. Once we shared that bond I was able to feel it hidden within you, just like when I can hear your thoughts when you're angry or hurt. And before you ask, I didn't tell you because if I had you would have pushed too hard and not been able to access it naturally." Ericka looked concerned for her friend hoping she would understand.

"Ok, what happens now, do you know how I can control it?" She wanted to know more, like how not to light the curtains on fire after every bad dream. "Nope, not a clue and every time I've come across a witch it wasn't on very good terms. So it's not like I could ask." She said "And now it's my turn, what's with the dog smell and the other smell of what I'm going to say is of a sexy male type. And what happened to you all I got were bits and pieces. I've been searching for you for months." Ericka looked concerned again.

Lilliana decided to start with that last question first and set to telling her everything that had happened up until the attack in the hospital. "So the two that attacked me were werewolves, and the sexy male you smell is the one who saved me from them. It seems as if we have a deep connection with each other although I can't explain it yet. And...I need you to calm down before I tell you the rest." Ericka eyes were glowing red, she was pissed that werewolves had done this to her friend. But slowly her eyes went back to their natural deep blue. "Ok I'm calm let me have it." She said slowly.

"Well his name is Sam and he's a werewolf too." Lilliana waited for her to yell but it never came. Instead Ericka spoke in a quiet voice, "Then the connection you felt means you may be his mate but..." she hung her head "if he bites you he will know everything that you are. Including what my blood did to you and I don't know what will happen when he finds out. Naturally vampires and werewolves don't get along, so you must tell him before it goes too far and you get hurt."

The gun and phone Sam had given her had still been sitting on the bed when she had gotten out of the shower. She had pushed them to the side but now grabbed them pulling both into her lap. She set the phone on the side table and opened the black bag. She gripped the gun pulling it out to inspect it. "Where did you get that?" Ericka walked over to the bed; she had been standing by the window. "Sam gave it to me before he left to protect myself, along with the phone." Ericka examined the gun it was a Bersa Thunder 40 UC Pro it's a tough, reliable, compact sidearm.

"If I'm his mate, would he really hurt me?" she was worried, had she found him just for him to hurt her worse than the others had. "I don't know but I will stay with you to make sure he doesn't." She was protective of Lilliana. "I don't know if that's a good idea he said he left to get help with protecting me and I don't want you to get hurt either." She smirked a little, for the first time she felt she could protect Ericka instead. "I'll be fine, if it's too much, with my speed I'll get us both out."

Lilliana yawned, Ericka noticed "You should get some rest; I'll be here just in case." With that Lilliana laid back and let herself drift into sleep. She dreamed of Sam and of the wonderful things he did to her.


Sam left the hospital rather reluctantly; he didn't want to leave her so soon. But he needed to protect her and he needed help.

He had left his pack to find his mate. He was the alpha before he left about nine months ago but only after three months of feeling like something was very wrong with his mate. He would have to fight the current alpha for control of the pack. But he always knew he would go back after he found her.

He found his car and started the long drive to the mountains. He was only three hours away and the drive went by quickly. As he got close he called his closest friend, when Sam was Alpha he was second in command, "Fin, I've found her and I'm about twenty minutes away. Can you get things ready this has to be done quickly." From the other end came "Yes, I will have everything ready." He hung up the phone and stared back at the road. He prepared himself for what was to come.

Fifteen minutes later he pulled up to a huge mansion that housed over three hundred pack members. He made a point to walk through the front doors, when he opened the doors he walked tall and proudly through the main hall. Everyone's eyes were on him and as he moved towards the dining room people started to follow him. He entered the dining room and silence fell as everyone stood up following him though the security hall and out of the back doors. All the pack members knew this day would come.

They all walked out to the clearing in the trees, Fin was waiting for him and next to him was the current pack leader, Eric. He walked up to them, he spoke loud and clear "I have come to challenge you for control of the pack." Eric spoke so only they could hear, "I supposed you have found your mate then?" Eric had been his friend and didn't want to fight but the tradition was set in stone. Sam spoke just to Eric "Yes, I have, you knew this day would come old friend." With that Fin moved so he was outside the circle and next to the tree line with the rest of the pack.

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