tagNonHumanSetting Moon Ch. 03

Setting Moon Ch. 03


Sam walked down the hall as his security team spread out to do their jobs. As he got closer to Lilliana's he smelled something familiar and it wasn't Lilliana, but couldn't place it. Eric seemed to smell it too and said "Vampire". Sam growled and followed the scent to Lilliana's room.

The room filled with growls from both sides, fangs were bared. They were about to attack when light emanated from near Lilliana but before they were able to look the three were unable to move. A loud feminine voice filled the room "You will not harm each other, am I clear." Suddenly the light dissipated and they were able to turn to see Lilliana standing next to the bed.

Her eyes filled with pain and tears as she fell to the floor. In an instant Ericka and Sam were by her side helping her back in to the hospital bed. Sam then looked at the vampire, 'was she here to protect Lilliana. But why would she feel she needed protection from me.'

Ericka moved to the other side of the bed away from Sam. She noticed the other wolf standing near the door trying to look menacing and she smirked just a little.

"Who are you?" Sam said almost growling. But before Ericka could answer Lilliana spoke instead. "This is my friend Ericka, she came when she found out I was in trouble." Lilliana's teeth were on edge, she needed them to get along at least for now until she told him. "And I guess you're Sam; I need to thank you for saving my girl here." Ericka smiled just a little, she had to try and calm the situation down, if the feelings Lilliana had for him were real, she had to try and make this work.

Sam motioned towards the man standing in the doorway. "This is Eric; he's a friend of mine." Eric came toward Lilliana and offered his hand completely ignoring Ericka. Lilliana took it with a smile, "Nice to meet you, but you might want to tell the rest of the boys to stand down." And motioned towards to hall way. There were at least five men standing there growling, "Oh, Mr. Lavash?"

Sam turned to look at the men, "Yes that's fine; tell them to go back to work." Eric walked into the hall and issued some orders. When he was done he walked back in and stood near the door as if he was guarding it.

Sam turned back towards Lilliana "What was that?" He asked.

"Well I don't know exactly, but as Ericka has informed me apparently I'm a witch. But I can't control it yet." She spoke a little nervously; she hoped Sam would accept this part of her.

Ericka spoke, "She will need time and training before she is able to control it completely. But it looks like she's already doing pretty well." Sam was looking at Ericka while she spoke but now looked back at Lilliana who still looked nervous.

He spoke in a calming voice "Relax love, you are part of a rare breed you're the first known witch in the past two hundred years. You can't get rid of me so easily." She wondered if he would say that after she told him about the vampire part of her.

"Good, what are you men doing?" she asked looking towards the door curiously. "They're setting a perimeter and putting up some surveillance. Why?" He asked reaching for her hand. "Will Ericka be safe if she walks into the hall? I need to talk to you alone, if that's ok?" she looked pleadingly at Sam. "Yes my men have been ordered to stand down when it comes to her." Then Sam motioned Eric to leave and looked to Ericka.

Lilliana looked to Ericka and mouthed please. Ericka nodded and moved towards the door but then turned to look at Sam. "Hey, just know if you hurt her you'll have to deal with me." She then turned and exited the room closing the door behind her.

Sam looked into Lilliana's eyes that were amber colored for the moment; he wondered what that meant as he moved to sit next to her on the bed. He leaned down and kissed her lovingly.

She loved the way his lips felt against hers and kissed him, trying to show how much she missed him without saying it. Finally he leaned back and in a gentle voice asked "I thought you were healed. What happened?" As he gently touched the cut above her breast, she winced at the pain from where he touched, but loved it at the same time. His touch was like crack to a crack addict, she wanted more but now wasn't the time for it.

"After you left I finished showering and just as I was getting out, all of it came back including the pain. I'm guessing it had something to do with my new found magic. But I have no idea how it works." She said as she reached out to hold his hand.

He grasped her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it. "I need to tell you something, I'm sure you noticed from my entrance that something was amiss. I'm a werewolf and not just that but I'm the alpha of my pack." She look knowingly into his eyes, "I know you're a wolf."

