tagNonHumanSetting Moon Ch. 04

Setting Moon Ch. 04


Eric and Ericka stood in the hall; they seemed just to be guarding the door. But they were talking through their link.

'How old were you when you when you were turned?' He asked turning towards her.

'I was twenty in human years when I was turned. Once my family was taken from me, I tried to kill myself but in the end wasn't able to go through with it. At the time I was afraid of my punishment from god but now I know I was meant for more and that's why I wasn't able to because of my family.' She turned towards him looking down.

'What do you mean?' He asked. She waited a long moment before answering, 'I haven't told her yet but, Lilliana is a direct descendent from me. When I found her all those months ago, I just wanted to be close to her, to be her friend. But when she asked for my blood my heart sank, but I couldn't say no. She needed it to hunt. She needed to find him. And I would tell you who but then she would probably kill me.'

'Well from now on you will always be twenty to me until you are turned back. But you will be my mate either way. I would die if I couldn't have you.' He said as he moved towards her now only inches away. He wanted to touch her and kiss her. But he just stood there staring into her eyes.

'There something I need to tell you,' she paused 'before I was turned I wasn't human, my smell it was like nothing else. It drew her to me from miles away. When she found me I was in Greece and she had been in Rome. I was something else, I was.....' She stopped finding herself holding his hand. She sniffed and looked around him letting go of his hand.

"Friends of yours?" She question out loud. Eric turned to look finding all of his men in the hall staring down thirty unfriendly wolves.


After a while Sam started to move kissing Lilliana gently as he went to stand before her he righted his clothes and then helped her do the same. Now both standing in the middle of the room he started "Now about your son what couldn't you tell me and what about that other thing you were going to tell me?" She was a little in shock he had remembered to ask, "Well they're one and the same really. The reason I haven't seen my family in so long is because I have been hunting a man and he..." Suddenly she was stopped by yelling from the hall.

"Send that bitch out here." Was all Sam needed to hear and he was headed towards the hall, she walked behind him her bare feet padding along on the hard linoleum floor. Once in the hall Erica and Sam stood on each side of her and Eric stood on the other side of Sam. She looked ahead spotting at least twelve men facing away from her, Sam's men she supposed. In front of them stood at most thirty men all wolf from what she could smell.

From the front of their group yelled a man "There's the bitch; you will die slowly for what you did to my men." He was big and looked strong and his voice seemed familiar like it was supposed to be dark and evil. He had an ugly face with a crooked nose and she knew why it was crooked too. She made a step forward and said "Looks like someone messed up your nose job after I broke it. I can see why you would want to rape and beat women with S and M toys in the dark, you ugly bastard." Suddenly a knife came flying through the air aimed at Lilliana's shoulder and before anyone noticed it. Lilliana side stepped it and caught in midair by the blade it cut into her hand and had blood dripping to the floor. She looked at the small, bald man that had thrown the blade, with a smirk on her face. "Bad idea." She said as she flipped the blade around in hand and threw, hitting him in the forehead and slicing into his brain. He fell like a stone as Lilliana looked back at the S and M guy.

"It was a bad move coming here, now I will kill you and watch the light drain from your eyes." And with that the fighting started each of Sam's men fought one or two of the ugly man's men. Ericka, Sam and Eric were all fighting tearing the others apart it was no contest. Lilliana watched as the ugly man walked across the room toward her saying "We shall see." over and over. When he got close he spoke "If you don't kill me, I will finish the job I started before. I'll beat and rape that pretty virgin ass of yours and then I'll watch the light drain from you." She thought for a moment, not on what to say but where to hit him first then she found her opening. She cocked an eyebrow and with a grin on her face spoke, "My ass isn't a virgin, asshole." She spun, her leg out, kicking him in the jaw sending it out of place. He steadied himself and snapped his jaw back into place. "You don't think I got to look like this without learning a thing or two did yea." Catching her off guard he swung hitting her square in the ribs, she heard snaps under the force of it and let out a small cry of pain. She didn't want to make the others do this for her or set him on fire and let him off easy. No he would die by her hand and without mercy.

