Setting Moon Ch. 05


"Yes, I absolutely want to mate with Eric. I would have it no other way. I love him and would give anything to be with him." Said Ericka seriously looking into Eric's eyes.

"Great, then I think it's about time we brought you girls to your new home." Sam said enthusiastically.

"That sounds like a great idea but can we stop for food on the way, I am starving." Said Lilliana, Sam laughed.

"Ok but not until were like an hour from here I want to enjoy my food in peace." Lilliana agreed and they all started getting ready to leave.


Two hours later they were walking out of a steak house and getting back in the SUV's. Sam ended up having to buy a large van to fit all the witches in. In the SUV, Eric drove and Ericka sat on the passenger side while Sam and Lilliana sat in the back seat. It was then that Sam finally asked Lilliana to tell him the rest of the story of the kidnapping. So she started at the house with her jeep and told him everything up to when he saved her. Once she was finished Sam pulled her into his embrace and said sadly "I am so sorry."

Lilliana buried her head into Sam's neck and earnestly said "I love you."

Lilliana raised her head to look into Sam's eyes as Sam sincerely said "I love you."

It was then he kissed her deeply pulling her into his lap so that she straddled him, his hands massaged her back over her shirt while they kissed and her hands fingered through his hair. His hands moved under her shirt to caress the skin of her back. The farther up he went the more he felt her scars he traced them with his fingers and Lilliana trembled under his fingertips.

She broke their kiss to say, "That is so not fair, I don't know where any of your buttons are."

He laughed and outlined another scar watching her shudder over him, "I think I will enjoy you trying to find them." He said with a smirk. She then set to caressing his arms and back. While he fingered more of her scars, she moaned slightly. Her hands reached his neck and she gently touched the curve of it and saw him bite his lip.

"Aha so there's one right here." And she bent down and tasted the warm flesh feeling Sam squirm a little underneath her. She kissed and licked at his neck as he explored the tender flesh on her back. He stroked another scar and felt Lilliana shake and then bite into his neck hard. He panted from the tingles of pleasure he felt as her teeth dug into his flesh. Then he threw her onto her back on the seat beside him, growling. He loomed over her gripping her hips as she saw a flash of gold run threw his eyes.

"That is not something you want to do to me in a car, or while you're not wearing a skirt." He said looking down at her hips and legs covered by her jeans. He wanted to rip them off and mate her right here and now. In the werewolf world biting on the neck or shoulder signifies the mating and ownership or dominance which can send an unmated wolf like Sam into frenzy, specifically with a wolf that has found their mate but is not yet mated to them. It took a lot of self-control for Sam not to take her in the moment. "But if you keep that up, I will have to lay claim to you here and now."

Lilliana grinned and sat up slightly, "You can lay claim to me whenever you wish, but it would probably be nicer at home in a large soft bed. Where we can properly claim each other as many times as we want." She said with a grin.

If Sam had been in wolf form he would have wagged his tail as is he simply smiled and said, "Good, well be home in an hour." He sat back up and pulled Lilliana to sit next to him. She gripped his inner thigh and stared out the window, smiling. Sam stared at Lilliana and smelled her hair. He couldn't tell what she was thinking but at least she was smiling.

Eric and Ericka sat in the front seats quietly holding hands. They were talking through there link 'I wish I would have changed, I hate wearing dresses especially when meeting new people.' said Ericka looking down at her dress and heels.

'Well if you don't mind getting undressed in front of Sam and Lilliana your bag of clothes is in the back.

Ericka turned to look at Lilliana "Can you hand me the bag from the back. Please." Asked Ericka, Lilliana nodded then got up and bent over the seat grabbing the bag. Ericka noticed Sam staring at Lilliana's ass and smiled. Lilliana then turned putting her ass right in Sam's face and handed Ericka the bag. Lilliana sat back down and smiled at Sam knowingly.

Ericka turned to face the road and started riffling through the bag she pulled out her brown high heeled boots, some blue skinny jeans to go under her knee high boots, a bra since she wasn't wearing one, and a corseted black shirt. She also pulled out a brush and some of Lilliana's jewelry. And her belt with holster and gun.

Then Ericka put the bag aside and began to get dressed. Lilliana stared at Sam as her friend dressed but his eyes did not veer they stayed glued to Lilliana. Sam smiled "Don't worry; I will never look at another woman like I look at you. You are the only one for me."

Lilliana smiled and placed a chaste kiss on his lips, she said, "Good. You don't want to know what I would do if that actually happened." She said turning back towards the front of the car. Sam just smiled and sat quietly with his arm wrapped around her.

While Ericka was getting dressed she couldn't help but notice Eric taking sideways glances at her. "Keep your eyes on the road lover boy; you'll get plenty of this once we get home if you don't get us into an accident." She said and smiled as she put her shirt on and started to brush her hair. She then put on some dangle earrings, her Scottish thistle ring. She decided that was enough and made sure she was still wearing her Ogham necklace.

She smiled as she touched it and Eric asked "What's that?"

She smiled again "Its Ogham meaning protection." She said.

"Ogham?" he asked with a curious look on his face.

She was putting on her belt and gun as she said "It's an ancient Scottish language that was made of lines and carved in stone. When I was in Scotland last, I was hurt pretty badly and a healer found me and took care of my wounds. He was surprised I didn't try to eat him when I woke up." She paused smiling, "He gave me this necklace for protection and told me that one day I might get what I most desire. And here I am human and with you, could life get any better." She smiled and stroked Eric's arm lovingly, until she was holding his hand. He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it. Then rested his arm, still holding her hand.

Twenty minutes later they drove up to a large mansion.

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