"How did you know?" he asked looking confused. "I could smell it on you when we first met, just like those men who attacked me were werewolves and so were all those people you brought with you, and also all the men that held me prisoner were wolves and a couple of vampires."

"How could you smell it, most humans can't?" he still looked confused. She dropped her head now "Well that's the other thing I have to talk to you about." She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes before continuing. "Ericka isn't just my friend, she....has given me her blood, I'm not like her but with her blood my senses are heightened and my healing should be faster but for some reason it's not working." His eyes seemed to grow and turn a little red.

"I understand if you hate me now or worse, but it was my choice. Ericka only did as I asked." She sunk back into the bed and waited for his anger, when it didn't come she looked back into his eyes. He looked as if he was trying to figure something out.

Finally he spoke calmly, "Maybe your witch magic is cancelling out the blood magic."

"So what will happen now?" She said staring at his beauty.

"I don't know but I will find out what will happen to us." He said looking down at her fingers wrapped in his hand.

It was quiet for several moments, both wondering what to say or do. But both content just sitting with each other. Until they both heard a growl come from Lilliana's stomach. They both laughed "Are you hungry? Can I get you something to eat? What would you like?" He said smiling. "Yeah, I can't remember the last time I ate something worth eating. I would love anything except hospital food." She exclaimed rubbing her stomach.

"Ok I'll be back..." But as he headed towards the door he was stopped by the sound of Lilliana's voice. "Are you going or can we send Ericka and Eric?" She said with a smirk.

"Eric and Ericka, but it's the middle of the day?" He said turning to look at Lilliana with a confused look.

"Ericka is old enough that the sunlight doesn't bother her anymore. And I thought of them because Ericka knows what I like and Eric is the only werewolf that she's met, and besides they're getting along great." She said nodding towards the door.

He still looked confused but went into the hall.

Eric and Ericka stood out in the hall guarding Lilliana's door. "You can stop now; I would no sooner hurt Lilliana than I would myself. She means more to me than even she knows." Ericka exclaimed.

"You are a vampire, what does one life mean to you when you kill just to survive." He said in an angry but questioning voice.

"Long ago, before I was turned I was something else. I had a family and thought I knew love." She said leaning against the wall looking at Eric. Eric turned to look at her. "I was happy, before my life was taken from me. I have fought to keep that part of me alive no matter the cost. She is a part of that and I love her as if she were my own."

"Good at least now I can breathe a little easier." He seemed to relax a little bit.

"I am sorry." Ericka said in a sad voice.

He looked at her a bit confused, "For what?"

"I can smell it too. You could hide it from anyone else but me." She sighed and move towards him looking knowingly into his eyes.

"It's not what I thought it would be like. But we can't because of what we are. We can never..." She cut him off. She touched his arm gently, "Maybe not but I have been searching for a way to be turned back, and Lilliana may be the key. Her power if I'm right is limited only by her mind she may be able to figure out a way."

"And if she can would you have me, I don't know what you've been through or how long you have been this way. My heart is young and so eager to learn but I sense you have been hurt many times. Could you trust me?" He said stepping closer to her. He wiped a tear streaming down her face.

She could feel his breath on her cheek "Yes, I could. I would tell you everything, if you would have me. But what I was before..." She stopped and moved away from him. Eric looked sad and confused then Sam opened the door to Lilliana's room.

Sam moved in front of Eric as Eric watched another tear fall from Ericka's face. He turned to Sam, stiffened and said "Sir?"

Sam looked over his shoulder to Ericka who was now facing away from them and then back to Eric curiously, but then shook it off. "Lilliana is hungry and would like you and Ericka to go and get anything but hospital food."

"Yes Sir, but its day time?" Eric asked. "I'll let her answer that question." He motioned to Ericka. She then turned to face Sam, "There are clothes in that bag beside the chair for her." With that he went back into Lilliana's room.

Eric looked at her questioningly. But Ericka just laughed. "Come on lover boy I'll be fine, but you've got to protect me from all the big bad monsters between here and there. Ok." She smiled and started walking towards the elevator.


When Sam walked into the room Lilliana was stretching, her back arched which made her breast swell against the thin material of the hospital gown. "That gown doesn't do you justice; Ericka said she had brought you some clothes. Would you like to pick something out?" He said as he walked over to a bag Ericka had left next to the chair in the corner of the room.