She moved quickly as he came at her with a barrage of punches and kicks she dodged them all. It wasn't until he grabbed her arm that he was able to hit her again, punching her in the face and splitting her lip. Blood spilled onto her chin and off onto the floor. She looked up to see Sam watching with rage in his eyes. She smiled "You seem to think you've won. I've just begun toying with you." She grabbed the arm attached to hers and twisted it until she had flipped him onto his back. She looked down at him and noticed a knife attached to his belt. While he was still dazed she grabbed it out of its sheath and tapped it against his nuts to get his attention. "I'm going to make sure that even in death you can't rape anyone ever again." She said making a small hole in his pants and nicking the skin at the base of his dick. "What do you want?" He begged. "Who do you work for?" she demanded. "Solace, Adam Solace, he told us to grab you when we saw you outside of his house." He pointed to Sam as he walked up to stand next to her. "Why?" Sam asked confused. When he didn't answer quick enough she stabbed the knife into his leg. He screamed "He thought you could be his contact for the Lavash pack or at least his girlfriend. But when we got you, the way that you look and half vamp thing he decided to use you for the entertainment when after three months, no one came looking for you."

Sam placed a hand on Lilliana's shoulder signifying that he was going to go help with the fighting. She turned back to the man she was questioning but he was swinging punching her again in the face. The knife was still in his leg as he tried to stand. She wiped the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand and moved towards him. She ducked from his swing, he was slowly moving away from her but she wouldn't let him go. She ran towards him and connected a hard punch to his face. He tumbled back through a doorway into an unoccupied hospital room and disappeared. She followed him through the doorway only to be stabbed by the same knife that was in the man's leg. She screamed as he stumbled away from her as she pulled the knife from her shoulder. She then threw the knife stabbing him in the chest; he fell gasping for breath as she moved towards him and pulled the knife from his punctured lung. "Where is the building I escaped from?" She asked gripping his hair and ripping him upwards; she laid the knife upon his open throat and waited for his answer. "It's on.... the corner... of Desert.... and Austin." He gasped trying to get the words out. She slit his throat and blood spilled onto her feet, she watched as his eyes went dark.

She stood bent over his body searching through his pockets. Only to find a security card for Solace Inc. and three hundred bucks in cash nothing else. She stood and leaned against the bed suddenly finding it hard to breath. She felt her ribs where he had punched her and found only a couple of cracked ribs but nothing broken or so she thought anyway. Her face would probably bruise and her shoulder was bleeding a lot. She found a nurses stand in the room and got out some tape and gauze and bandaged it the best she could.

When she was done she turned around to find the door and instead found a beautiful woman standing a few feet away. "And you are?" Asked Lilliana as she tended to her arm, no answer came, "What do you want?" Still no answer, Lilliana now looked directly at the woman taking a step towards her. "Why are you here?" She said in a stern voice. Then the woman pointed at Lilliana and said one word "You." And as soon as she did a ball a fire was shot at Lilliana, she moved out of the way and watched the woman disappear. She found herself a moment later standing in the middle of a dark hallway, the mysterious woman standing in front of her looked shocked as if Lilliana wasn't supposed to be there. 'But then how did I get here?' No time to ask, Lilliana conjured some fire in her hand and threw it at the woman. It hit the woman in the arm; she screamed and took off running. Lilliana ran after her following her through a large door. When she entered the room she found herself staring at ten women who all looked ready to defend themselves.

An older woman from the back yelled "Stop." Before anyone could attack, "She's the one, the one we've been waiting for. She will save us."

"Save you, save you from what?" Lilliana asked confused, "Wait, why did she attack me?" There was a pause before a woman answered "She attacked you because she was ordered to by Adam Solace and you are supposed to save us from him and the awaiting darkness."