"How about you pick something out for me that way I know you will like it." She said as she watched him move across the room. He chuckled softly as he opened the bag and dug through the clothes. There were two pairs of jeans, a couple tank tops, a pair of brown boots, a leather jacket and some other clothing, but what Sam picked out was a long deep purple spaghetti strap dress. "You should wear this I think it would look gorgeous on you." He said holding it up so Lilliana could see.

"That's nice." She said as he walked over to her with the dress in hand, she noticed his growing bulge and grinned. Sam handed her the dress and as Lilliana looked it over she rubbed her neck as if it was sore.

Sam notice, "Move forward on the bed." he said as he helped her move. "Why?" She asked a little confused. He moved to sit behind her on the bed and undid the top tie of her gown so that it fell over her shoulders but not over her breast. "What are you...?" But stopped when she felt his strong hands on her neck, rubbing and caressing. He continued to massage her neck, shoulders and back.


Now in one of the black SUV's Eric and Ericka drove looking for a place to get food. "So how old are you?" Eric asked "Let's just say I was already alive for a long time before Christ was born." She looked at him with a smile, "Oh...and the vampire that turned you, what happened to him? He asked.

"I tried to kill her as soon as she made me but she ran off, I hunted her for a long time but she's hard to find." She stopped "Hey there's one pull over, Lilliana loves fast food."

They pulled up to a regular fast food joint and parked. They got out of the car and moved towards the door to the restaurant. Eric opened the first door for Ericka and they walked inside. Eric opened the second door but a family was coming out and in the small space Ericka was pushed up against Eric. She looked into Eric's eyes and saw his need. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer; his breath flirted across her lips and put goose bumps down her arms. She took a deep breath, he smelled of coconut and warm ginger. She wanted him and knew if someone didn't stop them, she would have him.

A woman saying thank you brought them out of their closeness. Ericka moved away and through the door, heading for the bathroom. He just stood there for a moment in shock not knowing what to do next.

Once in the bathroom, she stood staring into the mirror trying to remove the goose bumps from her arms. She splashed water on her face and said "God what am I thinking, we can't, we just can't." She tried to convince herself, it was all she could do to not go back out there and take him. She paced a little before deciding to wash her hands. She washed and dried her hands and face before staring back into the mirror.

Suddenly Eric stormed into the bathroom, pulling her into a stall and pushing her against the wall. Then slowly he placed his hands on her waist and kissed her passionately. She placed her arms around his neck and kissed him back as his hands slipped under her shirt, flirting with her ribs. She pulled up his shirt and started caressing his back. He pushed himself fully against her and she could feel his growing erection. Then he moved from her mouth and started kissing her neck, breathing her in she smelt like honey suckles in bloom. He kissed her shoulder and she let out a small moan as she said "Lock the door."

He reached out and locked the door, then moved his hand back to her body pushing her shirt above her breasts and pushed aside her bra. He caressed the tender flesh as he nibbled and kissed her neck. Her nails gently scraped his back and she felt him breathe a soft moan onto her neck. His breath seared her skin and gave her more goose bumps. She clawed him a little harder and his moan became louder but still soft.

"If you keep that up, I might not be able to control myself." He breathed into her neck. He leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth sucking and flicking it with his tongue. "I might not be able to either." She breathed out heavily. He stopped looking into her eyes they were amber colored instead of their original deep blue. He knew that if he didn't stop she might bite him that color means she needs to feed. But during passion it can also be arousal but that always leads to feeding with vampires.

"I'll take my chances." He said and kissed her deeply feeling her now growing fangs scrap his tongue. His hands moved to her pants unlatching them and pulling them down, taking her boots with them. He ripped the underwear from her skin and started massaging her wet folds with his fingers. She moaned showing her fangs fully grown. "Please" She begged. She reached down unbuttoning his jeans to reveal his now throbbing member, pulling it from the sturdy material she stroked with her hand. Finally he moved her hand aside; pressing against her he grabbed her ass, picking her up. She wrapped her legs around him as he aimed his hardness. He found her hole and slowly impaled her until he was filling her completely. She was so tight as if she was still a virgin. She moaned and dug her nails into his back drawing blood. Then he moaned slowly pulling out and pushing back in. She smelled his blood and couldn't control herself she moved to bite his neck. But his hand was already on her throat holding her back. She tried to fight him but his thrust became fast and hard, sending her into a near frenzy.

"Please, I can't." She begged "I need you." She moaned as he thrust into her again. "Say it, and I'll give you what you crave." He panted and stopped thrusting still lodged deep inside her tight passage. She looked deep into his eyes as a tear rolled down her face. "I am yours, until the end." She said as another tear fell onto his chest. "And I am yours, without end." He said as he turned his head and cut a slit in his shoulder. She watched as blood spilled from the slit, she lowered her head and pressed her lips against it. She started to drink as he began to thrust again. After several long sips she licked the wound so it would heal but still scar. She lifted her head turning it so he had full view of her neck, taking his free hand she cut a small slit, he looked at her confused as small line of blood trickled down her shoulder. He stopped moving and licked at the blood spilling from the cut. "Please" she begged. With that he gently put his mouth over the cut and bit down. She moaned and cringed as he began to suck the blood from it. He began to thrust again and she came shaking and moaning, soon after he felt the tightening and pressure build. He sipped again as hot blood splashed across his tongue. He came spilling his seed deep inside of her, howling loudly. He licked her cut closed leaving a scar and laid his head down on her shoulder.

They sat there for a couple of minutes before he heard her say 'That was amazing.' He lifted his head looking at her face. Her head leaned to the side her eyes closed. He kissed her neck 'We don't have time to go again although I wish we could.' She said and He smiled, "Yes but I can still kiss you." She opened her eyes and turned to face him; he touched her lips softly with his and pressed into her passionately. She slowly felt him grow inside her, she kissed him deeply as the words entered his mind, 'I told you we can't, they'll be waiting for us.' He broke the kiss, and slipped out her setting her feet back on the ground. He pressed her against the wall pulling her hands above her head and said 'Ah I see now, the sharing of blood lets us do this. Now we can be together even when we can't touch is that it?' he chuckled softly. 'That and this, close your eyes.' She asked, he did as much and saw pictures of Ericka walking in a field, the sun on her face, she wore odd clothing but she was human. 'That's you before you were turned?' He asked. They got dressed as they continued to talk, 'Yes, it was a long time ago.' She paused, 'But we can share memories and thoughts this way. And sometimes even dreams. Or so I've heard.' She looked sad now.

'Don't lie to me, who was it?' He asked with frustration in his voice. "He was my husband, the father of my children. I tried to make it work even with me being what I am. But he wouldn't accept it, he ran from me taking my children.' Tears streamed down her face and Eric pulled her into his arms. 'I am sorry.' She kissed him and wiped away her tears. "We should really be getting back."


Sam and Lilliana sat on the bed. "Tell me something about you?" She said as she relaxed under his touch. "What do you want to know?" he said as he kissed her neck while massaging her back. It was then he noticed the scars that looked like whip marks and decided to ask about them later. "Something personal?" She said leaning into his kiss.

A long moment passed before he said "I thought I had met my mate once before, but she died a couple of days after we met. Turns out she wasn't my mate. Because it's completely different with you, I know that now I wasn't really meant to be with her." He sighed and continued to massage her back. "But now I've found you and I couldn't be happier." He smiled.

"I'm sorry about what happened." She paused "Tell me more about you." She almost moaned from his hands massaging her lower back, her head falling back on his shoulder. "Well my favorite color is forest green, I love to run." He paused "I left my pack about a year ago because I felt my mate needed me. When I left my pack Eric took over as Alpha and when I went to get you more protection. I had to fight him for control over the pack. If I had lost I don't think I would have been able to bring back help. But Eric has always been just a little bit slower than me making me the victor." He undid the other tie for her gown and pressed his naked chest into her back and slipped his arms under her gown and around her body. 'When did he undo his shirt?' She asked herself, but she loved the feel of his skin against hers and pushed herself back against him feeling his growing bulge against her butt. She leaned into him being enveloped by his smell.

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