"Okay, one thing at a time. Are you all witches?" Lilliana asked "Yes." Came a voice from the back. "Why haven't you just broken out yourselves?" The older woman spoke "We are not strong enough, you are the strongest out of all witches alive today, and we are in hiding because we cannot protect ourselves from the hunters."

"Who is hunting you?" she asked looking around for a chair. Her chest hurt a lot and it was getting harder to breath. "Some of the older witches from the last generation have spells that only work if you have the parts of another witch. So the men wanting these spells hunt us for their own selfish needs." Said another.

A young woman brought her a chair, she couldn't have been but fifteen. When the girl stood Lilliana notice this girl was pregnant probably six months along. She looked at the girls face as the girl said "But here they rape and beat us until we get pregnant hoping to create some kind of werewolf-witch but we have been here so long and the only one to get pregnant is me. This baby will be the first, please help us make it the last."

Lilliana sat down, her head was spinning now and when she looked at her arm the bandage was soaked with blood. She mumbled "Yes, I will." She leaned her head back in the chair and thought about Sam and Erica, she needed them here. She couldn't save anyone in her condition. She wondered if she could get herself here why she couldn't do the same for them. She took a deep breath and concentrated on Sam then Ericka she focus on the idea of them being by her side. She took another deep breath deciding that didn't work and opened her eyes to see them both standing in front of her.

She smiled "It worked." She said quietly, Sam had knelt down by her side and asks one of the other women for a clean piece of cloth one hesitantly gave it to him and stepped back. They were all looking at Lilliana when one of them said "How can you trust them she's a vampire and he's a werewolf?"

"Simple they are my friends, I knew both of them before I even found out I was a witch. She is a dear friend of mine and he is my lover. Why shouldn't I trust them?" She asked.

"The spells, what about the spells?" said the older one in the back. "Well what she wants no one can give her and he wanted me, so they would never hurt me and always protect me." She said and touched Ericka on the arm that was standing defensively in front of her. "We are safe for now; these women mean us no harm." Sam had cleaned and dressed the stab wound Lilliana had to her shoulder, and was now looking the rest of her over. Her dress was torn in several places, her lips stained with blood, but she looked better than she could have. He tried to help her up but she yelped when he grabbed her ribs. "We need to get you back to the hospital?" He said as he set her back down in the chair and checked her ribs. She cringed as he check them all, "I think at least one is broken the others feel cracked. Are you having trouble breathing?" She squirmed in her seat "Yes."

"I believe this is where I was held prisoner, there are women locked in the cells down the hall we have to free them. Erica take a couple of these women and get the prisoners. Sam, you and I will find security and shut them down." Ericka did what she was told and Sam tried to help Lilliana up again but she refused. "I think I can walk fine just need a little help." She smiled and placed a kiss on Sam's lips. She then stood a little wobbly at first but then found her balance. Sam held her arm as they walked out of the room and moved towards the security room. One of the witches had known where it was and led them straight to it. Once inside Sam took out three guards but the girl had said there should be four. Lilliana didn't think about it long and started digging through drawers and cabinets trying to find her key. He checked the guards and found nothing but one was only unconscious, she would question him later. She moved back into the hall looking around to make sure no one was around besides her people, she turned to look at Sam watching the monitors and leaned against the door frame. He had barely any marks from the fight before only his knuckles were bloody and she didn't think it was his blood.

"Are you hurt?" She asked Sam. Sam looked at her and spoke, "No, I had no problem with them. You should have let me take care of the ugly fuck that did this to you."

"It was my fight; you aren't going to be able to fight all my battles for me you know. And I won't let you either." She smiled "I won't be known as the bitch that hides behind her Alpha." She laughed a little but grabbed her side in pain.

"How about no laughing for you until we get those ribs healed." He said a little concerned but with a smile on his face.

"Yeah no problem." She paused "You know I think I should....." she stopped her eyes wide staring at Sam.

A large knife came up around Lilliana's neck and Sam jumped out of his seat and step towards her. "You can stop right there wolf man. Take another step and she's dead." Said a feminine voice from over Lilliana's shoulder. "And you'll be dead a second later." He growled.

She put her lips to Lilliana's ear now but talked in a normal voice. "I need you to deliver a message for me. Tell your vampire friend, Hellana that Firina has your key and that I will have her chest soon enough. Tell her that her time is up and I'm coming for everything she loves." She paused and Sam growled, then she quickly said, "Starting with you." She took the knife and sliced down Lilliana's back. She then pushed Lilliana forward into Sam forcing him to catch her. Sam got a good look at her before she ran off. She had blond hair, tied back and wore a women's business suit. She also had an old key draped around her neck.

Sam then turned to Lilliana; the cut down her back was large and deep. He took off his shirt and tried to stop the bleeding. Lilliana turned onto her side and spoke, "You need... to get Ericka...the key...she needs...." She trailed off as one of as one of the witches entered the room. Sam growled "Go get Ericka, the vampire we came with. Now." She looked down at Lilliana and ran to find Ericka moments later Ericka appeared at Lilliana's side. "What happened?" Lilliana opened her eyes. "Firina has the key your time is up." She choked out. Ericka now looked at Sam with red eyes "Where?" She asked. "I think she went up to the roof only a couple minutes ago." He growled. "How is that key going to save her life?" he said through his teeth. "It's not the key it's what it's made of." She said before running for the stairs.

"She needs help if only...." Sam said but was cut off by Lilliana "Eric" was all she said and he appeared in the door way. "Go, up the stairs help Ericka she's going to the roof." Sam spouted. Eric ran after Ericka. "You need to save your energy. You're badly hurt and need to rest." Sam said gently to Lilliana. He pulled her close and waited for help. Suddenly the witches started piling into the room, one of them said "We need to go or she will not last long."

"But how?" Sam asked "The way you got here is a rare ability but we have two who can, Trisha and Aria, and I believe if Trisha connects with Lilliana. She can tap both their powers without hurting Lilliana and take us where we need to go. Now where is safe?" An older one asked. "The hospital, my men are there and they will protect us." Trisha took Lilliana's hand and closed her eyes. Sweat beaded off her forehead as she struggled. "She must be awake for me to use it." Trisha said. Sam gently caressed Lilliana's face until her eyes opened. She spoke as the earth moved around them, "I love you and I'm sorry." Suddenly they were back at the hospital in Lilliana's room.

"Don't you dare, you're going to live and then you can tell me that." He picked her up and placed her on the bed face down and took off her bloodied dress. He pulled a blanket up to her waist as one of the witches handed him bandages and gauze. He removed his shirt from her back and some of the girls gasped as he tried to bandage her up. When he felt he could do no more he asked one of the older witches to keep pressure on it and moved to sit next to Lilliana's face. "Tell Trisha to go back and get Eric and Ericka, without the key..." Lilliana trailed off and the older witch filled in. "Without the key her chances are low that we would be able to heal her. But with the key we can heal her and maybe do a bit more. If I'm right that is." She shifted her stance looking at Sam. His eyes were gold with worry, but she thought he was ready to kill her where she stood.

"Send Trisha to get them." He ordered and then he sat quietly for a moment before saying, "This key what is it that makes it so important? And why did Lilliana have it?"

"I have no idea why she had it but it is said that she will save us from the coming darkness maybe that's how she does it." She shrugged and continued "The key is said to be made from the arch angel Gabriel's spear, it is said that he had a wife once, Hellana, that was dying and he an angel couldn't save her with all his power. So he went to the other angels and with their combined power. They took the spear and forged it into the key forcing their combined power into it. He then took it to his wife but the power of the key wasn't enough to save her. So he left the key on earth so that it may help others. But then it was lost over the centuries. That is the story that has been passed down to me through the generations." She said and went back to tending Lilliana's wound.

'Hellana, that's what that woman called Ericka.' Sam thought.

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